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Sunday, December 27, 2009

K-trip, FUN-NEY AH NOW?!

ok ok, im just WAYYYYYYYYYYYY to lazy to blog dats y i delayed the post till now xD..
as u guys noe, i went for a 2d1n camp at shah alam taman pertanian aka K-trip on 26th and 27th..
and following me was gay-cent and CHENG-dol hahaha, damn, new names in jz 2 days, efficient!
wat do i think about the trip, hmmm
-Not as smooth as planned
why extraordinary? aha, nice question there~
this is the 1st time i have to go to some place WITHOUT transport arranged, means that, we have to reach our destination at our own ways, wif only 80bucks per group(4 fella) we have to go to various spots, take pics as evidence, and follow the track all along till we reach shah alam, something like AMAZING RACE if u ask me, but well, not as stressful n rushing as the real life program though =D

it started from jln reko(we were not given ANY clue about where we shud head, we were jz given some random pics and we are EXPECTED to recognize those place, fuhh~ baffled when i 1st saw the clues haha)
jln reko->ukm->stadium bukit jalil->mid valley->UM->kl central-> and finally, shah alam station!
we have to plan, constrict our budget, having buns and air sirap tembikai as lunch! (imagine me, having that as lunch, deserve some applause rite? lol)
trepidation ahead awaits, lets go!!

This is UKM, in front of the chanselor hall or sumthing like dat, i get to noe this pic is UKM because i zoomed in and manage to read the word universiti kebangsaan malaysia xD
and of course, one of our group member is a student in UKM's law faculty, 1st spot, kacang jer~

Then, here we are, in front of the bukit jalil dunno wat club belia dan sukan malaysia.. i have NO idea where this is initially, luckily one of my team member(andrew) pandai and went here b4.. ok la, i admit, im have weak acuity in direction haha

Lepas tu pulak, it was a picture wif robinson, borders and some random patterns on it... again, HAVE NO IDEA where it is.. and guess its somewhere near mid because of the word ROBINSON, tengok tengok, down from ktm go across the road and VOILA, here we are at our destination~ weee~

ahaa, this time, its MY turn of contribution~ i looked at the pic and recognized it once i saw it! its the inner deco of xmas inside mid valley! cuz i jz went there recently... ooo, andrew's stomach... ooops, sry! xP

ha.. this is one embarrassing part... we have to like, take pic in front of the bus stop as evidence we actually reached there, bt then, so many ppl eyeing us wif the look of = =. and i guess they are trying to convey that, 'wat?! bus station, take pics?' lols

and we went UM, its getting a T632 and T631 to arrive there(see! i memorized it all! *exulted*)
nothing special happened here anyway.. owhh, 1 thing, universities are GIGANTIC! lols

Our last stop, kl central b4 we head to shah alam ktm and eventually reach our final destination- taman pertanian shah alam~ (woooo)
dunno why, bt i love this pic a lot.. hmm, clueless, don ask me hahaha

this is day one, and we are already havin much fun!
too bad day 2 is not as surprising as day 1.. hmm
bt the nice part is, the 1st night we had sharing of thoughts session together, great to noe others expectations on self in the near future, or their dreams and hopes and wat they think about themselves now, its gud to share =D

andd ohhh! one more thing, currently addicted to the phrase...
and owh!!
we formed FB =D

Sunday, December 20, 2009

17th, 18th, tries of the never been tried.

I shall make it short, am in no mood to blog actually, but LAGI no mood to revise maths.. so.. yeah, this is it.. haha

Went MV on thursday.. to buy present for Mr.G, he's one rich fella, have no idea to buy what at all! So we(me and miss N) just stroll around probably waiting some enlightenment coming from nowhere to make me have some idea of getting what for him, lols

Before we started the random, motiveless walk, we went to GSC and tempah-ed avatar 2 tickets for 1330. There's so so SO many more movies I haven't watch yet!

We'd came across so many shops, but still don't know what to get for him, YET, erghh... A boy, rich, 1992, gonna go Aus next year, smart, what to get?
perfume? Teddy bear?(LOL) Crystal? Shoes? Attires??
Then last last because of time factor we simply went to Topshop and bought a sweater for him, RM123
And I have no idea why I acted dumb that time, the conversation goes :
Cashier : Do you have member card?
Me : Errr... nope? Can I use student card instead?
lols, crazy at that time..

About 45 more minutes left before the show start, so we went to

ooooh~ the Spaghetti FARM

To have :

Note : It's not as tasty as it looks, features might be deceiving.

And there was this FRIENDLY aunty(from singapore) that chatted non stop once she sat on the bench beside our table. She kept condemning about the taste of the spaghetti, which, I agreed to it to a full extent haha, nice woman she is =)

Then we proceed to, Avatar~ oooh~ its really nice you know, well, I would rate it a 8 out of 10. yeah, graphic wise is overwhelming and the story line is rich too!

Lepas tu, me and miss N pun balik, end of story for 17th.. Now, what's the relation of this post with the title??
I'm just trying to say that this is the one first time that I tried 1-1 with a girl(although it is most probably quite common in you guys. haha) and don't worry, I'm still single and AVAILABLE =D


And so, after Mid I rushed back to Mr.K's house to bath(actually more to like wet my body and dry it in within 4 minutes = ='') in order to make it to Mr.G's birthday at Fortuna Palace *doing the woo la la dance~*(Note, Mr.G is only 17 and he's having his birthday party at a luxury restaurant.)

The party is NOT about the dinner but it starts AFTER the dinner, where one whole gang of boys went overnight at Mr.K's house, and this is where and when all the mayhem started =D

We played poker with REAL chips and REAL $$, in other words, ILLEGAL GAMBLING, lols.. But don't worry, initial bet is not even in two figures haha.

We had liquor, err, vodka and whisky(Black label) to be precise. Everybody started to get high already (especially me? haha) And Mr.K was like half shouting the whole time after he had his 3rd cup of raw whisky haha.

Holding the bottle of whisky was mr.J a.k.a Skrey(I think the name is somewhat cool though) He managed to bottled up for like, 3-4secs I guess, and that is enough to bring an amateur down, haha.

Actually there's A LOT MORE of pics and vids taken that night, but it is just WAY too explicit for readers to have it.. haha.. So anything 'em hem' that happened that night should just be kept in the right way. *cough cough*

So, what's the tries of the never been tried for this?
1st time being light headed
1st time drinking vodka and whisky in a considerable amount and purity.
1st time playing poker with chips!
1st time getting buck wild with friends (examples are not shown and is not appropriate to be do so, lol)

But don't worry, I'm not saying that gambling, drinking, doing crazy stuff is GOOD, it's just that I wanna have different exposure, I still have my conscience on and am still able to think, well, straightly =)

And owh! Guess what? I had deleted dotA!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time's trip =)

And it was somewhat special too, I decided to make it a THEME outing, bt of course, something normal jer... red and black outfit, bt onli 50% of the fella wear dat colour.. haha..
Reached ktm kajang at about 0930, yee and me the 1st! together!(yippee!) and followed by the others, some went there by car, to avoid being 'sardined' i guess, lols..

Generally, there's nothing REALLY epic happened yesterday (eg: i found RM1k on the floor, some super duper hot chicks saying HI to me, i getting numbers from random unknowns etc etc)
BUT! there are a few stuff dat caught me in surprise, haha..
-William has ear holes! (notice, PLURAL)
-There are ppl who are sporting enough, to wear red and black! Which, i tot they wouldn't even give a shit about it haha (making me have to belanja norman a teh ais! lol, luckily he owe me 10 bucks so i no nid to belanja him mwahahaha)
-I bought the WRONG ticket, mau pergi times square beli mid valley's pergi balik ticket pulak = ='' (wasted my 4 bucks there lol)
-I MET MAI!! AFTER SO MANY YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (2 years i guess), and i found out that, she grew?? lol

And the final, most epic of all that stood out the most was... meg's case!!! (seow ying FRI)
*clear throats* let me have the honor of revitalizing what happened in GSC yesterday (note, i altered some of the conversation as i don have a computer's memory, lol)
Time: About 1.30
Event : The gang is ready to enter the cinema to watch NINJA (note: 18pl)
As we passed on the ticket, there are 2 fella checking there, when the woman tore off the part of the ticket where they wanna keep it, she keep asking whether if we are all above 18, I was actually in a jolly mood as ALL of us IS indeed 18 and keep saying wow, we look lot more younger than wat we are? lol
so after the young lady's check up point, here comes the 'big boss', there's this indian fella, who's around mid twenties, demanding us for our IC, or student cards to prove that we are eligible for the entrance. So i was like,'ok laa no hal, all of us 18 dy wat' *flashing my student card*
then tiba2, meg realized that she forgot to bring her IC and any other card that is able to prove that she's 18, she told the fella, the fella called her to wait there, don enter yet, and here goes the conversation....
IG = Indian guard
IG : 'eh pink colour ah moi, jgn enter dulu, awak tunggu sini'
Wye kik : '*half whispering* screw him laa seow ying, enter onli la! don care!'
Me :'........'
IG:'*noticed that meg was ignoring him**shouted*woi saya suruh awak tunggu kan?!'
me:'she's the same age as we are, we are all classmates.'
IG:'i don care, as long as she is not able to prove that she's above 18, she cant enter' *continues to check other customer's IC*
meg :'sneakily walked out of sight and jogged quietly into the cinema'
IG:'*noticed she ran away*INI AH MOI BANYAK MASALAH LA! ORANG SURUH TUNGGU LARI BUAT APA?? *talked to his partner* awak check dulu saya mau masuk dalam tangkap dia keluar. saya x peduli, nanti saya tgk dia saya halau dia keluar terus!'
*meg got caught and just being escorted out*
the whole gang:'........*speechless and clueless*'
some of us followed her out to see if we can help
meg:'look, im studying in high skool kajang, currently in f6, bio class, cant u just check my ic number using ur database?'
me:'*serious face, talking to IG*ok, is there any way that we can settle this?'
IG:'*stern face*no, she can onli enter if she's able to show her IC here.'
and kok wai went to the ticket selling counter, tell the ticket fella the whole situation and managed to get REINFORCEMENT from them, lol?? he's great
*after 3 minutes or so*
IG :'ok when's ur bday?'
meg :'xx0x1991'
IG:'ok u can enter'
SERIOUSLY, i was showing the 'WHAT THE FUCHUK?!!! + SHOCKED + HUH!??' face, so easily can let us enter dy?? then wats wif the persistence u demonstrated to us just now?? = =''

i think its the management that talked the things out, guess they don wanna make the issue big and scratched their image/reputation? hmmm..

yeaaa, dats the onli big event that occurred yesterday... and owh, im quite WOW dat i din enter borders, for the 1st time! cuz everytime i go mid/times, for sure i will enter borders/mph.. haha..

and well, was quite satisfied too! =) my catch for the day~~ hahaha

Oversize bkb outfit from EP, cost me RM110 after YES discount + digi rewards discount from kok wai hahaha, this is nice =)

At last i found this!! although actually i wanted to have the both side oso hollow de.. haha.. RM15, managed to bargain wif the shop owner to lessen the price by 3 bucks lol

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Routine for the day:
Wake up at 2, PM, eat, watch tv, play com, dinner, play com, watch pps, play game, sleeps at 3, AM

Task on hand:
Bio project (ecology study)
Revision (i forgot about 70% of wat i've learn, especially maths = ='')
Planning of exhibition
Planning of k-trip
Planning of an event day
Piano performance practice (performance is in dec)
owh, how can i forget bout this, diet? lol

Task completion:

Overall comment:
I should leave this column for readers.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chicken pox is dreadful, pray HARDLY that you got it during your childhood, believe me.. = =''
don worry, im not gonna have pictures of the hideous me in this moment.. thats jz wayyyy to obscene lol..
the feeling is like whole body having pimples.. damn, and u cant scratch it... even at the head(the hair part) oso got! sleep pun sakit..
dah la chicken pox
combo dengan sore throat and demam.. wa lao eh...
pain pain pain

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tribute for gaycent

His 'facade' eroded today.

The gay that we know, the smiley face + 24/7 annoying gaycent can actually turn out to be VICIOUS!

Today after Ian's farewell party, me, esther, gaycent(its actually vincent OON laaa *roll eyes*) and winky went to play pool

Cut it short

I was spectating, while the 3 of them practically indulging themselves totally in the game, so, when they finish their 2nd game going for the 3rd game, the neighbouring malay fella that was playing beside us suddenly came and take the cue WITHOUT ASKING, just, take, just like that.

Esther was like, huh??
Winky was like, O.o?
I was sitting and said to myself, 'walao, bloody rude rite?'
Gaycent said to me (cuz he was beside me at that time) :'wanna fite wif them?'
and without waiting for my reply, he shot up and stride to the malay gang (2 fella near the table playing, while 4/5 of them sitting at the couch)

I cant really hear the whole conversation well cuz im still sitting at the couch, bt i remember the whole scene vividly.

Those fella is confirm gangster type, from wat i observed, la, the outfit, hairstyle, way of talking and the ever going on vulgar words from his mouth = =''

and so, 1st 1st they refuse to return the cue, keep on saying 'x nampak ke kita sedang main ni ha?! pergi la ambil cue lain!!' (note: there is 1 cue at the cue collecting site, bt it was broken)

since dat fella is having a crescendo in his voice, i decided to stand up and see wat they gonna do, lol, intimidate them wif my size?
bt last last, the other malay fella tell his fren not to mess wif us and giv us back the cue..
bt, the other malay fella pulak THREATENED gaycent, saying, : 'hati2 kao! saya kenal muka awak!'
bt winky last last add 1 sentence lagi x leh bla :'next time guna otak sikit boleh?' hahaha
padahal they all so small size.. hahaa, i nearly burst out laughing, bt of course, control laa babe, if not all the tension gone.. ahaha

the thing is, if its me, i would jz forget bout it since im kinda passive if u ask me..
x sangka, gaycent... impulsive.. hahahaha

Monday, November 16, 2009

Something unexpected

Today i did something extra ordinary out of my life.

It was raining, can't be said as cats and dogs, but it was not negligible.

It was approximately 1830, I was having my cozy seat in the road liner, waiting for the bus to start moving, as usual, nothing uncommon, passengers in and out, so on and so forth.

It was till then, a feeble looking poor old Indian lady came trembling, hardly managed herself up the 3 little stairs at the entrance, asking for the bus's destination.

After confirmation, she paid Rm1 and had a seat near me, she had difficulties of sitting down as her wobbly leg was shaking.

She shrank herself into a state and it was so distorted that I thought she just transformed herself into a fragile little shrimp.

She whimpered, trembled and shook uncontrollably, her white hair is tied back in randomness and her fringes followed the rhythm of her pathetic rock as the gale of AC whoosh past her.

She rubbed her palm and hugged herself and rocked back and forth to get warmer, but, it turned out to be fruitless.

Instantaneously, she became the center of attraction, with everybody's eye on her, but nobody doing anything except for there's this one kind lad adjusting the AC so that it is not directed to her direction.

I was out of words, I did not know what to do to ease her suffering. Lend her my stinky uniform as a jacket? No, that is quite dumb. Hug her? She would've die of shock for that, haha.
I ran over to the nearby mamak store, and ordered a Neslo panas.

I said 'hey aunty.. take this =)'
She : '......' *eyeing up on me, showing traces of thankfulness*

Sat back to my cozy little seat, and was a bit shy with the stares of the public surrounding.

Maybe it is something ORDINARY for you guys, but, this is the 1st time I'm doing thing like this, as in helping the needs, especially those in front of you, and are under desperate conditions. I'm happy, and feeling something special out of it. =D

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Toreq's party

had a bbq party yesterday...
hmm, wat to say? well, aiman's latest post summarized it generally actually..
the thing is that, yeah, out of maybe 20 fella who go to dat party, less than6/7 fella is having the rock theme on their outfit...
bt hey! i had some effort to 'rock-ify' myself ok!

this bracelet-thingy cost me a solid of 15 bucks.. lol

aiman as the host, thumbs up for him!! thx =D
this was the part where we were having some gaming session, quite fun as i x pernah main b4.. AND I GET TO NOE DAT MARIA OZAWA IS SOME PORN STAR! woo hoo, new knowledge? hahaha, i tot of Okazaki fragments once i came across the name ozawa.. lol

here are some of those UNROCK ppl! xD
haha sry laa, saja meyindir =p

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Anything can happen with no pre-warning at all
time does not matter, it just happen, just like that!
The second before you might be happily munching your french fries or whatever, and the next second you might die of heart attack, or, whatever it is.. [??]
my point is
i NEARLY had an accident earlier this night [note, its 01/11/09 2230 now]
as the upper case-d word suggest, NEARLY, so im alright still, clanging together in one piece, lol
it was at the junction near tung shen/new era college there, where we usually turn left to go up hill to bukit mewah and there's a holy family kindergarten there..
i was going straight, at about velocity of 50 km/h (lol?), to go back home..
then there's this car, viva/myvi/kancil idk (ok im BAD at identifying cars = ='') plus the night's shade is killing me, comin from the hill, stopped at the junction preparing to turn right
it was my road, as im at the main road so i terus jalan laaa, since dia sudah berhenti, then suddenly when my car was about 5 metre from his he suddenly jalan and belok i was like WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF and have a sharp right turn and jammed the brake hard and strong *brake's screeching sound piercing*
the car at the opposite lane was stationary and was kinda far from the 'gruesome' scene... and dat resulted in a win win situation for ALL of us, none was banged..
BUT OBVIOUSLY IT WAS THE viva/myvi/kancil's driver's fault!!! ERGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
when i braked i terus stared at dat car, bt too bad i see no distinct face of a he/she.. = ='' bt i could have sworn the driver hid his/her head under the sterring a while! DAMN
after dat i terus open the car door like wanna fite bt padahal it is actually my mom call me to go down and check whether got so 'lucky' if there's any damage inflicted or not..
ergh... then after tat my mom drove away quickly as she don wanna make the traffic congested.. thinking of it now, STARTED TO REGRET WHY I DIN WENT DOWN AND KNOCK THAT FELLA'S CAR AND SCREW THE SHIT OUTTA HIM!! = =''
bt still, fortunately i x banged the car at the opposite lane if not its my fault.. banged other's car jz to avoid others from banging me.. like, wat the efff rite? plus dat opposite lane's car is honda car summore...

the nuts fell all out cuz my mom was eating it while the holy commotion occurred lol..
wasted her rm7.50 for dat nuts, too bad xD baru beli from bintang some more hahaha

anyway, back to wat i said at the beginning of the post..
can really happen anytime anywhere, where u least expecting it the most..
it just... happens
we shud anticipate and expect the unexpected then? @@ (wondering)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chaotic exam week

Well at least it applies on me =/
I never tried to revise THAT hard before
Imagine going to library and revise for like 3-4 hours just for the sake of FINAL exam
For those who know me know this is soooooooooooooo so so not Brian.. lol

But great to say that it is over! weeeehoooooohaaaaaaaaaaaa*jumping while flinging a towel*
well at least PARTIALLY over?
There's PA and MUET left on Monday.. hmm
depends on my mood whether to revise tomorrow or not..
since megaman, dota, heroes facebook are begging me to stay with them, can't do anything, right? xD
And one thing is that, I discovered that I ACTUALLY CAN study alone... W.O.W!
haahaha, of course, having the condition of absolute clearance of distraction in the radius of 5 metre..

well, there's nothing much special to blog anyway.. just to remind you guys this blog is NOT dying.. hahahah
and oh, I think I found my new hobby, I love to read thoughts of others =D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What happens when Brian is boring?

After reading the title, friends that are close to me enough will be having the 1st answer that occurs in less than 0.0001 second in their brain, dotA
so, Brian dotA-es when he is boring?
Well.. hmmmm.. that MIGHT be true, bt wat happens when Brian is in EXTREME boredom?
A] Facebook?
B] Megaman battle network 6 Starforce Black Ace? (HOW OLD ARE U BRIAN!!)
C] Reading novels by Henry Perez?
D] Piano?

If you chose any1 of the answers above........
*tek tek!!*(standard sound given when encountering some errors in computer)
Let the pictures unveil the cloud of mystery gathering in your head.. =D

Menu of the day :
1) Mixed vege(which comprises of china cabbage, carrot, brocolli, abalone mushroom, baby corn, green peas, trace amount of ginger, minced pork and fish cake)
2)Braised spicy and sour beef
3)Steam fish accompanied by ginger and fish soy sauce~
4)Traditional chinese herbs chicken soup
You guys can noe all the ingredients in my fb as i tagged every each of them haha

Of course, with a LITTLE help from my best partner, seasoning paste of BRAHIM!!!!*playing out some holy sounds*

My 1st product!!! quite a big pot there huh? and this is wat we call, MIXED vege... rily kao kao mix.. haha, now now, don let ur stomach grumble already!! xD

em emmmmmmmmmm!!*kissing my 5 fingers together in the end of it and spreading it out in some italian chef's manner*

err.... about the steam fish... hahaha, actually i was wayyyyy too hungry at that time hence making me forget to take the pic of it BEFORE eating, and.. this is it, the result.. but it SOLIDLY proves that my dish is not bad huh?? =D

And the saliva inducing soup, the scent alone made me dripping wet!! saliva i mean.. hahaha
and nutritious too (I guess hahah)

so... i've got a conclusion for this post...

Sunday, October 11, 2009


At first i wanted to blog out the knot in that has been bugging me for some time, bt it seems that i ran out of vocab.. my feeble brain is freezing.. wat does this imply?
wat i wanted to say is, finals is coming, and im quite astonished dat im afraid of it
bt no steps have been taken yet, im still here, playing facebook msn dota like there's no tomoro
life is deteriorating
im sleeping late nite, waking up without any strong conviction in mind dat today's gonna be a good day
im going to skool for the sake of going to skool, nothing else
im having a lifeless life
results has been proven
i did not excel in my piano's exam, in fact, i PASSED my practical exam, NORMALLY..
but still, im here, being ignorant, despite the scoldings, advises and encouraging sounds screamed by surroundings
i have a theory, the more u hear encouraging words, the more u get 'immune' to it, at 1st is is annoying, and it turns into hatred, and when it mounts, the destruction of the explosion is catastrophic
even now, i have no idea wat im trying to bring out, jz to type out some words into the blog to console myself

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mooncake festival + broga trip

1st of all
a rather BIG disappointment of not having the moon coming out this year
mere shadows was observed = =''
had gathering at yap's hse.. boleh laaa, bunch of gheys talking crap there, haah except for jia wern, the ONLY gal lol..
bbq-ed at his hse, after bbq x puas lagi, pergi mamak minum lagi! ended up 1200++ onli chiao balik rumah... dah la the next day (as in today) gona go hiking at broga hill, have to wake up early, bt so late onli balik rumah.. haha
the bbq, 1st time eating chicken marinated in ginger and garlic, quite special i guess.. haha..
bt it was a simple gathering laa, got..
-my bro
-jia wern
and she's quite out-of-the-norm yesterday, my nose nearly ooze out some red liquid when i saw her, LOL!! xD
and we did wat we shud not do during mooncake festivals?
-burn twigs, candles(note: im BURNING candles, it is not lit up), match boxes etc etc
-nipple crippling all around the place lol, especially the GM(ghey-master) foong and vin! hahahahaha
and i din even have a grab on any mooncake yesterday.. lol..
dah laaa x ada moon, rain drop a bit some more.. ish...
bt was fun laa at least, cuz all of them were so hyped up haha


intended to wake up at 5 today, BUT
ended up waking up at 5.50... haha.. and the 1st thing i saw in the morning was.. :
Eh brian.i dont think i going.myhead dont feel nice la.i think i juz sleep. (and other unrelated contents)
erghhh.. its from FOO!! not foo nancy , alex foo lol..
he ffk again, cakap headache pulak *roll eyes*
reach the BHP station at about 6.50 to wait for kok wai to lead us there, nothing much, reach broga hill at about 7.10..
actually its not HIKING, its more to like mount WALKING.. its NOT challenging at all laa...
bt then my mom reached the 1st mountain's peak and she pamcit kao kao dy.. lol.. standard laaa.. she seldom exercise... after that she went down accompanied by my bro..
then we continued to the 2nd mountain, and straight up to peak.. take WHOLE LOTSSSS of pics.. cuz targeted 104 pics today, as the number corresponds wif the date today LOL, it was yee's idea.. bt tgk tgk ada 80++ pic saja.. haih.. failed =l

wont talk much in here, let the pic explains it all at my fb pic..
bt then, ive been uploading pics since like A BLOODY 2 HOURS AGO, till now not a single pic was posted = =''
and 1 more thing.. my mom's ankle sprained during way back down the mountain.. wa lao... too bad my bro cant do anything although he's in front.. next time if u guys having parents/grandparents/uncle aunties all dat go hiking, be REAL sure to take gud care of them..

Friday, October 2, 2009


ok 1st of all
i din manage to finish up the sushi king big bowl challenge... swt
and i tot peeps in high skool would go and challenge if i boasted dat i surpass dat challenge!
bt the fact is no one is egoistic enuf to take up the dare.. hahahaha
at least, not egoistic enuf to pour out RM 40 outta their pocket..
for more info
the vid would explain the EXCRUCIATING EXPERIENCE for me... replacing words.. haha..
bt then, the feeling of it was like, u wanna vomit, bt still u r forcing urself to eat... = =''

emmm.. actually there's A LOT of thingsssssssssssss to blog about.. bt then too lazy to take it out each and every one of it..
last sunday had merdeka gathering at acad k, steamboat, BLOODY FULL.. haahhaha
then last saturday pulak 21st century eat wif kwan and the usual j4 gang, took LOADS of pics.. and met those tengku hussein fella too, meg ian kok wai they all
and i WITNESSED milky terus slap kok wai's face, although playfully, bt i heard a SNAP, wow?
tomoro, errr i mean TODAY pulak mooncake festival!! gonna go bbq at yap's hse at nite.. sadly most of our frens have activities cant join... *sigh*
and tomoro, go broga hill wif high skool gang!
yeahh! never went hiking wif frens b4, u can say dat im excited.. well, im enthusiastic in almost everything, like wat foong said, extreme enthusiasm reminds him of me? haha..

another thing is.. i noticed dat some frens around me are deeply troubled by problems.. somehow i cant manage to guide them, its pathetic... hmmm... =/

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


ok this is gonna be short
we bowled at mp cuz kwan FROM SINGAPORE is back to m'sia.. lols, so jz tryina kill his time.. since he cant online here...
anyway, nothing special happened during bowling...
the fun part is dat we went to sg long pasar malam..

well, everything there is wat u can expect from wat a normal night market can offer u, BUT, yes, but, there's one stall, wif its super-duper-ultra-high-incredible-famous delicacies...
ladies and gentlemen..
may i present to u all..
in other words, STINKING TAUFU
as the name suggests it, it STINKS alrite.. lol
degree of stinki-ness? kk, its like
the store is about 7m-10m away from me, and i can smell SHIT like jz in front of me, wow?? hahaha
bt then, i decided to try it, cuz i don really remember the taste of it, tried it once when i was in hong kong, like, 5-6 yrs back.. still to small to noe wats nice and wats not nice.. haha

so, the STINK-factor challenger were me, vincent and yap..
kwan initially don wanna try it bt since he saw us eat until so 'high' d, he jz had a grab on it.. haha
foong tried it and it was nitemare for him, so he had a pass..
while we were queue-ing for the stinking taufu, leong get impatient for waiting and called me, and asked wats taking us so long. then i said la, there's soooooooooooo many peeps buying, then she said 'WAT? SO MANY PEEPS QUEUE UP TO BUY SHIT???'
i was like = ='' imagine i put dat conversation into loud speaker.. hahaha
*experience of eating*
well, once u stuffed dat taufu in ur mouth, u practically cant smell anything...
bt once u BITE it!! holy cow!! some unknown liquid will spurt out from it! and i tot it was dry cuz it is quite crispy and dry looking from outside..
and.... IT RILY TASTE LIKE SHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, the smell of it was somewhat revolting... swt... cant believe i jz described this part..haha
and after dat excruciating experience, u get to taste something different, something somehow dat is LESS bad taste, and it eventually turns gud? wow, i dunno how the magic works...
bt overall, its not a NICE food to eat i would say, i would spent the money for, maybe burger, or hotdogs or watever.. since im not a big fan of taufu oso..
jz to broaden ur taste bud's encyclopedia..haha
was fun yesterday, simple trip to nite market wif frens, well, fun =)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Semi movie spreeeeee

It was drizzling when i stepped out of my hse
as i entered the bus, and tilted my head towards the glass panel
i welcomed the chill who greeted me mercilessly
staring blankly into nothingness, but noticing the helpless drops of rain
flowing down, strand by strand
the odd sensation ran down my spine, triggered me into sumthing...

k, dat was the part when i was in bus heading to yee's hse..
movie's gonna start at 11, and we reached there at 1050
padahal, i reached yee's hse at 0940
and so, we reached there at 1050, practically RUSHED to the cinema to buy tickets, half expecting the final destination 4 to be sold out at dat time (and amy was whining here and there while slapping my hand saying missed the chance to watch dat movie, i was like = =''),
bt to our amazement, the cinema was onli 10%+ filled, WOW?
some more, when we were buying the ticket, the counter lady was like
she : 'hey, u guys over 18 already?'
me : 'wat? u nid me to show my IC? *practically showing the wat-the-fish-face*'
she : 'yeah, just to confirm and bla bla bla bla'
wye kit : *hands her his IC*
she :'owh... ok which place?'
hahaha i was like, wow, wye kit showing off his IC, how cool is dat? bt later on onli i get to noe dat he showed onli the back face of it, not the PRECIOUS front face, mwahaha
owh, and today we went by the number of 7
-wye kit
-kok wai
-wai mun
-jia yee
-ai may
-chui peng

3 guys dating 5 gals? hmmm, not too bad for a bald huh? hahaha
and so we watched Final Destination 4..
ahh... 6 outta 10 if u ask me..
-death was normal
-no excruciating pain displayed (except for the flying nail part!)
-was kinda fake actually
-less suspense
-story line.. err.. lame?
normal lor... and it was totally CHILD'S PLAY for yee and kok wai, as both of them are fanatics of SAW.. *shrieks*

after dat movie, nature calls, and i had to make some fresh brownies in the toilet... (darn yesterday's pasar malam's sushi = ='')

we eat some dunno wat ramen in some dunno wat ramen restaurant and crapped there for quite a while cuz the next show(where got ghost?) starts at 1400, and final destination 4 ends at 1230.. normal laaa, except for the sitting place, abit nice to cramp together n eat hahaha

then again, we watch where got ghost? the singaporean movie.. waaaaaa
movie ini, saya bagi... 7 la, cuz there's
-funny conversations/terms
-old skool character
-LOTS of sound effect and suspension!
and i think half of the time me and amy was like, covering our eyes, i covered wif my fingers while she covered wif her legs? wow
as u guys noe laa, im not those scare-u-till-death-movie-fan.. and its the 1st time i watch thriller/horror movie in cinema! *claps and uproars*
and so when everytime sumthing 'funny' pops out, i will be like
'wat the?!'
'wa lao!!!'
luckily it was kok wai and 2 more unknown gals beside me, if not, i think i will kena whack cuz too noisy... hahaha
the show was quite nice, especially if u understand hokkien dialect and u watched MONEY NOT ENOUGH 2, then u will get the connection between it.. let u guys to rate it urself once u guys watched it =)

then after dat.. nature calls AGAIN...!! don worry, instead of brownies, im 'producing' chrysanthemum tea.. hahahahaha

once we reached ground floor intending to head back to kajang, guess wat? we met ian and his couple--- wendy! at 1st i din notice them, then wye kit was like
'oi brian, cover me! ian is there!!*half whispering half instructing*'
'wat? oh, ok? (both of us back faced them)'
when they din notice, wye kit tapped ian's back and i rush to him snatching the stuff he was holding, their reaction was.... LEGENDARY! hahahaha
wendy was like showing the oh-no-we-are-so-dead-meat-face and shrilled out some dunno wat sound(actually i forgot) and ian, haha, i don think he got any reaction cuz he recognizes us at the 1st glance.. aiya.. wat a waste... wanna see his gelabah face leh.. lol xD

we met daniel, chee hao, joey and some fella too, oh, kong seng kit.. haha
then after dat, nothing more dy.. wait till the rain stop then we chiao..
jia yee so geng, 8 oclock still have to go back there and sing k wif family, syok~~ haha
dats all for this.. y i named it as SEMI movie spree? cuz it was the 1st time ive been in a cinema TWICE, for A day, haha, and it has the name SEMI, cuz 2 is actually not a BIG number.. so.. yeah..

i wanna watch TWO-O-ONE-TWO!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


(yesterday night)
(phone conversation)
jun fong : ehh, tomoro shin yian's bday, u wana come?
me : ha, where to eat?
jun fong : we are going to cycle at PTM
me : .......... bday go celebrate by cycling?
jun fong : ya sure y not?
me : wokay............

in my history of getting invitations to bday, there's never such case?
was like 'huh?' when i received dat phone call
its either :
-hey lets go to bowl
-how bout eating at xxxxx?
-dude, im having a gathering at my hse for my bday, do come!
-lets go midv to celeb my bday

bt this was, lets go cycle.. hahaha, funny..
has been years since i cycled for a long time..
wow.. and now the feeling is back..
the 1st and MOOOSTTTT significant feeling is...
paining leh! cuz keep goin on bumpy and coarse tracks..
owh.. TPM = Taman Pertanian Malaysia..
emmm.. quite O.K.A.Y laa...
gonna giv them a 7 outta 10
cuz there's quite some part of the place dat is not properly maintained...
FORGOT TO BRING CAMERA..! if not, can show u guys how buruk it is some place..
brian without a camera is like..
a singer without his mic.. lol, lost his spirit to camwhore..
gud sign i suppose? hahaha

we went into the temperate climate hse too
where it is more publicly known as the 4 season hse..
in this period of time, it is suppose to be autumn if we are in European country
so, flower blossoms!
love is in the air~ weeee~ quite suitable for couple to come i guess haha
bt then, when i enter dat building.. wa lao... the temperature was like under 18 degree.. *shivers*
Factors affecting Brian's shivering in the hse :
1) Brian was wearing a thin basketball-kind-of-sleeveless
2) the sleeveless wore by Brian is SOAKED in sweat cuz of previous cycling activity
3)DIRECT impact on cold air gusting towards Brian's SEMI BALD hair
4) Brian's height making a high ratio of TSA over V, higher rate of transpiration and evaporation, losing latent heat of fusion thus cooling down the body
k laa crappy, in english, i was cold in there.. lol
bt was fun laa in dat builing.. took a few pics in there..
and 1 thing? y are there no scent of flowers? despite the beautifully, carefully and high-tech-ally grown flowers all over the place, i kinda stucked my nose inside the flower to smell sumthing bt cant make out anything.. haha

owh.. and 1 more thing... my PBSM skill was put in test today, not in examination kind of test, bt REAL LIFE SITUATION!! woohoo~!
lol, bt it was small fries laa.. nomage(fren's name, weird, yea, screw him) cycled up the hill then suddenly was like
'ugh... the woods are spinning?' *thump*
(a momentarily balance followed by a slump, landing first at head)
it was like happening in slow-mo, when i heard the sound, others were already rushing towards him.. wa lao, head landing leh..
he looks ghost-ish pale, lips turned from red to pinkish white.. so i called him to baring la, coincident-ly it was a slope there, so i ORDERED him to lie face up leg straight and i raised his leg, more blood flow to brain maaa..
rules of treating shocked(renjatan)
1) melonggarkan pakaian (oops, forgot to do dat)
2) menaikkan kaki (yeah!)
3) membasahkan bibir jika mangsa berasa dahaga (yeap, forbid him from drinking)
4) memberi kata kata semangat ('oi don die yet!! don wanna fail this "PRACTICAL EXAM"'lol)

errr, overall i guess i get 75%? haha.. then he regained his awareness after some gulp of 100+

got a lot some more laa.. i TOUCHED a real life horse today.. dang... there's 2.. the small 1 tried to PECK my leg.. i wanted to pose and take pic wif him, bt after he did dat i was like WTF??? i tot horse DONT peck??? lol

i played some traditional musical instrument today.. some malay's traditional instrument dat has onli 9 bars of metal... played a few folk songs.. haha

danced some traditional dance too i guess? bt felt like an dong dong cuz don really noe wat i was dancing at dat time.. haha

knocked my head 3 times (2 times softly, 1 time REAL hard) at the same spot.. dang my height... =='' i din noe dat wakaf's level was THAT low... lol

then we went for mcd.. initially wanted to go klang for bak kut teh, bt then somebody say it is toooooo heaty, bt last last, ended up in mcd.. lol, same oso rite! heaty food.. then jz crap talk chat or watever u call it for like 2 hours.. (wow?)
and most of them got exhausted.. (alaa, gals... normal laa, cycle skit skit sudah pamcit~~ haih~~~) so they decided to chiao and cont at nite.. they goin to lookout point (a.k.a little genting) at night! and i cant follow them.. wat a waste.. wat to do.. my mom BOOKED me earlier.. as my bro is not coming back tonight.. *shakes head and sigh deeply, doing the 'cant do anything sign'*

hmmm.. pictures? lil onli laa, as i said.. forgot to bring my cam.. without cam = without the camwhoring brian.. although still got take a few pics....
so, dats all for today, IT WAS FUN!!! =D
except for the ass paining part, still ache till now.. haha


I read sam's blog b4 doing mine..
and i've been thinking..
gud frens, yeah.. got quite a number of it...
but BEST fren, come to think of it.. i have none..?
sadly, yes, none..
jz like footprints in the sand, sunk in deep, washed away fast and instantaneously..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The drops and drips of 310809

Again i joined the merdeka celebration for this year =)
joined it when i was in f4, being a part of it was AWESOME, wif 1400 comrades combating alongside.. it is simply overwhelming to have it all done dat perfect =D
(fly back to present)
and so i joined this merdeka celeb this year...
i called yap, he said he lazy.. don wan
called winky, he said maybe cant spent much time on this practice, don wan
asked wye kit, he said, FOR WAT I GO? so free? don wan
asked class, no reaction..
now dat i noe its actually THIS hard to commit someone into something serious..
*rolls eyes*
k of course.. i wont tell the details of every single day in our training! it would make AMY GO BERSERK!
its rily quite an experience i had there, and i believe it would be soldered into each and everyone of us..

Me - the alwes lame poser
My bro(aaron) - kuli angkat barang
Kei huat - gayest male ever met
Jun fong - driver for countless times! thx
Jerison - a MUHAMMAD-wannabe~ lol
Gam seng - sexy boy~ hahaha
Fang ching - our PHOTOGRAHPER! *claps*
Ah fai - gangster, don mess wif him~ bt sometimes gay too haha
Jimmy - the fella dat use wax every single day WITHOUT FAIL
Kim fatt - aka fatt kim wong! u noe wat i mean.. haha..
Edison - he POPS!! =D
Ying qiang - aka nomage aka xiao qiang and aka COCKROACH!
Yong yong - sometimes like to crack up some jokes =)
Karmun LIONG - a gal who LOVES to cover up mouth and laugh.. weird huh? =p
Karmun LAU - a gal who is OBSESSED in posing wif tiang, wow, don think other stuff LOL
Siew wei - haha, tomato face, her face is real red! =D
Jin yee - likes to laugh, yeah~ and when she laughs or smiles, u will see 2 lines out of a sudden lol
Tracy - omg the SUPER POSER EVER! eveready for a camera snap!
Cindy - small and timid i would say... likes to play police and murderer and become the storyteller haha
Vivian - urm.. well, she owns a motorbike, HAHAHAHA(ok most of u guys wont understand this)
Yuan kuan - quiet gal.. hmm, dunno y, she loves to pose wif weird stuff like pondok telefon? haha
Pei ling - she smiles sweetly =)
Shin yian - hahaha, although pei ling smiles sweetly, she still cant beat this MISS-SMILE-PERFECTO~~

theres so so so so SOOOO many things to share, making me headless on where to start 1st..
hmm, the experience...
we trained for 4 consecutive days, dat is 26 27 28 n 29 of aug.. in those days.. we slept at 1, wake up at 5.. haha and trained till evening, crazy huh? sounds tiring, bt worth it!

when there's some part of our dance dat is not synchronize, our facilitators would sometimes scold us, because we are actually representing the WHOLE SGM to perform, not onli for the sake of this affiliation, bt oso for the reputation of the members and those who stood behind our back.. and it was gud, although it was harsh, we did not give up, instead, we pushed and pushed harder in order to achieve a state of unity, its great, the feeling of working together to achieve something cant be merely described by words.. or im out of vocab to describe bout it.. haha

this parade was join by diff associations like MPPJ, Belia Ampang, KWSP etc etc.. and all of the participants has dancing bg except for us and Belia ampang..
hmm, and thru this participation, i can make one conclusion... well, its MY theory, x semestinya betul.. most of the male dancers.... are..... LEMBUT!! y?

eg 1 : (1 gal 1 guy talking about something, and the guy goes..) 'oh! ye ke??? mwahaha!! *covers his mouth wif the flag and trying to control his laugh of insanity*'

eg 2 : (1 gal goes poke a guy's waist wif the flag's pole, and the guy goes...) 'jgnlah~~! gelilahh~~ yiiii~~! *slapping the gal on her shoulder sambil having his other hand on his waist and shaking his whole body*'

eg 3 : (last day b4 merdeka, there's a handshake session among all the participants, we rounded into a circle shape and go shake the others' hands one by one)
when there's a gal who shakes hand wif those boys, they jz picit their hands softly and pass, as for me...
the guy : hello~ *smiles gheyly, grasping my hand and rubbing it while patting my shoulder*
me : err, haha... *smiles awkwardly and tried desperately to RETRIEVE my hand back..*

and so dat was my experience and thoughts regarding male dancer... hope im not gonna be one next time!!

when the show ended.. all of us was relieved, bt dat, sustained onli A WHILE.. when we reached kaikan (the centre of SGM) emotions are running high.. especially when we share our thoughts and experience of this merdeka thing..
the gals lagi laa, tunggu apa lagi? air mata MELELEH LELEH! (lol wrong adjective)
cuz, it was hard for those especially bz wif studies and their career... bt then, they choose the path to challenge it by joining this activity, and at last, they achieved their goal! bravo~

although we are together for like, less than 1 month, bt then the bond between us is rily.. unbelievable.. the thought of realizing we must tread our own path once again, and return to our daily routine rily sadden me, and i believe, us.. its rily gud to noe u guys! no remorse of joining this! i gained everything, and lose nothing!! (ok laa, got laa ponteng a few tuitions xD)
and so.. dats about it.. my experience.. brief.. yeah.. bt sumtimes, sumthing is best kept in memory.. =)
oh yea, forgot to mention, this is a group of see-camera-must-take-picture peeps, within this few days we got like 5 gigs of pics... hahaha... insane..
pics in fb! wish u guys gud luck and success in watever u guys do!!!


ok i lazy to do this as diff post.. so, jz campur la...
me.. and miss L.. is officially....
ok don get happy
officially clear dat there will be no sparks happening..
she explained to me, and i accept it.. well, i was anticipating dat this would come soon or later..
so, hope u guys do no more unnecessary speculation between me and her k.. bt still we are still best frens =)
and one more thing.. cant believe im actually doin this..
hair bald
now now, don giv me the wat-the-fish-expression, i have no idea y am i doin this too, and now i think i have a perfect circle wif me above my head..
its jz number 2, not botak licin.. haha...
act of emo? i have no idea.. =/

Monday, August 24, 2009

The celeb of a boy..

He must have brought me luck =)
cuz it was the FIRST time i scored 3 digits in bowling.. haha
it was cheng's bday today.. or rather, YESTERDAY as in 24th lols, cuz its currently 2.28am now
played 3 matches.. DAMN, play until jari sakit = ='' u noe laa my jari damn nipis punya.. the skin..
so, the marks, aiya, i don say u all oso noe who OWN who laa, rite, rite?? xD
after dat, went secret recipe, hmm, actually nothing much to eat oso there, and the food, ma ma dei onli lor.. not very SECRETIVE oso, hahaha.. so, don go eat there, better go mamak, =p
bought a cake, oops correction, a SLICE of cake for cheng, haha
dude, sry, we don rily love to eat cakes.. next time maybe lol
then went to continue yam cha at kopitiam.. ha..
oh i forgot to tell dat there's A LOT of camwhoring along the process (for more info, pls log on to
so, dats about it for cheng's bday..


and now the SAD part..
laaa, initially we shud go to mid today, as in 25th, bt, suddenly all cant
i so semangat, planned where to go, wat movie to watch, even to sit wif who in the cinema = =''
and now all suddenly.. *sigh DEEPLY*
eg :
miss l : 'father don let me go laa tomoro..'
amy : 'mom don lemme go watch movie, and yee x go oso, don wan la'
yee : 'baru asked my mom, she x let me go, i x tell u yet ke?'
yap : 'oh, tomoro i have to accompany my mom to see doc, sry dude'
vincent : 'ha? go mid tomoro? don wan la... better go swim! *and gives me his trademark smile* '
wye kit : 'ok ok i can go! (5 mins later) wat?? shopping? alaa i don rily like shopping la.. don wan la i lazy la =p'
mei qi : 'hmmm, i don think i can go laa tomoro.. u guys have fun la :-)'
michelle : 'aiyo.. tomoro i have to renew passport leh.. and i think im goin for tt, no jodoh la we all'
aiman : 'tomoro? ok, 70% im comin!'
cheng : 'haaa.. so less ppl.. see 1st laa..'
wa laoooooo ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i wanna go shopping laa!! bt there's nobody to accompany me... so ke lian meh...
adidas shoe is waiting for me..
mph is calling after me..
all those new shows are TEMPTING me..!
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! y, why, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
*sigh* its 2.45 now, an outing dat is SUPPOSED to be on today is not confirmed yet = =''
sien lor.. i don wanna go mid alone leh.. so sien..
other days pulak i cant.. cuz bz..
actually this thurs i oso wanna go out, wif meg and the gang.. bt, haih... sure cant lor...
tin ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (cantonese as in, sky ahhhhhhhhhh) lol

EN : my source of emoness, yes it is u, it feels... kinda gud when u reassure me back when im at the peak of my emoness.. =) thx and sry

Thursday, August 13, 2009


today, i ponteng-ed xD
factors in reader's mind :
1) sure la! brian lazy PIIIIIIIIGGGG
2) today din rain, dats y no mood to study
3) brian overslept!
4) din finish ex1.4(maths) dats y don dare to face mr soh!
5)there are onli 3 burgers left in brian's fridge, not even number, not gud feng shui! (ok this is absurd.. haha)

ans : i went hospital kajang, dragging yap all along *wicked cackle* Quod Erat Demonstrandum LOL (ok dat was a crappish ending)

ok, how shud i put this all in... hmmmm *thinking hard*
ok, once upon a time~
there's one tiongnam named alex foo heng thai aka hen tai king (hahha i noe he wont read this xD) dunno how, when, from who, where, in wat way of ACQUIRING h1n1
and ok, so me yap and my bro have to spent half a sunday wif him for tkd stuffs, and onli after dat day itself he called/texted (cant remember which) me and said sumthing like 'dude, i got tested h1n1 influenza A positive' lols... dat was last sunday
so, my mom went berserk after hearing it and her paranoid is rily rily getting on my nerves sometimes... = =''
dats y she insisted me to have a mask on, so dat i wont spread the virus to others...
padahal, i din cough, fever or having any sore throat oso..
sneeze.. haha, well, dats inevitable rite? u noe me.. im brian fam, its like, dude! im the sneezer of the millineum! ha! *smirks*
words revolving around me in these few days when im having my mask on:
'woi brian! so lucky kena h1n1 dy ah?'
'so kia si laaa brian!! (kiasi = afraid of death)' = =''
'wear wat wear laa, no use oso laa'

and i further confirmed dat im PERFECTLY fine after today's check up at hospital..
not even a single trace of fever..
u c, my point is.. even im not having a fever, coughs or watsoever, im still wearing a mask whenever i go to anywhere public
cuz i don wanna spread the disease JUST IN CASE im so 'lucky' to have it..
there are already cases in my skool, and the death toll is hiking, plus all the hazy air around us, i find it weird y most of the students, even teachers don even care to wear their mask..
this proves dat, the awareness among malaysians are still VERY VERY LOW INDEED..
most of us are still practicing the 'ape-ape je laa' attitude..
if we are still having this kind of attitude of 'its-non-of-my-business-so-y-the-heck-i-shud-care'
how can we survive from this society dats tearing apart day by day?
how do we compete wif others? curbing unwanted incident?
it is as if we are lying low in our own slum, not wanting to noe wats happening out there
u noe it, bt u jz don wanna noe it =(

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Constipation expelled!

It started since last wednesday...
where rains tumbling and winds howling thunder roaring and lightning striking
cerita ngeri meh! swt... crap crap 1st, to lepas gian.. haha
exams... hmm
last week we had some minor exam, for 2 days..
well, i don rily take it seriously cuz its like... wtf? simply giv test onli..
and the results proves it.. lol
maths 76
muet 79 (actually its per 300, bt i jz calculated it as per 100)
pa 56
chem 80
bio 58
hahahaha, ok i ADMIT, i din study for bio and so i deserve dat mark..
bt pa... I GOT DEDUCTED A BLOODY 36 MARKS cuz i din write 2 words!! wat the fish.. anything laa.. don care..
ok, exam in skool settled..
i 'hate' foo nancy aka miss perfecto.. = ='' 100 for maths wat the fall?? kill her!!
today i asked her..
me : ehh nancy, finished ah? ur maths hw
Foo: yea
me : all questions ah? u din skip?
Foo : yea
me : every subquestions in each questions?
Foo : yea la why?
me : .......
and i din even attempt to try one!! zzzzzzzz
brian bulk up laa!! still go fb dota and blogging..!! = =''


it was 2.54pm, and i was edging oriental crystal hotel..
in my black pants, stripe dark blue long sleeves and silver tie..
(reads the notice board : ABRSM examination - 5th floor)
(enters the lift wif increasing heart beat rate)
*ding dong*
(registered, and sat down at waiting room without a word)
(rubs hand and breath deeply occassionally)
the fella at the table : mr Fam Sze Zheng, its your turn now *smiles*
(glanced up at him, and heaves head heavily)
(took my examination pieces and walk towards the examination room as if its chamber of death)
*heart pumping at about the rate of 180 tiems per minute*
mr Frederick aka examiner : hello, gud afternoon there *warm smile*
me : hi, gud afternoon sir *sheepish smile*
examiner : pls have a sit there pls
me : owh.. wokay~
examiner : so, would u start with ur scale pls?
me : yea wokay...
i think i had it all wrong except for one...i played an effing Bminor when he requested a Bmajor!! noooooooooooooooo!!
ok la cut short, if dialogue the whole way sampai next christmas oso x habis yet..
scales was ok, exam pieces, i did some mistakes in the 1st piece where i repeated about 6 bars twice... = =''
damn, no more distinction for me then.. hope for merit now..
bim bam boom, and the exam is over!! ahhh~ *sigh of relieve*
seriously i was pretty tensed up and emo when it was b4 the exam.. after the exam i terus naik gila~ woohoo~ yeah baby~ xD


the day of performance..
actually, nothing much to say bout the performance oso laa..
jz treat it as another exposure lor...
not to say very nervous oso..
bt comparing this dance and my previous dance, on vids laa..
i think i improved?
ok la, maybe its not soooooo significant bt still, im happy =D
and the thing is! i jz learned popping for like 3 classes and already im performing on stage haha...
bt the sad thing is... = =''
when im dancing i call my frens help me to record..
they.. dunno how to record... record until so lousy... angle and distance... *shakes head in dissapointment*
so wasted laaa... rarely have such chances bt then they record till so cha.. haih...
for the pics and vids, go view my fb profile laa.. vid i upload 1 onli.. cuz onli dat 1 quite clear..
see mood la, if i think i got mood then i will upload the 2nd 1.. hahaha =p


after tkd class, i went mid, alone at 1st, joining yee yen amy and foong later on..
wa seh goddamn tired u noe...
don feel like going oso.. bt for the sake of choosing present... jz go lor..
an incident at kajang ktm
b4 i enter the ktm, there's an old lady, she was like
*stepping up 1 step of the stairs, and breath heavily*
then i terus say laa
me : aunty, ada lift kat belakang, x payah nak naik tangga...
aunty : oh ye ke? mana? x nampak?
me : *stands up* nehh itu ah, *points towards the lift* nampak ah?
aunty : oh oh.. thank u ahh
*return to my seat and continue texting*
(after less than 1 minute)
aunty : errr excuse me? bt can u teach me how to use the lift?
i was like super flabbergasted
she knows to speak english, bt she dunno how to use a lift??
ok lor, i walked her to the lift and press the button
when the door opens..
aunty : wat to press ah?
me : owh, there jz 2 button, G and 1, now aunty wanna go up rite? press 1 onli la and u will go up
*sensed the super confusing look on her face*
me : owh nvm la aunty, i enter the lift together wif u la
aunty : owh thank you! u noe la, usually my daughter comes wif me.. today alone wat oso don dare..
me : owh....
*reached 1st floor*
me : nah aunty, after dat, jz walk to the end of this bridge and u will find another lift, go there and press G and eventually u will go down
*once more sensed the nervous look on her face*
me : ahh aunty, since the train not yet come, i will jz walk u go there laa..
aunty : ok ok! thank you ah..
funny fella lor...
then in the train, i met one gang of cinaemobengs
it is pronounced as ci-na-e-mo-bengs, not cinem-o-bengs lol
y i said so?
cuz their dressing and hairstyle is like SUPER YELLOW jeans shirt and pants
this is y they are ah bengs
emo pulak, there's 1 fella having a spiked bracelet wif the spikes having a length of about 2 cm spiking all around his bracelet.. SERIOUS SHIT DAM TAJAM U NOE
and for the whole journey till i reach mid, they were playing some bloody remix-ed disco songs and scolding vulgar words and creating chaos.. = =''
dat fella having dat 'weapon' practically hurt his fren when he was snatching his hp from his fren.. walao... and here comes all those MCB, HKC, CCB toooot tooooot tooooooooot~~!!! (words censored for its obscenity)
reached mid, bla bla bla nothing much, main intention was to buy present for miss L... ended up nothing except for 2 books... lol
slumdog millionaire and the red
when we are goin back, me and foong, wa lao ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
we waited since 5.10, train delayed till 6.15, and we cant bloody squash in the train when it 1st arrived..
so.. we had bus to go back kajang.. = =''
plus the ticket and bus fare, i wasted about 7 bucks.. wtf..
anyway, there this indian uncle, lagi geng
ok la, we were sitting in the bus, at the stair way there, mid of the bus..
when me and foong sit, there's still space for 1 fella to pass through
then, when dat indian uncle wanna go down, me and foong stand up and lean our back against the side so dat there's more space at the centre laa, at dat time i can fit 2 of me at 1 go..
bt then dat bloody retard indian uncle say
uncle : woi!! orang mau turun laaa! x pergi sekolah ka?? *got out of the bus and stares at both of us*
me n foong : .................*stared innocently and was thinking the wat the fish word in unison*
zzzzzzzzzzz WEIRDO...
then when i reached kajang town, 1 more case lagi hebat!
i entered the roadliner bus at 7.45, then i terus called my mom laa.. i will be back at around 8.15
tengok tengok! dat goddamn bus waited till the whole bus is full onli started the journey, and the bus started to go off at 8.15.. = ='' such irony..
go home ada apa lagi? kena kao kao from mom laa.. for being not punctual... *sigh*

anyway... last thing..
onli lower 6 is allowed.. dun ask me y..
bt join laa, its fun, although its tiring yes i noe..
training is saturday n sunday 1-7pm at bukit jalil..
come join me laa, can noe mroe frens, and to train ourself to be more patriotic?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How can it be like this...

I hate it
Y is this happening to me?
im being hamburger-ed...
between frenship
and responsibility
shud i lie? for the sake of fren?
or shud i spill out the truth? for the better good...
or is it rily for the better good?
it cuts me like a knife..
to endure
and suffer
the feeling like this..
a succumbing link, going to be vanished in a brink of eye..
and here i am
not knowing wat to do..
stop doing this to me..
its rily tiring..
don laa..
if either one of u stop it, it would be miraculous..
and both of u wont be as stiff as now..
wat i shud do?
wat shud i do!
do wat i shud?
shud i do wat?
*mumbling and shouting in semi-trance*
mr A, stop it laa..
do wat u promised, and don let the others to be disappointed..
don let me, ur parents, and others who have hopes on u, falling into pit of utmost darkness, a state dat makes us never to trust u again..
mrs A
i noe its for his own gud...
bt im jz a bystander rite, sry, an INNOCENT bystander
y shud u drag me down the water? no..
u r in NO position to do so!
it cracks me up... getting more and more frenzy each day... *sigh*
cant u solve it urself by ur own means? without involving others and have a truce wif mr A?
*bangs head*
now, facing mr A every single day..
i feel so sry..
for betraying him..
for selling him out his trust..
bt, i cant lie, i jz cant do it..!
i wonder
if he's jz acting in front of me
being normal frens, chat like normal, as if nothing happenned
bt deep down inside..
the hatred within is constantly mounting and is waiting for the perfect time to erupt..
is it?
or am i jz being over-cautious?
bt, i wont blame him if he hates me, or allege me as a hypocrite..
cuz, i AM 1 currently..
AND I HATE IT SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! F*** (stomps the floor while showing universal sign language with both hand)
tell me..
is this a challenge for me? to test my wisdom? to challenge my faith?
if it is.. this is GODDANGIT HARD... swt..
alrite, here goes the main question..
if u guys were in my shoes, wat u guys will do?
A) Keep mr A's secret, and spill nothing to mrs A, to maintain frenship wif him
B) Spill secrets of mr A to mrs A whenever mrs A asks, bt in the same time tries to help out mr A by saying gud words of mr A, for mr A's better good..
C) Screw both of them, do nothing and be the normal cheerful brian (yippee!)
D) Confront mr A, and tell him the truth, and solve it together..

now im doin B, and im considering D.. so.. how?

** mr A and mrs A are not the initial of the subject mentioned


ahhhhh!! miss L! sry, i was baffled by ur voice yesterday! and i tot something happened..
now dat u tell me nothing's goin on... lol, so malu.. haha....
wat to do, ur voice too sweet huh? cant really differenciate the difference xD

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heckly Hectic Hell

sry viewers...!!! ergh, its been sooooooooo bloody long since i last posted..
frequently came here to check out for comments feed bt, haha, no blog updates, no new comments...
the reason for y i have been hiding myself (as u guys had noticed xD) is CLEARLY stated as the title..
its really been a trying time for me this month..
wif all the hw, activities and tuitions' hw piling up..
there's something on 15th, a MAJOR thing on 30th, a ANTICIPATED event on 31st, and a FEARSOME stuff on 1st of august...
its all coming in a row...
+ skool exam pulak 3rd of august... *sigh*
bt above all, im blogging here =p
EIGHTH OF AUGUST IS APPROACHING...!!!! *shrieks helplessly*
wat shud i do?
will she be ok wif it?
is it too simple?
is it meaningless?
she will hate it???
is it memorable?
its not surprising at all and its so so so so soooooooooooooooo expected..!!??
*scratches head madly till all dandruff comes out*
ideas APPRECIATED...!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A 'new' life

Well to be EXACT..
its not THAT new actually..
its still skool life... ahaha...
most of my frens posted bout their life in f6..
and MOST of them is dissatisfied of it..
*tracing back weeks b4*
as u guys noe, i started my f6 life in jln reko..
bt tgok tgok, ended up in high skool pulak...
and ergh..!!
i still cant have my hair long..!!! *shrieks out loud*
im still a student, to be exact, a gov skool's student.. = =''
like today, 1 gang go T, (T, is oso aka toilet)
guru disiplin : 'eh class apa ni? apasal semua rambut panjang ni?!'
me, ian, kok wai, william was showing the WTF-face?
me : 'eh cikgu, rambut macam saya ni, panjang ke?' *pointing to my hair*
cikgu : 'kau tau tak saya boleh gunting rambut awak SEKARANG JUGAK!'
me : *half sarcastic flabbergasted face*
i wanted to reply 'cikgu, awak tau tak saya boleh calar kereta awak SEKARANG JUGAK!!'
bt, lol, im still a gud boy? although entering high skool =p
owh, and still, i cant escape the topic of toilet.. haha
IMAGINE THIS (mentioned this in fb)
welcome to high skool toilet~
brief intro bout my class mates (although i don rily noe them YET)
Salmah - she's.. in constant laughing mood? i dunno.. haha, bt she keeps on laughing whenever i crack a joke, even its lame haha
hamizah - err...i like her english-malay-accent haha, special~
joan - she's BLUR, i guess, haha, cuz it was after recess and she was like 'uhhh, where am i.. how to do this question, how u get this..' LOL
karamjit - i LOVE the name! reminds me of karam singh varya(is the spelling correct? ahah)
kok wai - our ketua, or, shortay~ mwahahha, he's ok, and he told me stuff dat astonished me GREATLY...
ian - SMART fella, got jpa scholarship bt rejected it.. = ='' haha, bt he's a gud boy~ lol, and he likes to add the sound 's' in the end of words, don ask me y
william - woooooohh~ i jz cant stand his SEXAY stare, hahahaha, duno y bt he got this super eye shape dat looks so cocky and sexy? although he's super frenly! haha
wye kit - the CLOWN of the milineum..!! dat fella... rily laa, cracking jokes when there's a chance.. oh, i love the part when he tries to pronounce indian festive terms =p
meguri - don u guys think her name is cool? haha, 1st time hearing such name (or am i plain lousy lol) she's so cool on the 1st time i met her, bt then after dat she's ok.. haha.. and she likes twilight too.. damn = =''
wan yee - she's qiao yen's cousin!! bt till now i don rily had a chance to talk wif her.. and she's quite quiet in class.. so i don rily noe her... hmm...
michelle - this gal, got make up to skool!! hahaha sry dude =p she's.. short? yeah, pair up wif monitor laaa, LOL... and she's super hardworking =) she gives me an impression dat she's dam smart... and she IS! (pressure)
mei qi - she got a twin sister..!! the 1st time i talked to her she 'conned' me ady.. i ask, 'eh??? y dat fella from class 6BF looks alike wif u de?' she says 'owhhh, she's my COUSIN maaaa', then i was like 'owh....' *WAKANABEB!!* and i got punked.. lol
mei yee - hmmm, well i din rily talk to her yet too, haha, cuz she's kinda.. introvert? and she got her own gang.. bt 1 thing i noe is dat... SHE'S HARDWORKING! i guess.. actually most of the, in fact every gal in our class is hardworking? haha
yi thong - tonggg~~~ tonggg~~~ haha! don blame me! blame it on wye kit!! lol.. she's a pious gal, everytime oso rushing for CF punya.. and i like her smile, when she smiles her eyes becomes 2 lines, as if its twinkling wif smiles too =)
amrit - at first i was having difficulties to remember her name!! then last last can remember dy..
duno y, bt the name amrit, keeps reminding me of aimst university??? haha.. then later on thru today's muet's presentation onli then i noe amrit = the immortal~~ woooo~~ =p
nancy - shy gal she is i think.. when called upon to answer something, she keeps her head down, same as yee! lol, again, i din rily talk to her YET!! bt i think she's a frenly gal.. i THINK xD
shuba - shubahan!! owh gawd i jz love to call her dat!! =p sooooooo funny~ she's slim and tall and she got a bf~ met them coupling in mp b4... ish ish ish, bertaubat laaaaa xP
durgha - D..... DURGHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *thumbs up for haziq 1 ino jess 2004* sry durgha, im used to it =p oh, she's allergic to something special... grapes and oranges!?! too bad, cant share grapes wif me when recess time.... hahaaha
yogenthiren - im nt sure whether i spelled his name correctly or not, cuz normally i jz call him yo-ken haha, cooler maa.. i think i shud call him DA BOSS, dam, cant forget the incident.. it was wednesday, in a group of 9 we wanna go watch transformer. b4 3, we waited at food court laaa, then i wanna order ais kacang, yoken accompanies me, then i say laa
'kak, ais kacang biasa satu'
yoken - 'ehh, y u don wanna call ais kacang special?'
me - 'alaaa no nid laa, jz add 1 scoop of ice cream then add 1 ringgit, not berbaloi maaa, biasa enuf dy...'
yoken - 'kak, cancel ais kacang biasa tu, order 9 ais kacang special'
me - '.........!!!!!' *momentarily speechless*
wa lao eh... he's a rich guy, and wont hesitate to spend on any1..
thx for the ais kacang yoken!! =D
dats about it.. the current situation in my class.. starting to love f6 =)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As wat the title had shown
am not trying to create fear, nor trying to scare u guys
bt we shud actually take appropriate actions as safety precautionary steps..
better be safe than sry rite?
i still remember, in less than 1 month, the case expanded from a tiny figure 1 to a formidable 80++, dats near 100!!
and its from penang, and guess wat? its now in KAJANG, yes, to be specific there's 3 individual being quarantined in yu hua..
better do sumthing b4 rice become porridge?
1) Try not to stuck ur head to places congested wif ppl, public area such as mid, times all dat don go liao laaaa, ok la, not to say don go, bt cut down the frequency of goin..
2) Have a mask wif u whenever u HAVE to go to places wif public, eg: bus stop, train stations..
(damn... and im having bus to go back home every single daym= ='')
3) Again, wash hands thoroughly if u sneezed or coughed
4) Avoid direct contact wif individual dat is quarantined
5) pandai pandai sendiri, zi gei zep sang laaa

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It felt NICE =)

'你还是不要酱迟睡, 等下皮肤回变干然后肤色很暗的啦,又会有黑眼圈噢,爱漂亮就好去睡, 拜拜'
Its so funny to receive this msg! =p
bt at the same time
Flow of heartwarming sensation came flooded
Welcomed it, VERY MUCH =)

Monday, June 15, 2009

The sillhoutte surfaced..

It is true
She did not lie to me
It was me all along
Having hopes high as mountain
Came crumbling down succumbed to ashes
Get over it, get over it
I will, soon, I believe
Till then
Let the blood flow
And harden the wound
To avoid any more damage
From you


wow! high skool!
damn, my 1st day in it was... kinda cool!
there was a moment when i was in the skool thinking...
'heck, at last, im in this place.. a place where i once swore not to go to...'
onli 1 teacher came in, dat was... errrr... wats her name again?
our muet teacher.. ok laa i guess, was kinda fun cuz was doin brainstorming..
havent noe new frens YET, owh, to be specific, havent noe new GALS yet.. lol
the guys there is cool, get along quite fast.. bt the gals there... = =''
the MAIN difference of high skool and the skool i had in my history of studies is dat...
ohhhh mother nature of all love... stop spamming ur beloved grasshopper-or-watever-it-is-insect's CRIES..!! lols...
hope life in high skool will be fun
cheng, no worries.. although ur dotA skills is still as noob as ever.. lol
at least u can improve in ur class rite!! wif whole bunch of dota freaks there.. haha!
emm, dats about it i guess...
oh yea, recently im kinda addicted to DIGIVICE!! yeap u see no wrong words, DIGIVICE...! i found it when i cleaned my hse... hidden safe and sound under my mom's bed.. lol
patamon~~~~ weeeee~~~~

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The magnificent, the tries, and the greatness..!! =D

ok 1st of all, WARNING TO READERS, THIS IS HAZARDOUSLY LONG, PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE IF U ARE EXPERIENCING lazy-to-read-long-post-it-is-bored-syndrome (specially dedicated sentence for AMY TAM AI MAY)
ha, will make it into some diary-like-post to make it easier..

First day:
oh, shud i say the 1st nite?
me, my bro and mom reached sg chua zap lap hugo there zhun zhun 10pm, we were the last.. hahaha...
in the bus.. it was.... BORED
the modulator was.... LAME
and is there any chicks in the bus? ....... NONE
and i was separated with yee peng and amy, was seated away.. although jz chairs away, bt x kan la walk to there and talk.. so was kinda boring...
credits for miss little sms-ing me =)
emm there was pit stops here and there to SQUEEZE our bladder dry.. as wat the modulator said.. lol, dam he's salty wet.. hahahaha
em, along the way in the bus.. got tv punya, so he gave us watch 'chai gau gor', err, dats a character in it, i dunno wats the name of the movie.. so.. lets advance to the next day!!

Second day :
We reached chinatown of terengganu at about 6am.. ate laksa there, nothing special.. the onli thing special there is after i ate it terus got effect liao.. lol
mild ache at stomach.. haha, don eat there next time?
emm, then cont wif the journey.. nt yet reach leh..!!
cut those boring part.. we reach the jeti at 730, bt then the 1st boat is onli comin at 830.. bt then, dat time no mood to camwhore YET.. so jz wait at there talking nothing laa...
me, bro, yee's elder and younger bro + modulator went for the last ride.. tengok2 reach kalong resort at 11++ = =''
wait till FAT MOU dy..
BUT THE MOTORBOAT RIDE WAS FUN..!! THOSE SCREECHING WIND, BASHING BUMPS AND SPLASHING WAVES..!! woooohoooo!!! ok la, 1st time for me to ride on a motorboat.. lol
then we reach the resort.. take the snorkelling set and life jacket, check in and everything liao, terus go snorkel..
ha, snorkel at BEACHSIDE..! LOL
jz me and my bro laa actually, cuz wanna practice how to use the apparatus b4 goin for the real thing, well to tell u all, im actually afraid of the sea, cuz i nearly drowned myself in the sea when i was small, and i SUCKS in water, alex and foong noe this too well.. lol
*after 15 minutes*
both of us terus went up and go for lunch, cuz practically both of us felt like IDIOTS.. lol, nobody was there to practice... hahhaha
err, yee, sry to say this but.... I CAN COOK BETTER THAN HIM FOR THE 1ST LUNCH!!! lol, the lunch was so so so so not satisfying.... bt at least its gud cuz later have to go snorkel ma..
we reach the place... err, its called.. hai yang gong yuan? i dunno i forgot...
bt the fishes there is WITHIN CONTACT! haha, 1st time to be in so near wif groups of fishes.. seriously a lot of fish there! and colourful too..! cant rily describe... and no pic.. cuz my cam cant bring INTO water... = =''
owh, haha and i was shocked when i saw sumthing translucent
'jellyfish got so near to beachside 1 meh??'
tengok tengok its an empty 1.5 liter mineral bottle... 'seamaster' LOL, ironic.. haha
the coral reef there was nice... AND I TOUCHED A SEA CUCUMBER THERE FOR THE 1ST TIME..!!! its so fugly.. seriously.. haha, yang is so brave... he keep ushering me to try holding it.. and it practically SUCKS on my palm.. WAT THE FALL..!! so geli.. lol.. FYI, sea cucumber, their body, texture and looks is about the same as garden worm, black, fat, geli...
got 1 sea cucumber got duri duri some more.. wa lao eh...
last 30 minutes of the snorkelling activity, all of us are in a 'quest', to find yee's snorkel.. lol, she lost it, dunno where... bt came back wif nothing, then she go cilok 1 snorkel from 1 boat... bad gal lol
emm, the 1st day ends like dat.. cuz go back, eat dinner, then self activity dy... so me, peng, yee and amy jz sit down and chat chat chat lor.. occasionaly my bro joins in too, cuz he's bz wif ping pong..
owh, the 2nd day's nite, i said sumthing weird to u huh, miss l.. sry, was crazy.. cant think straight dat time...
owh, then at nite oso we went INTO the sea, haha, cuz it was... air surut.. (dunno wats the term in english...)
its like... MILLIONS of bloody black SEA CUCUMBERS..!! ARGH...!! careful not to step on it...
it stiffens.. soft soft, then become hard.... stimuli and response? lol

Third day :
woke up from the chillness, ooo its cool~
after breakfast, we head for snorkelling liao...
owh, FRI(for readers info), this trip is not those relax relax type of trip, its more to snorkel.. quite fun for me as i never tried b4 =)
this time, its WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY different from yesterday's
cuz its LEGENDARY-LY DEEP...!!! wa lao eh.. seriously... i had my mask up, bt no power, so i cant really sea the view down there, jz some blur images.. im like floating above 6 storeys high up... bt still i can see those bloody black sea cucumbers lol... cuz its black... while the bg is bluish-green.. so, when they say..
'hey!! look at here, the fish damn colourful and nice ah!!'
*saw a silver-ish blue shadow past by*
'waaaa..!! this oyster so big leh...!!'
*widening eyes to the max lvl, bt wat is saw is jz a plain bg of coral...*
lol, those sea creatures rily noe how to camou themselves...
and as i said, dun rily noe how to swim, everytime near my group sure bang into them, like a bowling ball to the pins.. hahahah, 1 bang all separated lol
this snorkelling spot is more concentrated wif coral reefs, less fishes... damn those coral reefs...!! goddamn big wei..!! rily big!! wa lao... bt no pic.. lol
then we go back to this kalong resort thingy and had our lunch b4 heading out for our 3rd snorkel... did i tell u guys bout the ping pong stuff?
we were actually aiming for the PING PONG IDOL
lol, cuz, the modulator(calvin, lol now onli intro him) is quite pro in ping pong, in a few row oso nobody beats him, and so when i challenge him (FRI, i dunno to play ping pong lol), i jz shouted out, 'THANK YOU THANK YOU, IM THE EVERYTHING TO BE THE NEXT MALAYSIAN NEXT TOP PING PONG IDOL' hahahahaha (compilation of american idol and american next top model ><)
ok la cut the crap.. we head to the next snorkel spot dy... in there there's LOTS of fishes, bt a waste is dat i saw onli fishes, nothing more... no jellyfish, no starfish all dat.. *sigh*
cuz its already the third time snorkelling, so, not dat enthusiastic ady.. bt then i think the view there is the best among the 3.. and peng said she saw some fossilized donut?? lol
then after dat we head back to kalong again... hey don u guys think kalong is like some thai resort... KA, LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, savadi, KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP... lol, after tea time we went to laguna resort... nothing much there, jz dat more ppl and the sand is finer... bt kalong is more tranquil! =) better for those who prefers to relax...
went laguna to take pic lor, tot can meet some hot blond.. bt tengok tengok apa pun x ada *sigh* LOL
when it was dinner, yee's father took out a bday cake and the crowd went singing!! weeee~~ hapy laa tu yee, hahaha
and i have to say, u owe me sumthing yee, cuz i ate TWO slices of cake...!! wa lao, rily giv face liao leh!! =p
we saw the full moon at nite...!!(reminds me of somebody! =D) tried to take pic of the reflection on the sea cuz it was rily some sight there.. bt, cant, too far..
bt it was rily rily rily NICE moon..
then yee told me it was some festival, then onli full moon... forgot wat was it..
after dat we jz sat at the cafeteria there chit chatting.. and went down to the sea... AGAIN...!
this time wif more ppl.. haha, amy's sis both of them so funny... was practically TERRORIZED by sea cucumber, actually amy oso... keep screaming lol, cuz 1 of them stepped on a sea cucumber, and it bleed? (i dunno if a sea cucumber got blood bt it oozed out sum liquid...)
then i saw a sotong...!!! hao went and poke it, and it used the tentacle to slap his finger lol...
and then i saw one sea urchin... GODDAMN SHARP WEI...!! those spikes, boleh mati.... don dare to touch at all.. haha

Last day :
*poker face's ringtone rang*
*i wanna hold em like i do in texas ple....*
*slides up and down the hp to activate snooze, stares at screen, 4.30am*
ahhhh.... to watch the sun rise... lol
promised each other to meet up at 5am, tengok tengok those gals woke up late = =''
so we were at beach at about 5.30am... its PITCH BLACK
and i experimented sumthing there
aim : to investigate whether this string bed can withstand brian's weight
hypothesis : the string bed can withstand weight up to 1000N, so brian's weitght is withstandable
apparatus and materials : brian, string bed
procedure :
1) set up the apparatus as desired
2)brian sleeps on the string bed
3)yang is asked to swing the bed
4)note any unusual sound at the edge of the string
5)swing after 15 minutes and observe any changes made to the string bed
conclusion : this string bed CAN withstand brian's weight.. lol
we waited since 5.30am, bt we can onli see the egg yolk when it was 7.30am... = =''
cuz the view is actually partially blocked by some mountains... *sigh*
so, in the mean time, brian's cam-whoring-mode has been activated.. lol
after breakfast, go bath and balik dy..
when it was time to go back, brian's cam-whoring-mode is in its OPTIMUM state, lol, took LOTS AND LOTS of pics...
and i love my new baju, the OVERSIZE baju...
emmm, in the way back... nothing much happened..
jz dat my bro got addicted by happy tree frens.. lol, yang influenced us to do so!!
damn bloody, and painful.. haha
in the bus, keep taking pictures lor..
so... dats about it i guess?
for those who wanna see pics, go to my fb laa.. givin u guys the link.. i x post all, 400++ leh, crazy?? haha
jz posted 80 in there..

ps : for dat particular some1, this trip is FUN, don worry =)