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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Is obsession something good?
It drives you and leads you faster, but accompanied by inevitable sense of insecurity and over expectation.

To talk about it in a different aspect.
Obsession in relationship, in love.
You will tend to expect more than what your partner could give, that's realllly bad right?
Being so freaking obsessive that you are so engrossed in how your partner thinks and what your partner does ALL THE TIME.
To the extent that it progresses from caring -----> unnecessary paranoia. A disturbing relationship..
And there are even cases where you actually hope for some kind of repayment, a compensation for the sacrifice you had for him/her. But often ending up in disappointment as your partner does not realize your intention.

There's a sentence that I truly agree upon
有时并不是对方不关心你, 而是你把对方看得太重!


Its a problem I had since young and I realize this is bad. like, SERIOUSLY BAD.
I can feel the toll of this issue even though I'm not in a relationship currently, how can my future partner withstand this strangulating nature of mine??
I think the way out for this obsession issue, is to be more carefree, and to put more trust in your partner? Yeah, to be confident, that's the word for it  =)

Not only in relationship, being overzealous or obsessive in your workplace might cause trouble too!
Dismissing the process and emphasizing the outcome, this way could cause a lot of friction and your PR might be bad? In a bad way la... And I guess obsession is part of the ways how perfectionist lives with too, right?

All in all, I guess obsession is a tool used to create more damage than to create value, that's what I personally think laa..

wow, 2 post in a day, I guess this is my 1st time.. Just to kill my time. haha

Monday, March 14, 2011

A new vista?


Went Spore recently to survey their U since they are having their open day. I must say I was impressed by the faultless facilities available there, am talking about NTU cuz didn't have time to tour around NUS..

The thing that bothers me now, which was actually brushed out from my thoughts but later reignited by that korean make up lover Miss M.Y, is money. And, my future.

Well, LETS SAY if I managed to enter either U in Spore. [Which is a slim chance there], and to complete the life sciences degree for 4 years. The tuition fee itself cost me about few hundred K of RM d.. And if I take loan, I can always pay it back while I'm working. But what could a degree holder work as in Spore? Max about, say, SD3-4k? dats already quite generous to myself for an assumption.And to let you guys know the fact that houses or estates in Spore is crazily expensive. A medium sized room that fits about 2 beds and a small cupboard cost u SD500 per month!

To settle down there? Or to come back malaysia and work? Earning Rm but paying debt in SD? Ouch..

And to change my attitude, because I know, IF I'm to enter there, for sure there will be no more procrastinating for me in order to catch up with the rapid foot pace..


Monday, March 7, 2011


Went Jogoya with kw, foo and TJ, couples day out? haha

Shall make this post more interesting by uploading more pics, let them do all the talking =)

Sat commuter to kl sentral, then had monorail to bukit bintang, I FORGOT HOW TO GO!
Resulting in..
Sweaty figure once reaching the mariotte hotel... TJ masih ada mood haha
Foo and kw, sudah kelaparan cuz jogoya onli opens at 11.30! half an hour of waiting is so dreading huh? lol, anyway, foo's priceless expression haha

5 mins before 11.30am, sudah tentu masuk toilet gao dim everything baru go in 'berperang!'. lol, cant miss the chance to take pic again tho. haha

1st thing to eat! tomyam soup! to invigorate my senses~ haha, love the fish and the bamboo seafood in it lol

Fry items!! But it started to revolts me when I'm very full haha, its slightly too oily.

Nancy's 'cendol' hahahaa, actually its japanese mee soba, weird taste.

Ais kacang! Yang tak menjadi.. haha, put too much ingredients inside in wrong proportion, not as nice as normal ais kacang lol. somehow reminds me of wye kit and his air kapur. haha

1st time trying this, not too bad actually~

This is AWESOME!! As what TJ said, the layers of the flesh can be seen distinctly, means its very fresh.. sauteed lightly in their special soy sauce with the freshness of this fish is what it takes to draw your breathe =D

This came out only when we were about to leave. Its called as.. err.. Asian special dunno what bread dunno what pudding.. BREAD PUDDING?? weird! and it contains alcohol~ x try it tho haha

waaa ini dish memang... its supposed to be some small lil fish kena deep fry. but when we eat it, WE FOUND NOTHING but the fried flour of it! its like eating a whole stick of oil lol yucks..

Picture of the day, I upload this cuz i look nice in it while TJ looked ROUND in it xD

And of course, AWWW~~

And after that quick lunch [yea its quick cuz we were in it for about 2 hrs only], we triggered our photoflash mode!

We took so many pics that eventually the smile is getting more and more awkward. lol, but its fun oso la, so long x play zi pai d hahahaha

Skill saya yang agak tak bagus..

Skill TJ yang agak noob...

dan yang terakhir sekali...

*drums rolling*

Skill kok wai yang tak menjadi langsung!! lol... this was taken accidentally anyway, hahaha

And eventually i got so tired of taking noob pics, i got slightly frustrated! lol

It was only 2pm+ when we left Jogoya, so we decided to go Times to have a movie..
Again, we got lost in SG WANG lol wth... memang teramat sgt noob yang tidak sekali tahap terhingga menlampau lampau kao kao... lol

Watched 'I'm number 4'
Not too bad seriously, worth a watch =)

Anyways, I personally like this pic cuz both of us look nice, hahaha, ok la TJ, at least a gud image of u in here ma rite =p

It was a fun day no doubt! And i was worried that the number of ppl for the day would bring down the whole mood of the group! Obviously, I'm wrong =)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Glad to inform you guys that all 5 of us got the Colgate job =)

But now there are some difficulties.. This friday is the event training day, which is not only about regurgitating the script as what we'd done before and this coming wednesday..
I have to go Spore on that very day too! To check out more about NTU... shit mann..
x kan laa call nicole to change the date of training just to suit my personal timetable? I'm the one working! not boss!

Wondering if mom can go with bro while I stay in Msia? But to ask about all those education thing is my job actually = =''

But then.. with my result and attitude, how to sustain there la... memang x bercadang wan2 study there d, jz to oblige my uncle that STRONGLY RECOMMEND me to go there and study zzz sigh


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Its good to get occupied

Don't worry readers, I got over it already.. Previous post was a crystal of pure anger and frustration, and now that everything eased down, so nothing is not under control..

Anyway, I decided not to go already, to bear with the guilt of mom not allowing me to go and have fun the same time? Nahh, can't do it.. But its ok la, I understand her situation, and at least I still can have fun in KL area? lol, next tuesday movie spree, and the following day food spree haha..

Recently got caught up with this Colgate project.
Should elaborate more here.
A few of us from the KHS went to interview, and was shortlisted as the candidate for Colgate roadshow, and we have to memorize WORDS BY WORDS from the Marquee Script, its not like MUET speaking you know, you can't use your own words, haha.. Because they say that script is from the legal firm la this la that la, lol.. So, just hafal a few pages of words lor..
Tomorrow will be D-Day to determine whether if we are eligible to work for that event or not, IF we really got that job [PRAYING REAL HARD] we got to travel to P.Penang, K.Terengganu and Klang! and the fun part is everything is done with friends, haha.. I bet we are gonna have a good time ther =) IF we get la.. lol

Then, there will be the SOH[Seeds of Hope] exhibition in April at the Gakkai Cultural Centre, and I will be one of the exhibition guide there.. This time, it would be great difference from what I did back then in high school! Although its the same exhibition, but the spectators are from different walks of life! Adults, elite groups, small kids, housewives.. And I'm sure the challenge for me to convey the message will be bigger but I shall embrace it without fear! 24 panels here I come! =D

And there will be a HSD[High school division] meet on the 18th of March, which, I'm gonna take part in it to judge a debate whether if the education system in Msia should be exam orientated or not.. The pro and cons of it la, and to make a all rounded up conclusion at the end of it.. So.. yeah, some memory power too~ haha

I believe that being occupied makes us being more active and to live life in a better manner, I don't like the feeling of being lazy around the whole day in house.. Wake up, wait for tired, eat already, wait for hungry.. You know, its like, seriously.. wasting the time of youth which is the golden era of one's life??? Although I have such opinion, I do procrastinate all the time and being lazy due to lack of motivation and I HAVE TO CHANGE THIS ASAP!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm typing this post in a very frustrated mood.

Foong invited me to go and play at the Asean Water Park thingy.
With some of the Jalan 4 gang and his UTAR friends, and i think, hey! this shud be something fun!

Mana tau, mom don let
That is a area with pond with it, DANGEROUS
While trying to convince me that its dangerous, she used one of the drown case news in the papers today.


How old am I already? And still, I can't go to all those places alone??
I can go with the condition that she will be joining together..
Please la, I don't want to ruin the fun just because i want to join ok..
Its ok for me and my mom to go for a trip together, but this trip is like, ALL-TEENS-TRIP and its organized by someone else, wa lao.. breathless at the thought of this lasso..
Imagine I want to go clubbing and my mom wants to tag along because ITS DANGEROUS THERE, with the drugs and thugs! wth wth wth!!

And now I have to click 'not attending' at that event. Sigh..
I understand her worries, but i think its going over the limit, its getting near to paranoia?

Dude! I'm gona go somewhere far someday! And now I cant go to a pond with friends?? Plain ridiculous..

Then she go and say, 'you ah, always got outing here and there! j4 fren la, hi skool fren la, SGM fren la yu hua frens la!'
macam la i keluar every single day and come back at midnite?!?

And those places that she lets me go is like, mid valley? Time square? = =''

Quarreled, and she keep saying, 'now don't respect me dy la, always do decision only tell me, that's not asking for approval, that notifying'
Lemme just rot in house!