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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Interesting breakthrough

Honestly, I was amazed by my own calmness. haha..
We had Biology practical practice on Friday, mice dissecting event! woohoo~ but, that was not the compulsory experiment, that's why we used preserved(super dry, shrunken, kinda waxy) lil white mice.
And now to explore the private part of flowers, I was like, 'ugh wth? flower pun tgk ke...' lol
For next week, we are gonna create dichotomous key for snails...
and i remembered how strong the shell of the snail is attached to its body! crazy!
try to imagine this:
i) A snail attached on an inverted rubbish bin (conventional black,large, empty plastic rubbish bin)
ii) tried to lift the snail off
iii) the whole bin was lifted
lol crazy

-countdown, 12 more days to have mid term exam. one of the major factor that's making my hair falling down everyday? lol
-countdown, 10 more days before reaching the due date for exhibition guide member recruiting. Seriously, i hope my fren can fight alongside with me in this challenge, to work together hand in hand creating something awesome from scratch =)
-countdown, 3 more days for the INFLUX of lower six. kok wai is gonna have a big head then! same goes to me

and.. *sigh* why cant i be more motivated and hardworking! im just too dependent on something sometimes. no frens-cant study, no library-cant study, hot-cant study, pencil not sharp-cant study(lol wth?)
damn.. damn!! michelle, don be so hardworking can o not!! u r freaking me out arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

and recently.. im addicted to gossips.. like, wth?? b4 this im jz INTERESTED in it but now, its a whole new level lol..

and to relate back to my title of the day, actually, there's no direct correlation oso.. this post was supposed to be brought out weeks ago, jz dat im too lazy to complete it haha..

owh, ya 1 more thing, im satisfied with my performance in muet speaking exam? (guess so)
at least i didn't stutter with words and performed badly..

and wow, seriously, there's A LOT of ppl that's interested in photography, as in, the art of photography, not jz plain, simply taken photos. not bad..

till then, it will be long, savour =D (although this is not juicy at all)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Recent me.

There has been a lot of happenings in just a week. Sports day, my birthday, piano fiesta and elephant sanctuary.. and it all lead to the flooding in my facebook profile haha..

This is one of the performer that i LOVED the most (in the piano fiesta event)
seriously, her music touches my heart
I remembered once when i was down(cuz of hw stress or stuff like dat) and got no mood to do anything, then this enchanting melody of her was played, elegantly, beautifully~ wow..
It brings me back to life!
she's my classmate =D
*sigh admiringly*

anyway, actually, most of the pictures are uploaded in facebook, so, its kinda like fb substituted the role of blog?(just creating a bullcrap to cover up my lazy act) lol..

for my vid, i didn't record my own vid for dat day itself, haha, no confidence lol. had my play recorded back in home.. and had it uploaded in fb yesterday =D (please do comment! haha)

Actually, the thing that is haunting me now is.. the ever nearing exam that is marching relentlessly.. Especially the science subject and maths! *sigh* or actually u can just say im worried about EVERY subject.. even MUET, have no confidence in writing and speaking.. my teacher commented me that im having A LOT of grammatical errors during writing an essay... erghhhh, I really gotta improve my writing skills! read more? anyway, please do correct me if im having any grammar mistakes during conversation or stuff like that, its ok i wont be TOO defensive, don worry~ hahaha

For the other subjects, its not easy too, there's SO MANY things to cover.. including wat we'd learned in lower 6 (which, i had kicked it all outta my mind) ergh... i still remember the scene when our chem teacher called us to set the target for our mid term test
teacher : so, wats ur aim for mid term test? must not be lower than 75 ah! cuz u get 75 for march exam!
me : ....... *wrote the figure 7 and 5 forcefully*
see, the pain to even write out my hope... ergh.. i rily hope i can cope up with all the activities im having and still manage to excel in my academics..

anyway, my face's condition is worsening, any1 can recommend me any gud docs? no, i don wan2 go for facial treatment, docs would be the best.. and if u r recommending specialist, please laa don recommend those too expensive punya! mom don let.. lol..

its already april, its so soon, its so unexpected, its so uninvited.. *murmurs murmurs*