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Friday, July 29, 2011


Went for X-ray few days back, it was a Thursday I guess. Awkward thing to have me undressed in front of a female nurse, and she keeps positioned my body by touching my waist. SOUNDS WRONG! Anyway, its really uncomfortable.. lol, dah laa lemak berlambak kat sana, all soft soft. lol

Normal medical check up, healthy, average nothing special in particular though..
Anyway, went to visit UPM for the 1st time today and I must say, I'm thrilled to begin my new life in uni soon!

It is less than 2 km, the faculty from my college I mean. [Note, college means hostel in Pub U's terminology. lol]
And so I was thinking.... 'Should I ride... A bike? As in, cycle around the campus?'
and Norman's reply was...
'Don't be dumb laaaaa' [or something like that]
lol, 1st year can't drive cars, even if we can, I don't have a car to drive, rely on the shuttle bus to travel around? hmm...

Anyway, there are really lots and lots and LOTSSSSS of news heard about the orientation week of various Pub U. Mostly, or rather, well, ALL sounds bad enough..
The ragging was aggressive, as what I've heard la, and its a tradition being passed down to treat the junior?
Concerns and worries are raising, since Miss T asked, and pointed out, she said 'I don't see any point in ragging, I don't see the point in humiliating people.'
Nothing wrong with that.

Now ask yourselves, I'm sure that most of you have gone through your secondary education phase, and for sure you've encountered various 'rituals' or 'traditions'
Just to name a few, free whack, aluba, flour smeared face + egg... etc etc etc..

well the intention is to, 'HEY I JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN, WHY SO SERIOUS?!'
but in a deeper depth, do you really want this to be done to yourselves? Do you feel happy when people aluba you? [OMG CRAZY AH?!]
'OH yeah!! keep banging me, I'm feeling so high!!! Keep aluba me c'mon!'   [crazy  =.=]

So, my point is, [digressed too much] why do it to others when you yourselves don't want to have it? What's the point of humiliating, causing distress, hurting, spreading animosity to others?


Don't take for granted, until something happen, baru nak menangis meleleh leleh and regret what you've done, but then, its too late.

Tell me if I'm wrong, I appreciate feedback, relevant ones of course.. especially those who did this to others.

And suddenly, I feel like saying. 'No, sarcasm is not the highest form of intelligence'. lol

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I close my eyes... but I can't seem to see a thing...
I close my eyes... and... darkness envelopes from surrounding...
I close my eyes... and.... sigh...

Working for passion does not promise you a great future [money wise] yes I'm fully aware of it but... is it that bad? Is the condition in here really that disallowing?

He said, passion is nothing, it can't feed your family. Vision is nothing but a thought, if you do not have money to support you. Ambitious is nothing but a dream, especially in this boleh-land where research expertise are limited and opportunities are somewhat biased.[No offense to friends I know, but sadly speaking, this is the truth.]

Be realistic, instead of idealistic. Can't a dream be the moving force pushing you forward? Is money the only necessary item needed in life? Money as the highest hierarchy in the pyramid? I hate to admit so, and I refuse to admit so. I shall not make money as my first priority in life, being enslaved by money, is sad.

But of course, I'm a human, living in Earth, money is like the air we breathe, but its not why we live. I still believe in the core value of, helping others as a way of living life in the most valuable way! And there are really lots of exemplary people that I encountered, chucking aside the opportunity of profit or gaining by materialistic means, instead, helping others and doing their own part as a contribution of world peace..

Anyway, I flying far. For now, I've set my mind, accept the course offered, and in the mean time, chant vigorously[I REALLY HOPE SO!], seek for more advices, and look for other options available!

Life is full of uncertainties huh? =)

Monday, July 18, 2011

The great cloud of distress

Guess most of you all knows that I got into UPM to pursue the course 'Bachelor in Science [Honors] Major in Biology', right?

FUWAAAA, gila ahhh!! congratz laa!!
Well, I was part of the furore, until i got what my biology tuition teacher had in her mind, the excitement was silenced.

Her advise knocked me back into senses. Keeping me aware that Major in Biology [pure science] is a course less favored, and generally catered to students who has average pointers.

She said, Biomedic/Biotech would be a course of higher competition, with a better and more diverse outcome in the future. But as I went to my school to collect my STPM cert today, some of my teachers said otherwise.

'Major in Bio is good! You get to be an educator in the future! Good money, stable lifestyle..'
'Biotech/Biomed is nevertheless a good course, but it is frequently underestimated in Msia, as most of them pursuing courses as such ended up being in sales line or in field that is completely different as this.'

Any suggestions?

Went through a few opinions from friends studying biotech, and I'm even lucky enough to get to dialogue with a senior in UPM which has just graduated in UPM studying the same course I'm gonna study!

He said that, well it is quite general being Major in Biology, and he's now working in a blood test lab. Sigh, for now I shall just enter UPM and see how things revolve around there lor..

One thing sure enough is that, I'm quite interested in genetics, and also technology involved in bio, interest can be traced back then in f6, where I read genetics and modern tech in bio BEFOREHAND! [The only 2 chaps that I read b4 teacher teaches. lol]

And my interest lies in knowing more about stem cell, so, yea, I guess biotech and biomedic would be a better path for me to pursue rather than Major in Biology, which is good, but not appropriate enough for my visualized future I guess?

One of the hardest question asked on me was.. 'How do you want to live your life? What kind of life that you want? Layback, comfortable? Or competitive and rewarding? Facing public? Or experimenting in a secluded working spot most of the time?'
Don't really have a definite answer but what I know is that I want to have a point of balance between all that, not too inclined to anything... Well its hard I guess.

GOTTA CHANT MORE VIGOROUSLY!! My daimoku is so weak. sigh

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

6 weeks of observation

For 6 weekends I've been working under BOSS brand in 2 variuos outlets, The mines-Giant and Bangi-Econsave.

What I would to share over here is the manners of the people around.
Now, I'm not being bias or what but this is base on my objective observation without any alteration of the results. [SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT MEH!]

lol, anyway, lets separate the group into Malaysian, and foreigners.
Foreigners are in a way WAYYYY more polite than malaysians. They pay you the reverence sometimes you think its too much.
Offer him a cup of coffee and he will thank you, further offer him 3 different variants of it without having him asking for it, he will say something like 'Oh wow well thanks you are being really nice, good luck in your sales!'
Offer him the 1st cup and before you even manage to promote the 1st variant he will be asking 'heyyy, what about that 2 other flavours? can try right??'
Alright, not ALL of em are like that, just generally.

That's one thing, another thing is that, parents, or should I say, a fully grown adult don't have the basic manners that they should possess. Ask for a sample, drink and throw, leaving without saying anything!
Dude, at least a smile?
Well I'm deeply aware that this is my job to give other people to try the sample of our products, but then, don't you think its something very basic to say thank you after accepting something from someone?

I won't blame the small kids for repeatedly taking samples for me, and I can't possibly abstain from giving them too, but, as parents, don't you think you should teach your son/daughters to be not that greedy?

I saw glint of gluttons in their eyes. = =''

And there's another shameful behavior of most shoppers, they throw the cups wherever they want, even though we supplied them with MULTITUDE OF RUBBISH BINS! [ok exaggerates here, I'm a typical malaysian lol]
Freaking stuff those sample cups at gaps between shelf, hiding it and throwing it around. sigh, that's truly sad.

One thing, change your mentality, and behaviour, positively please.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I think that they think that we are retards.

Now I'm starting to feel and understand what Uncle Pat has said in his book - Teohlogy.
Every time an announcement is made, it feels like being slapped in the face and being told : 'HEY YOU ARE A RETARD, JUST FREAKING ACCEPT IT ALTHOUGH THIS IS A MADE UP STORY!'

And how would we response?
'Owh... ok lor, as long as I can still live on, ok lor, no problem lor...'

There was this statement from our beloved You-Know-Who [not Voldemort. lol]
He said : 'There was NO PHYSICAL CONTACT between the police task force, and the demonstrators.'
or something like that.

Ohhhh, well, that's really enlightening, broken legs, bleeding head is all caused by? They tumble and fall themselves? Videos and images circulated, is all made up and false?

I can't help but to anticipate, the statement claimed by the Mr H, ex education minster allegedly says that the REAL footage of the whole incident for 709 will clarify all the clouds of doubts and various offensive comments done by international and local media.
That's really confident.
And he said something about, being NOT APOLOGETIC AT ALL for this is not his fault or what.

Can't help to anticipate..  While the trepidation is building up, what we can do?

Stay around, and look like RETARDS.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Big head prawn

What would you bring for a badminton session?
Bottle - To prevent dehydration
Extra shirt - To change after that sports, soaked like mad
Wallet - To pay for the rent
Watch - To keep in time
PsP - To kill boredom while waiting for bus/people

Now, WHERE IS MY RACKET?! wth, forgot to bring racket but brought all those unnecessary stuff = =''
Luckily cheng managed to get another spare racket in the nick of time, if not really watch them play for 2 hours only. lol.

Allow me to digress, concerning the rally for tomorrow.. hmm, I'm not really into it, just want to be a mere bystander and not to be influenced by both parties propaganda. Well, I'm not in any stance to comment about it but, I DO HOPE THAT, nobody gets hurt and no bloodshed will occur. Its worthless. And by having conflict as such and resulting in casualties actually reviews the stupidity on how they act and react. = =''

Owh, and another thing, this is totally random. I got to know from someone that being emo actually attracts people and make others actually CARE ABOUT YOU MORE?! So I reckon why are there so many people emo nowadays.. lol... Hidden agenda behind the scenes. lol, till then. Have fun.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


熊熊烈火, 微不足道
然而,又有几个你我会是那样呢? 感叹啊..!感叹!

论何事都应由心而发, 对吧?

now that I notice, people nowadays lacked the passion within, no matter what they do, they do it for the sake of materialistic benefits.Generally speaking.That's the perception I have towards people nowadays, especially youths.

How many of us would actually spend time to understand a cause, and to contribute even a little bit of us into it?
Even so, most of us would adopt the attitude of 三分钟热度.. What appears to be a really enthusiastic individual in the beginning would end up defeated by the grinding of time.

For instance, I shall take myself as an example, I promised myself to achieve certain things, and to discipline myself, but most of the time, desires triumphed over constrain. = =''

Still learning, still failing, but never to give up!
Have you ever been so madly engrossed to a matter that even after years you are still attached to it? For me, nahhh... None. Well, maybe yes, but its a thing of past and I shall mention no further..

You, and me, we all have a common responsibility, which is to make people around us happy! No matter what you are where you are and how you are, as long as you are a human, you are to make others happy, and, make this, a passion of yours!

ha, again a post with no central theme.