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Monday, August 24, 2009

The celeb of a boy..

He must have brought me luck =)
cuz it was the FIRST time i scored 3 digits in bowling.. haha
it was cheng's bday today.. or rather, YESTERDAY as in 24th lols, cuz its currently 2.28am now
played 3 matches.. DAMN, play until jari sakit = ='' u noe laa my jari damn nipis punya.. the skin..
so, the marks, aiya, i don say u all oso noe who OWN who laa, rite, rite?? xD
after dat, went secret recipe, hmm, actually nothing much to eat oso there, and the food, ma ma dei onli lor.. not very SECRETIVE oso, hahaha.. so, don go eat there, better go mamak, =p
bought a cake, oops correction, a SLICE of cake for cheng, haha
dude, sry, we don rily love to eat cakes.. next time maybe lol
then went to continue yam cha at kopitiam.. ha..
oh i forgot to tell dat there's A LOT of camwhoring along the process (for more info, pls log on to
so, dats about it for cheng's bday..


and now the SAD part..
laaa, initially we shud go to mid today, as in 25th, bt, suddenly all cant
i so semangat, planned where to go, wat movie to watch, even to sit wif who in the cinema = =''
and now all suddenly.. *sigh DEEPLY*
eg :
miss l : 'father don let me go laa tomoro..'
amy : 'mom don lemme go watch movie, and yee x go oso, don wan la'
yee : 'baru asked my mom, she x let me go, i x tell u yet ke?'
yap : 'oh, tomoro i have to accompany my mom to see doc, sry dude'
vincent : 'ha? go mid tomoro? don wan la... better go swim! *and gives me his trademark smile* '
wye kit : 'ok ok i can go! (5 mins later) wat?? shopping? alaa i don rily like shopping la.. don wan la i lazy la =p'
mei qi : 'hmmm, i don think i can go laa tomoro.. u guys have fun la :-)'
michelle : 'aiyo.. tomoro i have to renew passport leh.. and i think im goin for tt, no jodoh la we all'
aiman : 'tomoro? ok, 70% im comin!'
cheng : 'haaa.. so less ppl.. see 1st laa..'
wa laoooooo ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i wanna go shopping laa!! bt there's nobody to accompany me... so ke lian meh...
adidas shoe is waiting for me..
mph is calling after me..
all those new shows are TEMPTING me..!
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! y, why, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
*sigh* its 2.45 now, an outing dat is SUPPOSED to be on today is not confirmed yet = =''
sien lor.. i don wanna go mid alone leh.. so sien..
other days pulak i cant.. cuz bz..
actually this thurs i oso wanna go out, wif meg and the gang.. bt, haih... sure cant lor...
tin ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (cantonese as in, sky ahhhhhhhhhh) lol

EN : my source of emoness, yes it is u, it feels... kinda gud when u reassure me back when im at the peak of my emoness.. =) thx and sry

Thursday, August 13, 2009


today, i ponteng-ed xD
factors in reader's mind :
1) sure la! brian lazy PIIIIIIIIGGGG
2) today din rain, dats y no mood to study
3) brian overslept!
4) din finish ex1.4(maths) dats y don dare to face mr soh!
5)there are onli 3 burgers left in brian's fridge, not even number, not gud feng shui! (ok this is absurd.. haha)

ans : i went hospital kajang, dragging yap all along *wicked cackle* Quod Erat Demonstrandum LOL (ok dat was a crappish ending)

ok, how shud i put this all in... hmmmm *thinking hard*
ok, once upon a time~
there's one tiongnam named alex foo heng thai aka hen tai king (hahha i noe he wont read this xD) dunno how, when, from who, where, in wat way of ACQUIRING h1n1
and ok, so me yap and my bro have to spent half a sunday wif him for tkd stuffs, and onli after dat day itself he called/texted (cant remember which) me and said sumthing like 'dude, i got tested h1n1 influenza A positive' lols... dat was last sunday
so, my mom went berserk after hearing it and her paranoid is rily rily getting on my nerves sometimes... = =''
dats y she insisted me to have a mask on, so dat i wont spread the virus to others...
padahal, i din cough, fever or having any sore throat oso..
sneeze.. haha, well, dats inevitable rite? u noe me.. im brian fam, its like, dude! im the sneezer of the millineum! ha! *smirks*
words revolving around me in these few days when im having my mask on:
'woi brian! so lucky kena h1n1 dy ah?'
'so kia si laaa brian!! (kiasi = afraid of death)' = =''
'wear wat wear laa, no use oso laa'

and i further confirmed dat im PERFECTLY fine after today's check up at hospital..
not even a single trace of fever..
u c, my point is.. even im not having a fever, coughs or watsoever, im still wearing a mask whenever i go to anywhere public
cuz i don wanna spread the disease JUST IN CASE im so 'lucky' to have it..
there are already cases in my skool, and the death toll is hiking, plus all the hazy air around us, i find it weird y most of the students, even teachers don even care to wear their mask..
this proves dat, the awareness among malaysians are still VERY VERY LOW INDEED..
most of us are still practicing the 'ape-ape je laa' attitude..
if we are still having this kind of attitude of 'its-non-of-my-business-so-y-the-heck-i-shud-care'
how can we survive from this society dats tearing apart day by day?
how do we compete wif others? curbing unwanted incident?
it is as if we are lying low in our own slum, not wanting to noe wats happening out there
u noe it, bt u jz don wanna noe it =(

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Constipation expelled!

It started since last wednesday...
where rains tumbling and winds howling thunder roaring and lightning striking
cerita ngeri meh! swt... crap crap 1st, to lepas gian.. haha
exams... hmm
last week we had some minor exam, for 2 days..
well, i don rily take it seriously cuz its like... wtf? simply giv test onli..
and the results proves it.. lol
maths 76
muet 79 (actually its per 300, bt i jz calculated it as per 100)
pa 56
chem 80
bio 58
hahahaha, ok i ADMIT, i din study for bio and so i deserve dat mark..
bt pa... I GOT DEDUCTED A BLOODY 36 MARKS cuz i din write 2 words!! wat the fish.. anything laa.. don care..
ok, exam in skool settled..
i 'hate' foo nancy aka miss perfecto.. = ='' 100 for maths wat the fall?? kill her!!
today i asked her..
me : ehh nancy, finished ah? ur maths hw
Foo: yea
me : all questions ah? u din skip?
Foo : yea
me : every subquestions in each questions?
Foo : yea la why?
me : .......
and i din even attempt to try one!! zzzzzzzz
brian bulk up laa!! still go fb dota and blogging..!! = =''


it was 2.54pm, and i was edging oriental crystal hotel..
in my black pants, stripe dark blue long sleeves and silver tie..
(reads the notice board : ABRSM examination - 5th floor)
(enters the lift wif increasing heart beat rate)
*ding dong*
(registered, and sat down at waiting room without a word)
(rubs hand and breath deeply occassionally)
the fella at the table : mr Fam Sze Zheng, its your turn now *smiles*
(glanced up at him, and heaves head heavily)
(took my examination pieces and walk towards the examination room as if its chamber of death)
*heart pumping at about the rate of 180 tiems per minute*
mr Frederick aka examiner : hello, gud afternoon there *warm smile*
me : hi, gud afternoon sir *sheepish smile*
examiner : pls have a sit there pls
me : owh.. wokay~
examiner : so, would u start with ur scale pls?
me : yea wokay...
i think i had it all wrong except for one...i played an effing Bminor when he requested a Bmajor!! noooooooooooooooo!!
ok la cut short, if dialogue the whole way sampai next christmas oso x habis yet..
scales was ok, exam pieces, i did some mistakes in the 1st piece where i repeated about 6 bars twice... = =''
damn, no more distinction for me then.. hope for merit now..
bim bam boom, and the exam is over!! ahhh~ *sigh of relieve*
seriously i was pretty tensed up and emo when it was b4 the exam.. after the exam i terus naik gila~ woohoo~ yeah baby~ xD


the day of performance..
actually, nothing much to say bout the performance oso laa..
jz treat it as another exposure lor...
not to say very nervous oso..
bt comparing this dance and my previous dance, on vids laa..
i think i improved?
ok la, maybe its not soooooo significant bt still, im happy =D
and the thing is! i jz learned popping for like 3 classes and already im performing on stage haha...
bt the sad thing is... = =''
when im dancing i call my frens help me to record..
they.. dunno how to record... record until so lousy... angle and distance... *shakes head in dissapointment*
so wasted laaa... rarely have such chances bt then they record till so cha.. haih...
for the pics and vids, go view my fb profile laa.. vid i upload 1 onli.. cuz onli dat 1 quite clear..
see mood la, if i think i got mood then i will upload the 2nd 1.. hahaha =p


after tkd class, i went mid, alone at 1st, joining yee yen amy and foong later on..
wa seh goddamn tired u noe...
don feel like going oso.. bt for the sake of choosing present... jz go lor..
an incident at kajang ktm
b4 i enter the ktm, there's an old lady, she was like
*stepping up 1 step of the stairs, and breath heavily*
then i terus say laa
me : aunty, ada lift kat belakang, x payah nak naik tangga...
aunty : oh ye ke? mana? x nampak?
me : *stands up* nehh itu ah, *points towards the lift* nampak ah?
aunty : oh oh.. thank u ahh
*return to my seat and continue texting*
(after less than 1 minute)
aunty : errr excuse me? bt can u teach me how to use the lift?
i was like super flabbergasted
she knows to speak english, bt she dunno how to use a lift??
ok lor, i walked her to the lift and press the button
when the door opens..
aunty : wat to press ah?
me : owh, there jz 2 button, G and 1, now aunty wanna go up rite? press 1 onli la and u will go up
*sensed the super confusing look on her face*
me : owh nvm la aunty, i enter the lift together wif u la
aunty : owh thank you! u noe la, usually my daughter comes wif me.. today alone wat oso don dare..
me : owh....
*reached 1st floor*
me : nah aunty, after dat, jz walk to the end of this bridge and u will find another lift, go there and press G and eventually u will go down
*once more sensed the nervous look on her face*
me : ahh aunty, since the train not yet come, i will jz walk u go there laa..
aunty : ok ok! thank you ah..
funny fella lor...
then in the train, i met one gang of cinaemobengs
it is pronounced as ci-na-e-mo-bengs, not cinem-o-bengs lol
y i said so?
cuz their dressing and hairstyle is like SUPER YELLOW jeans shirt and pants
this is y they are ah bengs
emo pulak, there's 1 fella having a spiked bracelet wif the spikes having a length of about 2 cm spiking all around his bracelet.. SERIOUS SHIT DAM TAJAM U NOE
and for the whole journey till i reach mid, they were playing some bloody remix-ed disco songs and scolding vulgar words and creating chaos.. = =''
dat fella having dat 'weapon' practically hurt his fren when he was snatching his hp from his fren.. walao... and here comes all those MCB, HKC, CCB toooot tooooot tooooooooot~~!!! (words censored for its obscenity)
reached mid, bla bla bla nothing much, main intention was to buy present for miss L... ended up nothing except for 2 books... lol
slumdog millionaire and the red
when we are goin back, me and foong, wa lao ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
we waited since 5.10, train delayed till 6.15, and we cant bloody squash in the train when it 1st arrived..
so.. we had bus to go back kajang.. = =''
plus the ticket and bus fare, i wasted about 7 bucks.. wtf..
anyway, there this indian uncle, lagi geng
ok la, we were sitting in the bus, at the stair way there, mid of the bus..
when me and foong sit, there's still space for 1 fella to pass through
then, when dat indian uncle wanna go down, me and foong stand up and lean our back against the side so dat there's more space at the centre laa, at dat time i can fit 2 of me at 1 go..
bt then dat bloody retard indian uncle say
uncle : woi!! orang mau turun laaa! x pergi sekolah ka?? *got out of the bus and stares at both of us*
me n foong : .................*stared innocently and was thinking the wat the fish word in unison*
zzzzzzzzzzz WEIRDO...
then when i reached kajang town, 1 more case lagi hebat!
i entered the roadliner bus at 7.45, then i terus called my mom laa.. i will be back at around 8.15
tengok tengok! dat goddamn bus waited till the whole bus is full onli started the journey, and the bus started to go off at 8.15.. = ='' such irony..
go home ada apa lagi? kena kao kao from mom laa.. for being not punctual... *sigh*

anyway... last thing..
onli lower 6 is allowed.. dun ask me y..
bt join laa, its fun, although its tiring yes i noe..
training is saturday n sunday 1-7pm at bukit jalil..
come join me laa, can noe mroe frens, and to train ourself to be more patriotic?