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Monday, April 20, 2009


woke up at 12pm, sleep back at 4pm lol
anyway, b4 i 'proceed' to the main topic, wanna promote some stuff
ANGELS AND DEMON - DAN BROWN is goddamn awesome!! (woops, sry foong lol)
and err.. owh, i sleep back at 4pm cuz i read the novel for 4 hrs straight.. and it givs me a hell of a time back at my head.. = =''
so, while i was sleeping...
*sorry sorry - super junior rang*
i was like 'uh wtf.. who kacau me tidur...'
*notes the screen stating 'Arif'
Hp = handphone fella
me = me? lol
hp - 'hello, is this Mr brian?'
me - 'yeah? *noticed the difference in the sound* who's this?'
hp - 'hello mr brian, this is amir from public mutual bank '
me - 'huh?'
hp - 'don u remember me? u said u wanna invest in the mutual fund interest, i think we shud have a drink in starbuck, say, maybe tuesday?'
me - 'wadda? i think u got the wrong person'
hp - 'yes? u r mr brian rite?'
me - 'yeah, brian FAM'
hp - 'OHHHH, brian FAM, sry, im looking for brian TAN, i think i got the wrong contact number..'
me - 'yeah it seems so.. *momentarily speechless*'
hp - 'sorry for disturbing, have a nice day'
me - 'uhh.. sure *yeah rite, have a nice day while u RUINED my nap = =''*'
and when i tot i can get to SIP(sleep in peace) it goes...
*sorry sorry - super junior*
hp - 'so mr brian, are you interested in our mutual interest fund plan? it brings great profit and in near future it can... *bla bla bla*'
half of the time i wasnt even listening and was jz staring at my lovely pillow~~
me - 'owh, *in some understanding tone* its rather interesting, bt the thing is, IM STILL A STUDENT'
hp - 'oh..! ok.. wat r u studying?'
me - 'er.. f6..'
hp - 'i c i c.. i understand, we will always welcome u in the next 2 years, pls do feel comfortable to contact us after 2 years.. goodbye'
me - '......................'

at first i tot it was HITZ.FM..!!!! bt then, his english sounds anything bt nothing like the deejay in hitz.. so i canceled of the idea of being PUNK'D in public..
bt, heck? how can he use arif's hp, and talk bout this banking, investing stuff?
weird huh... readers, any idea?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amy's partay!! =D

2 days ago, as in 10th la, got party in amy's hse.. its a BBQ(damn u guys, bbq AGAIN..?!! lol) party
the food was ok la, nothing much happened dat day oso lol..
err.. hmm.. owh, cheng dunno how to start up a BBQ pit..!! NOOB..!!! *proud laughters* although im not dat gud oso lol..
and so, the so-always-fully-booked-busy-forever miss L came at about 10pm++ and heat up the partay! =D and i got my belated present from her too dat time, my ONE and ONLY present for this year.. (sad/happy? of course la happy! xD)
and so, as usual, tauke Foo, alwes wif his bloody short pants and blue tee came at about 11 and call us out go yum cha, haha, so jz go outside la..
bt then, every1 was like.. '.................................................'
and the table was too long to converse comfortably.. so, all oso chiao early laa, last last left me, tauke and ghey monk(yap! cuz of ur dotA nick la don blame me, lol!! xP)
and we talked bout 'stuffs' there..... *sigh* they rily noe how to make me emo huh? lol, not emo la, jz make me into deep thoughts.. yeah... DEEP thoughts.. =l
here are some pics laaa for dat day.. so... yea, this is it? =)

waaa~~ our nv zhu jiao for the day~~ weeee~~ damn man.. so bloody lots of soft toys.............
and seriously all the present is fantastic, especially from her best frens, aiya, the KT square laa.. lol
bt then, im PROUD to say dat my present (gap fen wif miss L) is the BIGGEST..!! woohoo~ hahahaha
ahhhh, c her face, its like the happiest day for her in this planet for the previous 18 years.. lol
happy bday again =)
the mastermind behind all the missing choco flakes..!!!! argh..!!! caught in action red-handed..! u r dead peng..!! *wicked cackle*
the srumplicious cake!!! argh..!! although i don favor cake much, bt this is nice.. =D
and DO notice the cacat-torn off-name-marked-polystrene over there..! *sweat* err.. acts as some immediate wish for yap.. lol
yap.. stop being like a celeb.. cuz he was practically saying... 'no more..! no more pics..!! damn u paparazis... ' hahaha

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mad stuffs

3 stuffs i think its crazy
1) I heard about the SUPER confession towards dayana dat day, and its SUPER crazy seriously.. was super dramatic and super romantic! wish i could do dat someday.. to some1 xD
2) 1 fella spent TWELVE GRANTS US DOLLAR for their 1 year old daughter bday party?! WTH?!?!
3)those who spent like thousands to complete their so-called collection, yes, did u feel it? lol
not jz the particular some1 la, generally..

3 stuffs making me crazy
1) when a plan is all set, suddenly, some bloody minor thing made it failed... WTH?!?? ARGH!!!!
2)somebody dat keeps on irritating me when im doin sumthing important (reading novel, DOTA!! xD)
3)i tried once.. i was writing blog.. and it was raining and thundering... when i was about to click 'publish post', BOOM! and it all went dark... and guess wat? i have to write ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! gaaah!! zzzz

3 crazy stuff i done b4
1) this is quite crazy, it was 2008, i was participating the mssd tkd tournament, WITH A SPRAINED WRIST, bt then, don care laa, since tkd use leg less use hand, jz join laa.. 1st match, i ACCIDENTALLY punched dat fella vest wif my left hand, the sprained hand, and guess wat... MY HAND BROKE! lol, bt then i still continue, wif my limping hand (ouch!) haha, and managed to continue the 3 matches later and get gold =D, ended up staying in hospital for 1 day LOL
2)i actually CALLED some1 and sang her a bday song when clock struck on 12.. and dam.. my voice SUCKS.. hahaha, for those who noe me understands dat this is sooooo not me at all lol
3)err... i drank a cup of pepsi wif pepper and chilli sauce... ewww.....

3 crazy stuff i wanted to do
1) i have alwes wanted to jump to a never ending hole... it wont exist huh?
2)i wanna finish up a fuji apple by 4 MOUTHS!! lol
3)to perform spontaneously wherever i go.. bt i don have the skill of doin so = =''

3 crazy stuff dat i WONT do
1) eat those BLOODY BUGS like wat they did in fear factor *vomits*
2)real spar wif my sir.. WANNA DIE?!?!
3)do sumthing to some1.. no no no...

3 crazy stuffs dats funny
1)haha, i was in s3/4 dat time, and i tried to descend a stair way by using a bike, ended up toppling over and break my bloody toe nail hahaha, whole stuff tercabut keluar, funny + pain
2)there's this praying mantis in my kitchen, and FYI, me and my bro is afraid of bugs, insects etc.. hahaha, so, we spent like 45 minutes trying to chase it out of the hse.. its like SOO BLOODY BIG!! about 9-10cm long leh! and we were sweating like hell, shouting and yelling all the way(battle cry??) to brace us up when chasing away it lol... hahahaha
3)owh! this was when CNY time, i tried to 'launch' a firecracker, u noe, in chinese name it is 'chong tian pao', where the correct way of playing it is having a vertical standing launching 'pod' haha, bt then i held it horizontally in front of my hse, jz to see where it can fly, i had it targetted an open space, bt then i flew to my neighbour hse!! WTH! dam scary, haha, bt then dam lucky oso cuz kena the lock of the gate and bounce back elsewhere and exploded.. no death or casuality reported in dat incident LOL

ok la... its been so long since i posted anything, jz to make my blog not forgetted by u guys.. xD
and anyway, do complete this tag? no nid to write 3 oso can, i spent like 40 mins++ to finish up this lol, gud luck!!