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Friday, September 30, 2011


If you think you are, then you definitely are.

Well at least for me, I'm blessed, in so many ways, and this sense of gratitude intensifies once I stepped into my current residential college.

I have complete, functional, healthy hands and legs. The ability to walk around without the aid of others, the ability to walk up a stair without having people to carry me there. Having a cup of drink with one of my hand. I can clap loudly and stomp the floor whenever I feel like it. For him?
For him, its so hard to even scratch the back of his head. Its so difficult to even eat, a spoonful of rice. with his 2 disfigured arms and legs, everything is a challenge to him, even hanging the matrix card to his neck requires some effort of controlling his arms and neck together.
I can sit in balance in a car no matter how the car turn or brake, but for him? Easily toppled over every time..

I have a system of functional muscles.
Unlike her, she has degenerative muscle issues since young, can't even jog/walk long distance or any other activities that you think its normal for us. Not to mention the inability to participate in any slightly strenuous activities, like, bowling.

I don't have to support my whole body weight just by using both of my hand when I want to climb on my bed. I don't have to hang on to the railing in the toilet while answering nature's call. I don't have to accept the cruel fate, or the consequence of wrong diagnosis by doctor that contribute to this abnormality. Disability of both legs.

I can run, play, eat whatever however and whenever I feel like it! Not for someone.
I'm not worried of hyperglycemia after eating 2 bowls of rice and a can of soft drink[ok la, kena jaga sikit la lol]
I'm not afraid if I would be attacked by epilepsy suddenly if I'm fatigued or in contact with water sports.
I'm not allergic to chicken [THIS IS A BIG RELIEVE THOUGH]

Others with family problem, financial problem, health physical mental relationship stress YOU NAME IT!

The examples can go on and on and on, with the numerous individual I'm living with now having problem as such..

That's why, I am blessed, because I really am.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey, hey you, WADDYA SAY? cant HEAR YOU!

Talk about assignment, yeah I must admit that I'm not used to this kind of thing. 30 marks itself allocated for assignments, luckily in 3 parts la, if 1 part I memang GG.

i)To translate an English journal of minimum 6 pages into Malay, write a comment about it for not less than 3 pages. Easy?Lots of reading I would say.

ii) Choose a topic relating civilization/history and write an essay of about WTF20FUCHUKPAGES for it. Easy? Haven't scratch on it yet.

iii) Present either one of the assignment above in powerpoint form.This one still ok la..
And this 1 of the subject, TITAS.
For Hubungan Etnik, need to go about random places to observe about stereotypes between races, having interview and questionnaires to public. One of the seniors tried sitting at mamak store for FREAKING3HOURSWITH5-6CUPSOFTEHOAISLIMAU just to observe the racial and language polarity in a group. Fun? Mamak fun la, observe no fun.= =''

This is already in week 3, some exams will be in the 5th week, and with the increasing block activities and other activities, this is totally different from what I've experience before this.Which is last minute work. Its all about consistency here. And networking. And communication skill. zz KI gila... Kemahiran Insaniah. lol~

That's about it for now, I guess other mahasiswa-mahasiswi is just as busy as I am! but too bad, I'm the one loving to rant about.haha, ohh yaaa, the title, its just a defensive cheers for my 'lebah' group, just to captivate readers =p

alrite, till then!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fully utilize 24 hours a day?

Take a day as an example.. hmmm, alright, Thursday, the busiest day I guess.
Class at 9-11am, then 12-2pm. Short break, traveled to medical faculty for SOH exhibition, on duty there from 3-5pm. Completed that, and dismantle everything followed by setting it up at engineering faculty for the next day's exhibition. It was about 6.00pm. Short break for dinner, went to panggung percubaan for UPM peace forum, being a backstage crew cum supporter there, till 9.15pm. Rushed back to my own college for 'family day' activity on next week, in which I took part as cheerleader and dancing team. Practice ended at 1am, reached room at 130am, wash clothes till 2am plus with my cracking back. Sleep. Did I mention that this is how things are going on lately, almost EVERYDAY?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meetings meetings and MORE meetings!

Despite the fact that I'm only taking 14 credit hours for this Sem, I'm fully engaged in various activities that makes me feel sooooo... vigour! Never felt this good before. Tiring nevertheless, but I guess its worth it? I would rather use my time to do something that will bring me memories instead of doing nothing.
MTP [Malam Tunas Putra] is a real good example, Im responsible for a MINOR SMALL PART of keyboard playing, which last about..... 20 secs? but because of that part I have to stay back for about 3-4 nights till 2-3am, and most of the time I've been spending there is to watch the others rehearsing dance, sing and stuff like that, and I would just repeat my part of play, dully. = ='' Now that's something of less value..

In conjunction of UPM peace week, I supported them by watching 'Blood Diamond', that leaves me in great dilemma whether to get a diamond ring as an item of engagement or not in the future hahaha~

Anyway, directly after that,  went for K2's family day meeting, volunteered as cheerleader, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN GOGOGOOG LEBAH!!! lol, and joined dancing and dikiria, I guess its the fun and chances to know each other more that attracts me, rather me actively socializing around than to stay passive.
Oh did I mention that after 2 weeks staying here I didn't manage to get more than 5 contacts of chinese girls? A BIG SIGH! Same course punya girls berlambak la, since Im the wakil class, have to get their contact for easier communication, but, only 2 chinese girls in my course and 3 chinese including me. lol...


Oh, for those who are concerned with my course changing process.. Its.. On the way I guess, for now Im waiting for directions from a lecturer in the faculty of veterinary which coincidently is a member of Gakkai.. So... we shall see?

All the best for the others as well!AzaAza Fighting! lol~

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello, my name is Brian =D *ting!*

Now that's what I'm gonna say FOR ALL DAY LONG tomorrow~ lol
Don't forget that magic touch *ting!* too! Smile, is infectious =p

Ahhh I'm excited! Near ecstatic mood!! Goshhh! Tomorrow, the real deal~ Gets to blend into a society where the intelligence of the nation gathers. [lol like some superior genius society, MENSA meh!]

Yeeeeeap, tomorrow will be the registration for fellow UPM-ians, and I'm one of them. Mixed feeling actually, but anticipation rules 80% of it! =D
What I managed to cramp in.

Primarily clothes, foods, basic necessities.. I haven't even finish signing and filling in all the details =S

So... Good luck I guess? Not having the flare to blog. lol~ Till the next post! Chow~

Monday, September 5, 2011


I don't know if this is considered rash?
One comment in the public group can make up my mind?
Actually what I wanted all along has been dormant in my heart, I knew it, but nothing triggered it.

Advices from people before gets faded away. But now, this is it, never gonna change again
Not gonna be confused
Not gonna be diverted


Anyway, just for those who don't know what's happening, I've been offered a Bac of Sc major in Bio degree in UPM, and now that I've made my mind to change course, but still, I'm open to opinions if you really have experience on the pro and cons between this 2 courses. Thanks.

!!! Fight for Victory !!!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Time...... Goes by...... So slowly........... And time...... Can doooo... sooo much.....~~
Unchained melody. =D

anyway, guess everybody is getting geared up for the coming new life in Uni. Especially those getting into their respective Uni this sunday[Um Gia betul!], or those gonna go to a land... Far... Faraway... Never to be back again...[lol banished meh! wen ket]

Occasionally we can see updates like
'Start packing already <3'
'Milo? Checked. Toothbrush? Checked. Extra undergarments? Checked. Saliva infested pillows? SUPER CHECKED'
[Sounds exaggerated, bt yes, it is exaggerated lol]

me : '_'

You know what's that? its POKER FACE!


I prepared... 3 shoes, a bagful of clothes, sufficient undergarments, important documents... And..?
A heart of preparation? lol. seriously, other than that, what I'm bringing else?

Oh oh! I knoww, bought 2 pillows, 8 hangers, a blanket, 3-slot-powerpoint. yeap yeap, that's all, enough ah?

Went and see chinese physician just now because of irregular cramps at my stomach, he said its indigestion and poor circulation. lol, need to cut down on meat and fried items, zzz that's equivalent to like eating ice kacang without ice. WHAT ARE THERE LEFT IN LIFE TO SAVOUR?! lol, exaggerating again~

Approximately in another... 107 hours I will be engaged in a whole new surroundings, knowing new people from different walks of life, getting to know so many things and experiences and the best thing is, TO REV BACK MY LONG RUSTED BRAIN!!

Why said so? Because I taught my cousin sister yesterday about chem, and its f4 electrochemistry, and WAAALAOWEHHHHH, confused between anode and cathode. GG BETUL!  =S

Anyway, still having the same dilemma... To change, or to not change..