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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Unusually altered.

For the past 14 weeks, I think I had a lot of changes in terms of the way of how I think towards most matters.
The first thing that I wanted the most after entering university, was to have my 1st clubbing session. Entering University somehow resembles a sign of liberation, a freedom for me to do things I want to do, without the supervision of suspecting adults. Note the word, 'was'.

For now, I doubt my prioritized-before desire, and start to think whether if its a good thing to do, or not. Maybe, it might not be a good idea after all. Why I want to go there in the 1st place, to experience pleasure? To blend into the euphoric atmosphere? Get wasted and probably doing some crazy stuff? Yes, I wanted to try how does it feel to be in the club, how is it to be intoxicated with alcohol and break the leash while dancing madly on the dance floor, how is it to be having fun all night long with friends..

But, giving it a deeper thoughts, this culture is ominously likened to hedonistic practice, to obtain maximum pleasure, while minimizing pain. Is it good to do so? Is it morally positive to indulge myself in activities as such? How am I to spread positive values to others, while I'm not practicing it myself?

On the other hand, the other part of me is conflicting hard and persuading me to have it a try! Split mentality. haha.. For what I'm sure, I will be there, just to see how is it, and refraining myself from committing any immoral activities. Now, do I sound like some old, nagging person that is advising his son? haha.. Seriously, this is one of the question that I want to solve as soon as possible. To follow the culture of the norm while understanding the underlying negative values, and, well, have fun? Or to be strict and absolute in own stance whereby activities as such will not be given even a second thought?

Alcohol, Drug, Sex, its all in there, things that promises satiety to common mortals. Yes?
Somehow, I really can't relate images as above to anything near positive. But clearly, it is certainly tempting to join in the fun.

Do forgive me for my straightforwardness in my point of view regarding this matter. Its just a dilemma bugging me right now.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ha, its not as nice as I imagined. lol..

Well, Just finished my Dikir ria practice at 1.10am, and on my way back to my hostel, saw OCP and soya going out of hostel and keep pointing the sky and I was like, 'OI SO LATE DON SLEEP DO WAT OH??' And OCP told me that the WHOLE facebook is saying that meteor showers are observed in UPM, so, join la mereka... Did some of the unusual things in my life though, lying down on tar road, staring blankly into the starry sky... hahahaha

We saw 'constellations' but in my opinion, it looked more like a 'divide' symbol than what OCP said as 北斗七星.. Keep talking crap to make time pass faster but still staring intently and suddenly....

Amin and OCP almost simultaneously : 'WHOAH!! WEIH U SAW THAT?! WHAOH!'

*Up on my feet* Me :'WHAT?! WHERE HOW?! Shittttttttttttttttttt I missed ittttttttttttttttttt!!!!!'

And so the desire in me to see another 'blinking' meteor intensifies. lol Why blinking? Because the meteor lasts for less than 1 sec, and its not even 'meteor shower', its more to like, 'meteor drizzle' or something, I mean, everytime it is observed, it is alone! FOREVERALONEMETEOR. lol.

After a dreading nearly 1 hour of wait, the effort did not go futile and I saw a faint flash of tail light, AT LAST!!! Hahaha, and I thought that its really not worth the wait just to see such faint light to pass through the sky for less than 1 second... And I thought it would be something like :
You know, those perfect image being implanted in us, that meteor shower would be something niceee, bright, longgg, romantic, and you get to have the time to wish like 30 wishes before its
gone... but in reality.....
You saw it? That tiny little speck of faint light near bottom left corner? THAT'S WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO SEE YESTERDAY! Super observant eyes baru boleh nampak... lol..

But overall, its kinda fun la, seriously, you don't really have chances to lay down on tar road, staring to the firmament with 4 'ma lat lou' right? haha... And the part where we shouted 'FUWAAA!! METOER RAIN EHHH..!! WALAOWEHH!! WAAAA!!' Although what we saw is something like the 2nd pic hahaha =p

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Attitude, etiquette, and education

For my 2nd assignment for Philosophy of Science, I've made some research about the current education system in Malaysia and to try to find out if it is in anyway related to any metaphysical elements, or aligned along with National Education Philosophy [Falsafah Pendidikan Negara], and thus the spark of the idea to create this post.

Based on my findings, education system, as most has observed, is highly inclined towards intellectual shaping, and thus the term 'exam-oriented' education. According to FPN, there are 4 golden rules to be applied in education, which is Intellect, Emotion, Spiritual and Physical. Ask yourself, during the years of formal education you had in the school, including pre-school, primary, secondary and even tertiary education, is all 4 aspects being concentrated equally?

The concept being shown in FPN itself is actually a complete set of rules, if obeyed strictly, could be used to develop a balance individual in that 4 aspects. Unfortunately, it plays a minor role in implementing it in real life education. With my own experience, I can say that Intellect is, well, highly emphasized, Spiritual and Emotion is rather optional and subjective as it is not focused in curricular syllabus. Physical wise, when it is nearing major exams [UPSR PMR SPM etc], other secondary subjects regarded as useless[as it is not included in exams] will be exempted and being replaced by core subjects that will appear in exams. For Muslims, however, they have their Pendidikan Islam class, which, for me I think its good to let them know more about their own religion, while in schools where Christian is prevalent, Bible Studies or subjects as such are introduced. I think its relatively important to let every students to get exposed to different religion, and to study about the core value of that religion, because of the countless religion that exists in the world, the values are commonly the same, its just that the world-view, and epistemology of a religion highly differs between each other. Interfaith dialogues and teachings should be widely propagated and discussed with high sensitivity but zero prejudice! We should try to understand and respect one's religion view although it might be clashing with ours. Though religious subjects are being taught in schools, but it is merely a 'read and score' subject, the appreciation for it has long been gone. For me, to believe in the existence of metaphysics[The God] is really important, after all, 'Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan' is the 1st line in our Rukun Negara, right?

The mentality of the students, particularly in Malaysia, for education is that, 'We study to score, we study for exams!' How often could you see a student studying for the sake of increasing his knowledge and to satisfy his thirst of intellectual needs? And the common misconception and the general answer when being asked 'why we are supposed to study?' is : *Clears throat* 'To study is to get good results, enter good school, get a good degree that secures you a good job and ultimately a happy life.' Is that really the case?

So to simplify it, education = good money = pleasure = good life. Yes?

This is a thing that all of us should deeply ponder upon, good life is the goal of one's life, but is it in monetary terms? Or should it be in value creating terms? If we equate Pleasure as Happiness, and Happiness = Good life, then I'm pretty worried that our thinking has been intoxicated by the Hedonistic ideology..

IF we are to pursue pleasure in our life [Satisfy one's need to survive, commonly physical matters, sex, hunger desires etc], why don't we stab 2 electrode in our excitation brain centre that activates hormone that causes exhilaration? Now that would save us from a lot of problem right? haha.

Saying a lot from this post but I have not touch the main topic yet, sorry for my digress. haha, anyway, attitude, etiquette and education. Hmm.. do you agree that education is the core factor that causes the multitude of social problems in our societies nowadays?  With the argument that each and every of us received at least 6 years of formal education [in exception of a few that is in extreme poverty and has been neglected by government], and those who committed crime comes from those who received education before.

In my opinion, the most important things to do to curb crimes, is through education, not through enforcement. The principal of life, and the correct thought of why we should study should be instilled in early education! If we say, we study for the sake of a better future, in monetary terms. Yes I would not deny that, but that should not be the ultimate goal for education, don't you think so? If money is the final goal of life, why don't we rob, cheat and steal, neglecting rules and etiquette since that's what education is all about, to make money.

We study for the sake of increasing our knowledge, why? So that we can think wisely, and to help others while creating positive values, knowledge is power, that I can't agree more~ Social problems that includes harassing, gangsterism, bribery and so on, in my opinion is caused by education system, further driven by social culture/tendency.
A very simple analogy over here :
A cop stopped you and decided to fine you for overspeeding. You are in the dilemma whether to give bribery, or not, you decided to not as it is illegal, and morally unacceptable. You told your friend, expecting some positive feedback from them, and what you got is that he/she will post-mortem that matter, saying that IF we are to commit bribery, we save the hassle to go to police station, giving out Rm50 saving Rm250 instead and doing the police some good by giving him an extra Rm50 revenue for his low monthly salary! Sounds legit? And the next time you are being stopped, you won't hesitate to bribe them anymore, yes?


There are still a lot of issues and thoughts to come and I hope that you guys can think about it and do leave me some comments, thanks!

[Anyway, this is all my humble opinion, I do not mean to offend anyone or to act pro or whatsoever here. lol, Don't wanna sound too old lehh hahaha]