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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How can it be like this...

I hate it
Y is this happening to me?
im being hamburger-ed...
between frenship
and responsibility
shud i lie? for the sake of fren?
or shud i spill out the truth? for the better good...
or is it rily for the better good?
it cuts me like a knife..
to endure
and suffer
the feeling like this..
a succumbing link, going to be vanished in a brink of eye..
and here i am
not knowing wat to do..
stop doing this to me..
its rily tiring..
don laa..
if either one of u stop it, it would be miraculous..
and both of u wont be as stiff as now..
wat i shud do?
wat shud i do!
do wat i shud?
shud i do wat?
*mumbling and shouting in semi-trance*
mr A, stop it laa..
do wat u promised, and don let the others to be disappointed..
don let me, ur parents, and others who have hopes on u, falling into pit of utmost darkness, a state dat makes us never to trust u again..
mrs A
i noe its for his own gud...
bt im jz a bystander rite, sry, an INNOCENT bystander
y shud u drag me down the water? no..
u r in NO position to do so!
it cracks me up... getting more and more frenzy each day... *sigh*
cant u solve it urself by ur own means? without involving others and have a truce wif mr A?
*bangs head*
now, facing mr A every single day..
i feel so sry..
for betraying him..
for selling him out his trust..
bt, i cant lie, i jz cant do it..!
i wonder
if he's jz acting in front of me
being normal frens, chat like normal, as if nothing happenned
bt deep down inside..
the hatred within is constantly mounting and is waiting for the perfect time to erupt..
is it?
or am i jz being over-cautious?
bt, i wont blame him if he hates me, or allege me as a hypocrite..
cuz, i AM 1 currently..
AND I HATE IT SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! F*** (stomps the floor while showing universal sign language with both hand)
tell me..
is this a challenge for me? to test my wisdom? to challenge my faith?
if it is.. this is GODDANGIT HARD... swt..
alrite, here goes the main question..
if u guys were in my shoes, wat u guys will do?
A) Keep mr A's secret, and spill nothing to mrs A, to maintain frenship wif him
B) Spill secrets of mr A to mrs A whenever mrs A asks, bt in the same time tries to help out mr A by saying gud words of mr A, for mr A's better good..
C) Screw both of them, do nothing and be the normal cheerful brian (yippee!)
D) Confront mr A, and tell him the truth, and solve it together..

now im doin B, and im considering D.. so.. how?

** mr A and mrs A are not the initial of the subject mentioned


ahhhhh!! miss L! sry, i was baffled by ur voice yesterday! and i tot something happened..
now dat u tell me nothing's goin on... lol, so malu.. haha....
wat to do, ur voice too sweet huh? cant really differenciate the difference xD

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heckly Hectic Hell

sry viewers...!!! ergh, its been sooooooooo bloody long since i last posted..
frequently came here to check out for comments feed bt, haha, no blog updates, no new comments...
the reason for y i have been hiding myself (as u guys had noticed xD) is CLEARLY stated as the title..
its really been a trying time for me this month..
wif all the hw, activities and tuitions' hw piling up..
there's something on 15th, a MAJOR thing on 30th, a ANTICIPATED event on 31st, and a FEARSOME stuff on 1st of august...
its all coming in a row...
+ skool exam pulak 3rd of august... *sigh*
bt above all, im blogging here =p
EIGHTH OF AUGUST IS APPROACHING...!!!! *shrieks helplessly*
wat shud i do?
will she be ok wif it?
is it too simple?
is it meaningless?
she will hate it???
is it memorable?
its not surprising at all and its so so so so soooooooooooooooo expected..!!??
*scratches head madly till all dandruff comes out*
ideas APPRECIATED...!!!