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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Whether you are this.

Or this.

It doesn't matter, because today I'm going to talk about (or rather, we WILL discuss about, haha), what are the characteristics that mesmerize you, or fascinate you, that you, and me, are looking the the opposite half?

After having a Yumcha session with friends last week, one golden rule that I get from my friend to court a girl, is to NOT befriend her too closely. Mind you, its a SHE who gave me this piece of advice! lol, seriously? I mean, is this friendzone thing realllyyy that strong in girls nowadays? Being a good friend with you, sharing problems and secrets, will totally make me a guy in the FOREVER FRIENDZONE area?  Well, maybe, the lack of sense of mysterious is the barrier for them to proceed in further relationship? Explanation needed. lol, like, seriously, enlighten me!

Next, what do you find in a guy/girl?
For me, lets skip the physical part shall we? xD
 If she's someone witty, energetic and outgoing, that really attracts me! 
Ooohh add to the point that if she has something in common with me and is really interested in it, lagi la bonus mark! =D lol

But here comes the contradiction, 
I feel threatened if she's close to other guys, easily being envious, jealousy overwhelms and here goes Mr Emo for the week, lol. But well, that is my assumption based on my past behaviour when I liked someone, although she's with someone and treat them like close friends, and rationally I DO realize that nothing is gonna happen between them, but still, jealousy engulfs, and emoness befall. LOL! Yeah that was me during my secondary school haha..

But still, those kind of girls never fail to attract me! Confident, witty, and cheerful~

Recently I'm attracted to girls with those distant, gray, cold eyes too! Like, walaaooo you can't really know what they are thinking and thus adding them a veil of mystery~ lol, crappish, but then, this sudden source of attraction is rather random.

What say you, girls, what you find in your other half?

Boys too! Having the same thinking as me (I highly doubt it! haha) or having your own set of criteria for a girl?

But well, most of the time, when it comes, it just comes, all other aspects are no longer significant =)

The world just need more love~

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Digging back the long lost passion for piano.

Piano is one aspect of my life that I consider having it neglected due to lack of concentration and dedication. It is actually something really interesting and breaks the boredom of the daily mundane activities, if, well, you find entertainment in it. haha

Counting down 1 more month for my G8 practical exam, and I'm still playing below satisfactory level, even I know I played badly, due to the lack of practice, sigh.

Gonna resume the piano drilling session in this one month! Most of them regard the end of final exams as holiday but for me, the true challenge starts now! Did I even mention that I failed my trial exam? =(

That's why I realllyyy gotta go all out this time! 3 pieces, scales, aural and sight reading, I CAN CONQUER YOU!!
lol, that's a truly random picture, anyway, resumption of my passion, this is the title of the post and what caused the sudden impulse to post this?

Just search for 'musicalbasics' in Youtube and you will know what I mean =D
 Its time, for me to mesmerize the audience with my finger =)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The road not taken, maybe?

Given 2 route:

A: You would be studying REAL hard, funded by government, and finish a 4 years course in 3 years, gaining the pace and graduate in time.

B: Decline the scholarship, complete the 4 years course in 4 years while having the luxury to join other activities, socialize around and fully utilize university life. With the fact that you are slower than others one year.

The dilemma I'm currently facing now. Sigh..

The scenario is like this, JPA offered me a 4 years scholarship, so no matter what I do, I must graduate with a degree within 4 years.

And now, I wish to change program to Biomedical Science, which is a 4 years health science course, with LOTSSSSSS of lab session! Cut it short, its a really lengthy and tough course, with the newly introduced curriculum expanding the graduate credit hours from 130 to 145...

So, if i choose route A, I will be having Rm40k extra cash in my pocket for the remaining 3 years, but, with the fact that I have to take about 22 credits MINIMUM each semester to finish the program within the time limit, and, not to mention, being really preoccupied in studies until cannot join program, Gakkai activities and maybe........ till the extent of not finding the another half?!?! (ok, this could be another BIGGG topic, so lets skip it xD) so, yeah, you get the point.

Route B, forgo the Rm40k, stick with the 4 years plan (intention to compress it into 3.5years sounds feasible as I've completed all the Uni courses), join other activities and live out for the max in uni life!

Oh, did I mention that IF I fail to comply the rules, I would be fined Rm110,000?

So, which one to go?

Friday, June 15, 2012


I know, there is always a period of time where we are growing up, given the normal condition on how normal parents raise normal kids under normal circumstances, immaturity prevails, in kids.

You might see some small kid behaving like an adult, well, most probably he/she has gone through severe obstacles or hardships in life, coarsening him/her into someone that uses one's brain. But oh well, this is the minority among us, like seriously rare.

Well, the immaturity I'm trying to discuss over here today is not about the physical development, but rather, more towards intellectual behavior, or in other words, naiveness.

Naive - Lacking experience, wisdom, or judgement. Rings any bell of someone in your head? haha.

Just scan through the social networking website nowadays and you will see lots of articles, medias, pictures etc etc flowing all over them, and then, you will read the comments thread (as for me la. lol), and then, here comes the SUPER FACE PALM for those thread.

You will see kids supporting the wrong cause, getting insanely angry over petite matters, vulgar words overwhelming the whole page and feeling self righteous by defending his/her words BY ALL MEANS.

There is also a trend where they will augment others' inferiority to diminish self-weakness, or the other way round for advantages.

Plain sad right? Seeing them as our future's hope. I know, we were in some stage like them, but it wasn't as seriously naive as them! And I couldn't believe that this wave of trend is getting more and more common, without being emphasized as a problem by others.

There's a picture with a cartoon figure scolding all bad words commonly used in Malaysia, and they were SO MANY LIKESSS and most of the commentators were proud of themselves for using it!

And there goes teenage girls sharing obscene pictures of sex, marriage life, couples etc etc you name it, that its all related to girls-guys relationship. It is as though she's suggesting she's open for any free relationship with anyone! Maybe we can forgive her because she's 17? You see how serious this matter goes? Naive. They just don't know the implication of their actions.

The lack of empathy towards others, and the sense of sympathy is also a matter worth looking into.
Cases of tragedy, accidents or mishap can be MADE FUN by others and even some commented that 'oh, what a waste for it to be not more severe . Whatttt?!?!

Sad la. seriously. sigh.

That's why I think youngsters nowadays have to be exposed to religion, if not, life philosophy or correct views of life. If not, moral implications and lessons will be something theoretical/virtual or obsolete in real life!

Have you ever, EVER touched anything relating to philosophy, or some questions that has deeper meaning other than all these superficial, physical means that we are living with everyday, in your life?

Worth pondering.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Imbaness lvl 9000!

And so, 1st year Piccalow 's gathering was on thursday night, we went Sri Petaling as there are multitude of choices for food~ Decided to choose on korean cuisine - Daorae~
The interior design was not bad at all, reminded me of Kiku Zakura in MidV because of their seating arrangements.
See the silvery host up there? Its a smoke pipe to channel those smoke outta the compound~

The food... What I can say is that I don't really favour Korean food, haa... Its acceptable, but not to my liking, or maybe because this is one of the few times I tried Korean cuisine that my taste bud is not accustomed to it yet!

The price for those main course (noodles, rice etc) was relatively cheap, ~Rm20 per meal. But their marinated meat is blood choking expensive!!
This is one of the chicken fillet we ordered, Rm28.
There's another beef slices that we ordered IN SIMILAR QUANTITY, costs us Rm45.
My inner expression when I saw the dish coming. lol

Ok, that's all about Korean BBQ. Then we proceed to Poon Kee dessert store for more desserts, and then we headed for our 3rd round entertainment!

It was 12am+ by then and so we decided to watch midnight movie baru pergi sing k, mana tau, reach Jusco d, ALL CLOSED except for Greenbox, which will be opened till 2am.

So we decided to go to Neway, ahh~~ Syok! Boleh nyanyi till 4am! At least we can sing about 3 hrs, so its ok la, per pax about Rm40 with drinks and some meal~

Finished singing emo(I like Fook Hee's expression here, 来!点EMO歌!!EMO死我们!!!!lol)  then we proceed to Yumcha at oldtown because that's the only available place aside Paparich for us to lepak. lol..

Reached back in UPM at about 6.30am, slept till 7.30am then go to photography session with P-seniors, shoot shoot xia until 11am, went back college, bath and meeting at library at 12pm-4pm.
Then, slept for about 1 hour and already in standby mode at 5pm for DANCEVER PARTAY!!!! in The Mines hotel~

Fantastic night! Everybody danced on the dance floor like mad~~ With no alcohol though, lol, and the buffet meal is taking its toll on everybody's movement hahaha.. But nevertheless, its really really fun night, and tiring too!
That's why, imbaness lvl 9000, sleep deprived. lol that's all for now, cheers~~ This is a imba long post too lol, well ok, maybe not that long. hahaha

Till then~