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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A series of surprise~

The age of holding key!

The legal age to start voting!

The time where we are considered mature enough to make independent decisions!

To celebrate this coming moment, what do we usually expect?

Expectation : Party all night non stop!

Reality : Playing computer games alone.

hahaha, actually, I don't even have the chance to play computer games due to my tight schedule! Having class from morning till evening making me missed the chance to sing k with friends =( Oh nvm, chances will come. 

In the midst of conversing with Miss Michelle with her frustrated and sad emotion, suddenly Xiao Shuang came along and said..

Shuang : 'Hey, your friend came and she's finding for you'

Me : *Sensed something fishy going on* 'ok'
-Arrived a the volleyball court-
 Joway, an Acad P senior which I haven't met before came along and said... 

Joway :'hey, u r brian rite? U noe me ah? Can you help me? My tyre punctured and I need you to help to change it leh...' *showing the helpless innocent face*

Me: *Analytical mind activated* (Unknown senior, tyre punctured in the middle of the night, coincidentally in front of k2, coincidentally knows me?!) *Poker face* 'ok..'

And then, TADAAAAA!!  
4 ninjas jumped out of the bush!

 Wild karmun, kahmoon, kangyau and kitwei appeared! With this!
It was so artistic that I don't know what is placed on top of the cake until I view it from another angle hahaha

Thanks guys, that was, well, although expected, but still its a pleasant surprise =D

The next day... Coursemate Miao passed me a box of 'seniors note' and it turns out to be.....
Unsuspecting, innocent looking box of lecture notes

Transform into...!

Now that was really unexpected! hahaha

Wasn't expecting much from them since everybody is busy recently~ Great! I've got supplies during my gaming session!! xD

I would say that its simple and memorable, and now I'm not sure if I'm escaped from the judgement from fellow 二华-ians in RU! I heard they bought 10 packets of toothpaste... which... I have no idea what I'm gonna face later on... lol

Till then, thanks a lot, friends! =)

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