Meter of popularity

Monday, October 31, 2011


Food - 49.25%
Reloads - 7.1%
Stationary - 5%
Inevitable-s[Includes fees, shirt, grooming etc] 21.8%
Books - 14.5%
Transport- 2.3%

And all this sums up to Rm709.2 of my total expenditure for October. Is it a lot? Opinion in need whether if I overspent! But for this month memang its unavoidable since BBWS is around and I went there twice =l

Anyway, the title has no relevance or whatsoever with this post, its just a... figure, perhaps? Its easy to break it though =)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Over here

From the previous post, its some of my view about the assignment that I'm gonna do, and since then, I've been doing some research between Judaism, Christianity and Islam, still reading now though, and Theology is a subject, well, not as popular, but certainly not stale!

One week worth of holiday, mounting assignments, and the dread to go out with friends is soooo intenseeeeeeeeee!! sigh, but recently, something happened to my family that I wish not to disclose here.. but because of that, it would be wise of me to act prudent in spending my money.. Now Im having my own monthly chart of expenditure! Anyway, I seldom blog nowadays although I've got lots and LOTS to share, but I don't have  a camera with me =( phone's connection with PC is disabled, can't upload recent pics of mine up there... pics about bacteria, taken directly from microscope. lol

ahhh, talk about being prudent, over here in my college, there are SO MANY examples of those needy... In comparison, I'm so so so much more fortunate than them.. Imagine to curb one's hunger just by imbibing water and white bread, and eating a proper meal only once a day, just to save some money... sigh.. they are really really strong..

went Istac the day before, magnificent architectural design!

what else? oh, Gona be emcee for an event tomorrow, nothing new.
and urm... yea, 3 days of sleeping past 3 in the morning and having class at 9am will really take a toll on ur body, at least for me. =l

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Philosophy of science

There had been some time, since I am so absorbed in something.

The interest that drives me to keep reading and knowing more, not for the sake of exam, but for the sake of quenching the thirst, the dread, thirst of getting more, and MORE knowledge!

As the origin of the word suggest, philosophia, it means, love of wisdom.

For centuries, even millennia.. the quest of human all over the world, is the same, to find the ultimate truth.

Questions over questions, queries over queries has been raised. Questions that can be asked easily usually has a difficult or unknown answer.

  1. How universe began?
  2. Who is the creator of everything?
  3. Why human ever existed in this world?
These are a few examples of question that has been asked for so long, and till date, there's not a perfect answer for it.

Anyway, back to the topic, the course I took for this semester is, Falsafah Sains, and the assignment given was... wait for it.... its......
'Kosmologi Moden, Kristian, dan Islam : Satu kajian analisis Perbandingan'

Within a month, I have to complete this FIFTY PAGES HAND WRITTEN assignment with intense research about the Genesis chapter in Old Testament, and also for the Koran itself.

And about modern cosmology, lagi interesting, gonna do some reading about Stephen Hawking, Penrose. Theory of Everything, Dark matter, energy, cycle of a star, mystery of black hole.
The toughest part of it is to link it with the creation of the universe. Whether if the Big Bang, and Big Crunch theory is on par with either religion's version of creation of universe..

Besides that, the lecturer managed to dig my curiousness by exposing me to different major agenda happening in the world with a hidden intention behind it. The truth obscured to the norm, but crystal clear to those who are able to think. The concept of mantics. The ability to think out of the box, and to figure out the paradox behind a scene, to distinguish reality from illusion. Its really fascinating!

The alteration of history by the colonial forces, to prove that they are 1st grade human? That they are more superior than the other human race? We are being conquered, mentally by the Europeans, without knowing it. Symbols and traces of being colonized is everywhere, but we are just being oblivious, living life, just like another human being.

And lot and lots of it! Do you know that, the creation of jean symbolizes the equality between man and woman? And when a girl wearing it openly in a way suggest that she is publicly going against Christianity? In relevance of the story of Adam and Eve[Right?].

And he talked about the Golden Phi too, that's why Maths is the language of the universe huh? Fascinating... Truly amazing!

ahhhhhhh,its fun, but tiring. Good experience I guess =D gogogogo!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Short update

Tired would be what's best to address me now.
Finished 'family day ' training on Friday 1.30am. Had a meeting after that till 3am. To keep pace with others to get senior's signature and stuff like that, approached a senior in a group of 4 and tokkok till 530am.
Due to the deadly effect of extra thick nescafe we consumed during the tokkok session, don't have the mood to sleep just yet. Watched laughing gor with roommate till 630am and collapsed. Till 10am. Went to the Mines at 12pm, bla bla bla and reached uni at 730pm. Had dinner, rushed to another meeting for Ethnic Relation proposal planning meet till 930pm and continued with family day training, till 1am just now. Why am I not sleeping now? its 1.48am, and seniors at ground floor are shouting and calling us to eat nasi goreng yong chow with nasi impit.Now that I've finished eating it,  I'm responsible to wake other juniors to clean up the mess and....... I have no idea when will that be since there are still leftovers which means I cant sleep just yet and tomorrow there will be another activity at 8am so....

Tired would be what's best to address me now.