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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


ok this is gonna be short
we bowled at mp cuz kwan FROM SINGAPORE is back to m'sia.. lols, so jz tryina kill his time.. since he cant online here...
anyway, nothing special happened during bowling...
the fun part is dat we went to sg long pasar malam..

well, everything there is wat u can expect from wat a normal night market can offer u, BUT, yes, but, there's one stall, wif its super-duper-ultra-high-incredible-famous delicacies...
ladies and gentlemen..
may i present to u all..
in other words, STINKING TAUFU
as the name suggests it, it STINKS alrite.. lol
degree of stinki-ness? kk, its like
the store is about 7m-10m away from me, and i can smell SHIT like jz in front of me, wow?? hahaha
bt then, i decided to try it, cuz i don really remember the taste of it, tried it once when i was in hong kong, like, 5-6 yrs back.. still to small to noe wats nice and wats not nice.. haha

so, the STINK-factor challenger were me, vincent and yap..
kwan initially don wanna try it bt since he saw us eat until so 'high' d, he jz had a grab on it.. haha
foong tried it and it was nitemare for him, so he had a pass..
while we were queue-ing for the stinking taufu, leong get impatient for waiting and called me, and asked wats taking us so long. then i said la, there's soooooooooooo many peeps buying, then she said 'WAT? SO MANY PEEPS QUEUE UP TO BUY SHIT???'
i was like = ='' imagine i put dat conversation into loud speaker.. hahaha
*experience of eating*
well, once u stuffed dat taufu in ur mouth, u practically cant smell anything...
bt once u BITE it!! holy cow!! some unknown liquid will spurt out from it! and i tot it was dry cuz it is quite crispy and dry looking from outside..
and.... IT RILY TASTE LIKE SHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, the smell of it was somewhat revolting... swt... cant believe i jz described this part..haha
and after dat excruciating experience, u get to taste something different, something somehow dat is LESS bad taste, and it eventually turns gud? wow, i dunno how the magic works...
bt overall, its not a NICE food to eat i would say, i would spent the money for, maybe burger, or hotdogs or watever.. since im not a big fan of taufu oso..
jz to broaden ur taste bud's encyclopedia..haha
was fun yesterday, simple trip to nite market wif frens, well, fun =)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Semi movie spreeeeee

It was drizzling when i stepped out of my hse
as i entered the bus, and tilted my head towards the glass panel
i welcomed the chill who greeted me mercilessly
staring blankly into nothingness, but noticing the helpless drops of rain
flowing down, strand by strand
the odd sensation ran down my spine, triggered me into sumthing...

k, dat was the part when i was in bus heading to yee's hse..
movie's gonna start at 11, and we reached there at 1050
padahal, i reached yee's hse at 0940
and so, we reached there at 1050, practically RUSHED to the cinema to buy tickets, half expecting the final destination 4 to be sold out at dat time (and amy was whining here and there while slapping my hand saying missed the chance to watch dat movie, i was like = =''),
bt to our amazement, the cinema was onli 10%+ filled, WOW?
some more, when we were buying the ticket, the counter lady was like
she : 'hey, u guys over 18 already?'
me : 'wat? u nid me to show my IC? *practically showing the wat-the-fish-face*'
she : 'yeah, just to confirm and bla bla bla bla'
wye kit : *hands her his IC*
she :'owh... ok which place?'
hahaha i was like, wow, wye kit showing off his IC, how cool is dat? bt later on onli i get to noe dat he showed onli the back face of it, not the PRECIOUS front face, mwahaha
owh, and today we went by the number of 7
-wye kit
-kok wai
-wai mun
-jia yee
-ai may
-chui peng

3 guys dating 5 gals? hmmm, not too bad for a bald huh? hahaha
and so we watched Final Destination 4..
ahh... 6 outta 10 if u ask me..
-death was normal
-no excruciating pain displayed (except for the flying nail part!)
-was kinda fake actually
-less suspense
-story line.. err.. lame?
normal lor... and it was totally CHILD'S PLAY for yee and kok wai, as both of them are fanatics of SAW.. *shrieks*

after dat movie, nature calls, and i had to make some fresh brownies in the toilet... (darn yesterday's pasar malam's sushi = ='')

we eat some dunno wat ramen in some dunno wat ramen restaurant and crapped there for quite a while cuz the next show(where got ghost?) starts at 1400, and final destination 4 ends at 1230.. normal laaa, except for the sitting place, abit nice to cramp together n eat hahaha

then again, we watch where got ghost? the singaporean movie.. waaaaaa
movie ini, saya bagi... 7 la, cuz there's
-funny conversations/terms
-old skool character
-LOTS of sound effect and suspension!
and i think half of the time me and amy was like, covering our eyes, i covered wif my fingers while she covered wif her legs? wow
as u guys noe laa, im not those scare-u-till-death-movie-fan.. and its the 1st time i watch thriller/horror movie in cinema! *claps and uproars*
and so when everytime sumthing 'funny' pops out, i will be like
'wat the?!'
'wa lao!!!'
luckily it was kok wai and 2 more unknown gals beside me, if not, i think i will kena whack cuz too noisy... hahaha
the show was quite nice, especially if u understand hokkien dialect and u watched MONEY NOT ENOUGH 2, then u will get the connection between it.. let u guys to rate it urself once u guys watched it =)

then after dat.. nature calls AGAIN...!! don worry, instead of brownies, im 'producing' chrysanthemum tea.. hahahahaha

once we reached ground floor intending to head back to kajang, guess wat? we met ian and his couple--- wendy! at 1st i din notice them, then wye kit was like
'oi brian, cover me! ian is there!!*half whispering half instructing*'
'wat? oh, ok? (both of us back faced them)'
when they din notice, wye kit tapped ian's back and i rush to him snatching the stuff he was holding, their reaction was.... LEGENDARY! hahahaha
wendy was like showing the oh-no-we-are-so-dead-meat-face and shrilled out some dunno wat sound(actually i forgot) and ian, haha, i don think he got any reaction cuz he recognizes us at the 1st glance.. aiya.. wat a waste... wanna see his gelabah face leh.. lol xD

we met daniel, chee hao, joey and some fella too, oh, kong seng kit.. haha
then after dat, nothing more dy.. wait till the rain stop then we chiao..
jia yee so geng, 8 oclock still have to go back there and sing k wif family, syok~~ haha
dats all for this.. y i named it as SEMI movie spree? cuz it was the 1st time ive been in a cinema TWICE, for A day, haha, and it has the name SEMI, cuz 2 is actually not a BIG number.. so.. yeah..

i wanna watch TWO-O-ONE-TWO!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


(yesterday night)
(phone conversation)
jun fong : ehh, tomoro shin yian's bday, u wana come?
me : ha, where to eat?
jun fong : we are going to cycle at PTM
me : .......... bday go celebrate by cycling?
jun fong : ya sure y not?
me : wokay............

in my history of getting invitations to bday, there's never such case?
was like 'huh?' when i received dat phone call
its either :
-hey lets go to bowl
-how bout eating at xxxxx?
-dude, im having a gathering at my hse for my bday, do come!
-lets go midv to celeb my bday

bt this was, lets go cycle.. hahaha, funny..
has been years since i cycled for a long time..
wow.. and now the feeling is back..
the 1st and MOOOSTTTT significant feeling is...
paining leh! cuz keep goin on bumpy and coarse tracks..
owh.. TPM = Taman Pertanian Malaysia..
emmm.. quite O.K.A.Y laa...
gonna giv them a 7 outta 10
cuz there's quite some part of the place dat is not properly maintained...
FORGOT TO BRING CAMERA..! if not, can show u guys how buruk it is some place..
brian without a camera is like..
a singer without his mic.. lol, lost his spirit to camwhore..
gud sign i suppose? hahaha

we went into the temperate climate hse too
where it is more publicly known as the 4 season hse..
in this period of time, it is suppose to be autumn if we are in European country
so, flower blossoms!
love is in the air~ weeee~ quite suitable for couple to come i guess haha
bt then, when i enter dat building.. wa lao... the temperature was like under 18 degree.. *shivers*
Factors affecting Brian's shivering in the hse :
1) Brian was wearing a thin basketball-kind-of-sleeveless
2) the sleeveless wore by Brian is SOAKED in sweat cuz of previous cycling activity
3)DIRECT impact on cold air gusting towards Brian's SEMI BALD hair
4) Brian's height making a high ratio of TSA over V, higher rate of transpiration and evaporation, losing latent heat of fusion thus cooling down the body
k laa crappy, in english, i was cold in there.. lol
bt was fun laa in dat builing.. took a few pics in there..
and 1 thing? y are there no scent of flowers? despite the beautifully, carefully and high-tech-ally grown flowers all over the place, i kinda stucked my nose inside the flower to smell sumthing bt cant make out anything.. haha

owh.. and 1 more thing... my PBSM skill was put in test today, not in examination kind of test, bt REAL LIFE SITUATION!! woohoo~!
lol, bt it was small fries laa.. nomage(fren's name, weird, yea, screw him) cycled up the hill then suddenly was like
'ugh... the woods are spinning?' *thump*
(a momentarily balance followed by a slump, landing first at head)
it was like happening in slow-mo, when i heard the sound, others were already rushing towards him.. wa lao, head landing leh..
he looks ghost-ish pale, lips turned from red to pinkish white.. so i called him to baring la, coincident-ly it was a slope there, so i ORDERED him to lie face up leg straight and i raised his leg, more blood flow to brain maaa..
rules of treating shocked(renjatan)
1) melonggarkan pakaian (oops, forgot to do dat)
2) menaikkan kaki (yeah!)
3) membasahkan bibir jika mangsa berasa dahaga (yeap, forbid him from drinking)
4) memberi kata kata semangat ('oi don die yet!! don wanna fail this "PRACTICAL EXAM"'lol)

errr, overall i guess i get 75%? haha.. then he regained his awareness after some gulp of 100+

got a lot some more laa.. i TOUCHED a real life horse today.. dang... there's 2.. the small 1 tried to PECK my leg.. i wanted to pose and take pic wif him, bt after he did dat i was like WTF??? i tot horse DONT peck??? lol

i played some traditional musical instrument today.. some malay's traditional instrument dat has onli 9 bars of metal... played a few folk songs.. haha

danced some traditional dance too i guess? bt felt like an dong dong cuz don really noe wat i was dancing at dat time.. haha

knocked my head 3 times (2 times softly, 1 time REAL hard) at the same spot.. dang my height... =='' i din noe dat wakaf's level was THAT low... lol

then we went for mcd.. initially wanted to go klang for bak kut teh, bt then somebody say it is toooooo heaty, bt last last, ended up in mcd.. lol, same oso rite! heaty food.. then jz crap talk chat or watever u call it for like 2 hours.. (wow?)
and most of them got exhausted.. (alaa, gals... normal laa, cycle skit skit sudah pamcit~~ haih~~~) so they decided to chiao and cont at nite.. they goin to lookout point (a.k.a little genting) at night! and i cant follow them.. wat a waste.. wat to do.. my mom BOOKED me earlier.. as my bro is not coming back tonight.. *shakes head and sigh deeply, doing the 'cant do anything sign'*

hmmm.. pictures? lil onli laa, as i said.. forgot to bring my cam.. without cam = without the camwhoring brian.. although still got take a few pics....
so, dats all for today, IT WAS FUN!!! =D
except for the ass paining part, still ache till now.. haha


I read sam's blog b4 doing mine..
and i've been thinking..
gud frens, yeah.. got quite a number of it...
but BEST fren, come to think of it.. i have none..?
sadly, yes, none..
jz like footprints in the sand, sunk in deep, washed away fast and instantaneously..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The drops and drips of 310809

Again i joined the merdeka celebration for this year =)
joined it when i was in f4, being a part of it was AWESOME, wif 1400 comrades combating alongside.. it is simply overwhelming to have it all done dat perfect =D
(fly back to present)
and so i joined this merdeka celeb this year...
i called yap, he said he lazy.. don wan
called winky, he said maybe cant spent much time on this practice, don wan
asked wye kit, he said, FOR WAT I GO? so free? don wan
asked class, no reaction..
now dat i noe its actually THIS hard to commit someone into something serious..
*rolls eyes*
k of course.. i wont tell the details of every single day in our training! it would make AMY GO BERSERK!
its rily quite an experience i had there, and i believe it would be soldered into each and everyone of us..

Me - the alwes lame poser
My bro(aaron) - kuli angkat barang
Kei huat - gayest male ever met
Jun fong - driver for countless times! thx
Jerison - a MUHAMMAD-wannabe~ lol
Gam seng - sexy boy~ hahaha
Fang ching - our PHOTOGRAHPER! *claps*
Ah fai - gangster, don mess wif him~ bt sometimes gay too haha
Jimmy - the fella dat use wax every single day WITHOUT FAIL
Kim fatt - aka fatt kim wong! u noe wat i mean.. haha..
Edison - he POPS!! =D
Ying qiang - aka nomage aka xiao qiang and aka COCKROACH!
Yong yong - sometimes like to crack up some jokes =)
Karmun LIONG - a gal who LOVES to cover up mouth and laugh.. weird huh? =p
Karmun LAU - a gal who is OBSESSED in posing wif tiang, wow, don think other stuff LOL
Siew wei - haha, tomato face, her face is real red! =D
Jin yee - likes to laugh, yeah~ and when she laughs or smiles, u will see 2 lines out of a sudden lol
Tracy - omg the SUPER POSER EVER! eveready for a camera snap!
Cindy - small and timid i would say... likes to play police and murderer and become the storyteller haha
Vivian - urm.. well, she owns a motorbike, HAHAHAHA(ok most of u guys wont understand this)
Yuan kuan - quiet gal.. hmm, dunno y, she loves to pose wif weird stuff like pondok telefon? haha
Pei ling - she smiles sweetly =)
Shin yian - hahaha, although pei ling smiles sweetly, she still cant beat this MISS-SMILE-PERFECTO~~

theres so so so so SOOOO many things to share, making me headless on where to start 1st..
hmm, the experience...
we trained for 4 consecutive days, dat is 26 27 28 n 29 of aug.. in those days.. we slept at 1, wake up at 5.. haha and trained till evening, crazy huh? sounds tiring, bt worth it!

when there's some part of our dance dat is not synchronize, our facilitators would sometimes scold us, because we are actually representing the WHOLE SGM to perform, not onli for the sake of this affiliation, bt oso for the reputation of the members and those who stood behind our back.. and it was gud, although it was harsh, we did not give up, instead, we pushed and pushed harder in order to achieve a state of unity, its great, the feeling of working together to achieve something cant be merely described by words.. or im out of vocab to describe bout it.. haha

this parade was join by diff associations like MPPJ, Belia Ampang, KWSP etc etc.. and all of the participants has dancing bg except for us and Belia ampang..
hmm, and thru this participation, i can make one conclusion... well, its MY theory, x semestinya betul.. most of the male dancers.... are..... LEMBUT!! y?

eg 1 : (1 gal 1 guy talking about something, and the guy goes..) 'oh! ye ke??? mwahaha!! *covers his mouth wif the flag and trying to control his laugh of insanity*'

eg 2 : (1 gal goes poke a guy's waist wif the flag's pole, and the guy goes...) 'jgnlah~~! gelilahh~~ yiiii~~! *slapping the gal on her shoulder sambil having his other hand on his waist and shaking his whole body*'

eg 3 : (last day b4 merdeka, there's a handshake session among all the participants, we rounded into a circle shape and go shake the others' hands one by one)
when there's a gal who shakes hand wif those boys, they jz picit their hands softly and pass, as for me...
the guy : hello~ *smiles gheyly, grasping my hand and rubbing it while patting my shoulder*
me : err, haha... *smiles awkwardly and tried desperately to RETRIEVE my hand back..*

and so dat was my experience and thoughts regarding male dancer... hope im not gonna be one next time!!

when the show ended.. all of us was relieved, bt dat, sustained onli A WHILE.. when we reached kaikan (the centre of SGM) emotions are running high.. especially when we share our thoughts and experience of this merdeka thing..
the gals lagi laa, tunggu apa lagi? air mata MELELEH LELEH! (lol wrong adjective)
cuz, it was hard for those especially bz wif studies and their career... bt then, they choose the path to challenge it by joining this activity, and at last, they achieved their goal! bravo~

although we are together for like, less than 1 month, bt then the bond between us is rily.. unbelievable.. the thought of realizing we must tread our own path once again, and return to our daily routine rily sadden me, and i believe, us.. its rily gud to noe u guys! no remorse of joining this! i gained everything, and lose nothing!! (ok laa, got laa ponteng a few tuitions xD)
and so.. dats about it.. my experience.. brief.. yeah.. bt sumtimes, sumthing is best kept in memory.. =)
oh yea, forgot to mention, this is a group of see-camera-must-take-picture peeps, within this few days we got like 5 gigs of pics... hahaha... insane..
pics in fb! wish u guys gud luck and success in watever u guys do!!!


ok i lazy to do this as diff post.. so, jz campur la...
me.. and miss L.. is officially....
ok don get happy
officially clear dat there will be no sparks happening..
she explained to me, and i accept it.. well, i was anticipating dat this would come soon or later..
so, hope u guys do no more unnecessary speculation between me and her k.. bt still we are still best frens =)
and one more thing.. cant believe im actually doin this..
hair bald
now now, don giv me the wat-the-fish-expression, i have no idea y am i doin this too, and now i think i have a perfect circle wif me above my head..
its jz number 2, not botak licin.. haha...
act of emo? i have no idea.. =/