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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chaotic exam week

Well at least it applies on me =/
I never tried to revise THAT hard before
Imagine going to library and revise for like 3-4 hours just for the sake of FINAL exam
For those who know me know this is soooooooooooooo so so not Brian.. lol

But great to say that it is over! weeeehoooooohaaaaaaaaaaaa*jumping while flinging a towel*
well at least PARTIALLY over?
There's PA and MUET left on Monday.. hmm
depends on my mood whether to revise tomorrow or not..
since megaman, dota, heroes facebook are begging me to stay with them, can't do anything, right? xD
And one thing is that, I discovered that I ACTUALLY CAN study alone... W.O.W!
haahaha, of course, having the condition of absolute clearance of distraction in the radius of 5 metre..

well, there's nothing much special to blog anyway.. just to remind you guys this blog is NOT dying.. hahahah
and oh, I think I found my new hobby, I love to read thoughts of others =D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What happens when Brian is boring?

After reading the title, friends that are close to me enough will be having the 1st answer that occurs in less than 0.0001 second in their brain, dotA
so, Brian dotA-es when he is boring?
Well.. hmmmm.. that MIGHT be true, bt wat happens when Brian is in EXTREME boredom?
A] Facebook?
B] Megaman battle network 6 Starforce Black Ace? (HOW OLD ARE U BRIAN!!)
C] Reading novels by Henry Perez?
D] Piano?

If you chose any1 of the answers above........
*tek tek!!*(standard sound given when encountering some errors in computer)
Let the pictures unveil the cloud of mystery gathering in your head.. =D

Menu of the day :
1) Mixed vege(which comprises of china cabbage, carrot, brocolli, abalone mushroom, baby corn, green peas, trace amount of ginger, minced pork and fish cake)
2)Braised spicy and sour beef
3)Steam fish accompanied by ginger and fish soy sauce~
4)Traditional chinese herbs chicken soup
You guys can noe all the ingredients in my fb as i tagged every each of them haha

Of course, with a LITTLE help from my best partner, seasoning paste of BRAHIM!!!!*playing out some holy sounds*

My 1st product!!! quite a big pot there huh? and this is wat we call, MIXED vege... rily kao kao mix.. haha, now now, don let ur stomach grumble already!! xD

em emmmmmmmmmm!!*kissing my 5 fingers together in the end of it and spreading it out in some italian chef's manner*

err.... about the steam fish... hahaha, actually i was wayyyyy too hungry at that time hence making me forget to take the pic of it BEFORE eating, and.. this is it, the result.. but it SOLIDLY proves that my dish is not bad huh?? =D

And the saliva inducing soup, the scent alone made me dripping wet!! saliva i mean.. hahaha
and nutritious too (I guess hahah)

so... i've got a conclusion for this post...

Sunday, October 11, 2009


At first i wanted to blog out the knot in that has been bugging me for some time, bt it seems that i ran out of vocab.. my feeble brain is freezing.. wat does this imply?
wat i wanted to say is, finals is coming, and im quite astonished dat im afraid of it
bt no steps have been taken yet, im still here, playing facebook msn dota like there's no tomoro
life is deteriorating
im sleeping late nite, waking up without any strong conviction in mind dat today's gonna be a good day
im going to skool for the sake of going to skool, nothing else
im having a lifeless life
results has been proven
i did not excel in my piano's exam, in fact, i PASSED my practical exam, NORMALLY..
but still, im here, being ignorant, despite the scoldings, advises and encouraging sounds screamed by surroundings
i have a theory, the more u hear encouraging words, the more u get 'immune' to it, at 1st is is annoying, and it turns into hatred, and when it mounts, the destruction of the explosion is catastrophic
even now, i have no idea wat im trying to bring out, jz to type out some words into the blog to console myself

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mooncake festival + broga trip

1st of all
a rather BIG disappointment of not having the moon coming out this year
mere shadows was observed = =''
had gathering at yap's hse.. boleh laaa, bunch of gheys talking crap there, haah except for jia wern, the ONLY gal lol..
bbq-ed at his hse, after bbq x puas lagi, pergi mamak minum lagi! ended up 1200++ onli chiao balik rumah... dah la the next day (as in today) gona go hiking at broga hill, have to wake up early, bt so late onli balik rumah.. haha
the bbq, 1st time eating chicken marinated in ginger and garlic, quite special i guess.. haha..
bt it was a simple gathering laa, got..
-my bro
-jia wern
and she's quite out-of-the-norm yesterday, my nose nearly ooze out some red liquid when i saw her, LOL!! xD
and we did wat we shud not do during mooncake festivals?
-burn twigs, candles(note: im BURNING candles, it is not lit up), match boxes etc etc
-nipple crippling all around the place lol, especially the GM(ghey-master) foong and vin! hahahahaha
and i din even have a grab on any mooncake yesterday.. lol..
dah laaa x ada moon, rain drop a bit some more.. ish...
bt was fun laa at least, cuz all of them were so hyped up haha


intended to wake up at 5 today, BUT
ended up waking up at 5.50... haha.. and the 1st thing i saw in the morning was.. :
Eh brian.i dont think i going.myhead dont feel nice la.i think i juz sleep. (and other unrelated contents)
erghhh.. its from FOO!! not foo nancy , alex foo lol..
he ffk again, cakap headache pulak *roll eyes*
reach the BHP station at about 6.50 to wait for kok wai to lead us there, nothing much, reach broga hill at about 7.10..
actually its not HIKING, its more to like mount WALKING.. its NOT challenging at all laa...
bt then my mom reached the 1st mountain's peak and she pamcit kao kao dy.. lol.. standard laaa.. she seldom exercise... after that she went down accompanied by my bro..
then we continued to the 2nd mountain, and straight up to peak.. take WHOLE LOTSSSS of pics.. cuz targeted 104 pics today, as the number corresponds wif the date today LOL, it was yee's idea.. bt tgk tgk ada 80++ pic saja.. haih.. failed =l

wont talk much in here, let the pic explains it all at my fb pic..
bt then, ive been uploading pics since like A BLOODY 2 HOURS AGO, till now not a single pic was posted = =''
and 1 more thing.. my mom's ankle sprained during way back down the mountain.. wa lao... too bad my bro cant do anything although he's in front.. next time if u guys having parents/grandparents/uncle aunties all dat go hiking, be REAL sure to take gud care of them..

Friday, October 2, 2009


ok 1st of all
i din manage to finish up the sushi king big bowl challenge... swt
and i tot peeps in high skool would go and challenge if i boasted dat i surpass dat challenge!
bt the fact is no one is egoistic enuf to take up the dare.. hahahaha
at least, not egoistic enuf to pour out RM 40 outta their pocket..
for more info
the vid would explain the EXCRUCIATING EXPERIENCE for me... replacing words.. haha..
bt then, the feeling of it was like, u wanna vomit, bt still u r forcing urself to eat... = =''

emmm.. actually there's A LOT of thingsssssssssssss to blog about.. bt then too lazy to take it out each and every one of it..
last sunday had merdeka gathering at acad k, steamboat, BLOODY FULL.. haahhaha
then last saturday pulak 21st century eat wif kwan and the usual j4 gang, took LOADS of pics.. and met those tengku hussein fella too, meg ian kok wai they all
and i WITNESSED milky terus slap kok wai's face, although playfully, bt i heard a SNAP, wow?
tomoro, errr i mean TODAY pulak mooncake festival!! gonna go bbq at yap's hse at nite.. sadly most of our frens have activities cant join... *sigh*
and tomoro, go broga hill wif high skool gang!
yeahh! never went hiking wif frens b4, u can say dat im excited.. well, im enthusiastic in almost everything, like wat foong said, extreme enthusiasm reminds him of me? haha..

another thing is.. i noticed dat some frens around me are deeply troubled by problems.. somehow i cant manage to guide them, its pathetic... hmmm... =/