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Monday, March 30, 2009

Jiggle up stuff

I had a bball(basketball) match on sunday, organized by SGM and was kicked off at batu 11
so..i rushed back from my aunt's hse in the morning, after looking at some 'feng shui' of a hse.. and rush there..
at the 1st glance of dat place...
i was like...
'dey brian.. wth u r doin here dude....'
cuz it was like CLOUDS of pro!! every1 shoot dam zhun, lay up super ferocious and some even can slam???? (i think la)
so, am intimidated.. hahaha...
our team consist of me, kwan, hee, big yap, and a few other fella u all dunno punya..
and it started...
1st match!!
and i was KO-ed..(kwan, i noe u r tryin to say im TOUFU.. haha) zzzzz
ok la, its like dis..
play as defender and centre, i guard the centre, means near the rim laa..
here comes some fella, SPRINTING wif some speed of light, lay up, MISSED!!
and i jumped, and the ball hits the rim, and it BOUNCED to me.. and poof, it became cococrunch! lols, i mean, and poof! it became bloody brian!
not joking wei, not to say SUPER pain laa, bt then half of my face was like covered wif blood and it dripped all the way to the toilet when i was heading to it.. even my shirt was stained wif it..
and.. hahaha, i felt like some VIP dat time?
Very-Important-Person FYI, not very idiotic person.. lols
cuz every1 passed by me was like..
'whoah dude, u OWNED the day man..'
'wa seh, leng zai u ok o not?'
'wei, better go hospital laaaa!!'
'dude, so bok meng for wat?? jz a game.. lol'
'carefull, carefull!'
haha.. and i was like, yeah, yeah.. am not paining laa...
bt then i had some shock when i was in front of the mirror.. really seriously BLOODY.. lols
and now it leaves a deep gash..
today i went to a clinic and had 3 stitches.. if not it would leave a scar there..
macho? nah... bloody big scar lol, bt since now got stitch dy its smaller..

the BLOODY weapon... its the metal corner dat practically SLASHED my face.. lol..
ohhh~~ my beautiful face..
ok ok.. readers are advise to prepare a container jz in case of vomiting.. lol
and today is my bday.. hmm.... 16 more minutes to end this beautiful day?
nothing much happen today oso..
if u exclude have 3 stitches, 1 local anaesthetic and some antibiotics.. zzz = =''
anyway, thx for being the FIRST and the 12-00am wisher MISS SAMI! aka gud gal turn bad? lol, or she memang bad liao.. hahaha..
anyway, to tell u guys the truth, i DO feel bits of dissapointment for today.. cant hide it.. so jz tell u guys laa.. even hema, edmund and myo-I remembered.. bt u guys.. *sigh*
this year's was worse than last year..
i cant feel the sincerity... bt nvm, maybe im not dat sensitive to u guys oso.. making u guys felt dat i don rily care bout this kinda stuff..
IN FACT, i SHOULD NOT care bout all this things ALREADY!
i mean, dude! im already 18 bt still thinks like some small kids.. expecting wishes and presents...
bt i have to say, nothing came out as anticipated.....

BBQ (delayed.. haha)

friday nite
BBQ at peng's hse.. *ahhh, BBQ again dam boring rite?*
TOTALLY wrong!! we had hell of a day dat nite!! xD thumbs up for peng for hosting us =)
basically, the dotA 'clan' was dominating the floor wif laughters and stupid acts dat nite.. clan dat includes me, aiman, kwan, yap besar, yap kecil...
THE TOUFU TEAM!!! hohohoho
and then, there's this MINI surprise..
where the light's off suddenly, and forgot who(i think its peng) taking out a bday cake, lit wif candles, and everybody was like
'happy bday to u.. happy bday to u..'
and i was like huh? who's bday i forgot laaa? was 27th wat.. i don think i missed out any1's.. bt then nvm laa, jz sing laa.. so i was like 'happy bday to u.. happy... hey wait...' *noticed every1's eyes was on me*
then a light flickered in my head.. when it goes to the 3rd line, 'happy bday to brian!'
then i was like ohhhhhhhhhh apa laaa... hahahaha *touched and surprised =)*
and yeah, peng, i DID write this in my blog.. haha
every1 started to play 'cake fite'
and consider it lucky as every1 of us still have a piece of cake to savor.. hahaha
i was SEVERELY 'INJURED' by cream, as every was like 'its brian!! attack!!!'
bt i had myself avenged by patting some cream on sami gal's face xD
was fun, to have her chasing all the guys all around.. hahahaha
bt there's a catch in all the gud stuff..
the tiles at the front of peng's hse broke, caused by the intense heat of the bbq pit.. never tot it will be THAT hot... nvm laa.. some pattern laa.. cracks here and there.. hahaha....
so, jz some pic laa.. kinda lazy to update ALL

O.M.G! does this somehow proves the 'godlike' strength of alex? bt i do think dat this is jz some trace of his CLUMSINESS xP
result of vandalism! mana polis!! tangkap sama dia!! hahaha

ahhh..!! moments b4 kena the CREAM!!
it taste nice in mouth.. bt SUX at the smell of it.. damn.. and don ask me y.. hahahaha
damn they all man..hahahha


NOTICE DAT BIG RED NAME ON IT!!! hohohohoho, its not my name, bt sumthing related to me lols

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Truth

The final confession?
got from yee.. so, here we go...

Thing dat i cared the most
hmm, lemme think..
well, i have NO confidence in my body AT ALL.. so.. i do care bout wat ppl think bout my size.. yeah.. and i think dats wat i care the most...?

Thing dat i treasured the most
err... i don think i got ANYTHING dat i treasured except for my PC? cuz its like the another half of me... hahaha...

Thing dat made me mad
dota dota half half, sedang OWNING and the EFFFFF-ING host go dc..!!! goddamit!

The unforgettable event
broke my hand during tkd tournament, and stayed in hospital in one nite, the exp in the ward and wat i saw makes it really really hard to forget..
owh and 1 more.. in the history of brian i actually FOUGHT a guy?
can u guys believe dat? lol
i was defending my fren, cuz the f4 fella is some samseng laaa, then i pushed him to the wall and pressed on him, roared at him, i LOVE the terrorized look on his face anyway xD (this was in my f5 life anyway, helo edmund! =p)

Thing dat i concern the most
hmm.. for this.. i think its the event tat revolves around us? especially my frens, i love to noe wats the latest news wif them, consider '8', yes i am proud to admit dat? xD

Particular some1 dat i don wanna lose the most?
i don wanna lose any1 dat i noe! =)

The SHAMEFUL event!
ok.. this was like..11 yrs back..
and i STILL remember this.. was in standard 2...
and i DIN tell any1 of my fren.. cuz this is REALLY embarrassing..
so, was in sg chua dat time..
i sat on the stairs, jz b4 the pavillion..
sat there, leg open, like, u noe, NORMAL way of sitting.. (recess time, nothing to do)
bt then, quite a number of students passed by and giggled, laughed, smiled, shaked head, pointing at me and showing the 'you-are-a-efffing-retard-expression'
so i was like, wats wrong wif all these ppl laa.. = =''
wind blows, and i felt chill at my SOUTHERN part!!
and again, i suddenly realized y there was so many ppl IN FRONT of me...
and i was like... 'oh damn.. i feel like GOING HOME RITE NOW..'
my pants was 'cracked open' and the PP dat every man is proud of is EXPOSED omg..!!!
damn, can u guys imagine wat i feel dat time, having ur PP exposed to public for like goddamn 15 minutes?!?!!!! OMGGGGGGGGG!!!! >
Friendship or lovelife?
well, in this column yee said dat, possibly there's no 1 gonna be so stupid to choose lovelife?
errr, for me.. im not sure, i think dat BOTH are equally important for me? i cant rily choose now cuz i had never tasted true love.. =l

The thing dat makes me despair the most
errr... well i dunno man..
u guys oso noe dat im those happy-go-lucky fella laa...
bt, there was this 1 thing dat made me sad laaa, errr, i failed my car test for the 1st try, and i PRACTICALLY never failed anything dat much b4.. so, i think in my WHOLE lifetime, dat was the thing laa? i noe its minor.. zzz bt, nothing else more..

The thing dat makes me happy!!
most of the time, things making me happy is my academic achievement..
haha, like UPSR, PMR and SPM laa..
and the acknowledgement and praises i get from ppl as the result of my hard work showed dat it has all paid off, makes me happy? HELL YEAH =D

Thing dat makes me felt grateful
i felt SERIOUSLY grateful whenever i saw news bout terrorism, nature's wrath's effect at other countries and stuff like dat.. we are seriously lucky, to live a life like this.. and yet, we are like fussing, thinking about small little things dat onli happens around us.. we shud be grateful of EVERYTHING =)
ya la, imagine u go metro kajang lepak lepak suddenly die cuz of a drive by, or die jz because some bloody suicidal bomb
and poof, ur life is gone JZ LIKE DAT, all the hopes on u vanished instantly and can u imagine how ur family feels?

The definition of fren
as for me, fren is the complement in our life
it wont be perfect, if we don even have frens, or am i wrong?
frens is some individual to share, to care, and to teach
from frens we learn, we understand, and we know..
its more to like, PART of our life =D

Counts of coupling
guys, u all noe the answer TOO WELL!!
expecting some romance from nerd like me?! zzz = =''

Individual dat i 'bo song' the most
u guys noe wat type of fella i am rite?
bo song got laa sumtimes, like yee, the effect wears off after some time.. hahaha

Definition of love?
hmmm.. this is TOUGH!
lol, cuz i don really noe laa..
NOOB in this stuff..
bt, i do think dat love is AN individual, dat completes us, understands us, knowing how to DEAL wif us, and alwes giv us the feeling of 'everything will be ok, no worries =)'
dats wat i THINK.. cuz i don rily noe.. hahaha

i sengaja write in english so dat more ppl can read leh LOL hahahahaah xD

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


make it short
i felt lucky today =D
today was my 2nd trial for car test, as i FAILED my 1st time.. (EFFFF myself for dat!!)
i failed the slope stuff la, on the road pass dengan cemerlangnya?
anyway, today..
slope, smooth
side parking, pro
ok... go in... 2nd tiang turn right till max, clutch.... brake... k cool, no tiang down..
clutch, reverse, press accelerator.. hear sound..
look back, reach tiang clutch brake, kk cool, no tiang down again.. (proud)
clutch, 1st gear... rdy to go.... 'keeeekkkkkk' *mati engine*
*lightning strikes from out of nowhere, thunder roaring..!! clouds gather together to form stormy clouds*
*shocked, dumbfounded, gaping, flabbergasted, traumatized..!!*
cuz i noe, once mati in there then terus FAIL omg..!!
bt then, i terus start back the engine, since nobody stops me, buat bodoh jer la kan?
and so... i PASSED..! jz like dat! i cant believe it at 1st leh..
eventualy, there's onli ONE invigilator dat time and he was focusing on side parking.. so i was secured =)
and after dat my instructor was like
*darkly and menacingly* 'brian, come here'
*gulps a big gulp of saliva dat taste bitter* 'errr, ok.. wassup?'
*stares straight to my eyes* ' u noe u shud be failed rite jz now? at the 3 point turn there..'
*looks down and nods head*
*180 degree change in tone* 'lucky bastard!'
k la... felt dam lucky lor..
actually, b4 i go to the test i chanted alot.. to have a succesful result..
so, thank you mystic law.. =D

Monday, March 23, 2009

Day of feast..! =D

and, is this wat we called as MASTERPIECE?
well i cant rily make out wat was it initially, under the dim light
not until i see dat 2 eyes, some crooked nose and the =) smile haha
damn, optical illusion huh?haha (love it)
C-O-C-O-N-U-T ah, C-O-C-O-N-U-T
coconut, kelapa, coconut, kelapa ohhhhhhh~~~~~~ (some 5 yrs old songs... swt)
the perfect thirst quencher =)
deserts...!! (and some other unrelevant stuff)
well, dats wat leong and kwan practically CRAZE off.. haha
i LOVE the choco pudding and choco mousse...!! *yummy*
haagen daaz icies, well, normal laa i think? (or because im not those pro fella in icies.. haha)
we terus go to the topic la today...
do u believe dat i ACTUALLY tried that EWWWW above?? damn!
its.. COLD, bubble-gum texture(thumbs up for aiman for this lols), and... the STENCH???
ok la, some say its nice bt i don really like it...
at the end of the day..
me kwan and aiman went for bowl at metro point.. wa lao..
guess wat? this is our BLOODY 3RD MATCH..!! gaaaaaah!!! *bangs head to wall, AGAIN*
the more we play, the NOOBER we end up wif.. hahahaha
bt well, i did BADLY cuz some1 was not there?? xD
guess which is me =D

and owh, actually we din rily take lot of pic for food in jogoya, too hungry for dat.. hahahaha
nice day it was =)

Friday, March 20, 2009

attention to alll

a website for u to plan ur trip to ANYWHERE in Malaysia..!!
so, to have any :
-family outing
-frens outing
-church outing
-hotel stuffs
have a look at dat website
its FUN, COOL, SAVING, FAST, EFFICIENT(no more borang I, borang J and borang K), NO-FUSS, AND EVERYTHING U CAN THINK OF...!!! (positive of course lol)
so.. do have a click at the website..!


one second before sun was blazing hot above
and the next second, it was pouring, and it came down thundering..
i let it swept through me..
for it
cleanse my body
clear my soul
purifies the feeling within..
release the spirit
that was trapped, in agony...
it felt
it felt
it was
for i was letting IT, to brush through my hair
to thump on my chest
to wake me from my sleep
the nightmare slumber..
with the face of defiance
i looked up
not willing to back off
and that's when the divine light strikes..
everything is unexpected...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mind racking..

there's some frens dat had already posted such kinda blog..
and yes u r rite, the agony of thinking bout the future! (shaking head and sighing sadly)
rite after i got my result.. bombardments of calls..
'eh ur son wanna be wat ah?'
'wa, so gud, go be bla bla bla laa, can be successful!'
'do this laa do dat laaa...and bla bla bla... ' = =''
and, not even gaining the relax pace just yet..
my mom was already like
'hey, y u wasting time surfing net for useless purposes?? go check any available scholarships la! write mails to the embassy asking the s'pore stuff la!'
and telling me where to and apply and stuff..
the FACT is.. i DON even noe wat i am to be in the future!
so, heck am i gonna choose wat to learn and stuff like dat?
its all so confusing and hectic and pressurizing at one time..
i mean, all the stuff is like avalanching towards me, non-stop, wif no mercy and wif full force..
actually, i don rily understand y am i soo.. soo sad or watever it is now..
i jz feel unhappy, bt, not sure of the source..
maybe the future?
or the society?
or even myself..
gaaaah!! *bangs head to wall*
guess dat im jz pathetic in making decisions.. even for my own life..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

And everything went white..

The darkest veil had at last.. being unmasked, precisely on 12th March 2009 clocking on 11.30am (or did my watch went wrong? woo~~)
emotions running high..
and i did not even have the mood to post any blog b4 this.. lols (readers, forgive me!!! as if there's any loyal fans haha..)
i slept at 4am dat day.. and woke up at 9am.. 5 hours of sleep.. damn..
i din noe dat i hate my bed dat much? = =''
anyway, i cant get the lurching sensation off my stomach the whole morning.. and i went in toilet TWICE!! *ewwwww!*
was not dat nervous actually..
i mean, ok laa.. nervous laa.. bt still cool..
still can wax my hair.. read some novels while waiting for my mom..
and suddenly out of no where 'pls don stop the music, music, music~ pls don stop the music!'
mom's hp ringtone..
then i angkat lor, since she bz maa
and here goes.. (everything translated from cantonese)
ym = yap's mom
me = me lol
ym : hey brian!!!
me : err.. morning aunty?
ym : y not yet come? today get ur result rite?
me : owhh.. later laa.. cuz the result come out slow maa, not sharp at 10am
ym : no la! come out dy! u get straight!! come now la! so gan cheong!!
me : *silence for about 3 secs* err.. ya meh..? ok ok.. i come after have my breakfast aunty..
(conversation ended)
and so, skip the breakfast part la, u guys not interested punya..haha
my heart pounding hard against my chest as i CREPT closer to skool..
bt, then thing dat antidotes my feeling was the sight of my old frens..
ahhh... still as cheery as ever.. bt, not lacking the expression of dread in their face lol
and so, we wait and wait and wait AND I SAW MY NS FRENS!!
i cant BLOODY recognize him!! argh!!
yap!! lol, botak so yeng liao.. hahaha
and radiance all the way, giving out light, err, correction, REFLECTING light wherever he is.. haha
and qiao yen, high-lighted her hair, emm, quite nice, she said it was b4 NS bt i din notice anything till jz now.. haha
and so, proceed to the FINAL DESTINATION as the teachers emerged out from bilik mesyuarat..
holding PAPERS.. (the holy scroll lol)
ok la, straight to the main point liao..
the dull thud of heart is peaking as i sat down..
teacher : ha brian! cina ke apa ni??
*looks at the paper*
all A1 except for BC, B3
well, surge of relieve flow thru, rapidly drowned by sense of dissapointment
cuz u see, i din get B's in my trial.. so...
bt anyway, ok laaa.. not excited, bt not to say sad oso..
hahaha, and wei, i kena interview by the majalah sekolah! (have no idea oso... bt hell yeah gonna buy this year's edition lol)
then we terus go yam cha and stuff like dat liao la.. chatting all day long..
after the j4 fella bla dy, then i lepak wif wei ken and wye kik pulak
and i have to say it here
it amazed me lol =D

Friday, March 6, 2009

The philosophy of life.

My mom called me to go to some meeting tonight, said dat it was some gosho meet..
learn more stuff bout buddhism, so, no harm done rite?
bt the prob is...
its SWS, (Soka WOMEN Division), not SMS, zzz = ='' in fact there's no SMS..
and so, AWKWARDLY.. im the ONLY male turned up dat night.. *bangs head to wall*
bt well, its a great talk though haha
so, as the title says, the topic of the day was actually about illness..
on how we deal wif illness and stuff..
wats the cause of illness (not scientifically... DUH)
attitude when having illness?
then, duno how tiba2 can talk until life there
and, the Mystic Law a.k.a Nam-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo is the BEST revival and rejuvenation for ones vitality. well, dats wat i heard
jump over everything, there's onli 1 part of the talk dat makes me think hard.. and relate it to my current life..
live your life to the fullest!
well, this phrase, yeah i noe its DAMN familiar and common..
bt do ask urself a question..
do u have any remorse, even if u die, in the next second?
we cant rily predict/determine wats gonna happen next, rite?
so, do we rily, had our limits done? or are we jz wasting our time, waiting for the seemingly-endless tomoro?
do we rily, accomplished ANYTHING dat contributes to ourself, our surrounding, or even to our closest family members?
no 1 can ever escapes the cycle of birth-old-sick-death
its unevitable
so y don we? utilize our life, and accomplish our mission as each unique individuals succesfully?
have faith in life, believe in karma, and do remember dat deeds done do return while bad will alwes be responded negatively..
as youth, we are the MOST valueable assets in mankind, without us, there's no future..
we all have buddhahood inside, waiting to be unmasked
the roar of the lions is heard faintly, bt distinctly, and yet to be unveiled
IF, we follow the mystic law..
ok.. its jumpy here and there, cuz i cant rily recall the arrangement of the topics..
bt this is sumthing overall of wat i hear jz now..
the conclusion is..
ask yourself
if you are dead in the next second
will there be any1 dat remembers your act in lifetime?
will there be any remorse on any unfinished matters?
is your life worthwhile enuf, for others to say 'he was a great person!' ?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Free from agony at last..

i mean SPIRITUAL agony.. not physical ones.. haha
cuz well, guess wat?
(jumps up wif hair tossing all around lol)
well initially, b4 i started dis job, i promised the principal to work till the end of march b4 i stop..
bt then, those kids REALLY get on my nerves.. SERIOUSLY!!! *pulls hair at the thought of it*
so.. even mr kind-patient-cool-chill-macho-'got everything under control'-guy aka Brian(jz made this up, haha) loses it..
and today is my last day in there, replaced by some UKM student.. victor, yeah he's cool i suppose..
NO more..
'eh teacher see this! *shows the 2 metre long flu*'
'go die!! i am SHOEPERMAN!!! *throws pencil to me*'
'me : ok do this ok? student: *evil grins and sprint away light-speed*'
'*jumps to my back and start complaining* teacher, y so many white hairs!'
YEAH!! alas....!! *succumb to knees and hand above head, AGAIN*
and the best thing is dat, no nid to wake up 6 in the morning... can sleep till AFTERNOON woohoo!!
bt then..
haih, a bit sad oso..
partially for those kids, cuz they are REAL CUTE.. ONLI when they r playing wif me.. haha
they r in their devil-mode when they r learning..
and, the pay is ACTUALLY high..
now dat i lost 1 of my primary source of income.. cant spent like em sei bun dy.. (canto)
owh, this post is quite the same as kwan's, bt a bit diff is dat
he kena fired, bt i fired ppl lol

*high 5 wif him*

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


lots of things do happen in night huh?
so.. yesterday night.. miss L told me the confusion in her..
and i cant do no nothing..
well, im not soo clear about the situation too actually...
as the chinese sayings 'dang ju zhe mi, pang guan zhe qing'
im actually as confused as her too..
i dunno whether i shud have faith in this relationship anymore?
i jz cant rily picture the outcome between both of us..
and the thoughts of it makes me... urgh...
well, its normal, 1st factor is.. she don rily understand her feeling towards me..
she said dat im her best male fren, and share most secrets wif me..
bt then, she cant rily differenciate the feeling of real love and frenship-kinda-love..
and so.. i can do nothing bout it..
bt well for me, im quite clear dat i like her.. haha
cuz i do stuff for her dat aint gonna happen for other gals..
i get panic when she's crying.. i wont be happy if she's sad, and im trying my VERY best to keep talking to her.. although at times i noe its colder than subzero temperature..
i felt so puny, tiny, even PICO when am in front of her.. everything is not gud enuf for her.. practically, no 1 is compatible for her! dats wat i think.. and i noe its crappish in some way..
she's like, the feeling activator in me, am happy cuz of her, am sad cuz of her.. am emo CUZ OF HER TOO! =p
every night i will be like, thinking of her b4 i sleep, bt weird is dat she never appears in my dream? lol
so.. to not burden myself wif all these thoughts.. jz keep this in my mind..
things will get straight at the end of the boat? lols, chinese proverb again haha..
bt even if we cant be lover or couple or anything.. i still hope dat i can still be her best-male-fren?
ha, the best fren dat is more important dat her best frens..
and so.. not onli me, miss A is having the same prob too!
bt it seems dat their prob is better, since miss A had started to have some liking towards mr LR, and mr LR had alwes love her.. the issue IS, both of them arent brave enuf to take the 1st step, and well, miss A's parent is the conservative type (as most of our parents are) and forbids coupling at this age (18 for reader's info), while mr LR is afraid of being rejected, and lost a fren like miss A forever..
wat im gonna say is... mr LR, CHAIN HER LIKE WAT U DO ALWES!!!! =D
yeah, its like, the food is ready, jz nid to open ur mouth and eat it! (sounds rather weird lol)
and keanjie, seriously, I LOVE UR 195 and diamond earrings, its so meaningfull.. wish u guys the best lol
owh, since blogging dy, jz wanna giv advise..
miss O, stop being insecure, there's ACTUALLY some1 u can trust, jz dat u din find dat perfect some1 yet =)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Driving lesson part 1, and some other stuff.

Friday, as in 27th... I HAD MY 1ST DRIVING LESSON!!! gaaaaaaaaaahhh...!!! (alas..!!) *kneels down wif hands above head*
okok, dats a BIT too over i guess lol
anyway, 1st stuff we learn is.. going back and forth and get use wif the clutch thingy..
well, easier than wat i tot of, cuz, lot of my frens said dat, clutch dam hard laaa, ez to 'die fire' laa.. and stuff like dat..
bt well, i handled it OKAY-ly.. i guess.. haha, and i jz 'dead fire' once, in the side parking stuff..
after 5 times of back and forth, we go to the next drill..
owh, and did i mention my instructor is kinda cool?
love to make jokes.. well, although most of them is not THAT funny...
ok, side parking, did 3 sets.. this is where the 'die fire' occasion happens lol *claps, claps*
well the thing IS, im rily not so used to kancil (for those who met me in person understands this statement)
and i have to like, stuck my whole body inside dat goddamn-small-sized-metal-chunk-in-an-organized-matter a.k.a car, its not a simple thing to do
its jz dat my leg is friggin long laaaa..
get over dat.. move on to the gear changing section..
DAMN.. i must admit dat alex is better than me...? *hammering own chest now*
i keep on stuck at the 2nd to 3rd gear.. the fella call me not to be too nervous... (am i? have no idea)
then after a few face-sweating, body-perspiring and energy-consuming tries.. I DID IT!!
smoothly.. yeah.. nid practice dats all, nothing special! (straight to ur face alex lol)

then, saturday.. the next day la aiyo!
go for a movie in jusco, went there wif foong, kwan, L, peng and yee.. and SIX of us sit his car, foong's.. gosh.. u guys...SERIOUSLY pray b4 u have a ride in his car.. CUZ I NEVER NOE DAT HE CAN DRIFT!!!!
ok here's the story (no offence foong, jz for the fun of it, ok rite? =p and i SERIOUSLY hope dat my mom is not reading this... if not, sitting in his car wont be happening anymore.. haha)
so, we are at the right-most lane at a 3 lane highway..
and so, i was sitting in front, and i got BAD sense of direction.. suddenly i dunno peng/L shouted, 'eh! wanna go jusco must use the left lane and u-turn la!'
then foong was like transformed into his 'devil-mode', eyes wif determination and WITHOUT looking at the side, he terus potong to the left lane.. AND THERE WAS A LORRY BEHIND US!! *sigh of relieve* shivers at the thought of it.. and L said it was fun.. and i was like = =''
jz try to be careful next time.. (ok i noe i sounded like reader's mom now..) haha
sampai there dy, we kena 'conned' by MCD, cuz we din rily pay attention to the TnC of the voucher coupon.. bt nvm, jz eat there onli lor..
then we go and watch 'love matters' u noe, the new s'porean movie..
overall, its quite funny and its all bout sex life in marriage, ok now, don think other stuff now...
there's no over-obscene scene in this show, i do think dat it shudn't be rated as 18 n above..
there's even 2 small kids wif their parents dat laughed the whole show is on.. and when i say they laughed, they REALLY laughed..
at the end of the day, FINNALY i got the chance to deliver my stuff..
well, she said she was touched, was in cloud nine when i read her msg.. haha
and.. her blog.. seriously.. i got a warm feeling in the heart reading part 4 and liquid is gonna ooze out from my eyes anytime.... =)