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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Woke up early[9am] today although I slept at 4am the morning before. Before I slept sengaja go and kacau Amy by sending her msg, x sangka, not even a reply after 12 hrs lol.
Wake up d terus do all the house chores, sweep, mop, laundry and those trifling stuff.
Had a NUTRITIOUS breakfast [well, at least, partially nutritious] which comprised of freshly blended tropical fruit mixed juice [guava, apple, pineapple and pear] and some fried nuggets. lol, just want to clear of my fridge before heading off Spore maa! xD

Had a sing K session with Mr C and L, miss L and L. lol Initially we promised to be there at 1pm but MR C said it was too early, ended up having us waited for him for almost half an hour ++! = =''
Seriously, had a great time singing with them and I think I'm in my real-high-pitch-soprano form today. hahahahaha, go and challenge all those imba high pitch song, feels so nice to sing loudly just to reach those notes although my voice is shaky hahaha.
Mr L just knows how to heat up the atmosphere =D although its FREAKING cold in there, sub-zero temperature, lol, and the AC's system is centralized, can't be tuned.
Anyway, I'm talking about the Musicbox in MP, aside from its sucky mic and fragile-looking cabinet, the price and atmosphere seems to be ok to me haha. Its cheap! Rm10 for almost 4 hours!! Because they let us sing extra one hour and don't ask me why, mayb it has something to do with my face? *Raise and drop both eyebrows*

Lepas tu, went back, after awhile pulak headed to Sir D's house for TKD instructor meeting. It was SERIOUSLY invigorating and inspiring! I can't deny the fact that he's charismatic and knowledgeable in his field though. If everything goes well, it will be perfect!

And oh, did I mention about Kingdom Hearts and Monster Backyard... Damn.. both of this game is just so addictive = ='' Yesterday after YC session in Hailam kopitiam, come back sudah mau tumbang punya, but that PSP with KH in it somehow managed to revitalized me and keep my senses up to 4AM. lol.. And, RATIONALLY/LOGICALLY, someone who sleeps at 4 usually would have crave for more slumber but instead, I woke at 8 to check out of Monster Backyard upgrade process.. lol, lifeless..

Anyway, mistaken the date to go to Spore, its 31st, not 30th. lol, Sudah mau pack all my clothes just now until my mom asked me if I'm ok or not hahaha

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I can summarize today into 2 words. Drive, and eat. lol

Went to A.Sally's house in PJ, I drove! woohoo~ Not alone of course, not the right moment to do so, still kena nag like there's no tomorrow from my mom *sigh*
Then from there, rest awhile then terus go Klang and go A.Chin's house pulak. Drove there again, and I must say, KL's road sign is SO SO misleading!! = =''

The haul I got today was:
-Rojak with potato and its kuah that contains curry leaves, dahl, and traces of tomyam taste??
-Red wine Mee Suah

Seriously, 1st time in my 19 years of experience of eating rojak... Solanum?! Oh I mean, Potato?! It taste good though, with the unique of the kuah provided..
The kuah, I mean, Dee Kuah, oooh~ spicy, aromatic, attractive, addictive, seductive[lol?] it taste so good that you can practically eat it with ANYTHING!

For that Red wine Mee Suah.. Don't get deceived by that seemingly subtle yet logical food. [That's what I've been through, got con lol] Its just normal noodle in normal clear soup with a hint of wine and some fried ginger. Taste different though, although the side ingredients are almost the same as what you can find in normal hawker stall.

No pictures available since I'm just too lazy to capture and post it here xD

Xmas! It was a day earlier.. Oh what a normal day to have, since I'm not celebrating it, and I'm not invited to any gathering or whatsoever [oh so saddening..] Played Monster backyard and Dota for the whole freaking day! lol

Anyway, I got my birthday present that was delayed for almost 9 MONTHS the day before Xmas! So, that's considered something surprising huh? Thanks Miss A, Devil to Kill Somebody =)

And oh, I just signed up for Adsense, any good souls that are helpful enough to tell me the difference between Nuffnang and Adsense? Thanks=D

Saturday, December 25, 2010

MV outing

Tron and The Social Network is..
worth a watch?
But certainly not in cinema.. lol
Nothing exciting that day actually.. except for the graceful morning~

One day, Brian was waiting for his fellow friends to go to MV by KTM together as he was the EARLIEST to reach there.
So, he sat on the bench after slotting the ticket into that aged machine, reading a book to rekindle the past memories of STPM [lol?]
Then there's this Indian man of age around mid fifties came to the corner, poking his pole at the floor.
And I noticed there's no one accompanying him, so I asked what is he up to. He said he has to travel to Seremban which is at the opposite site of the train station, and so I offered him a 'ride' lol.
Ahh.. The feeling is just so nice.. And he's so very strong and determined!!
To travel around with public transport ALONE, [he's a massage therapist] and to be a strong survivor..
He reminds me of those beggar, young people who gives up, people who suicides, those that blame everyone for everything that happens on him/her.
Their courage and determination is nothing but a speck of dust if its to compared with his!

So, live your life courageously and roar like a victorious and fearless lion!

Alright, coming back to that MV story. lol.. It was boring I think partially of it is caused by the inability of me to shop that day which is caused by two limiting factors
-Insufficient fund
-Lack of intriguing items at there

And so I'm able to retain the thickness of my wallet by a bit. lol..
Oh yea, even around 4 o'clock the KTM 's traffic is so FUCHOKE-LY crazy. The 1st ride, gaycent and meg the sexy beast [why? she wore bare back dat day. lol] managed to somehow squeeze in, so they all chow 1st, leaving the rest behind.. traitor!! lol
Then 2nd train came pulak, no matter how oso must 'diffuse' in rite? [Actually it should be categorized as active pump since the concentration of human in train is higher than that of the station] and so we just try our best to go in, hahaha managed!
but all of us went static at one point because there is no space to even scratch your TOOOOT!
Miss F and Mr T was practically hugging each other, well I have totally no idea whether if that's intentional or accidental though =p
luckily i'm tall enough to be able to grasp some fresh air from the air vent rather than to sniff other's arm pit HAHA! lol, kk jz kidding lol~

BTW, changed the BGM since they are so many complaints bout it lol

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Yeah baby~
I got the job as GAB promoter!
Never heard of this GAB before? think again.
1, 2, 3
its Guiness Anchor Berhad. lol

At least I got an opportunity to get extra allowance before CNY so that I can spend on things I love by my own without wanting money from mom =)

Well, of course, thanks to Alex who gave me the chance for the interview, and every each of you that I called owe me one! xD

Overall, had quite a day with Yap, Liew, Khor, Kok Wai, Meg, Jia Wern and Ah Lui. To go and interview and stuff.
Initially it worries me because they need only 6 people but due to some miscommunication but we end up there with 8 fella. And I was afraid that the effort we paid to go all the way there to PJ is futile! But everything went well eventually =D

Time to celebrate with dotA!!
More outings to come! Thurs gonna go swim [too bad, only a few joining]
Friday go the mines!
Saturday go BKB and YC for Christmas! weeehoo! Paintball!! Bila! Just gotta plan for it! hahaha
I want to do so many things, its just that I got limited financial support and time lol

anyway, try to wave your hand like an orchestra's conductor while listening to the BGM, seriously you can feel the flow of it, hahaha [this is so totally random yes i know! haha]

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I disappointed them

I skipped my EG exam today. Sigh...
After sessions of trainings and reading.. I came to a point of realization whereby, I'm actually not really into arts, huh? Well, I like to look, and for some paintings, at least I will appreciate.. But to go in details and scrutinize every single subtle, intricate feature of it, I'm afraid I'm not the one to do so.. Maybe I shall put myself in a field that I'm keen of, and to contribute to kosen-rufu through there..

Time really waits for no one.. Everything is changing!
For example:
When I was 6.

Current state of Brian.
After 13 years~
I got a weird feeling, hard to express through words after seeing the difference of this.. I dunno why..

Lately, I was scavenging through some of the old pictures.. And I noticed, our parent, was once like us too.. having funny pictures, smiling and laughing crazily.. ahh... Just like us.. And time makes them into someone like them, now.
Hmmm, not really sure what I'm trying to bring out anyway.. lol

Ah oh yea! this pic is for the passport renewal purpose, gonna go s'pore for countdown this year.. =D
But not really anticipating it actually, dah la the currency there is about 2x our Rm, and the culture and food there is of less difference compared to Malaysia.. But nvm laa, jz gonna have fun taking pictures there I guess, especially in the universal studio, here I come~!

Oh yeah.. The pain on my back is getting apparent as days pass by.. Especially rainy days! Sigh, I hope that muscle strengthening exercise could ease the ache there, because its making me really slozzy[sloppy and lazy]!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Unleash the beast within!

8.00am - chanted Nam-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo 3 times, lifting my pencil and gave it all out.
8.30am - Dripping sweat with endless sighing.
9.45am - Stuffed my IC back into my wallet.. and.... I'M FREEEEEEEEEEE!!! *Jumps up breaking ceiling*

The red-horned, glinted eyes, furious and trembling being in me is tearing the Brian into someone else!

10.15am - Reached sg.chua badminton court, blow water wif vincent the gay, william the wushu master, wye kit the wen ket, kok wai the ham sap cock and Liew the boss of blacks while waiting for the court to open..
anyway, at dat time, norman is SUPPOSED to be with us, but he fetched a girl with him and both of them is staying in the car till 11+. Menurut pandangan kok wai, norman is releasing his stress! sounds wrong huh? lol

11.00am - 1.30pm : Excreting excess nitrogenous waste, water, and mineral salt via skin through the action of maneuvering and balancing the coordination between the torso and appendages with the aid of a racquet and a coc.. i mean shuttlecock. lol
In other words, Im playing badminton. lol.. anyway, got pawned by others in badminton, not in form, AT ALL!
[sorry wye kit, for the 2 smashes at the neck lol.]

2.00pm-5.00pm : Straight after badminton we went to a renowned[kononnya] CC in Semenyih. Played for 3 hrs of dotA and CS... GOT PAWNED AGAIN!! sigh really x song laaa, must train harder to own them back! =p

5.00pm-6.00pm : Went kok wai the hamsap's house to have a rejuvenating bath b4 heading to the class party! His house is not bad =)

And so we eventually reached the climax of the day, the class party!! yeeehaayy~! Karamjit came 1st, followed by Puan Sabariah =D Pn Asiah FFK me cuz she has to go PJ.. lol, not blaming u teacher, don worry haha... Mr Soh reached later on and start to talk about what we gonna do during holidays! No idea, gonna see how it goes but for now I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do nothing beneficial lol.. play game 1st! hehe!
Pn Chew became the spark light when she came the latest cuz she forgot the time! lol.. And Michelle got attracted to her like a bee to a rose[oh such a wonderful comparison here~] since she missed her so much =) and they keep talking about Chem stuff, which slightly annoyed Meg which has not even the slightest bit mood discuss bout it, I shrugged, she smiled. lol

And so that day ended like that.. Oh not to forget that i slept at 2 cuz playing dota lol..
Oh yea, gonna start packing and clean my disposal site[my study room] tomoro. [the 18th]
Can't relax 100% cuz i'm still having an exam this Sunday WHICH I DID NOT PREPARED AT ALL because STPM was b4 this.. sigh..
But today's sing k's session gave me a gud laugh and a great excuse for me to scream to the top of my lungs =p

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Moments before breaking free of the shackles of examination =)

2 more papers left!
And I'm gonna be someone I've never been!! [lol?]

Overall.. I'm not really satisfied with my own performance for my exam.. I could have done better.. But what could I say? I did not persevere as others did.
Most of my friends studied like there's no tomorrow and tying a white cloth on their forehead with 'KAMIKAZE' printed in red.
I'm having fun with my seductive and deadly dotA, which it draws me into an abyss of darkness, leaving me deafened by consciousness later on = ='' sigh.

But who knows? If there are SO MANY people out there taking STPM, it might, it MIGHT just happened that MOST of them has the same problem as mine, pulling down the graph, and voila! I got some good results?? [Blind hope.]

Anyway, I got approached by my ex-primary school friend of mine lately, suggesting to me that selling water machine is one of the most lucrative job available..
Dude, 6-8k per month with 0% investment, how could that be not tempting?
But its not as easy as you think though, to sell off 18 units of it that worth about rm2k each.. Its like approaching 18 household in a month with all of them agreeing to install the water machine!
But still, i'm not losing hope yet though, maybe if we work it out, something good might just happen, the company is not established for nothing you know? haha.

There's nothing much to be said... I guess I'm losing my flare in blogging.. ugh this is bad. = =''