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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Better late than never!

2nd Day~
I know it has been some time since the last post, that I promised to have it on sooner but oh well, the lazy gene in me prevailed ~.~

The first destination that we went for the 2nd day!
Lang Tengah! Its a great place for phototaking =D the breeze is just lovely! Plus, a symbolic place that we've been to Langkawi before. hahaha
Actually, anywhere with breeze is great, I just love the feeling of the air from the sea gushing against me =)

And next we continued on to the Taman Lagenda (literally translates to The Legendary Garden), which I don't see any point why we should go there at the first place..
Aside from this stretch of road lined by trees (most of em dead trees mind you!), the whole garden has nothing more to see.
Well at least this road serves as a good photoshooting spot as well~ (yi lu he ni zou xia qu =D)

But, oh well, too bad I'm just too un-romantic to say out those words and to take some romantic, scenic picture.

"Wow, what a nice scenery over here!"
"Yeah, lets take some picture of us in half squat  position with a constipated look on our faces!"

Well, that pretty up sums up the picture above. lol (Jump-shot fail)

Next stop, we went to the cable car area.
In which we'd decided to give up on it because we have to wait for MORE THAN 2 HOURS just to have a ride on the cable car.
Plus, the skybridge is under maintenance so once we got up there, there will be nothing much for us to see anyway~ (Self consolation)

Since there's nothing much to see in the cable car place (I forgot the exact name actuallyyyyy) we went to the nearest tourist spot beside it~Telaga Tujuh waterfall!

The road up was kinda steep!
Ok, failed illusion lol but yeahh I hope I made my point hahaa

And the climb uphill was not rewarding, AT ALL! Why?
This is what we got! Walaoo ehh! They should rename the waterfall into waterTRICKLE ~.~
I don't know, was it afflicted with drought or something??

Random picture: Miss L, so cute, hahahahaha, macam some small kid thinking of getting down to water or not~

And next!  (Yeah our agenda is kinda packed I guess. lol)
Initially we wanted to go to Pantai Pasir Hitam + Gunung Tengkorak. But a few locals said that there is nothing worth going over that 2 places, so, we directly went to Pantai Cenang, cuz its one of the most happening place in Langkawi! =D

Waiting for the sun to set (it was about 5+pm near 6 at that time) Look at the ray that reflected on the water, and some of the rays that is dissipating through the clouds. And a GREAT bonus point of being really really windy! Love it =D

I just love candid pictures =D

And this is one sad story. Once upon a time, starfish A was swimming (do they actually swim??! IDK lol) innocently along the beach, searching for his (or her, well IDK as well hahah) long lost son starfish B
Suddenly! A group of  reckless young teens came along, picked him up, shoved him up to the beach, flip it over and stick starfish B on it!
Forced copulationnnnnnnnnn (forced rape of starfish muhaha) The end.

ok. something random that we did on the beach lol

Love this the most =D

It was all very fun, but the main objective for us to be there, to see the sun set, was disrupted by an untimely clump of clouds. But nevertheless it was fun going to the beach just to relax =D

Anddddd, finally! The 2nd day comes to an end, a few rounds of gossiping before falling to sleep (no alcohol YET, cuz the next day we have to go snorkeling early in the morning~)
Couple sweater between me and her, unplanned hahaha, and we even brought the same plastic, unplanned, woohoo~ lol ok nth much jz randomly saying kthxbai till the next post!!