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Friday, September 27, 2013

200th Post

To understand why I decided to write this post, it has great connection with the last few sentences of the previous post. And, I did it!

That's why, I said, a new phase in life =)

Of course, this is just the beginning, and things are still in a dream-like state (At the moment of declaration I just can't believe its happening!) We will work on it, TOGETHER! =D

Thinking back, ah... Its some rare occasion to find myself being speechless ok! But, being in front of her, its just like that, I can still remember how I can fry eggs at both of my cheeks yesterday!

This is not much of a great gift or what, but, 200th post, she, shall be dedicated to. *Feeling hopeful*

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wow, it is 5 inches thick!

'Last post since February', wow.. It has been some time since I last posted anything here.. The dust here is 5 inches thick (haha?), or you would rather choose, THE LAMENESS IN HERE IS MORE THAN 9000!!! (Please read it in DBZ Vegeta's voice. lol)

Anyway, just came back from my Milo Breakfast Run... 1st time joining a running event, and consider it to be quite ok for me, since its 7km for someone my size! Aaaaaaanddd, to complete it within an hour! (Clapping effect and cheering in backgroud) Hahaha, lol, actually nothing to be proud of, in comparison to others, this is just something average, but for me, well, not bad, its a good experience, to freaking force your stamina to the limit just to make it within an hour. lol
Everyone got that medal, so, yeah, its pretty much not that valuable lol..

A lot of things has happened in this semester, as usual, hectic life as university students. But this semester, or rather, recently, I've set my direction during this undergraduate life, to focus my attention to nothing but only 3 areas:
1) In faith, Soka Gakkai Malaysia
2)In Golden Key Honours Society
3) Dance! Or Upm eXtreme Dancer (UXD) club
 No more issues about body splitting, being irresponsible, time management etc etc, this is the 3 things I will strive to do my best, and to commit fully into it!
Talk about dance, I had my Dance Concert - Live 2 Dance during this semester too, some of the pictures:

Dey I duno why I have that expression in 2nd pic dey... lol, naymind la, at least got people say I looked thinner in that pic, so, ok lar~ (Pictures are full of deceptions! Refer to miss TJ for more info =p)

Oh yaaa, I haven't even introduce my coursemates! (is this even necessary?) Never mind, will do so anyway xD
2 boys over there are my house mates, if that is important laa lol

And in the mean time, as a compulsory criteria in order to finish my entreprenuership course, we've formed a group of people selling, guess what, Running Man T-shirts! One of the shirts that I bought for myself :

And the back we will even write Korean version of your name on it! =D (ok, don wan promote liaooo)

What's most important happening in this sem is that.. I'm opening my heart to another girl. No no its not that she likes me, but its the other way round, and, the uncertainty in me of whether just plainly liking her, or if she's really THE ONE, is holding me back from doing anything since last time. But now, I'm trying to reach up to her, since we have nothing in common (different programs, college) causing practically no time to interact at all! So, its up to me to be more proactive, and.. Well, just see what would happen! Nothing too much to be expected, just hope that things wont go too awkward! haha.. One thing I noticed is that, the confidence I have in front of any other girls would just disappear in front of her! Weird! ha.. Alright, enough of babbling I guess, waiting to see me myself write for the next post! Have a pose to end this post xD

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Promoter, again.

You know what's the hardest part working as a promoter?

-Entertaining irritating customer?
-Working your ass off pushing stocks out?
-Handling damaged cans emitting foul odor?

The WORST part of working as a promoter is that, THERE IS NOTHING TO DO!!

Last weekend was the peak time where the traffic was the highest, approximately 2 thousand cartons of beers sold in 2 days. Then, silence follows, Monday, MOURNDAY. All the customer tak tau pigi mana liao... = =''

The 2nd day of boredom entails, but this time, we got smarter! (Do we?)
Few of the promoter gathered and played 'Killer', keep telling cold jokes and lame riddles, and at last 'gambled' hahaha, too bad Miss M chow already, if not she can gamble together.. haha =D

But oh well, at least that killed some time there. Haha.

Ok, working days are not worth mentioning here, I don't get anything exciting or worth noting anyways.

Recently I'm reading a book by Richard Dawkin's 'The Greatest Show On Earth'.
Going back to my memories in 1st semester, attending Philosophy of Science course, the lecturer is a true hardcore supporter of Creationist.

 His lecture have me thinking The Theory of Evolution is nothing but absurdity. An agenda brought up by Europeans and later being manipulated by Hitler and a few more leaders into Social Darwinism, or, in easier term 'Survival of the Fittest'.

But, THIS book really proves otherwise, I'm not even halfway through it and I can see that this Theory of Evolution is consistent with a lot of modern scientific discovery and its not just simply a bogus.
Still reading, still open to opinions!

Anyway, I find funny people, funny!(Please insert YOUDONTSAY meme, lol) Haha! Fun to be with =D

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

朋友, 真的很重要

There are times, where I've already forgot, why I would smile.

To be polite? To ease the tense?

The smile, has its own motive, its own function, its not true.

Its been quite some time since I have my own true smile, and some hearty great laugh.

But, you guys really made me laugh, haha, it feels good you know, laughing uncontrollably =D

Now that I know, friends that don't meet all the time, friends that don't say all those *insert ultra gay seal* words, but those who meet once in a while, still connected and still can mix around without any awkwardness, are the best!
* Like this picture, not bad. haha

Anyway, nowadays, I'm planning a future, that is currently opposing my own will. Well, that may be the best for me, but, darkly, secretly, I don't really want to do that... Ohhh the rebellious devil within is gaining advantage! Sometimes when you are dealing with people and things, and you feel soooo fed up that you just wish that you could be someone lazy, someone irresponsible and someone who could just say 'so what?'. As bad as it sounds, sometimes, I just want to be like that, but the conscience of me knows that this is really wrong, and that is what still making me doing things I'm doing. Hmm..

It has been some time since I last updated my post.. Currently working with leng lui Miss M, and she's entertaining me with her detailed stories all dayyyy longgg! She could really be a good story teller lol.

k la, saja jer, hope to have a great year ahead, snake year, ong ah! =D

*Don't lost the positivity within! Just a note to myself =)