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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Promoter, again.

You know what's the hardest part working as a promoter?

-Entertaining irritating customer?
-Working your ass off pushing stocks out?
-Handling damaged cans emitting foul odor?

The WORST part of working as a promoter is that, THERE IS NOTHING TO DO!!

Last weekend was the peak time where the traffic was the highest, approximately 2 thousand cartons of beers sold in 2 days. Then, silence follows, Monday, MOURNDAY. All the customer tak tau pigi mana liao... = =''

The 2nd day of boredom entails, but this time, we got smarter! (Do we?)
Few of the promoter gathered and played 'Killer', keep telling cold jokes and lame riddles, and at last 'gambled' hahaha, too bad Miss M chow already, if not she can gamble together.. haha =D

But oh well, at least that killed some time there. Haha.

Ok, working days are not worth mentioning here, I don't get anything exciting or worth noting anyways.

Recently I'm reading a book by Richard Dawkin's 'The Greatest Show On Earth'.
Going back to my memories in 1st semester, attending Philosophy of Science course, the lecturer is a true hardcore supporter of Creationist.

 His lecture have me thinking The Theory of Evolution is nothing but absurdity. An agenda brought up by Europeans and later being manipulated by Hitler and a few more leaders into Social Darwinism, or, in easier term 'Survival of the Fittest'.

But, THIS book really proves otherwise, I'm not even halfway through it and I can see that this Theory of Evolution is consistent with a lot of modern scientific discovery and its not just simply a bogus.
Still reading, still open to opinions!

Anyway, I find funny people, funny!(Please insert YOUDONTSAY meme, lol) Haha! Fun to be with =D