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Saturday, August 18, 2012

To-do-list, partially checked

Sliding down a waterfall like a boss?


Went to a somewhat picnic-like trip with D, V, TJ, SY, WH and C to Sg Gabai around Cheras area. Not bad, quite fun, but the facilities there are in a dilapidated state, and by this I'm directing it to the toilet.. It was...... seriously in bad condition, all doors wrecked, floor was dirty and the thing is, the water flowing from the pipe is black colour, DAFUQ?!
And sad to say we can really see how irresponsible Malaysian is at preserving the cleanliness of a natural
habitat. Plastics, polystyrene, cigarette boxes littered all around and stuck at cleavages between rocks, to the extent there was even a used soap on one of those big stone! Then my friend say they used to bath just under the waterfall, I was like... o.O seriously? Waaallaoooo...

Then we went up hill and played water there instead because it is cleaner than downhill, it felt great to have so much water at high speed gushing on your body, JAKUZIIII! lol
And and and!! The most exhilarating part for that was SLIDING DOWN A WATERFALL!!! But it is not as steep as you guys imagined laa... 45 degrees at a distance of 10 metres maybe? A great experience nevertheless =)

Go clubbing on 21 years old?


lol, am I supposed to be proud with this? Although I know this is something not really healthy or good to do.. Spending hours in a smoke saturated place, thumping loud bass exploding your ear, but oh well, it was quite some experience~

Blinding light, deafening blast, intoxicating liquor, mesmerizing partners, that's all you got in club, basically. A few cups down and a few swings of your head to the blasting bass is what you need to get yourself to the dance floor, and dance, OP-OP-OP-OP, OPPA GANGNAM STYLE! lol daheck.. hahaha....

Definitely wanting for the 2nd time, ajak me ok? xD