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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reviving the dead.

The blog, I meant up there.
Still, as usual, there are LISTS of tasks on hand now.
F6, memang laa..
I can choose either to grumble about it and do nothing over it
I can brag it out as challenges I am to overcome and be proud of it! =D

Hmmm, let me be random.

Oh, I shall talk about the resolution I made for myself for this year! haha, since I made no resolution before this, I find it, erm, how to word this... urmm... special! yeah, that's the word, I find it special for me to have such AIM in this particular year.. hmmmm, why?
I have no idea? Maybe I'm just trying to be more organized, being sluggish and aimless, is, well, pitiful in some sense... (No offense meant, I'm referring to myself.)

-To be brave and outspoken, speak up against the norm when there's mistakes in it.
-To be able to take up challenges and complete each task and adversities taken successfully
-To be more motivated in an activity, being proactive and creative.
-To improve my linguistic skills (esp English, now that I notice that I'm actually just average in it..)
-To help and treat others well(appropriately) and also to develop strong friendship!

It's going to be tough and fun! Are we ready? I hope we are =D

Anyway, do you guys know that eg actually stands for exempli gratia? (This is so totally random haha)