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Sunday, December 27, 2009

K-trip, FUN-NEY AH NOW?!

ok ok, im just WAYYYYYYYYYYYY to lazy to blog dats y i delayed the post till now xD..
as u guys noe, i went for a 2d1n camp at shah alam taman pertanian aka K-trip on 26th and 27th..
and following me was gay-cent and CHENG-dol hahaha, damn, new names in jz 2 days, efficient!
wat do i think about the trip, hmmm
-Not as smooth as planned
why extraordinary? aha, nice question there~
this is the 1st time i have to go to some place WITHOUT transport arranged, means that, we have to reach our destination at our own ways, wif only 80bucks per group(4 fella) we have to go to various spots, take pics as evidence, and follow the track all along till we reach shah alam, something like AMAZING RACE if u ask me, but well, not as stressful n rushing as the real life program though =D

it started from jln reko(we were not given ANY clue about where we shud head, we were jz given some random pics and we are EXPECTED to recognize those place, fuhh~ baffled when i 1st saw the clues haha)
jln reko->ukm->stadium bukit jalil->mid valley->UM->kl central-> and finally, shah alam station!
we have to plan, constrict our budget, having buns and air sirap tembikai as lunch! (imagine me, having that as lunch, deserve some applause rite? lol)
trepidation ahead awaits, lets go!!

This is UKM, in front of the chanselor hall or sumthing like dat, i get to noe this pic is UKM because i zoomed in and manage to read the word universiti kebangsaan malaysia xD
and of course, one of our group member is a student in UKM's law faculty, 1st spot, kacang jer~

Then, here we are, in front of the bukit jalil dunno wat club belia dan sukan malaysia.. i have NO idea where this is initially, luckily one of my team member(andrew) pandai and went here b4.. ok la, i admit, im have weak acuity in direction haha

Lepas tu pulak, it was a picture wif robinson, borders and some random patterns on it... again, HAVE NO IDEA where it is.. and guess its somewhere near mid because of the word ROBINSON, tengok tengok, down from ktm go across the road and VOILA, here we are at our destination~ weee~

ahaa, this time, its MY turn of contribution~ i looked at the pic and recognized it once i saw it! its the inner deco of xmas inside mid valley! cuz i jz went there recently... ooo, andrew's stomach... ooops, sry! xP

ha.. this is one embarrassing part... we have to like, take pic in front of the bus stop as evidence we actually reached there, bt then, so many ppl eyeing us wif the look of = =. and i guess they are trying to convey that, 'wat?! bus station, take pics?' lols

and we went UM, its getting a T632 and T631 to arrive there(see! i memorized it all! *exulted*)
nothing special happened here anyway.. owhh, 1 thing, universities are GIGANTIC! lols

Our last stop, kl central b4 we head to shah alam ktm and eventually reach our final destination- taman pertanian shah alam~ (woooo)
dunno why, bt i love this pic a lot.. hmm, clueless, don ask me hahaha

this is day one, and we are already havin much fun!
too bad day 2 is not as surprising as day 1.. hmm
bt the nice part is, the 1st night we had sharing of thoughts session together, great to noe others expectations on self in the near future, or their dreams and hopes and wat they think about themselves now, its gud to share =D

andd ohhh! one more thing, currently addicted to the phrase...
and owh!!
we formed FB =D

Sunday, December 20, 2009

17th, 18th, tries of the never been tried.

I shall make it short, am in no mood to blog actually, but LAGI no mood to revise maths.. so.. yeah, this is it.. haha

Went MV on thursday.. to buy present for Mr.G, he's one rich fella, have no idea to buy what at all! So we(me and miss N) just stroll around probably waiting some enlightenment coming from nowhere to make me have some idea of getting what for him, lols

Before we started the random, motiveless walk, we went to GSC and tempah-ed avatar 2 tickets for 1330. There's so so SO many more movies I haven't watch yet!

We'd came across so many shops, but still don't know what to get for him, YET, erghh... A boy, rich, 1992, gonna go Aus next year, smart, what to get?
perfume? Teddy bear?(LOL) Crystal? Shoes? Attires??
Then last last because of time factor we simply went to Topshop and bought a sweater for him, RM123
And I have no idea why I acted dumb that time, the conversation goes :
Cashier : Do you have member card?
Me : Errr... nope? Can I use student card instead?
lols, crazy at that time..

About 45 more minutes left before the show start, so we went to

ooooh~ the Spaghetti FARM

To have :

Note : It's not as tasty as it looks, features might be deceiving.

And there was this FRIENDLY aunty(from singapore) that chatted non stop once she sat on the bench beside our table. She kept condemning about the taste of the spaghetti, which, I agreed to it to a full extent haha, nice woman she is =)

Then we proceed to, Avatar~ oooh~ its really nice you know, well, I would rate it a 8 out of 10. yeah, graphic wise is overwhelming and the story line is rich too!

Lepas tu, me and miss N pun balik, end of story for 17th.. Now, what's the relation of this post with the title??
I'm just trying to say that this is the one first time that I tried 1-1 with a girl(although it is most probably quite common in you guys. haha) and don't worry, I'm still single and AVAILABLE =D


And so, after Mid I rushed back to Mr.K's house to bath(actually more to like wet my body and dry it in within 4 minutes = ='') in order to make it to Mr.G's birthday at Fortuna Palace *doing the woo la la dance~*(Note, Mr.G is only 17 and he's having his birthday party at a luxury restaurant.)

The party is NOT about the dinner but it starts AFTER the dinner, where one whole gang of boys went overnight at Mr.K's house, and this is where and when all the mayhem started =D

We played poker with REAL chips and REAL $$, in other words, ILLEGAL GAMBLING, lols.. But don't worry, initial bet is not even in two figures haha.

We had liquor, err, vodka and whisky(Black label) to be precise. Everybody started to get high already (especially me? haha) And Mr.K was like half shouting the whole time after he had his 3rd cup of raw whisky haha.

Holding the bottle of whisky was mr.J a.k.a Skrey(I think the name is somewhat cool though) He managed to bottled up for like, 3-4secs I guess, and that is enough to bring an amateur down, haha.

Actually there's A LOT MORE of pics and vids taken that night, but it is just WAY too explicit for readers to have it.. haha.. So anything 'em hem' that happened that night should just be kept in the right way. *cough cough*

So, what's the tries of the never been tried for this?
1st time being light headed
1st time drinking vodka and whisky in a considerable amount and purity.
1st time playing poker with chips!
1st time getting buck wild with friends (examples are not shown and is not appropriate to be do so, lol)

But don't worry, I'm not saying that gambling, drinking, doing crazy stuff is GOOD, it's just that I wanna have different exposure, I still have my conscience on and am still able to think, well, straightly =)

And owh! Guess what? I had deleted dotA!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time's trip =)

And it was somewhat special too, I decided to make it a THEME outing, bt of course, something normal jer... red and black outfit, bt onli 50% of the fella wear dat colour.. haha..
Reached ktm kajang at about 0930, yee and me the 1st! together!(yippee!) and followed by the others, some went there by car, to avoid being 'sardined' i guess, lols..

Generally, there's nothing REALLY epic happened yesterday (eg: i found RM1k on the floor, some super duper hot chicks saying HI to me, i getting numbers from random unknowns etc etc)
BUT! there are a few stuff dat caught me in surprise, haha..
-William has ear holes! (notice, PLURAL)
-There are ppl who are sporting enough, to wear red and black! Which, i tot they wouldn't even give a shit about it haha (making me have to belanja norman a teh ais! lol, luckily he owe me 10 bucks so i no nid to belanja him mwahahaha)
-I bought the WRONG ticket, mau pergi times square beli mid valley's pergi balik ticket pulak = ='' (wasted my 4 bucks there lol)
-I MET MAI!! AFTER SO MANY YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (2 years i guess), and i found out that, she grew?? lol

And the final, most epic of all that stood out the most was... meg's case!!! (seow ying FRI)
*clear throats* let me have the honor of revitalizing what happened in GSC yesterday (note, i altered some of the conversation as i don have a computer's memory, lol)
Time: About 1.30
Event : The gang is ready to enter the cinema to watch NINJA (note: 18pl)
As we passed on the ticket, there are 2 fella checking there, when the woman tore off the part of the ticket where they wanna keep it, she keep asking whether if we are all above 18, I was actually in a jolly mood as ALL of us IS indeed 18 and keep saying wow, we look lot more younger than wat we are? lol
so after the young lady's check up point, here comes the 'big boss', there's this indian fella, who's around mid twenties, demanding us for our IC, or student cards to prove that we are eligible for the entrance. So i was like,'ok laa no hal, all of us 18 dy wat' *flashing my student card*
then tiba2, meg realized that she forgot to bring her IC and any other card that is able to prove that she's 18, she told the fella, the fella called her to wait there, don enter yet, and here goes the conversation....
IG = Indian guard
IG : 'eh pink colour ah moi, jgn enter dulu, awak tunggu sini'
Wye kik : '*half whispering* screw him laa seow ying, enter onli la! don care!'
Me :'........'
IG:'*noticed that meg was ignoring him**shouted*woi saya suruh awak tunggu kan?!'
me:'she's the same age as we are, we are all classmates.'
IG:'i don care, as long as she is not able to prove that she's above 18, she cant enter' *continues to check other customer's IC*
meg :'sneakily walked out of sight and jogged quietly into the cinema'
IG:'*noticed she ran away*INI AH MOI BANYAK MASALAH LA! ORANG SURUH TUNGGU LARI BUAT APA?? *talked to his partner* awak check dulu saya mau masuk dalam tangkap dia keluar. saya x peduli, nanti saya tgk dia saya halau dia keluar terus!'
*meg got caught and just being escorted out*
the whole gang:'........*speechless and clueless*'
some of us followed her out to see if we can help
meg:'look, im studying in high skool kajang, currently in f6, bio class, cant u just check my ic number using ur database?'
me:'*serious face, talking to IG*ok, is there any way that we can settle this?'
IG:'*stern face*no, she can onli enter if she's able to show her IC here.'
and kok wai went to the ticket selling counter, tell the ticket fella the whole situation and managed to get REINFORCEMENT from them, lol?? he's great
*after 3 minutes or so*
IG :'ok when's ur bday?'
meg :'xx0x1991'
IG:'ok u can enter'
SERIOUSLY, i was showing the 'WHAT THE FUCHUK?!!! + SHOCKED + HUH!??' face, so easily can let us enter dy?? then wats wif the persistence u demonstrated to us just now?? = =''

i think its the management that talked the things out, guess they don wanna make the issue big and scratched their image/reputation? hmmm..

yeaaa, dats the onli big event that occurred yesterday... and owh, im quite WOW dat i din enter borders, for the 1st time! cuz everytime i go mid/times, for sure i will enter borders/mph.. haha..

and well, was quite satisfied too! =) my catch for the day~~ hahaha

Oversize bkb outfit from EP, cost me RM110 after YES discount + digi rewards discount from kok wai hahaha, this is nice =)

At last i found this!! although actually i wanted to have the both side oso hollow de.. haha.. RM15, managed to bargain wif the shop owner to lessen the price by 3 bucks lol

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Routine for the day:
Wake up at 2, PM, eat, watch tv, play com, dinner, play com, watch pps, play game, sleeps at 3, AM

Task on hand:
Bio project (ecology study)
Revision (i forgot about 70% of wat i've learn, especially maths = ='')
Planning of exhibition
Planning of k-trip
Planning of an event day
Piano performance practice (performance is in dec)
owh, how can i forget bout this, diet? lol

Task completion:

Overall comment:
I should leave this column for readers.