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Sunday, May 31, 2009

poom, poom! yeah~

moni geh, yo cha ga, komuni gu shu na yo geh~
poom, chi poom, poom chi, poom, chi poom, poom chi, ao~~
ok, dats about the sound i GUESS, simply type punya.. hahaha
ok la i will jz let the video do the talking today..
i performed dance in metro point on 30th and 31st
1) girls on top
2) come and get me
bt, jz gonna post the 1st song cuz the 2nd song is not dat nice.. hahaha..
ok stop spatting out the word noob 1st...!!
never said im pro rite!! *innocent face*
uploaded 2 vids, the other vid is misato and jack do their DANCE..!! woooo move it!! yeah~
damn, pumped me up jz by watching it, quite cool if u ask me, and nice! =D
urm.. wat some more..
i noe its bloody tight.. until u can see the so-called-50-cents-as-referred-by-aiman, stated foong.. lol
owh ya! the food in the new opened taiwan restaurant in mp is kinda sucky, tried for the 1st time today and don think im gonna go for the 2nd time, dunno la, maybe im jz purely unlucky to try dat lousy noodle...
ok la dats all for now.. 4 more days and counting!! xD

ps: started to miss =(

Thursday, May 28, 2009

cheng said dat
'how come no one realised my blog?'
and so i thought i might do him the offer =D


FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT...!! come earlier...!! =)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

reno...! cow..!! ergh

any1 of u guys tried reno in hse b4?
holy sheep man, DUST EVERYWHERE..!!!
although all those stuff is happening up stair, bt down stair oso kena kao kao.. swt..
eg 1 :
mom - 'eh ah B(FYI, dats my name in hse = =''), go mop the floor b4 u bath, k?'
me - 'kk'
(mop whole-heartedly using licin licin and changed the water twice for like 10 minutes)
(after 10 minutes bath)
*steps on floor, felt IMPURITIES*
*raises up leg slightly, saw black stain on floor*
me - '.............'

eg 2 :
(9 am in the morning)
*hammer and spades whacking the floor, screeching sound of drills, metallic rustling sounds ALL TOGETHER*
me - *woke up abruptly, stares at blank wall, held up finger to show universal sign and curse silently*

eg 3 :
bro - 'eh ah B, yesterday i sleep sofa, today ur turn to sleep la, i sleep mattress liao..'
me - 'wokay no prob'
(1 am)
*twitching, flipping, somersault-ing at the 2 seated sofa*
me - 'ergh... eff...!! *self fanning vigorously*'
me - 'wat the fall..!'
*sleeps on floor*

dats jz a few example laaa of wats goin on during this week...
actually not some major reno oso, jz tile changing for 3 rooms and 3 wc.. bt.. wat a fuss... = =''
and all the food + water must be covered, if not, rover memang untung dy laa.. haha
no pics for my hse in this mean time, camera rosak, and my phone connnecting wire dunno letak mana dy.. so.. ya dats it... *sigh* thinking of having to wipe EVERY SINGLE thing after the reno...
ahh... any1 interested to be some temporary maid, call me at 016gdfaagb!!! lol
some code to crack, AGAIN =p

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm so FUCKING screwed

Monday, May 11, 2009

The day it went clear..

*stares at monitor helplessly*
(phone sms ringtone alert rings)
*grabbed the phone, watched, read, and STARED DISBELIEVINGLY*
'yeah, i got to korea...'
ok la, congratz laa yen.. despite the other side of jealousy of mine.. haha..
well, as far as im concern, ppl kena jpa is..
yen - to korea! woohoo!
peng - in msia
sanjay - unknown?
ramesh - msia
tamil - msia
hema - msia..
and as u can READ, 1 fella onli i noe go abroad.. damn..
such luck...
bt, reading those blogs posted by them, it seems dat the joyfulness of being selected by the JPA failed to overcome the griefness they felt, they have to part wif their so called 'soulmates'..
well, as wat sin mun said, tian xia you bu shan zi yan hui?
err, translation in malaysian style = everything sure pisah punya time wan laaaa
sad, its a must, bt, don be TOO sad..
i mean, try to get over it dude..
u guys still can connect wif each other via internet, webcam, skype all those stuff rite.. not dat have to catch some goddamn merpati bird and put some hidden scroll under its leg..
although u cant practically meet her in FLESH, bt still, if u guys connect wif each other, things will turn alrite.. =)
and so, today i went reko, and went thru all those goddamn bloody miserable processes... AGAIN..!!
to and fro from reko and yu hua.. damn, i really hope dat i can enter yu hua, if not, high skool oso ok.. better than reko rite..?
based on the reputation..
k la, cut the crap and go straight to the point (i noe u guys been dreading for this sentence, haha)
jz to tell u guys, we are already 18, or for some, 17 and half?? to have a life dat is kinda diff from wat we went thru b4 this, we must brace ourself for any upcoming obstacle!
never giv up!
strive for success!!
wonder y im so frigging pumped up now... = =''
gud luck to all
wai mun, wish u can adapt to ur new surrounding..! =)
sin wee, stick wif me and get new gals LOL
yann way, DAMN, u r doing good and having fun there huh? audition for some drama thingy~
yuan tian, chee yee, sin mun - GET GUD GRADES IN UR FNAL COUNTDOWN..!!! haha
peng, gud la now, at least u can save ur thinking bout those budget and cost.. although u actually wanted to giv us some surprise today...
yee, oh c'mon.. don be sad cuz ur fren leave, she off for a BETTER good =D wish her luck!
amy, maybe u wil find more frens dats more enthusiastic bout thriller in high skool? aiyo, come yu hua laa.. haha
yen, whoah dude.. damn! i cant believe i lose to u! bt neway, seriously, i wish u ALL THE BEST sincerely from the bottom of my heart, to be alone studying out there is not like buying nasi lemak from pasar, not dat ez... so, stay strong! although u still have 1 more year stucked in here! haha
cheng! stop being childish, u r bloody f6 now! so think, speak, and act like u r 18!! =p
foong, wa lao eh, foong, cant u still make up ur mind? heard dat u r 50/50 to TARC/f6 now.. = =''
anyway, make a wise choice, no remorse over wat u chose is the best =)
alex, aiya, every sunday oso see, nothing to talk lol, hahaha no la, hope dat u meet LESS nerds, MORE homies..hahahaha!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Its gonna...

11th May
How can u creep into our life, unexpected, silently, and almost ominously...
and am so so so NOT prepared for this..
well, am anticipating for it, bt not prepared.. lols...
and so i went to skool today, hmm, get dat offer letter, then terus go jln reko, ingat boleh gao tim everything today, cuz my mom insisted so... = ='' (told her cant be done..!)
then tengok tengok, sampai jln reko, dat fella called us to come back next monday, to register there, and to hear some briefing...
this system is kinda faulty rite? y cant they jz approve us? or let us do it b4 hand? have to wait for dat day pulak.. zzzz
where to?
yu hua
high skool
jln reko! (hell no!) *shrugs*
noe y? today pergi sudah bagi bad punya impression
went office wif yap to do some stuff, wa seh, got 1 fella wif uniform was already interroggating
2 students without uniform
err, dat fella wif uniform is a POLICE..! =l
so, memang sudah out la this skool..
hmm, yu hua, i wanna enter yu hua cuz... (discreet factor)
high skool, my frens calling me to enter too, lol
bt got some factor halting me from stepping in the skool... cant tell, if not they will bash me up.. haha
f6, its either a broad highway i had myself into
or its jz a mudroad i slammed myself in it..
paradox huh?yea its true, solely depends on me now..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

WAS/ is sick?

alrite alrite, i WAS wrong sammie, i indeed got sick.. hahaha
my head was throbbing, as if some tank hammering my cerebellum
damn, dats not a feeling u wanna try..
makes me no mood for almost EVERYTHING for the whole day, jz lie on bed wondering when the heck its gonna ease off..
bt now, getting better, cuz drink lots and lots of water..
anyway, i wrote this blog, cuz i read the news today
and i was like...




45+ was killed in a shooting spree during a WEDDING, yes i din type it wrong, WEDDING
an occassion where the couple was suppose to get the best of their life turned out to be the worst nitemare imaginable
kinda fake huh? bt, dat was wat happened
casualties not included leh..
wat in the world is goin on....?

Friday, May 1, 2009

ive got lots to spill to u guys
bt then
and now im in cc..
dats y i x update
and well
at least this is
SHORT huh?
nah, updated lor lol