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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A fresh new start, again?

Living room, 3-in-1 toilet and my study table.

As most of you all, or rather, those who I've told to, or those that are concern about me, have already known, I've managed to change my program to Biomedical Science, Hoo-ray to Briannnn!! lol.

So I joined back to the era of 1st year, the atmosphere, the students etc etc, and even to the extent that I have to undergo program/college orientation, ONCE MORE! I lost the passion for it already. lol.. Somehow this feeling is dissimilar with what I had during my 1st year back in 2011, oh well of course, maybe I'm already through with the feeling, and somehow feeling slightly awkward calling seniors of same age as, seniors. haha

This fresh new embarkation was first shrouded with uncertainties and the bureaucracy of the transfer program which involves scholarships and other factors were really wearing me down, I was practically going here and there not knowing what to expect but just to try my luck, and ALAS! Here I am.. Here I am =)

Of course, this would not be a journey of smooth sailing, all on board (5 transfer student altogether) shall face crushing waves (academic burden) and sudden storm (clashing college activities) as we are required to graduate in 3 years. Did I tell you not that this year there will be a whole new curriculum which is totally different from the previous Biomed program? We need to have 147 credit to graduate while the previous batch requires only 133, an extra 13 credit hours with the fact of compacting it into 3 years and having 3 industrial training for each long semester break instead of 1 for the previous batch, so, yeah~

Well, no use lamenting against it! Al iz well, right? =D haha This is what I chose, so this is what I am and this is what I will do. 自己选的路,跪也要跪完下去!!

Anyway, kinda nervous for my piano exam's result after reading Miss S's post. Don't GG please! lol