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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I can't believe I stuttered with that unexpected phone call! Looks like that explains why XX are not attracted to me.. Hahaha.. Just find it amusing that I will get nervous being called by her. lol.

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 If a girl calls your phone, would your heart skip a beat?

Friday, January 13, 2012

The determination that drives me

Is being busy.

Seriously, no kidding, not joking, nothing funny.

Finished my exam on the 9th, and I started to be a Pudge since then, ROTTING NON-STOP IN HOUSE!

And so I came to a bitter realization, where, what drives me the most, is being busy, and have short time in accomplishing tasks.

Once I stepped home, the entire physical and mental state of mine went down, everything is dreamy~ relaxed~ and carefree~ WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS?! Masuk rumah, terus don't feel like doing anything and Bruno Mar's song keep having a permanent replay in my head.

Usually sleep at 2am, managed to get up at 7am to get ready for class. Now? Sleeps at 4am, wakes up at 12pm, eat, gaming, and sleeps at 5pm, waking up at 10pm, continue to game or watch movie. Not bad huh? lol... Rot level maximum.

Actually there are a lot of things to be accomplished for this one month break :
1) To read a few books I bought from the BBW sales, at least finished reading two of em~

Finished reading those about maths, next up, philosophy about Xmas and myths behind wine appreciation!
2) To read these New Human Revolution books, as to increase my knowledge towards my mentor Daisaku Ikeda and deepens me faith towards the Buddhism

6 books actually, 1st book on the way!
3) Talk about faith, in UPM I will spend my time cycling to Sri Serdang just to go to student house for chanting purposes, for one hour! But in house, even though I have the leisure and comfort to chant anytime I want, but... The creeping laziness has overwhelmed me! Succumbed to internet instead! argh!!!

4) To finish 84Giga bytes worth of movies downloaded by my friends, lol Imba right? I've never saved so much movie in my life before, as I'm not really interested..

5) Last but not least.. To catch up with friends rarely in contact for few months.. But... Efforts are like water poured on yam leaf la.....

Mencurah air ke daun keladi... Haih.. kemon la!

 Anyway... Recently I find my mind to be corrupted, and its not a good sign, ohh those videos and links appeared in FB is really outta controlled.. And I realized that Japanese reality game show is nearing PORN level. lol seriously.. Imba.. Nurse crawling on a guy's torso part, revealing breast, taking his hand to caress it while wearing some imba short skirt... That's why I said my mind is corrupted, lol, keep watching this videos. Just for exposure ok! At least I'm not addicted to it! lol [maybe just some lame excuses]

All in all, I need to be busy in order to be productive. hmmm... For now.. Lemme play O2mania first la... lol