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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Unexpected outcome?

Before I start this post, lets have some fireworks display.
*piew piew piew BOOOMM!*
And some toast, maybe?
*Glass clanging sound effect*

Because.... I got nominated as the Course King of the night!! *Please insert dramatic expression* lol

Frankly speaking, it was really unexpected and 1st of all, I would like to thanks my mom, my dad, my bro, my uncle, the cat from the 3rd neighbouring house, the fan in my room, etc etc *oscar style*. lol


If you notice those pictures in facebook, then you will know how casual I was during the dinner and how much others wore and looked better than me! But maybe its just because of some of the solo performances and the sudden presentation of entertainment I did that left deep impression on them, hmmm~~

From what I can say over here is that, by using your limited time for interaction with people that matters to you *interviewer, judge etc*, what can you do to leave good and great impression on them? Learned something that night, personality and the atmosphere you stir on are factors not to be neglected!

Anyway, paid Rm70, but only drank a cup of cordial orange drink, and a plate of variety of food, very x berbaloi!!! lol, the only thing that comforts me is getting a free watch, 'couple watch' with my partner Course Queen if you want to know, lol, which, I think its kinda normal but its better than nothing! And a grey colour shawl usable for formal functions, pictures kat facebook! Just expressing my disbelief over here hahaha~ But, its a really good experience anyway, WHAT A NIGHT!! =)
The watch I got and the accompanying grey shawl.

Out of curiosity I went and googled up Master Polo brand, which is the watch brand that I got, and this is what I found out!
Rm30 for this couple watch

Ok, maybe not that expensive but I'm actually quite contended with it and with the bangga-ness I had yesterday hahahaha=D

Anyway, I managed to infect most of the people yesterday with my favourite phrase of mine  currently, 'UNTUNGLARRRRr~~~!!' hahahaha

k la that's one good news, till the next post peeps =)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Something to post before you guys forget bout me. lol

'Brian! Mana awak!!'
Oh well, at least that's what I usually hear when some of my ex-coursemate met me. haha,

Anyway, just to update, lets start up with some positive news first!
 i) Leng luis are piling up the sky in my college *drool*

ii) This college is bustling with activities! As oppose to what I thought of a health science student should be, hide in room and burying themselves with 15 inches thick reference books. lol

iii) Spacious and comfortable house + rather friendly (I think!) housemates, still not close to them though. hmmm..

Recently I've been in events and meetings frequently, reaching my room at about 1-2am every night, or rather, morning. lol, because tomorrow would be D-day! Course night, and we have to do a musical performance spanning about 25 minutes, that's why tiap tiap malam practice like mad, even though everybody is having test, but still they are committed to come for practice! Not bad~

One interesting thing is that I've been kinda active engaging in translation works too, but its only from chinese/cantonese to English laa, still practicing, especially on translation live dialogue, with no preparation from the speaker and translate spontaneously! Challenge!

Wanting to improve my English and also, of course, my critical thinking skills in refuting others, I joined college debating team too. I think its a really good chance to train how you will react when someone said something, and to analyze it logically and critically. Of course, the most important thing is to be persuasive enough, luring others into buying your idea, haha I think its kinda interesting~

Hmmm, but something rather unhappy happened recently.

5 more marks to pass my piano exam! Sigh.. 95/150. I know its really a bad score, but , so close!! What a waste... a year plus of efforts and money.....
just a random  picture, the one I am really feeling is....
Sigh... But frankly speaking la, although I'm quite disappointed with myself because of not achieving victory in everything I do, but I'm not that entirely sad laa, because I know the effort I'm putting in is really not enough for a grade 8 student!

Imagine, usually a grade 8 pianist would practice AT LEAST 1 hour per day, maybe? That's a very conservative figure, and I only got the time to practice about 2 hours PER WEEEK!! Going back from UPM to Metro Kajang every week via public transport, walking and just to attend the class, so.. its somehow something not too shocking to know that I failed..

Yesterday teacher asked me if I want to take another shot for this, and I'm still considering hard about this, next July would be the exam, and I gotta practice like mad! Although the pieces would be the same thing.. Take the challenge, or not?