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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Path to be taken..

Went through foo's blog and looking at her effort in researching what courses and universities appropriate for her makes me feel so.. unproductive!

I had been being lazy around for a couple of days..
Not doing my bed
Not cleaning the house
Not practicing the piano
Not doing ANYTHING

And I'm so lazy that I just skipped my lunch and breakfast by oversleeping the whole day... = =''
All my juice of laziness oozing out dy.. lol

Ahhh, not like others.
Norman taking up short courses about financing stuff
Other people working hard everyday to earn extra pocket money..
ME? sigh.

Went for the MCA talk a few days back with Amy, Jia Yee and Norman. It was really informative and worth time spending listening to it, but because of that talk, it crushes my hope to enter those renowned university in Msia, like those UKM UM UPM and UTM.. They are research U and they offer less place to undergraduate compare to other U..

A hard, cold wave crashing a small fragile hut.

On the other hand, my uncle living in Johor is encouraging me to apply for NTU dengan semangat berkobar-kobar yang tidak terhingga paling yang teramat tidak terhitung sekali.
He said NTU has the best facility and lecturer and its better than NUS, if you are interested in research and stuff MESTI KENA MASUK NTU!

But, I do have my own realization that saya baru dapat C point F G, there are more and more brilliant minds out there that is MORE hardworking, SMARTER, more athletic and more presentable than me!

How am I suppose to secure a place in there if the competition is so intense?
So pessimistic, I know I must strive for whatever possibilities, but sad to say I'm not ambitious enough, which, this is one of the thing that I dislike about myself. Having a dream, an ambition, a vision, and a mission for ourselves is one of the greatest motivation you can get not from anyone, but from your own! Usually those with great dreams will do whatever it takes to achieve it, but my future seems to be so obscured by uncertainties..

For now, I must emphasize on the objectives ahead!
Usm application sudah gao dim! [yeah~]
Left UPU
-Find suitable courses
-Understand and dive into my heart to know what I'm interested in. [Of course, with the aid of google.]
-Apply for NTU and understand the terms and condition there.

Initially M.Yoong is supposed to go there, and I feel glad that at least there's someone nice that I can refer with [well she's a perfectionist and she will go through all those TnC stuff and just brief me about it. hahaha]but too bad, now that she abandon the idea to study there. sigh.

I smell iron, from my nose! OUCH

Thursday, February 24, 2011


My hair!! Had a haircut just now..
And no don't get it wrong, I didn't had it bald! Although the title 'CHING!!!' [sound effect] suggested so.
But of course, made some changes from

Fringes to the left, with imba thick-coconut-like top

Something lighter, and able to feel the breeze easily.. lol, no more playing with my hair after this I guess!

Don't know if this hair style suits me, but just wanna make a change since it has been YEARS I've been in that previous hairstyle. haha.. And oh ya, I said I wanna dye my hair, that was before STPM... How come I still don't have the initiative to do so ah? lol

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When hopes are accompanied by fear.

When people have high hopes on you, the fear starts to creep in you.
The fear of disappointing
The fear of losing
The fear of not achieving
The fear, for seeing the faces, of your parents, teachers

The face of shock, of bewilderment, of unbelieving, and of disappointment

As there is great light, darkness follows. There will be no light, if darkness does not exist.


Alright folks, I got my result! And to be frank, its not my desired result but who are to be blamed but Brian Fam Sze Zheng?
For his obnoxious attitude of being last minute all the time?
Although it's above average score, but, humans are greedy.

Its really disappointing to see a non-sharp head in my exam slip.. No I'm not trying to show off here, please~ there are like, so many 4.0 out there!
Talking about that, do I even stand a chance to get scholarships?
Ahhhhh about scholarships, I don't even have a clear view on what I'm pursuing! What I know is that I'm gonna do something related to Bio, which is? [No idea]

Thinking of going NUS, advised by uncle to go and have a try for the application, no harm done right?
But for my result and my attitude, how am I to survive there? Heard from mic that in order to have the scholarship there we have to face an entrance level exam, and to maintain >3.5 CGPA for every test? That's just so not me.. although I realize I have to obliterate this parasitic laziness in me ASAP!

Just applied for USM few hours ago, with much uncertainties unsolved, I proceeded.. Since there weren't many choices available. That 8 choices fits my snugly.

Anyway, I'm not sad or what, just slightly disappointed for myself. For those who got desired results, congratulation and wish you guys tread a great path ahead!

For those who didn't perform well, don't be defeated by this devilish paper. Its just a paper that plays a minor role in your life, its not like the test of destiny or something, [I lol-ed when i typed this haha]
So, don't give up because God has a better plan ahead for you [quote from yeeth =) ] and strive forward ferociously like a lion king roaring with conviction!!
This is a test for your endurance for life, Miss M. =D Cheer up kay?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Public swindler

Why the title?
Please note the titbits.
Titbits, rm10 per packet, can't be rejected and its INSIDE the package of 32++
And most of you must be wondering what titbit on earth that cost us rm10 per packet? Big? Nice?
Its actually mixed muruku with some mimi sticks that is worth AT MOST rm3!!!!
Lobster cracked? wen ket!! Its the white colour roda thingy snacks you can find ANYWHERE that worth at most rm1 or rm2...

Total cost, for FOUR person! just to emphasize my point.. lol

Anyway, we had a really great time singing there, or rather, shouting for me.. me, hui ying, karmun and jay, damnn.. Hui Ying has that VITAS-LIKE VOICE!! she's really good in reaching high pitch voice.. Me? deng ngang xiong only laaa lol, karmun asked if I wanna go to toilet or not when im singing high pitch haha..

Cheng, very confident ahhh you! I noe laa I don sing as WELL as you!!! lol xD
[Ah he wont read this anyway except if other readers remind him to. lol]

Oh yea, seriously in love with the song 'un-break my heart', my climax for the day =D

Friday, February 18, 2011


-Had a few REALLY fulfilling dinner, I think I gained weight =( Gonna work out more often!
-Gonna attend new Muay Thai class in kaki gym, hope it suits me and the people there friendly!
-Love the feeling of texting girls late night, even its not someone special, but still, yeah~ =D
-Skype and dota! Perfect applications combo! lol
-Had a new spec, thick frame *woohoo~* back to my nerd image and I'm loving it =)
-Reading a few courses about their description and spec in the future, but still, the vision hasn't land on me yet...
-Recently, fell in love with David Archuleta... Well, again.. lol
-Monday is not really D-Day for me, at least for now, still don't feel the bite yet.. Maybe a few hours before getting the result then I will tremble in fear and nervously?
-I got a new calculator phone, which, I'm not so used with the connections settings YET, making the yellow man keep swindling my money everyday = ='' [Rm 3-5 everyday u noe!! wa lao pain...]
-Hopes that Monday everyone will get their desired result, and to enter university and courses destined for them! For them and me, to excel and be successful in whatever we are studying or doing!
-Also, for the coming interview on Friday, I seriously hope that each and everyone of us that goes for that interview [khs-ian onli la] manage to get that major project! And I will be flying like a G-6.. lol
-Set my ringtone in hp as 'xiao ao jiang hu', which received several complaints that it is very eerie, especially when it rings at late night. lol [because it involves flutterzunge and overblowing]

-Actually , just want to have this post for you guys to view my blog, so that :
i) My digit counter will increase
ii) And for you guys to listen to the playlist at the right hand side of this blog, go for bruno mars's song, omg that 2 girls is just so cute, esp when she's eating the pear or apple, she's like a hamster hahaha

-Oh yea one more, I personally find that Foo is really good in making artwork that she can even modify her talent into decorating shoes maybe? Lol hey I'm half serious here ok? hahaha

-TJ! I love your blog, full with pictures and love, and your culu-ness mwahaha =p

-Meg, wa lao, emo kia, lol, dah la emo, x mau share your source of emoness some more, go main jauh jauh with jia lei la u 

-Amy, blog, certified dy? lol
-Michelle, brave asss!!! traveling alone!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Anticipation kills.

Since the event that took place during my 2011's CNY weren't really that exciting, I should look forward towards the forthcoming event rather than to look back at my dull holidays..
But because of this 'dull' CNY holidays, I managed to finish 2 characters in Kingdom Hearts-Birth By Sleep! =D awesome game!
Next stop, FF7 as recommended by Lilian!

Anyway, this is gonna be a week saturated with activities!! Well, at least at the end of this week la..
Because I'm gonna take care of my grandpa which is currently staying with me for the next few days till wednesday. Inject insulin thrice a day, settle his phlegm problem and to take care of his movement.. He's already 90+ and his auditory capability is near zero, have to write chinese words in a big piece of paper in order to communicate with him. haha
Makes me wonder, if I really want to live that long? For me, I think an age of about 70+ is quite enough, live a life worth living, and leave no burden to the future generation. Don't take me wrongly, I don't mean that my grandpa is a burden to me now, this is my own visionary. I don't want my children or grandson to get vex about me.

Owh, back to my main topic!
This friday.. Movie spree! Gonna watch 2-3 movies in a row! It has been quite some time since I last tried that.. And I made it an open invitation in Facebook, and invited more than 30++ ppl, wonder if there are even 10 ppl able to make it though.
Saturday! House skipping part 2! [Suggested by alex, cofounded by me, propagated by cheng] before heading to jia wern's hse for CNY steamboat! which will eventually go on and last till late evening and continue yum cha or home visit before returning home!
Sunday!! BBQ in my house! Since there are several requests that they want to come to my house, and its been a REAL LONG TIME since I do any big scale gathering or whatsoever. Gonna call my J4 and KHS friends, reckon its gonna be 20++ Not really sure if my house can accommodate that number of people comfortably.. And the amount of food.. owh, this is killing me! hope everything goes well that day!

Seriously, I want to reconcile with you all, like, ASAP...! haha =D