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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lesson learnt?

Not sure about this yet, but from what I've experience till date, its NOT GOOD to take up too many college activities...

Especially when it all happens simultaneously.. Like an active volcano, magma ready to erupt and cause catastrophe anytime!

Joined RFL(A wide-scale charity run event), PERMANIS(N9 cultural exhibition),Fac dinner, English Drama, Baksis and a 2d1n trip. Being one of the tops in each and every of the event is really taxing.

Not only that, I've had lesser time to spent with my mom, makan malam also have to rush to be fast! Everyday meetings and discussion. Starts at night ends in the morning mind you! Especially for ED, being the head of Props team, although I'm not contributing much in the team due to the lack of knowledge in Kageno-Bunshin, but I had always joined their work after my meetings and trainings.. Ohhhh berat......

My friend is sick and I don't even have the time to visit him.

Some of my friend has enthusiastically invited me to events, but I just have to reject him due to time constraint.

Isolating myself to save more time to work, not joining others for dinners, sports etc.

Left room in the morning and come back to room in the morning, not even a chance to talk with my room mate!

Haven't went back to house for weeks, despite the fact that I'm staying near.

Seriously sleep deprived. Lack concentration in class.

Neglecting SGM's activities for the sake of college activities, which, I think its not a good thing to do..

But despite all that, its a really good experience to me, I've met a lot of people with different attitudes and unexpected way of thinking, its a real eye opener..

I know how to use a fax machine d! mwhahhahaha~

I've been praised to have great potential in becoming a telemarketer, for calling to various companies, institutions and authorities to make inquiries and invite them for events~ Is that a compliment? haha I guess so~

ok la, saying all that just to say how busy am I!! =p
But sincerely speaking, I really missed out chances to hang out with friends, experience new things etc, which I think its quite a waste.

This is not a really organized and fruitful post though, statements and sentence randomly all around the page haha...

Starting to feel you girl, Miss meg.. Busy till stressed up!

Anyway, I read a post of one of my follower and I cant deny, I really can't deny that I must say that, I am jealous. Really. =l

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A sudden realization.

I think I'm starting to dislike what I'm turning into now, mood easily affected by others.

I want to be the sun, not the sky, I want to be the one lighting you up, not the one clouded by rain all the time.

This is the time, where we create the most value out of the least time available. (Frankly, I'm sorry to say that I didn't enjoy the session just now. It feels..... (Fill in the blank))

Should continue to rush on, and focus on priorities ahead, and not to be affected by things that is worthless.

Longing things in the past won't do, instead, I should create more happiness in the present, and the future! Where's the energetic, infectious friendly character in me?

Its a wake up call for myself, Brian Fam. =)