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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A 'new' life

Well to be EXACT..
its not THAT new actually..
its still skool life... ahaha...
most of my frens posted bout their life in f6..
and MOST of them is dissatisfied of it..
*tracing back weeks b4*
as u guys noe, i started my f6 life in jln reko..
bt tgok tgok, ended up in high skool pulak...
and ergh..!!
i still cant have my hair long..!!! *shrieks out loud*
im still a student, to be exact, a gov skool's student.. = =''
like today, 1 gang go T, (T, is oso aka toilet)
guru disiplin : 'eh class apa ni? apasal semua rambut panjang ni?!'
me, ian, kok wai, william was showing the WTF-face?
me : 'eh cikgu, rambut macam saya ni, panjang ke?' *pointing to my hair*
cikgu : 'kau tau tak saya boleh gunting rambut awak SEKARANG JUGAK!'
me : *half sarcastic flabbergasted face*
i wanted to reply 'cikgu, awak tau tak saya boleh calar kereta awak SEKARANG JUGAK!!'
bt, lol, im still a gud boy? although entering high skool =p
owh, and still, i cant escape the topic of toilet.. haha
IMAGINE THIS (mentioned this in fb)
welcome to high skool toilet~
brief intro bout my class mates (although i don rily noe them YET)
Salmah - she's.. in constant laughing mood? i dunno.. haha, bt she keeps on laughing whenever i crack a joke, even its lame haha
hamizah - err...i like her english-malay-accent haha, special~
joan - she's BLUR, i guess, haha, cuz it was after recess and she was like 'uhhh, where am i.. how to do this question, how u get this..' LOL
karamjit - i LOVE the name! reminds me of karam singh varya(is the spelling correct? ahah)
kok wai - our ketua, or, shortay~ mwahahha, he's ok, and he told me stuff dat astonished me GREATLY...
ian - SMART fella, got jpa scholarship bt rejected it.. = ='' haha, bt he's a gud boy~ lol, and he likes to add the sound 's' in the end of words, don ask me y
william - woooooohh~ i jz cant stand his SEXAY stare, hahahaha, duno y bt he got this super eye shape dat looks so cocky and sexy? although he's super frenly! haha
wye kit - the CLOWN of the milineum..!! dat fella... rily laa, cracking jokes when there's a chance.. oh, i love the part when he tries to pronounce indian festive terms =p
meguri - don u guys think her name is cool? haha, 1st time hearing such name (or am i plain lousy lol) she's so cool on the 1st time i met her, bt then after dat she's ok.. haha.. and she likes twilight too.. damn = =''
wan yee - she's qiao yen's cousin!! bt till now i don rily had a chance to talk wif her.. and she's quite quiet in class.. so i don rily noe her... hmm...
michelle - this gal, got make up to skool!! hahaha sry dude =p she's.. short? yeah, pair up wif monitor laaa, LOL... and she's super hardworking =) she gives me an impression dat she's dam smart... and she IS! (pressure)
mei qi - she got a twin sister..!! the 1st time i talked to her she 'conned' me ady.. i ask, 'eh??? y dat fella from class 6BF looks alike wif u de?' she says 'owhhh, she's my COUSIN maaaa', then i was like 'owh....' *WAKANABEB!!* and i got punked.. lol
mei yee - hmmm, well i din rily talk to her yet too, haha, cuz she's kinda.. introvert? and she got her own gang.. bt 1 thing i noe is dat... SHE'S HARDWORKING! i guess.. actually most of the, in fact every gal in our class is hardworking? haha
yi thong - tonggg~~~ tonggg~~~ haha! don blame me! blame it on wye kit!! lol.. she's a pious gal, everytime oso rushing for CF punya.. and i like her smile, when she smiles her eyes becomes 2 lines, as if its twinkling wif smiles too =)
amrit - at first i was having difficulties to remember her name!! then last last can remember dy..
duno y, bt the name amrit, keeps reminding me of aimst university??? haha.. then later on thru today's muet's presentation onli then i noe amrit = the immortal~~ woooo~~ =p
nancy - shy gal she is i think.. when called upon to answer something, she keeps her head down, same as yee! lol, again, i din rily talk to her YET!! bt i think she's a frenly gal.. i THINK xD
shuba - shubahan!! owh gawd i jz love to call her dat!! =p sooooooo funny~ she's slim and tall and she got a bf~ met them coupling in mp b4... ish ish ish, bertaubat laaaaa xP
durgha - D..... DURGHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *thumbs up for haziq 1 ino jess 2004* sry durgha, im used to it =p oh, she's allergic to something special... grapes and oranges!?! too bad, cant share grapes wif me when recess time.... hahaaha
yogenthiren - im nt sure whether i spelled his name correctly or not, cuz normally i jz call him yo-ken haha, cooler maa.. i think i shud call him DA BOSS, dam, cant forget the incident.. it was wednesday, in a group of 9 we wanna go watch transformer. b4 3, we waited at food court laaa, then i wanna order ais kacang, yoken accompanies me, then i say laa
'kak, ais kacang biasa satu'
yoken - 'ehh, y u don wanna call ais kacang special?'
me - 'alaaa no nid laa, jz add 1 scoop of ice cream then add 1 ringgit, not berbaloi maaa, biasa enuf dy...'
yoken - 'kak, cancel ais kacang biasa tu, order 9 ais kacang special'
me - '.........!!!!!' *momentarily speechless*
wa lao eh... he's a rich guy, and wont hesitate to spend on any1..
thx for the ais kacang yoken!! =D
dats about it.. the current situation in my class.. starting to love f6 =)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As wat the title had shown
am not trying to create fear, nor trying to scare u guys
bt we shud actually take appropriate actions as safety precautionary steps..
better be safe than sry rite?
i still remember, in less than 1 month, the case expanded from a tiny figure 1 to a formidable 80++, dats near 100!!
and its from penang, and guess wat? its now in KAJANG, yes, to be specific there's 3 individual being quarantined in yu hua..
better do sumthing b4 rice become porridge?
1) Try not to stuck ur head to places congested wif ppl, public area such as mid, times all dat don go liao laaaa, ok la, not to say don go, bt cut down the frequency of goin..
2) Have a mask wif u whenever u HAVE to go to places wif public, eg: bus stop, train stations..
(damn... and im having bus to go back home every single daym= ='')
3) Again, wash hands thoroughly if u sneezed or coughed
4) Avoid direct contact wif individual dat is quarantined
5) pandai pandai sendiri, zi gei zep sang laaa

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It felt NICE =)

'你还是不要酱迟睡, 等下皮肤回变干然后肤色很暗的啦,又会有黑眼圈噢,爱漂亮就好去睡, 拜拜'
Its so funny to receive this msg! =p
bt at the same time
Flow of heartwarming sensation came flooded
Welcomed it, VERY MUCH =)

Monday, June 15, 2009

The sillhoutte surfaced..

It is true
She did not lie to me
It was me all along
Having hopes high as mountain
Came crumbling down succumbed to ashes
Get over it, get over it
I will, soon, I believe
Till then
Let the blood flow
And harden the wound
To avoid any more damage
From you


wow! high skool!
damn, my 1st day in it was... kinda cool!
there was a moment when i was in the skool thinking...
'heck, at last, im in this place.. a place where i once swore not to go to...'
onli 1 teacher came in, dat was... errrr... wats her name again?
our muet teacher.. ok laa i guess, was kinda fun cuz was doin brainstorming..
havent noe new frens YET, owh, to be specific, havent noe new GALS yet.. lol
the guys there is cool, get along quite fast.. bt the gals there... = =''
the MAIN difference of high skool and the skool i had in my history of studies is dat...
ohhhh mother nature of all love... stop spamming ur beloved grasshopper-or-watever-it-is-insect's CRIES..!! lols...
hope life in high skool will be fun
cheng, no worries.. although ur dotA skills is still as noob as ever.. lol
at least u can improve in ur class rite!! wif whole bunch of dota freaks there.. haha!
emm, dats about it i guess...
oh yea, recently im kinda addicted to DIGIVICE!! yeap u see no wrong words, DIGIVICE...! i found it when i cleaned my hse... hidden safe and sound under my mom's bed.. lol
patamon~~~~ weeeee~~~~

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The magnificent, the tries, and the greatness..!! =D

ok 1st of all, WARNING TO READERS, THIS IS HAZARDOUSLY LONG, PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE IF U ARE EXPERIENCING lazy-to-read-long-post-it-is-bored-syndrome (specially dedicated sentence for AMY TAM AI MAY)
ha, will make it into some diary-like-post to make it easier..

First day:
oh, shud i say the 1st nite?
me, my bro and mom reached sg chua zap lap hugo there zhun zhun 10pm, we were the last.. hahaha...
in the bus.. it was.... BORED
the modulator was.... LAME
and is there any chicks in the bus? ....... NONE
and i was separated with yee peng and amy, was seated away.. although jz chairs away, bt x kan la walk to there and talk.. so was kinda boring...
credits for miss little sms-ing me =)
emm there was pit stops here and there to SQUEEZE our bladder dry.. as wat the modulator said.. lol, dam he's salty wet.. hahahaha
em, along the way in the bus.. got tv punya, so he gave us watch 'chai gau gor', err, dats a character in it, i dunno wats the name of the movie.. so.. lets advance to the next day!!

Second day :
We reached chinatown of terengganu at about 6am.. ate laksa there, nothing special.. the onli thing special there is after i ate it terus got effect liao.. lol
mild ache at stomach.. haha, don eat there next time?
emm, then cont wif the journey.. nt yet reach leh..!!
cut those boring part.. we reach the jeti at 730, bt then the 1st boat is onli comin at 830.. bt then, dat time no mood to camwhore YET.. so jz wait at there talking nothing laa...
me, bro, yee's elder and younger bro + modulator went for the last ride.. tengok2 reach kalong resort at 11++ = =''
wait till FAT MOU dy..
BUT THE MOTORBOAT RIDE WAS FUN..!! THOSE SCREECHING WIND, BASHING BUMPS AND SPLASHING WAVES..!! woooohoooo!!! ok la, 1st time for me to ride on a motorboat.. lol
then we reach the resort.. take the snorkelling set and life jacket, check in and everything liao, terus go snorkel..
ha, snorkel at BEACHSIDE..! LOL
jz me and my bro laa actually, cuz wanna practice how to use the apparatus b4 goin for the real thing, well to tell u all, im actually afraid of the sea, cuz i nearly drowned myself in the sea when i was small, and i SUCKS in water, alex and foong noe this too well.. lol
*after 15 minutes*
both of us terus went up and go for lunch, cuz practically both of us felt like IDIOTS.. lol, nobody was there to practice... hahhaha
err, yee, sry to say this but.... I CAN COOK BETTER THAN HIM FOR THE 1ST LUNCH!!! lol, the lunch was so so so so not satisfying.... bt at least its gud cuz later have to go snorkel ma..
we reach the place... err, its called.. hai yang gong yuan? i dunno i forgot...
bt the fishes there is WITHIN CONTACT! haha, 1st time to be in so near wif groups of fishes.. seriously a lot of fish there! and colourful too..! cant rily describe... and no pic.. cuz my cam cant bring INTO water... = =''
owh, haha and i was shocked when i saw sumthing translucent
'jellyfish got so near to beachside 1 meh??'
tengok tengok its an empty 1.5 liter mineral bottle... 'seamaster' LOL, ironic.. haha
the coral reef there was nice... AND I TOUCHED A SEA CUCUMBER THERE FOR THE 1ST TIME..!!! its so fugly.. seriously.. haha, yang is so brave... he keep ushering me to try holding it.. and it practically SUCKS on my palm.. WAT THE FALL..!! so geli.. lol.. FYI, sea cucumber, their body, texture and looks is about the same as garden worm, black, fat, geli...
got 1 sea cucumber got duri duri some more.. wa lao eh...
last 30 minutes of the snorkelling activity, all of us are in a 'quest', to find yee's snorkel.. lol, she lost it, dunno where... bt came back wif nothing, then she go cilok 1 snorkel from 1 boat... bad gal lol
emm, the 1st day ends like dat.. cuz go back, eat dinner, then self activity dy... so me, peng, yee and amy jz sit down and chat chat chat lor.. occasionaly my bro joins in too, cuz he's bz wif ping pong..
owh, the 2nd day's nite, i said sumthing weird to u huh, miss l.. sry, was crazy.. cant think straight dat time...
owh, then at nite oso we went INTO the sea, haha, cuz it was... air surut.. (dunno wats the term in english...)
its like... MILLIONS of bloody black SEA CUCUMBERS..!! ARGH...!! careful not to step on it...
it stiffens.. soft soft, then become hard.... stimuli and response? lol

Third day :
woke up from the chillness, ooo its cool~
after breakfast, we head for snorkelling liao...
owh, FRI(for readers info), this trip is not those relax relax type of trip, its more to snorkel.. quite fun for me as i never tried b4 =)
this time, its WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY different from yesterday's
cuz its LEGENDARY-LY DEEP...!!! wa lao eh.. seriously... i had my mask up, bt no power, so i cant really sea the view down there, jz some blur images.. im like floating above 6 storeys high up... bt still i can see those bloody black sea cucumbers lol... cuz its black... while the bg is bluish-green.. so, when they say..
'hey!! look at here, the fish damn colourful and nice ah!!'
*saw a silver-ish blue shadow past by*
'waaaa..!! this oyster so big leh...!!'
*widening eyes to the max lvl, bt wat is saw is jz a plain bg of coral...*
lol, those sea creatures rily noe how to camou themselves...
and as i said, dun rily noe how to swim, everytime near my group sure bang into them, like a bowling ball to the pins.. hahahah, 1 bang all separated lol
this snorkelling spot is more concentrated wif coral reefs, less fishes... damn those coral reefs...!! goddamn big wei..!! rily big!! wa lao... bt no pic.. lol
then we go back to this kalong resort thingy and had our lunch b4 heading out for our 3rd snorkel... did i tell u guys bout the ping pong stuff?
we were actually aiming for the PING PONG IDOL
lol, cuz, the modulator(calvin, lol now onli intro him) is quite pro in ping pong, in a few row oso nobody beats him, and so when i challenge him (FRI, i dunno to play ping pong lol), i jz shouted out, 'THANK YOU THANK YOU, IM THE EVERYTHING TO BE THE NEXT MALAYSIAN NEXT TOP PING PONG IDOL' hahahahaha (compilation of american idol and american next top model ><)
ok la cut the crap.. we head to the next snorkel spot dy... in there there's LOTS of fishes, bt a waste is dat i saw onli fishes, nothing more... no jellyfish, no starfish all dat.. *sigh*
cuz its already the third time snorkelling, so, not dat enthusiastic ady.. bt then i think the view there is the best among the 3.. and peng said she saw some fossilized donut?? lol
then after dat we head back to kalong again... hey don u guys think kalong is like some thai resort... KA, LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, savadi, KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP... lol, after tea time we went to laguna resort... nothing much there, jz dat more ppl and the sand is finer... bt kalong is more tranquil! =) better for those who prefers to relax...
went laguna to take pic lor, tot can meet some hot blond.. bt tengok tengok apa pun x ada *sigh* LOL
when it was dinner, yee's father took out a bday cake and the crowd went singing!! weeee~~ hapy laa tu yee, hahaha
and i have to say, u owe me sumthing yee, cuz i ate TWO slices of cake...!! wa lao, rily giv face liao leh!! =p
we saw the full moon at nite...!!(reminds me of somebody! =D) tried to take pic of the reflection on the sea cuz it was rily some sight there.. bt, cant, too far..
bt it was rily rily rily NICE moon..
then yee told me it was some festival, then onli full moon... forgot wat was it..
after dat we jz sat at the cafeteria there chit chatting.. and went down to the sea... AGAIN...!
this time wif more ppl.. haha, amy's sis both of them so funny... was practically TERRORIZED by sea cucumber, actually amy oso... keep screaming lol, cuz 1 of them stepped on a sea cucumber, and it bleed? (i dunno if a sea cucumber got blood bt it oozed out sum liquid...)
then i saw a sotong...!!! hao went and poke it, and it used the tentacle to slap his finger lol...
and then i saw one sea urchin... GODDAMN SHARP WEI...!! those spikes, boleh mati.... don dare to touch at all.. haha

Last day :
*poker face's ringtone rang*
*i wanna hold em like i do in texas ple....*
*slides up and down the hp to activate snooze, stares at screen, 4.30am*
ahhhh.... to watch the sun rise... lol
promised each other to meet up at 5am, tengok tengok those gals woke up late = =''
so we were at beach at about 5.30am... its PITCH BLACK
and i experimented sumthing there
aim : to investigate whether this string bed can withstand brian's weight
hypothesis : the string bed can withstand weight up to 1000N, so brian's weitght is withstandable
apparatus and materials : brian, string bed
procedure :
1) set up the apparatus as desired
2)brian sleeps on the string bed
3)yang is asked to swing the bed
4)note any unusual sound at the edge of the string
5)swing after 15 minutes and observe any changes made to the string bed
conclusion : this string bed CAN withstand brian's weight.. lol
we waited since 5.30am, bt we can onli see the egg yolk when it was 7.30am... = =''
cuz the view is actually partially blocked by some mountains... *sigh*
so, in the mean time, brian's cam-whoring-mode has been activated.. lol
after breakfast, go bath and balik dy..
when it was time to go back, brian's cam-whoring-mode is in its OPTIMUM state, lol, took LOTS AND LOTS of pics...
and i love my new baju, the OVERSIZE baju...
emmm, in the way back... nothing much happened..
jz dat my bro got addicted by happy tree frens.. lol, yang influenced us to do so!!
damn bloody, and painful.. haha
in the bus, keep taking pictures lor..
so... dats about it i guess?
for those who wanna see pics, go to my fb laa.. givin u guys the link.. i x post all, 400++ leh, crazy?? haha
jz posted 80 in there..

ps : for dat particular some1, this trip is FUN, don worry =)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

things happened so fast in a blink..
things dat made me felt foolish and insignificant..
or is it jz me?
am i changing? =(