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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

朋友, 真的很重要

There are times, where I've already forgot, why I would smile.

To be polite? To ease the tense?

The smile, has its own motive, its own function, its not true.

Its been quite some time since I have my own true smile, and some hearty great laugh.

But, you guys really made me laugh, haha, it feels good you know, laughing uncontrollably =D

Now that I know, friends that don't meet all the time, friends that don't say all those *insert ultra gay seal* words, but those who meet once in a while, still connected and still can mix around without any awkwardness, are the best!
* Like this picture, not bad. haha

Anyway, nowadays, I'm planning a future, that is currently opposing my own will. Well, that may be the best for me, but, darkly, secretly, I don't really want to do that... Ohhh the rebellious devil within is gaining advantage! Sometimes when you are dealing with people and things, and you feel soooo fed up that you just wish that you could be someone lazy, someone irresponsible and someone who could just say 'so what?'. As bad as it sounds, sometimes, I just want to be like that, but the conscience of me knows that this is really wrong, and that is what still making me doing things I'm doing. Hmm..

It has been some time since I last updated my post.. Currently working with leng lui Miss M, and she's entertaining me with her detailed stories all dayyyy longgg! She could really be a good story teller lol.

k la, saja jer, hope to have a great year ahead, snake year, ong ah! =D

*Don't lost the positivity within! Just a note to myself =)