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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Culture can really unite people huh?
Today I spoke to a few person that is of other nationality
-And others are Arab
Sadly enough none of them are XX! sigh.. lol

Anyway, although I didn't really know them before this but I was able to communicate with them smoothly with minor language barrier via the exchange of experience about culture [In my case, FOOD of course! haha]
What you expect? You think I'm gonna talk about some super ancient civilization or history about their and our country intensely? lol, of course not!
Talked about food in Taiwan, in Libya and stuff like that... Now that I know, although Malaysia's size is about ~10% of the size of Libya and having the population of about ~25mil, guess what's their population?

~F.I.V.E.M.I.L.L.I.O.N. only!!
wow damnnn, so sikit orang, haha.. ok, its some new stuff for me, and i showed the 0.o face to him haha..

A conclusion they made is that the food here is the better compared to their country's and they say that civilian here in Malaysia are comparatively more naive than that of their country's? I highly doubt that though. lol

And oh! The way Arab speaks, iss sooo interesting!!
They always have a lot of pronunciation starts with 'schn' or 'th' and it started of in some super soprano high voice [Just like the starting of the song in my blog] for their sentence haha..


Step up 3 is a truly must watch movie for those who loves hands-waving-booty-shaking body-trembling-soul-soaring moves! lol
I would rate his story line as WEAK, because there aren't any serious conflicts or what not, and the flow is quite predictable actually..
What makes the whole show, a show, is the abundance in dancing and battle scene which made me goes AHHHH~! [ok that sounds gay though]
haha, SERIOUSLY! Their moves are so cool that at one point I felt like standing up and follow the music! Let me see you pop~

Hmmm what more... oh, the curry in Ichiban Ramen, don't try it dude, I can cook like 23x better than that == '' and that set of meal robbed me Rm 20 literally ugh... Imagine how I can spent that money in pasar malam instead...

Glynn!! heh heh......

Friday, August 20, 2010

My turn to crap

Guess what, I won myself an 'award' being one of the best actor for the sketch, haha, vids are on FB, lazy to upload, and results in getting myself a thesaurus, which I think it comes in quite handy, to make your sentence having subtle meaning haha.

And there are some 'BLOOD FEUD' going on in school.. If you ask me, its NOTHING big actually, its just that pride and ego takes over one's consciousness and worsens a matter, ugh, ego, what a bad quality to have it on. To actually think that you are of higher superiority than other, shallow. Although at times we tend to be like this too, consciously or unconsciously, we must eradicate this, at once! Learn to be humble, and yes, I'm learning =)

There's one chinese proverb saying something like 'the longer you spent with someone then only you will get to know one's real attitude'
Can't agree more.
Sometimes we get to be deceived by that individual's seemingly kind-nice-benign nature but deep down inside...... We never know. But I still believe that if you treat others sincerely, MOST OF THE TIME, most of the time la, not everytime, lol.. they will treat you back sincerely too =D

Oh and one more thing, recently I found out some natural, affordable, abundant revitalizing and neutralizing recipe [lol], for more info, please refer to the note attached in my fb profile, haha, its this short then, till the next time, bye~

Thursday, August 5, 2010


How often can we say out loud, in a determined manner, or rather, defiantly to our own lazy nature, that, 'I WANT TO DO THIS!' ? Not always huh? *self reflecting*
EVEN IF, we did set up a goal, a target, a mission or anything synonymic with it, how long can this spirit perpetuate?

Had a rather motivating and fruitful meeting just now. What Angela [our SD leader] said was truly realistic rather than ideological, to be moved at the point when you are moved, and that's not enough! And to set a goal for self, there and then, and as you promised yourself to achieve something, you are somehow FORCED to fulfill the promise you self promised.

A light that shines in the dark, the darker the surrounding, the brighter the source illuminates. To be changed and altered and influenced and somehow distracted by the surrounding is just a weak reason showing you are not disciplined enough to do what is supposed to be done. And THAT, is the current most likely major and greatest threat facing us, the youth and teens. Being an adolescent should be the golden era of a man's life, the vigor, valor, aggressive qualities that should be in us to create a memorable, reputable and invaluable history in this span of time. Instead, most of us [well, sadly enough, including me] are swayed by the waves of reluctance, of sedentary, of comfort and of no value. Again, this must be changed!


Work hard to achieve it! Let's work on it together! =D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


There are things bugging me nowadays
I know I have to scrap it off before it incorporates in me
Being helpful is great, but know our own limit is of greater importance.