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Monday, May 21, 2012

Walking down the memory lane~

Went to my old house Cheras yesterday, the place where I was there for about.... 6 years?

Still remember those blurry yet familiar routes... The familiar images of trees, staircase and so on.. But, everything seems to be SMALLER! Fences USED to be a big barricade for me, but now, its all child's play hahahhaa~

Walking up the flat (stayed at flat that time) using stairs because of the out of order lift, bearing the stench of the outdated designed garbage chamber, with foul image of maggots and roaches - I lived here once.

Getting into the compound, the dark, dilapidated, congested image conjured in front of me. This WAS my home. It used to be a noisy, merry and happening place where people at the same floor would come out and trade food or just to be 'nosy on what's happening on mr who mrs who lately'. But now, it is mainly inhabited by foreign workers, and the condition over there is just not as how I imagined its gonna be.. There's a random chinese uncle, at his 70-s I would say, sitting on a flower pot, staring into the space blankly, its quite a sad scene though, hmm, or maybe I'm just thinking too much.

As we walked, mom keep telling me who and who stayed where, and where they have moved, and how we've eventually lost communication... Nature of time huh?

Then we proceed with the neighbourhood around, mom will be like :
mom: 'Hey u know, last time, this was all bushes, where got develop until like dat'
'and, every night before we go back, we would have our bak kut teh over here~'
'used to jog over here, used to wait for bus over here....' and so on~

I have no memories over those minute details at all, but I kept smiling, and nodding, listening to her
enthusiastic description of her remembrance~

Memories and experience are what makes you what and who you are right?

Went to my 奶妈's(nanny) house too! Too bad she wasn't around, only her son is, but the good thing is that we managed to get her contact and gonna set a date to meet up soon! Haven't been contacting each other for years... Her son, was in his secondary education level when I was small.. Now, he's a 30+ man with a beautiful family... Time really don't wait for anyone huh?

A lot of images keep popping out in my head, and assumptions like 'what if this, what if that' keep volleying me to think about it~ There so many what ifs, one's life can change so much with every step in his/her life..

That's all for now.. What a trip! =D
(Ps: of course, that is just some random pictures, u cant find this ANYWHERE IN CHERAS! lol)

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