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Saturday, December 1, 2012


我。。 每天都嘻嘻哈哈的 是真正的开心吗?

朋友, 每天都绕在身旁,喋喋不休,是真正的交流吗?




Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Recent thoughts

As I've posted in FB earlier today, or yesterday :
'Recently things got heated up especially towards boycotting the products originated from Israel. They do know that accumulation of little efforts brings an effect to the whole picture. I hope we all as Malaysian can apply such thinking into other issues as well. (Recycling, reduce waste and resources consumption etc.)'

Its time for everyone to understand, each of us wield the power to change, or to do something that will contribute to the world, in a scale that we never in our wildest imagination would ever thought of. IF, we are dedicated and passionate towards the cause of it.

'A great human revolution in the life of one person can change the destiny of humankind and our planet. It is Buddhism, the Lotus Sutra, that encourages and enables people to become aware of their great power, to draw it forth and use it. Buddhism gives people the means to develop themselves thoroughly and opens their eyes to the limitless power inherent in their lives.' - Daisaku Ikeda

Anyway, this is after the talk I've attended that discussed about the current topic of Palestinians in Gaza. I love the speaker a lot, the whole talk was not as extreme, bias, or fueled with hatred, as I've suspected earlier. Based on the social media (which I'm fully aware it is not really reliable), the Israelis are damned, scolded, cursed and all the other words you can think of, but for me, aren't they humans too? Of course, it is evident that Israeli's military forces are using lethal armaments against unarmed citizens, but war are not one sided, the citizens of both sides must be suffering as well.

The speaker yesterday sparked our compassionate heart into feeling the suffering of others as ours, instead of scolding and raging the whole talk into some emotional, motivational speech, she instead, analyzed and explained the whole issue calmly and systematically, including histories and facts. In fact, she has been there in Gaza 2 years back and is going back there this Thursday! An active activist I would say in giving humanitarian aid. So I believe what she said must be of the truth, at least it is much more reliable than social media whereby their details and info can be twisted to feed certain side's needs.

For now, I'm following her plead to boycott, although it is near impossible to boycott all Israeli's product, as Malaysia is not a self-sustainable country, but products like Nestle, Mcd, Maggi, Loreal could all be substituted with other brands, which, I think I have to do a little bit more readings on what are the available brands in Malaysia for chocolate drink. Sigh. lol

Anyway.. Its an issue worth concerning, although I'm not a Muslim, but this is more than religion or culture, this is an invasion towards the basic rights of human to live! It has already oppose the principals in Buddhism where we must treat all beings, regardless of sentient or insentient with utmost respect, what more human life!

And suddenly, there are a lot of other problems that jumped into my mind, national issues, corruption, pollution, politics, environmental issues... ahhh... This all seems to be overwhelmingly complex that most of us choose to be numbed by them and carry on with our daily routine.

 This, however, should NOT be the case.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Joy of sharing faith

Just had the 1st 漫谈之夜,1st time Acad P is doing such activities, and it turned out to be quite successful!
Invited 3 of my course mates and 3 of my ex-college mates, and their response was quite positive and they even agreed to attend next 4D discussion meet!

Now that I realize, the best and happiest thing to do, is to share your happiness with others, and its not as hard and impossible as I used to think about it, just share it sincerely and I guess they will be touched by it! =)

And on the way back to my hostel room, met a few people and they asked where I went just now. Usually I will just brush them off with, 'well, meeting as usual *shrugs*' but this time, having a wholly new determination, I took the time to explain that I went to a meeting about introduction to Nichiren Buddhism and SGM and the next thing I know is that they are quite interested! Especially one of the girl heard of this SGM from her aunt and even know quite a lot about our organization, talk about coincidence!

Just a short post to share my joy today, cheers =D

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Unexpected outcome?

Before I start this post, lets have some fireworks display.
*piew piew piew BOOOMM!*
And some toast, maybe?
*Glass clanging sound effect*

Because.... I got nominated as the Course King of the night!! *Please insert dramatic expression* lol

Frankly speaking, it was really unexpected and 1st of all, I would like to thanks my mom, my dad, my bro, my uncle, the cat from the 3rd neighbouring house, the fan in my room, etc etc *oscar style*. lol


If you notice those pictures in facebook, then you will know how casual I was during the dinner and how much others wore and looked better than me! But maybe its just because of some of the solo performances and the sudden presentation of entertainment I did that left deep impression on them, hmmm~~

From what I can say over here is that, by using your limited time for interaction with people that matters to you *interviewer, judge etc*, what can you do to leave good and great impression on them? Learned something that night, personality and the atmosphere you stir on are factors not to be neglected!

Anyway, paid Rm70, but only drank a cup of cordial orange drink, and a plate of variety of food, very x berbaloi!!! lol, the only thing that comforts me is getting a free watch, 'couple watch' with my partner Course Queen if you want to know, lol, which, I think its kinda normal but its better than nothing! And a grey colour shawl usable for formal functions, pictures kat facebook! Just expressing my disbelief over here hahaha~ But, its a really good experience anyway, WHAT A NIGHT!! =)
The watch I got and the accompanying grey shawl.

Out of curiosity I went and googled up Master Polo brand, which is the watch brand that I got, and this is what I found out!
Rm30 for this couple watch

Ok, maybe not that expensive but I'm actually quite contended with it and with the bangga-ness I had yesterday hahahaha=D

Anyway, I managed to infect most of the people yesterday with my favourite phrase of mine  currently, 'UNTUNGLARRRRr~~~!!' hahahaha

k la that's one good news, till the next post peeps =)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Something to post before you guys forget bout me. lol

'Brian! Mana awak!!'
Oh well, at least that's what I usually hear when some of my ex-coursemate met me. haha,

Anyway, just to update, lets start up with some positive news first!
 i) Leng luis are piling up the sky in my college *drool*

ii) This college is bustling with activities! As oppose to what I thought of a health science student should be, hide in room and burying themselves with 15 inches thick reference books. lol

iii) Spacious and comfortable house + rather friendly (I think!) housemates, still not close to them though. hmmm..

Recently I've been in events and meetings frequently, reaching my room at about 1-2am every night, or rather, morning. lol, because tomorrow would be D-day! Course night, and we have to do a musical performance spanning about 25 minutes, that's why tiap tiap malam practice like mad, even though everybody is having test, but still they are committed to come for practice! Not bad~

One interesting thing is that I've been kinda active engaging in translation works too, but its only from chinese/cantonese to English laa, still practicing, especially on translation live dialogue, with no preparation from the speaker and translate spontaneously! Challenge!

Wanting to improve my English and also, of course, my critical thinking skills in refuting others, I joined college debating team too. I think its a really good chance to train how you will react when someone said something, and to analyze it logically and critically. Of course, the most important thing is to be persuasive enough, luring others into buying your idea, haha I think its kinda interesting~

Hmmm, but something rather unhappy happened recently.

5 more marks to pass my piano exam! Sigh.. 95/150. I know its really a bad score, but , so close!! What a waste... a year plus of efforts and money.....
just a random  picture, the one I am really feeling is....
Sigh... But frankly speaking la, although I'm quite disappointed with myself because of not achieving victory in everything I do, but I'm not that entirely sad laa, because I know the effort I'm putting in is really not enough for a grade 8 student!

Imagine, usually a grade 8 pianist would practice AT LEAST 1 hour per day, maybe? That's a very conservative figure, and I only got the time to practice about 2 hours PER WEEEK!! Going back from UPM to Metro Kajang every week via public transport, walking and just to attend the class, so.. its somehow something not too shocking to know that I failed..

Yesterday teacher asked me if I want to take another shot for this, and I'm still considering hard about this, next July would be the exam, and I gotta practice like mad! Although the pieces would be the same thing.. Take the challenge, or not?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A fresh new start, again?

Living room, 3-in-1 toilet and my study table.

As most of you all, or rather, those who I've told to, or those that are concern about me, have already known, I've managed to change my program to Biomedical Science, Hoo-ray to Briannnn!! lol.

So I joined back to the era of 1st year, the atmosphere, the students etc etc, and even to the extent that I have to undergo program/college orientation, ONCE MORE! I lost the passion for it already. lol.. Somehow this feeling is dissimilar with what I had during my 1st year back in 2011, oh well of course, maybe I'm already through with the feeling, and somehow feeling slightly awkward calling seniors of same age as, seniors. haha

This fresh new embarkation was first shrouded with uncertainties and the bureaucracy of the transfer program which involves scholarships and other factors were really wearing me down, I was practically going here and there not knowing what to expect but just to try my luck, and ALAS! Here I am.. Here I am =)

Of course, this would not be a journey of smooth sailing, all on board (5 transfer student altogether) shall face crushing waves (academic burden) and sudden storm (clashing college activities) as we are required to graduate in 3 years. Did I tell you not that this year there will be a whole new curriculum which is totally different from the previous Biomed program? We need to have 147 credit to graduate while the previous batch requires only 133, an extra 13 credit hours with the fact of compacting it into 3 years and having 3 industrial training for each long semester break instead of 1 for the previous batch, so, yeah~

Well, no use lamenting against it! Al iz well, right? =D haha This is what I chose, so this is what I am and this is what I will do. 自己选的路,跪也要跪完下去!!

Anyway, kinda nervous for my piano exam's result after reading Miss S's post. Don't GG please! lol

Saturday, August 18, 2012

To-do-list, partially checked

Sliding down a waterfall like a boss?


Went to a somewhat picnic-like trip with D, V, TJ, SY, WH and C to Sg Gabai around Cheras area. Not bad, quite fun, but the facilities there are in a dilapidated state, and by this I'm directing it to the toilet.. It was...... seriously in bad condition, all doors wrecked, floor was dirty and the thing is, the water flowing from the pipe is black colour, DAFUQ?!
And sad to say we can really see how irresponsible Malaysian is at preserving the cleanliness of a natural
habitat. Plastics, polystyrene, cigarette boxes littered all around and stuck at cleavages between rocks, to the extent there was even a used soap on one of those big stone! Then my friend say they used to bath just under the waterfall, I was like... o.O seriously? Waaallaoooo...

Then we went up hill and played water there instead because it is cleaner than downhill, it felt great to have so much water at high speed gushing on your body, JAKUZIIII! lol
And and and!! The most exhilarating part for that was SLIDING DOWN A WATERFALL!!! But it is not as steep as you guys imagined laa... 45 degrees at a distance of 10 metres maybe? A great experience nevertheless =)

Go clubbing on 21 years old?


lol, am I supposed to be proud with this? Although I know this is something not really healthy or good to do.. Spending hours in a smoke saturated place, thumping loud bass exploding your ear, but oh well, it was quite some experience~

Blinding light, deafening blast, intoxicating liquor, mesmerizing partners, that's all you got in club, basically. A few cups down and a few swings of your head to the blasting bass is what you need to get yourself to the dance floor, and dance, OP-OP-OP-OP, OPPA GANGNAM STYLE! lol daheck.. hahaha....

Definitely wanting for the 2nd time, ajak me ok? xD

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The effort that matters.

It was just few hours ago (Wednesday morning) when I was bathing my Rover, and suddenly, a wild stranger appeared! A foreigner and a Chinese and the Ah Mo was like 'Heyyy Mister, do you speak English??'
Me :'Yeah.. But let me get my top on 1st' *was not wearing a shirt that time = =*

Then he started to ask whether if I have any belief or not, and I replied with Buddhism, and there goes, he started to spark up some question such as why are there injustice in the world, do God love, or listen to people as others claim, etc etc.

And I was like, o.O. I mean, well its really good to discuss all these and have a religion-exchange kind of thing but, this is just too sudden and random! Under hot sun with my constantly barking Rover beside me. But he's a nice man, and no doubt a really good speaker! Because he has all those intonation and expression and stuff, and keep constantly throwing me open questions, but well, I just nodded and encouraged him to talk more ahaha, lazy to go in depth discussion...

What I'm trying to say here is that, they are adults, having their proper job, and its under hot sun, going house by house to try to.. well I won't say they are preaching, but propagating their idea. If I'm not mistaken they said they are from Jehovah Witness, and their aim is to pursue knowledge within the Bible. It's quite interesting actually, but the atmosphere is just too weird and sudden lol..

The effort that matters, really, I can see that they are really earnest in doing this although they might (most probably) be ignored or so, but, yeah, good effort! =)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Continuation for the pieces~

This is the 3rd piece, King of a Day, a light jazz that is supposed to be  smooth and pleasant to listen too, but somehow I just banged the keyboard too hard or something. hahaha, do comment~

The 2nd piece is too big and cant be uploaded thru blogger, maybe I will upload it in youtube and share the link over here, till then~ haha

Piano examination (Vids)

In this post I will be uploading the 3 pieces that I played for my G8 piano practical examination that I had on last Tuesday (24th July)
Anywayyyy, hope you guys have the patience to listen to all of em, and comment if you feel like it! But I think its not that good though, and I did worse in exam, due to the overwhelming trembling nervousness.. sigh.. The lady examiner was very friendly, but the atmosphere and my own consciousness was just killing me inside!! Just cross my finger and hope that I can pass this exam once and for all =(

This is Prelude, the composer imitated the style of composition from 16th century and its nature is quite soft and slow.. So I don't reckon you guys might like it? Haha, watch and listen for yourself la~ =D

 The Fugue, a sequel for the previous Prelude, shows a fast and lively tempo and character, but obviously I've done several mistakes in here.. Its a really nice piece, but maybe I fail to bring our the essence of it haha.. Both of this Prelude and Fugue constitutes for my 1st piece~ =D enjoy~

Will upload my other 2 vids in different post! Yeahh~~

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thinking about the future

And it is in the monetary sense.
Recently I've got into quite some talks about selling insurance, MLM, Qnet, Nuskin etc etc, and in a way, it really makes me into thinking, 'hmmm, when will I own my personal car/house? 28?30?35?'

Because you see, for now, I aimed to be a lecturer, which of course, to be a lecturer with decent payment and easy to be recruited by institution it would be rather basic to have at least pH.D cert, and, which I assume it would take me about 3(remaining degree program)+2(master)+5(doctorate) years from now, which is.... 21 +10. 31 yrs old baru boleh come out and lecture and make stable income of about Rm6-7k with the ever hiking inflation rate and soaring high estate price?! Hmmm.. Looks like I really need some backup plan, don't you think so?

I don't aim for luxury life, seriously, a pretty decent, or above average life would be sufficient to me, not to the extent of buying bungalow, getting super nice sport cars etc etc, but at least having no difficulties in getting good life qualities with my FUTURE FAMILY (vacations, educations etc) so.. hmm...

Today I went for a talk, rather accidentally...  = ='' (felt like kena con. lol) and the girl who invited me, is younger than me, but her ambition is reallly sky high! She wants to have her own car by the end of next year, and wants to hit all the targets proposed by her company in order to bring her whole family to have vacations in countries like Gold Coast, Hawaii etc. Not bad, seriously, not bad at all! The motivation that is driving her is really getting it on her!

So, what do you think? Is it important to have some basic monetary management knowledge now, and to work while studying, or to focus solely only in studies in your life as a student. (Especially U students)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Whether you are this.

Or this.

It doesn't matter, because today I'm going to talk about (or rather, we WILL discuss about, haha), what are the characteristics that mesmerize you, or fascinate you, that you, and me, are looking the the opposite half?

After having a Yumcha session with friends last week, one golden rule that I get from my friend to court a girl, is to NOT befriend her too closely. Mind you, its a SHE who gave me this piece of advice! lol, seriously? I mean, is this friendzone thing realllyyy that strong in girls nowadays? Being a good friend with you, sharing problems and secrets, will totally make me a guy in the FOREVER FRIENDZONE area?  Well, maybe, the lack of sense of mysterious is the barrier for them to proceed in further relationship? Explanation needed. lol, like, seriously, enlighten me!

Next, what do you find in a guy/girl?
For me, lets skip the physical part shall we? xD
 If she's someone witty, energetic and outgoing, that really attracts me! 
Ooohh add to the point that if she has something in common with me and is really interested in it, lagi la bonus mark! =D lol

But here comes the contradiction, 
I feel threatened if she's close to other guys, easily being envious, jealousy overwhelms and here goes Mr Emo for the week, lol. But well, that is my assumption based on my past behaviour when I liked someone, although she's with someone and treat them like close friends, and rationally I DO realize that nothing is gonna happen between them, but still, jealousy engulfs, and emoness befall. LOL! Yeah that was me during my secondary school haha..

But still, those kind of girls never fail to attract me! Confident, witty, and cheerful~

Recently I'm attracted to girls with those distant, gray, cold eyes too! Like, walaaooo you can't really know what they are thinking and thus adding them a veil of mystery~ lol, crappish, but then, this sudden source of attraction is rather random.

What say you, girls, what you find in your other half?

Boys too! Having the same thinking as me (I highly doubt it! haha) or having your own set of criteria for a girl?

But well, most of the time, when it comes, it just comes, all other aspects are no longer significant =)

The world just need more love~

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Digging back the long lost passion for piano.

Piano is one aspect of my life that I consider having it neglected due to lack of concentration and dedication. It is actually something really interesting and breaks the boredom of the daily mundane activities, if, well, you find entertainment in it. haha

Counting down 1 more month for my G8 practical exam, and I'm still playing below satisfactory level, even I know I played badly, due to the lack of practice, sigh.

Gonna resume the piano drilling session in this one month! Most of them regard the end of final exams as holiday but for me, the true challenge starts now! Did I even mention that I failed my trial exam? =(

That's why I realllyyy gotta go all out this time! 3 pieces, scales, aural and sight reading, I CAN CONQUER YOU!!
lol, that's a truly random picture, anyway, resumption of my passion, this is the title of the post and what caused the sudden impulse to post this?

Just search for 'musicalbasics' in Youtube and you will know what I mean =D
 Its time, for me to mesmerize the audience with my finger =)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The road not taken, maybe?

Given 2 route:

A: You would be studying REAL hard, funded by government, and finish a 4 years course in 3 years, gaining the pace and graduate in time.

B: Decline the scholarship, complete the 4 years course in 4 years while having the luxury to join other activities, socialize around and fully utilize university life. With the fact that you are slower than others one year.

The dilemma I'm currently facing now. Sigh..

The scenario is like this, JPA offered me a 4 years scholarship, so no matter what I do, I must graduate with a degree within 4 years.

And now, I wish to change program to Biomedical Science, which is a 4 years health science course, with LOTSSSSSS of lab session! Cut it short, its a really lengthy and tough course, with the newly introduced curriculum expanding the graduate credit hours from 130 to 145...

So, if i choose route A, I will be having Rm40k extra cash in my pocket for the remaining 3 years, but, with the fact that I have to take about 22 credits MINIMUM each semester to finish the program within the time limit, and, not to mention, being really preoccupied in studies until cannot join program, Gakkai activities and maybe........ till the extent of not finding the another half?!?! (ok, this could be another BIGGG topic, so lets skip it xD) so, yeah, you get the point.

Route B, forgo the Rm40k, stick with the 4 years plan (intention to compress it into 3.5years sounds feasible as I've completed all the Uni courses), join other activities and live out for the max in uni life!

Oh, did I mention that IF I fail to comply the rules, I would be fined Rm110,000?

So, which one to go?

Friday, June 15, 2012


I know, there is always a period of time where we are growing up, given the normal condition on how normal parents raise normal kids under normal circumstances, immaturity prevails, in kids.

You might see some small kid behaving like an adult, well, most probably he/she has gone through severe obstacles or hardships in life, coarsening him/her into someone that uses one's brain. But oh well, this is the minority among us, like seriously rare.

Well, the immaturity I'm trying to discuss over here today is not about the physical development, but rather, more towards intellectual behavior, or in other words, naiveness.

Naive - Lacking experience, wisdom, or judgement. Rings any bell of someone in your head? haha.

Just scan through the social networking website nowadays and you will see lots of articles, medias, pictures etc etc flowing all over them, and then, you will read the comments thread (as for me la. lol), and then, here comes the SUPER FACE PALM for those thread.

You will see kids supporting the wrong cause, getting insanely angry over petite matters, vulgar words overwhelming the whole page and feeling self righteous by defending his/her words BY ALL MEANS.

There is also a trend where they will augment others' inferiority to diminish self-weakness, or the other way round for advantages.

Plain sad right? Seeing them as our future's hope. I know, we were in some stage like them, but it wasn't as seriously naive as them! And I couldn't believe that this wave of trend is getting more and more common, without being emphasized as a problem by others.

There's a picture with a cartoon figure scolding all bad words commonly used in Malaysia, and they were SO MANY LIKESSS and most of the commentators were proud of themselves for using it!

And there goes teenage girls sharing obscene pictures of sex, marriage life, couples etc etc you name it, that its all related to girls-guys relationship. It is as though she's suggesting she's open for any free relationship with anyone! Maybe we can forgive her because she's 17? You see how serious this matter goes? Naive. They just don't know the implication of their actions.

The lack of empathy towards others, and the sense of sympathy is also a matter worth looking into.
Cases of tragedy, accidents or mishap can be MADE FUN by others and even some commented that 'oh, what a waste for it to be not more severe . Whatttt?!?!

Sad la. seriously. sigh.

That's why I think youngsters nowadays have to be exposed to religion, if not, life philosophy or correct views of life. If not, moral implications and lessons will be something theoretical/virtual or obsolete in real life!

Have you ever, EVER touched anything relating to philosophy, or some questions that has deeper meaning other than all these superficial, physical means that we are living with everyday, in your life?

Worth pondering.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Imbaness lvl 9000!

And so, 1st year Piccalow 's gathering was on thursday night, we went Sri Petaling as there are multitude of choices for food~ Decided to choose on korean cuisine - Daorae~
The interior design was not bad at all, reminded me of Kiku Zakura in MidV because of their seating arrangements.
See the silvery host up there? Its a smoke pipe to channel those smoke outta the compound~

The food... What I can say is that I don't really favour Korean food, haa... Its acceptable, but not to my liking, or maybe because this is one of the few times I tried Korean cuisine that my taste bud is not accustomed to it yet!

The price for those main course (noodles, rice etc) was relatively cheap, ~Rm20 per meal. But their marinated meat is blood choking expensive!!
This is one of the chicken fillet we ordered, Rm28.
There's another beef slices that we ordered IN SIMILAR QUANTITY, costs us Rm45.
My inner expression when I saw the dish coming. lol

Ok, that's all about Korean BBQ. Then we proceed to Poon Kee dessert store for more desserts, and then we headed for our 3rd round entertainment!

It was 12am+ by then and so we decided to watch midnight movie baru pergi sing k, mana tau, reach Jusco d, ALL CLOSED except for Greenbox, which will be opened till 2am.

So we decided to go to Neway, ahh~~ Syok! Boleh nyanyi till 4am! At least we can sing about 3 hrs, so its ok la, per pax about Rm40 with drinks and some meal~

Finished singing emo(I like Fook Hee's expression here, 来!点EMO歌!!EMO死我们!!!!lol)  then we proceed to Yumcha at oldtown because that's the only available place aside Paparich for us to lepak. lol..

Reached back in UPM at about 6.30am, slept till 7.30am then go to photography session with P-seniors, shoot shoot xia until 11am, went back college, bath and meeting at library at 12pm-4pm.
Then, slept for about 1 hour and already in standby mode at 5pm for DANCEVER PARTAY!!!! in The Mines hotel~

Fantastic night! Everybody danced on the dance floor like mad~~ With no alcohol though, lol, and the buffet meal is taking its toll on everybody's movement hahaha.. But nevertheless, its really really fun night, and tiring too!
That's why, imbaness lvl 9000, sleep deprived. lol that's all for now, cheers~~ This is a imba long post too lol, well ok, maybe not that long. hahaha

Till then~

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A new experience!

Wow its been so long since I last updated this post!! Don't know why, I just can't find the spirit to do it, because when I want to tell about tales of myself, it MIGHT seem to be a mundane, everyday thing to others, so I wish not to bore the crap out of my readers~

It seems that I can only blog well about thoughts and new opinion and ideas if I read more books, recently the reading habit is just pathetic! Whenever I got the time I would either watch movie, or play game... (For this week 14 only la lol), ALL BLAME TO DMC4!!

Anyway, since I don't have any opinion or thoughts to share, then I have to share my experience recently only lol.

Just finished my BAKSIS Megaproject, 3d2n at Sekolah Menengah Vokasional Kajang.
Got a lot of pictures, but not with me! waiting for them to be uploaded by friends...
To sum it up, we don't judge a book by its cover, seriously. Before entering the school, we were being informed that they are MALICIOUS, BAD, POOR DISCIPLINE, GANGSTER and anything you can relate on being bad!

But after joining them, having conversation and dialogues with them, they do open their heart to us and what I notice is that they need some extra care and attention, that's all... In crowds, you will see them keep jeering and making noises and all, breaking them into smaller groups and try to talk to them, you will see that they are really just a desperate attention seeker.  And, as presumed, they do have some poor family background and relation with their immediate families..

One of them, being misunderstood by his father in age 10 caused him to be cold and frigid till date, and he is developing an anti-sentiment towards female because the whole misunderstanding thing is caused, well, partially by his female friend. This caused me to realize HOW SENSITIVE children's feelings are and how we, as parents should be extra attentive and proceed matters with care to develop a  healthy child.. We should blame the society of now by its predecessor, not the current youth.. Just saying my opinion. hmm....

A few things other than them, a sudden 'revelation' that I really do think that girls that kept themselves shrouded in veils of mystery looks a lot more attractive than they do if they spill it all out! Seriously, when I see her from afar, with her cold blank stare, its really appealing! But once I started talking with her, well, she's a nice person, friendly and all, but oh well, the initial curiousness has 'le Poofed', vanished just like that. ahaha

Anyway, photo of the day. Metallic Mickey from the Mickey exhibition in MIDV. One of my favourites! =D

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finalize video

Do comment! My 1st time doing such video, of course, with the help of other team mates too~ But editing part was 100% my idea! (duno shud b proud or wat lol)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Walking down the memory lane~

Went to my old house Cheras yesterday, the place where I was there for about.... 6 years?

Still remember those blurry yet familiar routes... The familiar images of trees, staircase and so on.. But, everything seems to be SMALLER! Fences USED to be a big barricade for me, but now, its all child's play hahahhaa~

Walking up the flat (stayed at flat that time) using stairs because of the out of order lift, bearing the stench of the outdated designed garbage chamber, with foul image of maggots and roaches - I lived here once.

Getting into the compound, the dark, dilapidated, congested image conjured in front of me. This WAS my home. It used to be a noisy, merry and happening place where people at the same floor would come out and trade food or just to be 'nosy on what's happening on mr who mrs who lately'. But now, it is mainly inhabited by foreign workers, and the condition over there is just not as how I imagined its gonna be.. There's a random chinese uncle, at his 70-s I would say, sitting on a flower pot, staring into the space blankly, its quite a sad scene though, hmm, or maybe I'm just thinking too much.

As we walked, mom keep telling me who and who stayed where, and where they have moved, and how we've eventually lost communication... Nature of time huh?

Then we proceed with the neighbourhood around, mom will be like :
mom: 'Hey u know, last time, this was all bushes, where got develop until like dat'
'and, every night before we go back, we would have our bak kut teh over here~'
'used to jog over here, used to wait for bus over here....' and so on~

I have no memories over those minute details at all, but I kept smiling, and nodding, listening to her
enthusiastic description of her remembrance~

Memories and experience are what makes you what and who you are right?

Went to my 奶妈's(nanny) house too! Too bad she wasn't around, only her son is, but the good thing is that we managed to get her contact and gonna set a date to meet up soon! Haven't been contacting each other for years... Her son, was in his secondary education level when I was small.. Now, he's a 30+ man with a beautiful family... Time really don't wait for anyone huh?

A lot of images keep popping out in my head, and assumptions like 'what if this, what if that' keep volleying me to think about it~ There so many what ifs, one's life can change so much with every step in his/her life..

That's all for now.. What a trip! =D
(Ps: of course, that is just some random pictures, u cant find this ANYWHERE IN CHERAS! lol)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Negotiation skills.

The conversation below shows an example on how we should really negotiate with others, I will leave out the details to not bore you guys, but, this conversation is really interesting to me!

Markus approaches Louis after his shift on Friday afternoon and asks if he can arrange a meeting to discuss a potential promotion. Louis sighs and reminds Markus that they already had this discussion last year. Markus agrees, but reminds Louis of his loyalty to the company and insists that they speak again on the subject next week. Eventually Louis, who is afraid that Markus might quit on the spot, agrees to meet on Monday during the crew's lunchhour.

Over the weekend, Markus thinks about Monday's meeting. Last year, he was unprepared to negotiate and ended up only getting a 50 cent/hour pay raise. This did not satisfy him, and he has continued to feel undervalued ever since. Many times, after a hard day at work, Markus has considered quitting. However, it is difficult to find work in the middle of winter. Markus has a family to support and he can't afford to lose his job.

Markus decides to do some research on negotiating. He learns the principles behind collaborative negotiating, and decides that this is the approach he will take this time. After he has understood the concept he can ask himself the preparatory questions above. Finally, he can apply the rules of collaborative negotiating to his own case.

 It's finally lunchtime and Markus and Louis meet as planned. Markus offers for Louis to speak first, but Louis declines:

Markus: Thanks again for agreeing to meet today. I really appreciate you taking the time during your lunch.

Louis: Okay, well, let's get started. I'd like to resolve this as soon as possible so we can get back to work.

Markus: Great. Okay, well, if there's anything you'd like to say first, please be my guest.

Louis: Oh, no, I insist you go first. After all, you're the one who asked to meet with me.

Markus: Very well then. First of all I want you to know that I am fully aware of the challenges you have faced in running this company in the last few years. I understand that the poor weather last year ended up costing you and all of the local landscape companies a lot of money. However, I think you realize that I am unsatisfied with my current salary. I've been with Landscape labourers for 5 years now and there have been many other years that were profitable. Despite how much your business has grown, I'm making less than a dollar more than I was the day I started.

Louis: You're lucky to have a job in these times.

Markus: Yes, and I'm very thankful that you have employed me all this time, especially during the slow seasons when the company is struggling to make a profit. It means a lot to me to have that stability, which is why I have remained loyal to your company.

Louis: You haven't had much choice but to remain loyal, Markus. There are no jobs out there.

Markus: Well if you don't mind, I'd like to finish what I have to say and then you can let me know what your position is. As a matter of fact, there are a few companies hiring right now in our area. These are not all necessarily companies that I would be interested in working with. For example, you and I both know that I would never want to work for a company such as Powell Designs. I'd much prefer to be associated with a company like Landscape Labourers because we do a good job. Having said that, I took the liberty of calling a few other local companies to find out what type of salary packages they offer to their foremen.

Louis: Foremen? I don't have a foreman. I never have. It's not my style. Don't forget, you're a contract labourer just like the rest of the crew.

Markus: Yes, I thank you for bringing that up. Besides deserving a higher salary, one that is competitive with local companies, I also think that I deserve a new title. You and I both know that the crew looks to me as though I am a foreman, even though I don't have the title.

Louis: You don't have the title, but you also don't have the responsibility. It's a lot of work being a foreman.

Markus: Exactly. And you can't say that you haven't noticed me coming in earlier than the others and leaving later. I also designate jobs to all of the crew members each morning and call suppliers when needs arise. These are duties of a foreman, am I right?

Louis: I suppose. But a foreman also helps solve conflicts that arise within a team, and deals with customer complaints. You always pass those things on to me.

Markus: I agree with you on that. However, I would be willing to take on these extra responsiblities, should you offer me a foreman position at a rate of $25.00 per hour.

 Louis: Look, we're running out of time here and I've barely had a bite of my lunch.

Markus: I know, and we have a lot of work to get done this afternoon.

Louis: Well, I guess we'll have to settle this at another time.

Markus: Actually, I'd really like to get this settled today. I know how busy you are, and it's not easy to get you to sit down and talk.

Louis: (standing up and getting ready to walk out of the room) Well, we're not getting anywhere.

Markus: Please sit down for a few more minutes so we can make a decision.

Louis:And what if I don't? Are you going to quit?

Markus: I am a loyal employee, and I believe that it is in the best of both of our interests to have this conflict resolved. This should only take a few more minutes.

Louis: Fine. You can be the foreman. I'll even change the title on your pay stub. But no raise.

Markus: I think you and I both know, that the raise is more important to me than the title itself.

Louis: You know, not very many owners would agree to give a person like you the title of foreman. You don't even have your proper certification.

Markus:You've said before that experience means more to you than education. Remember that guy Samuel that you hired. He had a four year diploma in landscape design but had never worked a day out on the fields. You let him go before his probation was up.

Louis: Oh, don't remind me of that kid.

Markus: Look, I'd be willing to accept $24.00/hr, if you agree to review my salary again come spring.

Louis Fine. I guess, that's fair. You are my best employee, right now at least.

Markus: Great, then, you won't mind changing my status to crew foreman. I won't disappoint you. Remember, I'm willing to take on the extra duties of a foreman, which will give you more time to find new clients.

Louis: Speaking of new clients. I'm expecting an important phone call in ten minutes, so let's wrap this up.

Markus: Well, I think we've both agreed on the terms. Can we shake on it? I mean, can I have your word that my new hourly wage will begin at the beginning of next month?(Markus holds out his hand.)

Louis: (Louis shakes it.) Okay, Mr. Foreman. Get back to work, would you. And, I'll need you to order all of the supplies for Monday.

Markus: Thanks, Louis. I'll get on that right now.

Not bad huh!! The negotiator did not change its politeness although the employer did not show an equal reverence to him, which I think most of the people I know would have retaliate or to be intimidated if they are to be faced with such manner of negotiations~

Biology development

Doing a 5 mins long video for slow block polyspermy, had our 1st meeting today and this is what we've managed to experiment it out, I can see dat its gonna be fun!! =D 1st time doing something like this lol

Thursday, May 10, 2012





Friday, May 4, 2012

Run For Life

Now that the most of the events had finished, it is time to concentrate to the final finale~ Run For Life Charity Run Event. I don't think I've put such much effort in any other events before~
Anyway, wanna use this opportunity to promote once more, DO JOIN THIS CHARITY RUN EVENT!! =p

The door gift offered for every participants is quite lucrative too! (still in promoting mood lol)
See?! Rm400 worth of gym voucher to be taken JUST LIKE THAT FOR FREE!!

*excitement dies off*
We are aiming for 1.5k of participants initially, which I think its a REALLY AMBITIOUS target, for me, a successful running event would be quite an outcome with 800-1000 participants. But....

For now... The total participants involved is only....


That's why, now I'm using every resources available to induce people in joining this event, and so...

Join this event for only Rm15 and you will get:
-Rm200 worth of 14days Celebrity Fitness voucher
-Rm200 worth of 14 days True Fitness voucher
-Various sponsor items from Mentholatum, Shokubutsu, Men's Health Week Mag, and Gardenia
And certainly, the good deed for helping those cancer patients in need! =)

Come come and join us!!!! For more info, please log into Larian Amal 'Run For Life' UPM EVENT PAGE in FB and all the details are there!

How to register? Just go into and DL the form, bring Rm15 along with you for on this coming Sunday at UPM Kolej Kedua. Registration starts at 6.45am =)

SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! GOGOGOGO~~~!! (support la sikit wei.. I tengah desperate ni...... lol)

Anyway.... Next week, my BAKSIS (short for Bakti Siswa, or social responsibility of  uni students) will be at Kajang, SMK Teknik Vokasional. 3D2N staying in a school of Kajang but not my house. lol imba.

eh, don forget to join ah! You join d then u can see me on that day ok!!!! xD

join ah! BE A MAN, DO THE RIGHT THING!!! =p

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lesson learnt?

Not sure about this yet, but from what I've experience till date, its NOT GOOD to take up too many college activities...

Especially when it all happens simultaneously.. Like an active volcano, magma ready to erupt and cause catastrophe anytime!

Joined RFL(A wide-scale charity run event), PERMANIS(N9 cultural exhibition),Fac dinner, English Drama, Baksis and a 2d1n trip. Being one of the tops in each and every of the event is really taxing.

Not only that, I've had lesser time to spent with my mom, makan malam also have to rush to be fast! Everyday meetings and discussion. Starts at night ends in the morning mind you! Especially for ED, being the head of Props team, although I'm not contributing much in the team due to the lack of knowledge in Kageno-Bunshin, but I had always joined their work after my meetings and trainings.. Ohhhh berat......

My friend is sick and I don't even have the time to visit him.

Some of my friend has enthusiastically invited me to events, but I just have to reject him due to time constraint.

Isolating myself to save more time to work, not joining others for dinners, sports etc.

Left room in the morning and come back to room in the morning, not even a chance to talk with my room mate!

Haven't went back to house for weeks, despite the fact that I'm staying near.

Seriously sleep deprived. Lack concentration in class.

Neglecting SGM's activities for the sake of college activities, which, I think its not a good thing to do..

But despite all that, its a really good experience to me, I've met a lot of people with different attitudes and unexpected way of thinking, its a real eye opener..

I know how to use a fax machine d! mwhahhahaha~

I've been praised to have great potential in becoming a telemarketer, for calling to various companies, institutions and authorities to make inquiries and invite them for events~ Is that a compliment? haha I guess so~

ok la, saying all that just to say how busy am I!! =p
But sincerely speaking, I really missed out chances to hang out with friends, experience new things etc, which I think its quite a waste.

This is not a really organized and fruitful post though, statements and sentence randomly all around the page haha...

Starting to feel you girl, Miss meg.. Busy till stressed up!

Anyway, I read a post of one of my follower and I cant deny, I really can't deny that I must say that, I am jealous. Really. =l

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A sudden realization.

I think I'm starting to dislike what I'm turning into now, mood easily affected by others.

I want to be the sun, not the sky, I want to be the one lighting you up, not the one clouded by rain all the time.

This is the time, where we create the most value out of the least time available. (Frankly, I'm sorry to say that I didn't enjoy the session just now. It feels..... (Fill in the blank))

Should continue to rush on, and focus on priorities ahead, and not to be affected by things that is worthless.

Longing things in the past won't do, instead, I should create more happiness in the present, and the future! Where's the energetic, infectious friendly character in me?

Its a wake up call for myself, Brian Fam. =)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

A series of surprise~

The age of holding key!

The legal age to start voting!

The time where we are considered mature enough to make independent decisions!

To celebrate this coming moment, what do we usually expect?

Expectation : Party all night non stop!

Reality : Playing computer games alone.

hahaha, actually, I don't even have the chance to play computer games due to my tight schedule! Having class from morning till evening making me missed the chance to sing k with friends =( Oh nvm, chances will come. 

In the midst of conversing with Miss Michelle with her frustrated and sad emotion, suddenly Xiao Shuang came along and said..

Shuang : 'Hey, your friend came and she's finding for you'

Me : *Sensed something fishy going on* 'ok'
-Arrived a the volleyball court-
 Joway, an Acad P senior which I haven't met before came along and said... 

Joway :'hey, u r brian rite? U noe me ah? Can you help me? My tyre punctured and I need you to help to change it leh...' *showing the helpless innocent face*

Me: *Analytical mind activated* (Unknown senior, tyre punctured in the middle of the night, coincidentally in front of k2, coincidentally knows me?!) *Poker face* 'ok..'

And then, TADAAAAA!!  
4 ninjas jumped out of the bush!

 Wild karmun, kahmoon, kangyau and kitwei appeared! With this!
It was so artistic that I don't know what is placed on top of the cake until I view it from another angle hahaha

Thanks guys, that was, well, although expected, but still its a pleasant surprise =D

The next day... Coursemate Miao passed me a box of 'seniors note' and it turns out to be.....
Unsuspecting, innocent looking box of lecture notes

Transform into...!

Now that was really unexpected! hahaha

Wasn't expecting much from them since everybody is busy recently~ Great! I've got supplies during my gaming session!! xD

I would say that its simple and memorable, and now I'm not sure if I'm escaped from the judgement from fellow 二华-ians in RU! I heard they bought 10 packets of toothpaste... which... I have no idea what I'm gonna face later on... lol

Till then, thanks a lot, friends! =)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It all lies within the brain

And they say, life's too tough to go on.

Looking at their condition, considering their circumstances, while comparing it with other less fortunate ones, I think they have no idea how lucky they are, seriously.

I've heard of an analogy before, how big a problem is depends solely on one's wisdom and compassion.

Say, there's a drop of ink, dripped into a small cup of water, we see the ink smears and the colour of the solution changed.

 If the same drop of ink, dripped into the vast expanse of sea, what would happen?

I think this analogy is a really accurate, fathomable, and applicable for us, having a higher state of thinking and a greater compassion will make us face obstacles with greater strength and courage!

Every morning you might wake up and moan about the workload you are having, events and activities you have to join and all of it seems to be so meaningless and burdening. But, do spend sometimes think about those who are less fortunate ones, those who lost their parts of body, etc.

What's with this sudden realization of me? haha, not to say realization la, just a reflection back to my life..

One day, when I was walking alone back to college, a lot of things went through my mind, particularly about events I'm handling and the nearing exam.

At the midst of frustration, I saw this senior of mine (He's a disabled person losing both of his leg during standard4, currently final year), climbing up the special van that functions to fetch disabled person to class.

Although he was clearly having some difficulties climbing up into the van, but still, he did not frowned EVEN A BIT, instead, he smiled all the way and chit chat with the driver as he is doing so.

That image struck into my brain and it stays there like an imprinted image on a paper.

How strong could he be! Mentally and spiritually, the physical defect didn't even challenge him a bit.
Not only in academic, he's actively engaged in college activities and meetings as well..

See, a person that requires extra effort in doing things we do casually everyday, doesn't even complain. But us?? Look at ourselves, reflect back what we did, we do always complain when things are not as smooth as planned, we frowned when we are given difficult task, we are frustrated when we got bad teammate in group works, etc. The list can go mile long, but, the central solution and problem lies within ourselves...


It all lies within the brain.....                                                                      

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Road Relay

For me, this event is not too bad~
Went for the stadium runnin 1.5km non stop in a Relay-Competing-Style, and mind you its an inclining slope ALLLLLLL the way up, but luckily we use the same way back so when we are heading back it was easier...

The moment when you are running, but you can't feel your leg, heart hammering against your chest, others passing you by with the seemingly-jeering faces they had with them, breathing [panting I guess] profusely, eyes seeing stars and brain calling you to stop, that's the moment when you feel like giving up the most! [Given the condition of my body weight, size, stamina etc. lol]

But then, you realized, the last 100m will be the last 100m for you to run, and after that you can lay down on the grass and sleep like a boss, that's what motivated me to push myself to the limit!! [And of course, the macho-ness in me to not show the overly-pamcit face in front of girls! haha]

And so, I manage to complete that 1.5km without pausing, and sprinted in the last 100m, proud to say that I surpassed a lot of other people which are thinner and some fitter than me! AWWWW YEAHHH~~ Passing them by like a boss!

Head back to college, cleaned the pond [HAD LOTSA FUN THERE TOO but its ok lets skip it lol] bathed, and ta-daaaa, here I am blogging now.. Wanna go out yumcha with frens talk about crap but too bad, most of us don't have cars, those having cars pulak not around, aisehhh sad case~

Anyway, remember Mr photoshop? Here's the improvised image!

Actually, the FESTIK that will be held in April has NOTHING to do with ghost story at all... This is a rather exaggerated version of it... Well... captivating I guess, but this is too scary they said. Just imagine this image being posted on notice board, every single time you want to go to toilet you just have to pass by this shit and give it a glance, who knows suddenly the eyes open and, TADAAA!! lol..... Ok too much crap, haha, till the next post then, bye! =D

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Appreciation for internet arts.

For CENTURIESSSS I've been receiving emails showing Photoshopped arts. Image being beautifully altered, or mockingly distorted. And so, it lead me to a conclusion that stuff as such is easy as ABC. GUESS AGAIN!!

After bugging my friend Christopher for passing me the program and tinkering with that piece of *TOOOOOOT* for almost 3 hours, this is what I'm able to produce.

And yessss I know this is like a grain of sand to a mountain compared to images and pictures prevalent in Internet nowadays...

GG-ness, now I hard how much effort did they put to enhance their image...
Trying to love Photoshop now~ Someone wants me to transform their image into some goddess of beauty or something like that. lol Imba...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Short updates

Some say, a life smooth sailing is not a life at all. Without sadness, you don't know what's happiness; without tiredness, you won't cherish sleeping time, and the examples can go as long as a SILK highway. lol

My point it, constantly challenging yourself OUTSIDE of the comfort zone, accomplishing task beyond your own expectation, the satisfaction it brings about is immeasurable huh?

This semester will be a tough time for me, I think. Given the fact that Piano practical exam is nearing, I've just appointed to be a Han Leader around this area, and the sudden leap of 14 credit hours to 19 credit hours in this sem.. Oh talk about those credit hours, its just so frustrating!! Why split a 3 hour class into 2 + 1? I mean, C'MONNNNN, I have to purposely go to lecture class just for that 1 hour, just because of that 1 hour I have to rearrange my timetable. If everything is compacted into 3 hours each, I believe it would be tiring no doubt, but life would be much easier.. For example, Wednesday itself 8-9am, 9-10am, 10-11am would be 3 different class in 3 different places, haha... KAGENOBUHAINO JUTSUUUU!!! [Body splitting ninja technique in action]

OK, I digressed toooo much. lol
What I want to achieve in this semester.
1) Finding a balance between academics and SGM's activities
2) In the midst of hectic, find ways and time + motivation to keep myself in tip top condition! [Physically and mentally]
3) Do well in piano exam! Can't disappoint my mom and teacher!
4) Maintain my academic grades
5) Improve in my interpersonal skills, there are much time where things I took lightly might actually hurt someone else deeply. Im sorry.
6) To be a reliable, cheerful person!

Although others might be having a not-so-packed time by taking one subject less for this sem, I have to take extra subject so that when I change program to Biomedical Science next semester, those credit hours can be transferred.. Oh... JPA is really cracking my head out....


Attended a leadership camp KRIS-29[Kem Rekreasi Intan Suraya] few days back, and that camp really taught me a lot of things, and gave a loads of 1st hand experience on various stuff.

Did this before?
Building a functional raft from mere nylon strings, PVC pipes, floats and basic planks.

Flow freely on a river with a bunch of people in a circle formation[With life jackets on of course! lol]

Traversing into the jungle at 12am, WITHOUT torchlight, and mind you, its not a easy terrain

Blood sucked by other bugs other than mosquitoes, pacat. 5 of em, ohh big fat leeches! lol

Walked alone on the way back to campsite. Tormented by fear and slight gust of wind makes you wander off your mind!

Did not sleep properly for 48 hours straight

A camp lasted for 6 days 5 nights, with sleeping period less than 6 hours!

Activities apart, the lesson learned during the camp is really eyes opening for me, as I've never been in similar camps before..

There are so much things to share that I think readers won't be patient enough to read it all, haha.
But, one thing for sure, memories are treasured for this camp, forever.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


The separating line between you, and success.

The egoistic you that forbids you from asking others

That prevents you from admitting your fault

That makes you angry, when you are wrong

That makes you appearing like a total fool, while you are feeling righteous about yourself

That holds you back from sending a friend request to someone you want to know so much

That deters you from doing things, you are far more capable of

That makes people view you in disdain, the stare of detest

The monumental wall that blocks your view towards a greater horizon

That narrows your mind, into a shallow, narrow little path


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dim gai?!

It has been quite some time since I last updated. Why? Because I find updating my blog on mundane routine seems unappealing.. But somehow, that's what my capacity is up to till now.[Or at least the capacity that I realize I can, not the hidden ones. haha ok what did I just type?]

Went back to Kuala Lipis on the CNY Eve, had shark fin soup, and I realized that most of my family members, especially the younger generations are actually aware on the initiation in banning shark fin soup, and thus my grandma substituted with fake ones, doesn't matter, tastes the same as the authentic ones. haha

How about Ang Pau hunting? =D
I don't know if this is less or a lot for you guys, but for me its quite a number, since I rarely home visit other people, this year exceptional case, because I left Kuala Lipis on the 4th day, and still manage to catch up with friends for house hopping session!! =D

Received a pleasant surprise on the way back from KL, a phone call conversation as follow unfolds :
*CNY ring tone from my handphone*
Me : *Answered lazily, just woke up from nap* 'yeah?'
CIMB guy :'Ini Encik Fam Sze Zheng? '
Me : *Mustered concentration* 'ya ya saya, awak siapa ah? '   lol
CIMB guy : 'oh, ini dari CIMB, kami ada sesuatu hadiah untuk awak'
*Starts to suspect whether if this is any con case or something*
Me : 'Apa hadiah? Saya tak ada subscribe apa apa benda pun?'
CIMB guy : 'Satu patung kecil jer, rumah encik [blablabla] kan? Saya nak letak dalam peti surat, tapi tak muat, nak buang ke dalam pulak, takut anjing itu akan gigitnya!'
Me : *Realized he's not lying as I heard Rover[my dog] barking* 'ahhh, yaaa, kalau buang kat lantai memang dia akan musnahkan, haha, boleh tak letak kat rumah jiran?'

Case settled, and finally I got ~
Cute little CIMB sotong with its pirate-like hat! hahaha

Anyway, went MidV today to spend my Rm200 vouchers, andd, I FINALLY GOT THE BOOK I YEARNED FOR! Books there are, but are there determination?
One of the few bestsellers in the whole world, especially the 1st 2 books. Now that I realize I'm more inclined to go towards 'psychology, sociology, philosophy' section rather than 'general fiction, sci-fi and thriller' section that I used to be so attached to. Guess this is the best time to have such transition! =) Really hope I do spend time reading all those books!

And do you know what's best? After using the FREE Rm200 voucher, you get another Rm10 Book voucher rebate from MPH, not bad huh! =D
You use free money, to roll free money, problem? haha

And this, is because, Valentine's Day is coming =)

Nahhh, its not related to me, its because Mr N left it in my bag. hahaha, well, good for Miss OMF xD Only those who know them knows what I'm talking. lol

Talk about Valentine's Day. Hmmm... Recently I DO noticed that more and more people around us are getting preoccupied with his/her next half, well, frankly speaking this do make me ponder upon myself why did I not get one? Well I'm not saying that their action of coupling triggers me to jump into action and to find one, but, certainly there are some loneliness lurking deep inside me. But, frankly speaking AGAIN, I don't think I'm ready for any sort of relationship yet, I guess. The responsibility is big, the stake is high, and the damage is severe if it is not cared carefully.. But deeeeeeep inside, I know I want it.

What a conflicting emotion this is!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I can't believe I stuttered with that unexpected phone call! Looks like that explains why XX are not attracted to me.. Hahaha.. Just find it amusing that I will get nervous being called by her. lol.

Just a random picture


 If a girl calls your phone, would your heart skip a beat?

Friday, January 13, 2012

The determination that drives me

Is being busy.

Seriously, no kidding, not joking, nothing funny.

Finished my exam on the 9th, and I started to be a Pudge since then, ROTTING NON-STOP IN HOUSE!

And so I came to a bitter realization, where, what drives me the most, is being busy, and have short time in accomplishing tasks.

Once I stepped home, the entire physical and mental state of mine went down, everything is dreamy~ relaxed~ and carefree~ WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS?! Masuk rumah, terus don't feel like doing anything and Bruno Mar's song keep having a permanent replay in my head.

Usually sleep at 2am, managed to get up at 7am to get ready for class. Now? Sleeps at 4am, wakes up at 12pm, eat, gaming, and sleeps at 5pm, waking up at 10pm, continue to game or watch movie. Not bad huh? lol... Rot level maximum.

Actually there are a lot of things to be accomplished for this one month break :
1) To read a few books I bought from the BBW sales, at least finished reading two of em~

Finished reading those about maths, next up, philosophy about Xmas and myths behind wine appreciation!
2) To read these New Human Revolution books, as to increase my knowledge towards my mentor Daisaku Ikeda and deepens me faith towards the Buddhism

6 books actually, 1st book on the way!
3) Talk about faith, in UPM I will spend my time cycling to Sri Serdang just to go to student house for chanting purposes, for one hour! But in house, even though I have the leisure and comfort to chant anytime I want, but... The creeping laziness has overwhelmed me! Succumbed to internet instead! argh!!!

4) To finish 84Giga bytes worth of movies downloaded by my friends, lol Imba right? I've never saved so much movie in my life before, as I'm not really interested..

5) Last but not least.. To catch up with friends rarely in contact for few months.. But... Efforts are like water poured on yam leaf la.....

Mencurah air ke daun keladi... Haih.. kemon la!

 Anyway... Recently I find my mind to be corrupted, and its not a good sign, ohh those videos and links appeared in FB is really outta controlled.. And I realized that Japanese reality game show is nearing PORN level. lol seriously.. Imba.. Nurse crawling on a guy's torso part, revealing breast, taking his hand to caress it while wearing some imba short skirt... That's why I said my mind is corrupted, lol, keep watching this videos. Just for exposure ok! At least I'm not addicted to it! lol [maybe just some lame excuses]

All in all, I need to be busy in order to be productive. hmmm... For now.. Lemme play O2mania first la... lol