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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My recent life =l

It has been long, since i last updated.. so..
here i am? lol
nothing much actually, the onli thing dat is new is
i've started teaching in Smart Reader... (so smart la konon xP)
and the kids there is...... DEVILISH!
especially 4 n 5 yrs old, at least 6 yrs old still listen to wat i talk..
4 n 5 yrs old...
damn, i have the wrong perception u noe?
1st day working there, b4 teaching, i was like, ok laa.. observing them laa..
see how they talk, they act and stuff.. its like, super cute and naive and GOOD..
they are actually MONSTERS!! jz in a cuter form, dats all, nothing much.. don be deceived by them = =''
example 1 - me: 'ok leong X X(1 of my mandarin student), come here, how to read this? *pointing a*.'
student :'........' *throws his pencil to my eye and laugh EVILLY*
me: 'wat are u doing?!??' *confused look and felt so powerless = =''*
example 2 - me : 'ok iman.. be a good boy, and colour all the alphabet 'a' for teacher in red colour ok...?'
student : 'ok teacher!' *starts to colour wif full determination in his face*

*after 5 minutes*

student :'nah teacher!'
me : 'wadda....' *feels like fainting*

dats jz a few of my example.. and its not the most serious case YET.. i guess.. and i hope they will like me ASAP.. = ='' if not im gonna shorten my life span for like 20 yrs... hahaha
anyway, today, thursday is already my 4th day teaching there.. they are ezier to be controlled using sweets and candy... well... kids~~ hahaha

another story, jz tot of placing it here.. i gonna get my L soon...!
ok laa ok laa.. i noe its slow... zzzz, so wat? im not rushing to drive.. no car for me.. haha
so, i had the DEPRESSING 6 hrs course on monday..
it rily depresses me LOL, seriously leh.. the practical part still OK u noe.. jz dat the uncle very funny when he's talking BM, every1 was like laughing silently.. lols, ok la, quite kesian oso.. bt at least i understand..
dat speaker was trying to make the class lively by making jokes.. i guess
owh, not to forget, LAME JOKES..
whenever he tries to make 1.. i would look at adila (my skool mate, haha, met there coincidently)
, and giv the am-I-suppose-to-laugh-or-wat-face to her.. hahaha
cuz its seriously BORING..
anyway, made new frens there i guess..
1 of them i noe long time ago, jz never speak, cuz she look SOOOOO cool, bt in reality, she's kinda talkative huh? (yeah glynn, its u hahahahaha)
then 2 more gal, 1 is from yu hua 1 more is from kl punya..
jz noe dat day, din take contact number or watsoever..
haha, cuz they are like.. dai ga jie.. u noe? gangsta~~
so, don wanna 'kacau' them.. if not im dead LOL
bout adila, ahh... she's still the same as ever i guess.. haha, bt she's goin back to indon for CNY..
how fun is dat..
my CNY... *sigh*
means 1 week disconnected from the world..
no phone, no online, no com, NO CC...
wish me luck so dat i wont die of boredom... haha...
after CNY then...
have a nice day =l

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random creations

The fan's spinning
Slowly, and, boringly
Metronome's ticking
At the pace of 46, Adagio
Sitting in front of the piano
Its me
Wondering, and figuring
The act I'm going to take
I let my thoughts wander
To decide
To conclude
Whether IF I'm in the right mind..
The piece, entitled
'Love and Hope'
Hand's trembling
Leg's shaking
Heart's shattering
The howl of lone wolf heard afar resembles my feeling
And the blue moon's ray amplifies my sadness
I had made up my mind
'I won't play this piece'

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nothing much

(___) (o o)_____/
@@ \ \ ____/
// // ^^ ^^
i received this text msg (huh?) on12.22am 11/1/09
in dat time, i was like,half dozed on my bed, preparing to indulge in 'Brian's wonderland'
kkk, enuf wif those craps...

i was like...
'hey? is this a pig or wat...? it sure looks like 1..'
on 2nd thought
'a pig dat moooooooes?????'
then the sender was wat i looking for..
and it stated 'XX'
ok, i reply the msg cuz she's the *em hem* some1.. hahaha
hey, if its other, i wont even 'choi' them ok?? xP
ok, i shud announce this..
I'VE PASSED MY UNDANG TEST...!!!!! 48/50 ^^
ok.. this was kinda old bt.. hahaha

cuz dat was a minor stuff, so i decided to put it together wif other stuff..
and hey, this is my 1st pic in this blog..!! (woohoo~
so so so important.. = =''')
and yeah, 'report' shows dat my blog is too long and winding.. + no pic + no vid + no special fonts..
so decided to make it short and nice?

yeah, i took this in front of my monitor, jz b4 posting this blog lols hey..!! i did the whole lot of 500Q in this book jz b4 the day ok?!!?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The artistic side of.. Brian??

Juxtaposed, the choices I'm to made, Confunded, these unfathamoble decisions

how am I to decide, the pathways to tread?

solving it

by understanding the antecedence of task

the road to prosperity, they shall conclude my life.

I lurk in the shadow, where doubt infests

Is there something out there?

that could stoke my passion

the inordinate dream I held

that dances with the artistic side of me...

99%contributed by leana a.k.a the walking dictionary *claps* =) and 1% inspired by me =p

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Countdown 2009 =)

actually, in the beginning i tot it was the worst day in all the outings i had done b4
ok, it started so..
we wanna meet at ktm at 6.30pm, to go to ts 1st..
so, i WAITED for the goddamn bus since 5.45 PM, jz in case im late.. = =''
and well guess wat?
wait wait wait wait..... (after half an hour)
*sound of heavy vehicle's engine*
ok its a bus! (grinning)
bt then, it has its hazard light on, and it pass by me, the driver shouted
'oi tunggu bas nanti, bas ini sudah rosak'
im like..
ok cool.. dat was the road liner, i hope for a mini bus minutes later (cuz usually they travel together and don ask me y)
and again, i wait Wait and WAIT...!
clock is ticking, dam, kong called me ask where the fish am i, i explain the situation and he ended up calling me loser.. lols (dats so kong laaa)
ok, after the road liner stuff, the mini bus ARRIVED! (woohoo!)
bt dat time is already like 6.50 dy... OMG Laaaaaaaaaaaaa
nvm, rushed in the bus, full, stand, and WAIT for it to reach the destination (indian temple at jln reko so dat i can go to the ktm station directly)
again, nvm, i call them not to buy my ticket 1st, cuz there's a station to buy ticket where i enter(its not the normal entrance, i wonder if u guys noe where im talking = ='')
ok, i run to the other side of the station to buy ticket, i was 2nd in the row..
and i tot, 'ah... no nid to wait long liao, yeah..'
bt, guess again
the fella in front me is like....
*asking the counter lady*
'ahh.. hari ini, itu ktm tutup pukul berapa?'
'perkhidmatan akan dilanjutkan hingga pukul 2 pagi encik'
'oh, kerana countdown ah..., nanti pukul 2 pagi pun ada keitapi la?'
'ya encik, sempena sambutan tahun baru kita akan melanjutkan perkhidmatan kita hingga pukul 2 pagi'
and after sessions of Q and A, dat fella din even buy a ticket..!!! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
all my frens were there waiting for me dy, and when its my turn to buy ticket, this happened
winson called me
'eh brian, where r u? i tot u go buy ticket dy?'
'ya la! there was a fker in front of me laaa, wasting time onli!'
'wa, u can run here now o not? cuz the train is HERE'
'ha...?! ok ok wait for me!! kl central pergi balik*giv money take change* thank you, oi!! wait me ah!!!'
*conversation ended*
i rushed up stairs, sprinted across the path, jumped and skipped down, the door CLOSED, i pressed the button*u noe, for the door to open*
result is.. the train moved.. wat the fish..!!
= =''
every1 is in the train already... nvm, its not their fault anyway..
so, moved along to central ALONE.. haih
i was thinking.. 'wow, this is the starting for 2009? wat a bad omen... = ='''
ok, skip the train part, nothing interesting..
when its 10 sumthing, we r already at starhill
-wye kik
-kong's bro
-kong's cousin
and, we EQUIPPED ourself hahahahaa
its kinda fun for me since its the 1st time for me to spray fella and, we gangbang a few fella (ok, mainly aim for couples and leng lui laaa.. xP)
and i ate foams and the party sprays OMG!! =D (its revolting anyway, shud have be more carefull next time lols)
then we countdowned the last 20 secs, i try to call some1, ok dat particular din pick up..
tried 2, 3 times, get fed up then don call dy.. hahahaha
it was FUN anyway, we sprayed some ah moh, oh, kong sprayed a BIG SIZED FELLA (blue shirt haha) in the face, A LOT, and the fella is like *vengeance stare*
and kong is like showing the huh-wat-its-none-of-my-business expression.. lols
get over dat, i get to overnight in kong's hse!!
ok in there, me alex kong and monkey.. talk bout.. 'stuff'
ahh.. rather touching, seriously, and it makes me sad thinking bout my own case.. *sigh*
well, better end here b4 i get anymore emo.. hahahaha
happy new year every1~!! =D