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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2nd Pomelo Trip!

I'm sure some, if not most of you know that I went to Langkawi few weeks earlier, on 15-18th January. If my memory is not playing a trick on me, I guess its my first time of me stepping on that island! Well, here goes!

Day 1
Our flight is on  6.45pm, so the first day's plan was to fly there and take some good rest, while eating the SUPPOSEDLY nice and cheap seafood in Langkawi! (Well, the logic goes that Langkawi is an island and its surrounded with fresh seafood thus the abundance will cut the cost while promising quality delicacy but oh well, you can say I dream too much ~.~)
As we arrived Langkawi and planning for dinner. Waze is an indispensable apps for that period!

Well, one thing I've learned for sure is that, NEVER, EVER, TRUST ENTIRELY UPON REVIEW!

'XX restaurant is famous for their fresh and cheap seafood.'
' Nice.'
'A must-go place while visiting Langkawi!'

And all these review really did make me feel like 'OH YEAH AWESOME WE GONNA GET SOME REAL NICE FOOD TODAYYY!'
Turned out to be a big disappointment =.= the standard is even worse than that of KL, and the price is not that cheap too.
Funny thing is that, when we asked the uncle about the famous dishes of his restaurant:
Me: 'Uncle, so what's your famous seafood dishes over here ah?'
Uncle: 'We only have what we have in the menu, anyway, roasted chicken is famous here'
Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit, but still, I cant hide my disappointment. Grrr.

Then we go jalan jalan pasar malam, and went back hotel and sleep. Not much of activity for day 1! I guess everybody is tired from traveling on that day. You might ask, 'why Langkawi if no booze!?'
That, is for the 2nd day. But I must say, I was having insomnia for the first day due to several reason. (Little deer randomly collide)

Ok, till the next post! hahaha

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Tend to grab your attention.
And if you've managed to read till this sentence, ok I succeeded! lol, anyway, Apek hill.... Not-so-pleasant experience for today!

Left my hse at about 6.15am, reached the entrance of Apek hill at 7am because went to the wrong place.

Long story short, started hiking at about 7.15am. What's the first step in hiking? Warm up? Explanation of safety precautionary steps? NO!
Set up code name! haha xD
Our group of 5 consists of : Satay, Leng Lui Yan, Ali, 33 and CT, special name right? hahah, since they say we should not use our true name in forest for reasons that I have no idea why!

Jalan jalan trek trek, we managed to reach the waterfall quite late.. At about 10am+ if I'm not mistaken, this is due to the stamina of one of us is not that strongggggggggg (my advise, we really have to have basic stamina requirement before hiking to make the whole journey more enjoyable!)

Reached the waterfall, ignore my expression please -.- (thats my expression haha)
Guess who is who!

Anyway, what I can say is that, the size and view of the waterfall is really.... DISAPPOINTING!

Its so small, so low and so shallow!! All the effort to go all the way is not worth it at all! Although I do enjoy the process of hiking lar...

Sigh, kena con liao, and I thought the waterfall would be something like this:
Okay, might be exaggerating a bit lol~
But actually its only something like this:

Sigh..... The water only reaches about my ankle level! So miniature =/

And so we turned back rather disappointed as we were expecting something greater, as we are descending down the hill:
Gym equipments! Who would have thought that in the middle of nowhere something like this appears! lol

 P/S: Ignore my pink shirt and sexy upper part please. lol

And this is the part, the day where I should not trust others easily. FYI, there are A LOT of different route either going uphill or downhill, thus in the middle way of going downhill we asked a passerby for direction, and she pointed the wrong way!!

So we ended up going down the longer and harder way, reaching the bottom of the hill at 12pm... Imagine that...

And, that's not all!!

We ended up at the wrong exit as we were during the entrance!
 Dragging the tired body with sore leg and growling stomach for another 2km under the scorching sun...!!!

At last... We manage to reach back our car at about 12.45pm.... Sigh, tough hike...

 So, that's the imba journey we had for today, PARTIALLY lost in Apek Hill, the address is all very misleading and I advise others who intend to hike there, PLEASEEE check your GPS properly before heading there! Like, seriously =l

Anyway, before I end the post today,
Starting violin with babysteps now =)

Oh well, at least I know how to play a 'Happy Birthday' song! Hahaha, currently practicing on Disney's pieces, as Miss L loves it much =)

That's all, till the next time folks! Peace! =D

Friday, January 3, 2014

Looking around

Wow I can still see a lot of my friends are still actively blogging, while me,  *touches blogger e-dust* its 50 inches thick!

From this I can see that my power of persistence is not as good as others, at least in terms of blogging. =/ Oh well, ok skip!

Just figured out that I should rekindle my blogging habit as my brain is turning rusty from the lack of thinking and force feeding of medical knowledge. I tend to be less creative and less receptive, in other words, I AM EVOLVING INTO A SLOWPOKE!!

Ok, so I reckon this might be a way to sharpen my mind, aside from Dota 2, yea I STRONGLY believe that helps too! =p

Its fun to have someone with sharp mind and some sense of humour around, it really lightens up the whole atmosphere! And this is important now because... It would be a better companion if you are a funny one =D

And, as you guys know, its 2014 now...! Woohoo HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Confetti + fireworks + blasting sound effect)
 That's partially why I wana blog again, lol
Oh well, at least I am trying. lol, his expression is epic though.

So, as most of you all have read thru the previous post, I believe you all know that I am 'occupied' now. But truth to be told, actually, are there really GREAT differences between single and having a partner? Just curious.

For me, there is this weird longing sense all the time, but somehow, this would not compel me to find her all the time! When I was single, of course this is non existent and there wont be particular someone in my mind all the time even though the thing I'm doing has nothing to do with her!
The #justwanabewithyou feeling is too damn high! -.-

When I was single, I looked at other girls all the time. Now that I'm in a relationship, I still look at other girls all the time xD

This I must admit, after being into a relationship, I tend to over think at times, I'm worried if my action will result in a wrong doing. How to do this/that etc, but I guess I just have to ease off and let it flow. But then, I still think that some effort has to be done to maintain a happy/healthy relationship! Cant be letting it spinning wildly around right?

I want to know every single details of her if possible, but due to my laziness, it has not been completely done. hahaha. Which, if previously someone ask me to do that, I will be like...
My tongue has not been any sweeter before. Which sometimes its kinda.... weird for me to accept as well. I have the perception that love has to be expressed, of course, conveniently by words, but action speaks louder and thus, I have to do more and talk less!

Anyway, that's what I think la, actually I don't really know what I'm writing as well, so, yeah.

Going Apek hill tomorrow with housemate, 2 more final papers before I'm liberated!!! =D

Till then guys, see ya! =)