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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Do you think your behaviour is pleasant to be entertained?

Why do you think people nowadays from all walks of life are having aggression towards trifling events?

And when I say ALL WALKS OF LIFE, I do really mean it, in contrast of the public's perception of youth nowadays having bad attitude, even small kids as young as 7-8 yrs old, or the precious 'warga emas' of current society is having BIG FIRE! [Literally aggressive in Chinese]

Do you think you are having a good attitude? Or otherwise?
Well I'm in no position to comment, just want to know what is your thoughts and opinions towards this trend in current society..

Start debating in my comment box? lol

Thursday, August 25, 2011


我跟你说了放手, 不要, 再, 听, 你的借口
我跟你说了放手, 不要, 再, 当, 你的玩偶
我跟你说了放手, 不要, 再, 加, 我的伤口
我跟你说了放手, 没人, 能, 再, 永远锁住我!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Rm10.50 to buy a lesson of life, worth it right?
Planned to have a badminton session today at 6pm, but missed it, why? Miscalculation.

I will let you to judge, the efficiency of our country's public transport.
Destination : Epromode company [Located 2-3km away from Midvalley]
From  : My house.
Left my house at 3.00pm, bus arrived at 3.35pm, paid rm1.30.
Reached ktm about 3.50pm, bought Midvalley to and fro ticket Rm5.20, missed the train by minutes, waited till 4.12pm till the next arrival.

Good news, no delay, and comfortable spaces available.
Reached Midv at about 4.45pm, walked pass a few individual that tapped on my shoulder insisting short and concise explanation which I brushed them of with 'NOT FREE THANKS'
Hopped on bus, payed Rm2 and reach epromode about 5.10pm, deal with Alice and here comes the ASTONISHING NEWS

[Its all in chinese though]
Me: 'So err.. Ferlynne asked me to collect a cheque for her?'
Alice :'Yeap, this is her RM20 CHEQUE'
Me : '.........'
Alice :'Oh and all these OMH[Oral health month] goody bags, its yours, dexter's and carmen's'
Me :'Ohh ok, oh ya, how about my cheque?'
A : 'ha? your cheque, not yet out la, out already I will tell you'
Me : '.........!!!' [Started to get disappointed, as my main motive there today is to collect cheque ASAP]
*Noticed there's still one more goody bag at the corner*
Me: 'oh, who's bag is that?'
A :'ohhh, that's khien khien, I'm passing to her this weekend'
me :'HA..?! WHAT?! You are meeting khien khien this weekend?!'
[FYI Khien2 stays at a place which is quite near my house]
A: 'yaaa, so you can just take your own goody bag la, others I will pass to her'
me :'...... seriously, today I came here for nothing?'
A :'aiyaa, no la, at least you got the goody bag ma ahahahaha'
me :'.........................'

And after that it was already around 5.20pm, took the rapidKL bus spent me another Rm2 and got back to midV station again at around 5.35pm
6pm came a train, packed with people and you can literally see people SQUEEZING out the way when the door opened, nearly triggered a fight, can't get it, because I was having my bulky bag and racket case with me.
2nd train came at 6.45pm, and so this answered your question of my MISCALCULATION?

Reached kajang 7.20pm.
So, I left my house at 3pm, reached my house [mom fetch from station] at about 7.50pm.

And so, what life lesson I mentioned about is my attitude. When I was waiting for those trains and buses to come on my way back, I was contemplating this whole event.
-This fuss and mess could all be avoided with a detailed conversation with her.
-I could have save myself from all the sweat and being drenched in the rain, IF I called up to her and ask more about what I'm taking
-I could have joined the badminton session IF I were not to go to epromode today


Time for some self reflection. And again, Rm10.50 bought me a life lesson.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nanyang artworks exhibition review.

To explain what is Nanyang style of artwork, it takes not only a few sentences, but a rather thorough understanding of the emergence of the word Nanyang and the history behind it.

All sorts of things happen, whether if the factor causing it is malignant or benign. It started off back in WW2, when there were lots of chinese artisan and merchants flocked to SEA[ particularly Singapore and Tanah Melayu] to avoid the brutality of Japanese militarism.

And so, one of the artist found that Singapore is a great place for cultural exchange because it is one of the main port centralizing east and west, and thus founded NAFA. Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.
Generally, you can say the style of Nanyang is the fusion of east and west style of paintings, while depicting daily 'mundane' events or occurrence in a manner which is very captivating.
Even this sentence explaining Nanyang style is a bit too dull.
Captured at the centre of a painting, themed 'rain befalling on mountains'
Of course, I took this just for the sake of my own entertainment, the real painting is really captivating! The details of it is just breath taking =D

Ohhhh, and we had some discussion session with SEANAFA institution leader and NAFA president in this international conference room!!
mannnnnnnnnnnnnn, the feeling of it, sitting in the same room with so many artist and VVIP, and to know the fact that a lot of highly prolific leaders had been here to discuss about various matter...
hahahahaha, suddenly feel powerful?
And I like the speaker thing in front of me, macam dalam kabinet pulak...


Friday, August 12, 2011


Its inseparable from our lives.
With no obstacles we know no achievement.
Its a matter of how elevated is your life state to view an obstacle, and how would you deal with it.

Some people easily get discouraged by events others think which is quite minor.
Some not.
Some magnify their own problems and usually think there are no other way out. Oblivious and just too obstinate to refer/listen to others.

Some being too preoccupied with the matters in front of them, neglecting things that should be taken into consideration.

As I've said before, its a matter of how elevated is your life state, to perceive, and to react towards it.

For example, you are standing in front of a big tree, ITS BIG.
And now, you are standing on the 20th floor of an apartment, staring at the same big tree, ITS NEGLIGIBLE.

Same goes to the obstacles around us. IF we start to focus on 'ohh this is bad, oh I can't go through this, ohhhh this is hell for me' instead, we are going nowhere.

Having a healthy mind and a correct way of thinking is really crucial in helping us to go through obstacles. That is why, a correct philosophy is essential to be the prime point of thinking..

Nowadays, societies are corrupted. Noble visions and missions are being tested and attacked by the norm of the societies.

Being righteous means acting stupid.
Being honest means inflicting loss on our own
Standing out pointing the erroneous act means being hypocrite and begrudge the norm
Helping others ending up being bullied by others.
In other words, being good will get envied/red-eyed/oppressed by the others.
And the word 'others' here are saying those with wicked, realistic, narrow-minded way of thinking, I believe they don't even understand what is the purpose of life.

Don't you see how twisted and ugly the heart of the societies are nowadays?

Sigh I'm digressing. That's why I emphasized on the importance of having a true and correct philosophy to based on, since most of the people nowadays based their thoughts and actions on the 'philosophy of money' rather than the 'philosophy of life'.

'If I do this, will it do me any good? Will it make me any richer?'
Instead of
'If I do this, he will lead a better life, and I will be helping a man to stand up quicker.'


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another dream.

This time... We were walking down a deserted street... Chuckling and talking, while you are in my embrace... Clutched and hugged..

But somehow, lots of the energy emits from me, you were smiling, forcefully rather. Its as if you are with me just because I'm good to you instead of genuine love.

Your blank eyes were extraordinarily chilling.

And that woke me up, feeling lost and lonely.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Life improvement program

Yes, that's what it is called, and that aim is channeled effectively to us, at least, to me =)

Had that camp in genting for 3D2N, just to answer a few of you that noticed I've gone missing for the past few days in FB. [IF YOU EVEN NOTICED ABOUT IT!]

We had a few talk within that 3 days which comprised nutrition, yoga skill, business entrepreneur experience sharing, gynaecologists sex education and life appreciation talk by a famous tv host!

Actually, to be exact, ALL of the speakers are of high status in society and they are really reputable! But a point to note down here is that, the humility they've shown to us was soooo good, even though they are rich, successful and being quite senior, they were still talking humbly and try to share whatever they can to benefit us!

There are several key points which are being reiterated even by different speakers, they are :
i) Think positively, according to the law of attraction
ii)Visualize your goal, do what you like, if not, like what you do!
This really helps to answer the question I had earlier! Which is, to be idealistic? Or to be realistic! And I guess you know which I will choose huh?
iii)You can, if you say you can. You can't, if you say you can't. Its that simple.[Simple to say, hard to execute huh?]

anyway, a pleasure to meet my accidental last minute add in roommate, william! He shared some of his life experience to me and its really nice to hear from him, opinions and the roads he ventured is really uncommon! But yet, he's making a fortune now and is currently employed to his dream job with a substantial income.. ahhhh, life is unpredictable, most importantly, BE HAPPY always!

Yeah, its not easy to be happy always you know? Its a state of life, a way to conceive and perceive, and a way to react towards various stimulus. To be truly, and absolutely happy.. For those who hangs a smile on his/her face all the time while having negative thoughts are not truly happy. Sometimes, wearing a mask for a time too long will mould your heart into one too.

3D2N in Genting with 3 stars hotel accommodation complete with 3 buffet meals each day and surplus of snacks in interval of the talk and chances to noe more people and having experience shared discovering yourselves more and value others and appreciate things more

and did i mention that its ALL FREE? =D