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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chicken pox is dreadful, pray HARDLY that you got it during your childhood, believe me.. = =''
don worry, im not gonna have pictures of the hideous me in this moment.. thats jz wayyyy to obscene lol..
the feeling is like whole body having pimples.. damn, and u cant scratch it... even at the head(the hair part) oso got! sleep pun sakit..
dah la chicken pox
combo dengan sore throat and demam.. wa lao eh...
pain pain pain

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tribute for gaycent

His 'facade' eroded today.

The gay that we know, the smiley face + 24/7 annoying gaycent can actually turn out to be VICIOUS!

Today after Ian's farewell party, me, esther, gaycent(its actually vincent OON laaa *roll eyes*) and winky went to play pool

Cut it short

I was spectating, while the 3 of them practically indulging themselves totally in the game, so, when they finish their 2nd game going for the 3rd game, the neighbouring malay fella that was playing beside us suddenly came and take the cue WITHOUT ASKING, just, take, just like that.

Esther was like, huh??
Winky was like, O.o?
I was sitting and said to myself, 'walao, bloody rude rite?'
Gaycent said to me (cuz he was beside me at that time) :'wanna fite wif them?'
and without waiting for my reply, he shot up and stride to the malay gang (2 fella near the table playing, while 4/5 of them sitting at the couch)

I cant really hear the whole conversation well cuz im still sitting at the couch, bt i remember the whole scene vividly.

Those fella is confirm gangster type, from wat i observed, la, the outfit, hairstyle, way of talking and the ever going on vulgar words from his mouth = =''

and so, 1st 1st they refuse to return the cue, keep on saying 'x nampak ke kita sedang main ni ha?! pergi la ambil cue lain!!' (note: there is 1 cue at the cue collecting site, bt it was broken)

since dat fella is having a crescendo in his voice, i decided to stand up and see wat they gonna do, lol, intimidate them wif my size?
bt last last, the other malay fella tell his fren not to mess wif us and giv us back the cue..
bt, the other malay fella pulak THREATENED gaycent, saying, : 'hati2 kao! saya kenal muka awak!'
bt winky last last add 1 sentence lagi x leh bla :'next time guna otak sikit boleh?' hahaha
padahal they all so small size.. hahaa, i nearly burst out laughing, bt of course, control laa babe, if not all the tension gone.. ahaha

the thing is, if its me, i would jz forget bout it since im kinda passive if u ask me..
x sangka, gaycent... impulsive.. hahahaha

Monday, November 16, 2009

Something unexpected

Today i did something extra ordinary out of my life.

It was raining, can't be said as cats and dogs, but it was not negligible.

It was approximately 1830, I was having my cozy seat in the road liner, waiting for the bus to start moving, as usual, nothing uncommon, passengers in and out, so on and so forth.

It was till then, a feeble looking poor old Indian lady came trembling, hardly managed herself up the 3 little stairs at the entrance, asking for the bus's destination.

After confirmation, she paid Rm1 and had a seat near me, she had difficulties of sitting down as her wobbly leg was shaking.

She shrank herself into a state and it was so distorted that I thought she just transformed herself into a fragile little shrimp.

She whimpered, trembled and shook uncontrollably, her white hair is tied back in randomness and her fringes followed the rhythm of her pathetic rock as the gale of AC whoosh past her.

She rubbed her palm and hugged herself and rocked back and forth to get warmer, but, it turned out to be fruitless.

Instantaneously, she became the center of attraction, with everybody's eye on her, but nobody doing anything except for there's this one kind lad adjusting the AC so that it is not directed to her direction.

I was out of words, I did not know what to do to ease her suffering. Lend her my stinky uniform as a jacket? No, that is quite dumb. Hug her? She would've die of shock for that, haha.
I ran over to the nearby mamak store, and ordered a Neslo panas.

I said 'hey aunty.. take this =)'
She : '......' *eyeing up on me, showing traces of thankfulness*

Sat back to my cozy little seat, and was a bit shy with the stares of the public surrounding.

Maybe it is something ORDINARY for you guys, but, this is the 1st time I'm doing thing like this, as in helping the needs, especially those in front of you, and are under desperate conditions. I'm happy, and feeling something special out of it. =D

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Toreq's party

had a bbq party yesterday...
hmm, wat to say? well, aiman's latest post summarized it generally actually..
the thing is that, yeah, out of maybe 20 fella who go to dat party, less than6/7 fella is having the rock theme on their outfit...
bt hey! i had some effort to 'rock-ify' myself ok!

this bracelet-thingy cost me a solid of 15 bucks.. lol

aiman as the host, thumbs up for him!! thx =D
this was the part where we were having some gaming session, quite fun as i x pernah main b4.. AND I GET TO NOE DAT MARIA OZAWA IS SOME PORN STAR! woo hoo, new knowledge? hahaha, i tot of Okazaki fragments once i came across the name ozawa.. lol

here are some of those UNROCK ppl! xD
haha sry laa, saja meyindir =p

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Anything can happen with no pre-warning at all
time does not matter, it just happen, just like that!
The second before you might be happily munching your french fries or whatever, and the next second you might die of heart attack, or, whatever it is.. [??]
my point is
i NEARLY had an accident earlier this night [note, its 01/11/09 2230 now]
as the upper case-d word suggest, NEARLY, so im alright still, clanging together in one piece, lol
it was at the junction near tung shen/new era college there, where we usually turn left to go up hill to bukit mewah and there's a holy family kindergarten there..
i was going straight, at about velocity of 50 km/h (lol?), to go back home..
then there's this car, viva/myvi/kancil idk (ok im BAD at identifying cars = ='') plus the night's shade is killing me, comin from the hill, stopped at the junction preparing to turn right
it was my road, as im at the main road so i terus jalan laaa, since dia sudah berhenti, then suddenly when my car was about 5 metre from his he suddenly jalan and belok i was like WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF and have a sharp right turn and jammed the brake hard and strong *brake's screeching sound piercing*
the car at the opposite lane was stationary and was kinda far from the 'gruesome' scene... and dat resulted in a win win situation for ALL of us, none was banged..
BUT OBVIOUSLY IT WAS THE viva/myvi/kancil's driver's fault!!! ERGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
when i braked i terus stared at dat car, bt too bad i see no distinct face of a he/she.. = ='' bt i could have sworn the driver hid his/her head under the sterring a while! DAMN
after dat i terus open the car door like wanna fite bt padahal it is actually my mom call me to go down and check whether got so 'lucky' if there's any damage inflicted or not..
ergh... then after tat my mom drove away quickly as she don wanna make the traffic congested.. thinking of it now, STARTED TO REGRET WHY I DIN WENT DOWN AND KNOCK THAT FELLA'S CAR AND SCREW THE SHIT OUTTA HIM!! = =''
bt still, fortunately i x banged the car at the opposite lane if not its my fault.. banged other's car jz to avoid others from banging me.. like, wat the efff rite? plus dat opposite lane's car is honda car summore...

the nuts fell all out cuz my mom was eating it while the holy commotion occurred lol..
wasted her rm7.50 for dat nuts, too bad xD baru beli from bintang some more hahaha

anyway, back to wat i said at the beginning of the post..
can really happen anytime anywhere, where u least expecting it the most..
it just... happens
we shud anticipate and expect the unexpected then? @@ (wondering)