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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Appreciation for internet arts.

For CENTURIESSSS I've been receiving emails showing Photoshopped arts. Image being beautifully altered, or mockingly distorted. And so, it lead me to a conclusion that stuff as such is easy as ABC. GUESS AGAIN!!

After bugging my friend Christopher for passing me the program and tinkering with that piece of *TOOOOOOT* for almost 3 hours, this is what I'm able to produce.

And yessss I know this is like a grain of sand to a mountain compared to images and pictures prevalent in Internet nowadays...

GG-ness, now I hard how much effort did they put to enhance their image...
Trying to love Photoshop now~ Someone wants me to transform their image into some goddess of beauty or something like that. lol Imba...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Short updates

Some say, a life smooth sailing is not a life at all. Without sadness, you don't know what's happiness; without tiredness, you won't cherish sleeping time, and the examples can go as long as a SILK highway. lol

My point it, constantly challenging yourself OUTSIDE of the comfort zone, accomplishing task beyond your own expectation, the satisfaction it brings about is immeasurable huh?

This semester will be a tough time for me, I think. Given the fact that Piano practical exam is nearing, I've just appointed to be a Han Leader around this area, and the sudden leap of 14 credit hours to 19 credit hours in this sem.. Oh talk about those credit hours, its just so frustrating!! Why split a 3 hour class into 2 + 1? I mean, C'MONNNNN, I have to purposely go to lecture class just for that 1 hour, just because of that 1 hour I have to rearrange my timetable. If everything is compacted into 3 hours each, I believe it would be tiring no doubt, but life would be much easier.. For example, Wednesday itself 8-9am, 9-10am, 10-11am would be 3 different class in 3 different places, haha... KAGENOBUHAINO JUTSUUUU!!! [Body splitting ninja technique in action]

OK, I digressed toooo much. lol
What I want to achieve in this semester.
1) Finding a balance between academics and SGM's activities
2) In the midst of hectic, find ways and time + motivation to keep myself in tip top condition! [Physically and mentally]
3) Do well in piano exam! Can't disappoint my mom and teacher!
4) Maintain my academic grades
5) Improve in my interpersonal skills, there are much time where things I took lightly might actually hurt someone else deeply. Im sorry.
6) To be a reliable, cheerful person!

Although others might be having a not-so-packed time by taking one subject less for this sem, I have to take extra subject so that when I change program to Biomedical Science next semester, those credit hours can be transferred.. Oh... JPA is really cracking my head out....


Attended a leadership camp KRIS-29[Kem Rekreasi Intan Suraya] few days back, and that camp really taught me a lot of things, and gave a loads of 1st hand experience on various stuff.

Did this before?
Building a functional raft from mere nylon strings, PVC pipes, floats and basic planks.

Flow freely on a river with a bunch of people in a circle formation[With life jackets on of course! lol]

Traversing into the jungle at 12am, WITHOUT torchlight, and mind you, its not a easy terrain

Blood sucked by other bugs other than mosquitoes, pacat. 5 of em, ohh big fat leeches! lol

Walked alone on the way back to campsite. Tormented by fear and slight gust of wind makes you wander off your mind!

Did not sleep properly for 48 hours straight

A camp lasted for 6 days 5 nights, with sleeping period less than 6 hours!

Activities apart, the lesson learned during the camp is really eyes opening for me, as I've never been in similar camps before..

There are so much things to share that I think readers won't be patient enough to read it all, haha.
But, one thing for sure, memories are treasured for this camp, forever.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


The separating line between you, and success.

The egoistic you that forbids you from asking others

That prevents you from admitting your fault

That makes you angry, when you are wrong

That makes you appearing like a total fool, while you are feeling righteous about yourself

That holds you back from sending a friend request to someone you want to know so much

That deters you from doing things, you are far more capable of

That makes people view you in disdain, the stare of detest

The monumental wall that blocks your view towards a greater horizon

That narrows your mind, into a shallow, narrow little path


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dim gai?!

It has been quite some time since I last updated. Why? Because I find updating my blog on mundane routine seems unappealing.. But somehow, that's what my capacity is up to till now.[Or at least the capacity that I realize I can, not the hidden ones. haha ok what did I just type?]

Went back to Kuala Lipis on the CNY Eve, had shark fin soup, and I realized that most of my family members, especially the younger generations are actually aware on the initiation in banning shark fin soup, and thus my grandma substituted with fake ones, doesn't matter, tastes the same as the authentic ones. haha

How about Ang Pau hunting? =D
I don't know if this is less or a lot for you guys, but for me its quite a number, since I rarely home visit other people, this year exceptional case, because I left Kuala Lipis on the 4th day, and still manage to catch up with friends for house hopping session!! =D

Received a pleasant surprise on the way back from KL, a phone call conversation as follow unfolds :
*CNY ring tone from my handphone*
Me : *Answered lazily, just woke up from nap* 'yeah?'
CIMB guy :'Ini Encik Fam Sze Zheng? '
Me : *Mustered concentration* 'ya ya saya, awak siapa ah? '   lol
CIMB guy : 'oh, ini dari CIMB, kami ada sesuatu hadiah untuk awak'
*Starts to suspect whether if this is any con case or something*
Me : 'Apa hadiah? Saya tak ada subscribe apa apa benda pun?'
CIMB guy : 'Satu patung kecil jer, rumah encik [blablabla] kan? Saya nak letak dalam peti surat, tapi tak muat, nak buang ke dalam pulak, takut anjing itu akan gigitnya!'
Me : *Realized he's not lying as I heard Rover[my dog] barking* 'ahhh, yaaa, kalau buang kat lantai memang dia akan musnahkan, haha, boleh tak letak kat rumah jiran?'

Case settled, and finally I got ~
Cute little CIMB sotong with its pirate-like hat! hahaha

Anyway, went MidV today to spend my Rm200 vouchers, andd, I FINALLY GOT THE BOOK I YEARNED FOR! Books there are, but are there determination?
One of the few bestsellers in the whole world, especially the 1st 2 books. Now that I realize I'm more inclined to go towards 'psychology, sociology, philosophy' section rather than 'general fiction, sci-fi and thriller' section that I used to be so attached to. Guess this is the best time to have such transition! =) Really hope I do spend time reading all those books!

And do you know what's best? After using the FREE Rm200 voucher, you get another Rm10 Book voucher rebate from MPH, not bad huh! =D
You use free money, to roll free money, problem? haha

And this, is because, Valentine's Day is coming =)

Nahhh, its not related to me, its because Mr N left it in my bag. hahaha, well, good for Miss OMF xD Only those who know them knows what I'm talking. lol

Talk about Valentine's Day. Hmmm... Recently I DO noticed that more and more people around us are getting preoccupied with his/her next half, well, frankly speaking this do make me ponder upon myself why did I not get one? Well I'm not saying that their action of coupling triggers me to jump into action and to find one, but, certainly there are some loneliness lurking deep inside me. But, frankly speaking AGAIN, I don't think I'm ready for any sort of relationship yet, I guess. The responsibility is big, the stake is high, and the damage is severe if it is not cared carefully.. But deeeeeeep inside, I know I want it.

What a conflicting emotion this is!