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Friday, January 28, 2011

Epic story exclusively in Tesco Kajang.

1st of all, some random stuff before I start my epic story.
Don't you think specs with thick frame suits me WAAAAYYYY better than the current ones that I'm having?? (Seriously, I need opinion ><) Got this lens-less spec from rabbit, just wanna have fun, haha

Yeaahh, they are selling Jolly SAHNDY, instead of Jolly Shandy. Saaaa-hnnn-dy~

Alright, to our main course!
There was this one uncle, at the age of about forties came along to our booth, so i started asking him if he's interested in our promotion today, rm88.88 per carton.
and he said, 100 cartons can ah?
I was like, 'are u kidding me?' bt i said, 'yeah sure, since tesco no limit oso..'
then bla bla bla, he wanted 120 cartons of tiger beer, 60 cartons of guiness stout.
And lemme remind you, beer IS NOT CHEAP, he bought other things in bulk as well, and for beer alone it cost him about rm18k, WA SAI, crazy laa!
so, here goes, we were using this bellboy style trolley [those trolley which those hotels use to load and unload ur luggage] to transport those beers that he wanted, and its about 60 cartons here. I must tell you its NOT LIGHT. lol

Above: Khor forced me to take this pic, lol.. [this is 2nd round of transporting, after the epic incident anyway]
 So, if u do notice, the wheel for this trolley is not customized like other normal trolleys, the wheels, are ROUND!! [lol?] those normal trolley wont budge even one bit if its on the escalator because their wheels have some kind of space to cling on the surface of the escalator, not for this case.

Pic : the left side of the pic is the type of escalator that we used earlier on.

So it goes like this.
Marks : B-brian, K-khor, U-uncle M- random malay promoter
*approaching the escalator*
B- eh.. slow slow ah.. a bit dangerous lehh..
K - ok ok..
The trolley went slow... because the starting of the escalator is of gradient zero..
And suddenly, the escalator inclined, the trolley gets VERY HEAVY SUDDENLY, started to accelerate down.
B - Argh..!! *Right hand holding the trolley, left hand gripping the belt of the escalator, right leg bent, left leg extended straight just like playing tug of war, still skidding downwards nevertheless*
K - Brian, tahan it!! Want to fall dyyy!!! [Right hand holding the belt of the escalator, left hand blocking the toppling beers, both legs busy juggling because its travelling down]
*Trolley skidded faster!!*
B- ahhh shit! my left leg cramp dy!! [I think i heard a slight chuckle from khor though, lol]
[Some random malay promoter came to the scene!]
*holds one of the corner of the trolley*
M- 'awak pegang sana!'
U - *Rushed up to the scene from ground floor, supporting khor at his side*
U- 'its ok one, no problem~'
waaaaaaaaaaaa... it was really an experience I never had, whole body sweating from the thrill of it! lol

Imagine the consequences of those beer toppling over! Crashing down on khor, messing up the place, hurting other customers, big loss that we can't compensate even with our salary..
Seriously I'm really thankful that nothing serious happened.. ha~
Anyway, I still need opinion on the thick frame spec! xD

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Interesting conversation exclusively only in Tesco Kajang.

Marks :
K = Khor
B = Brian
W = wen ket woman

W :  *Pushing a trolley towards me, handing out a piece of cropped newspaper*
W: I want to have a Carlsberg 15, its Rm 49.99 right?
B : Oh sorry! It's already sold out *giving my apologetic smile*
W : What? how can you say its all sold out? Do you have the wordings 'while stock last' here? No, right? So, I want to have my Carlsberg 15'
B :But there are no more stocks available even for Tiger Beer 15', the crowd came and gobble up everything and before 2 o'clock, everything is sold out!
W: I still want my Rm 3.33 per can Carlsberg 15', NEVER SAY NO TO A CUSTOMER.
B: Er.. Alright, I've got a better suggestion for you, why don't you head to the customer service center to see whether if they can sort out something for you? Because we are just promoter, we are not responsible for the stocks and stuffs like that.
W: Aren't you the person in charge here? Why are you pushing me to someone else? Give me the check range.
B : Er.. Alright I will go to the customer service center to see what I can do to help you. *forced smile*

[After 10 mins]
W : So, do you have any solution for me now? Can I get my Carlsberg 15'?
B : Miss, I'm so sorry to tell you that we cant produce any Carlsberg 15' for you currently because the whole warehouse does not contain the stock.
W : Warehouse?? *In a freaking sinister slang*
B : I mean the whole gudang laaaa
W : So, how you want to provide a solution now?
B : I'm sorry but I can't really help you in this matter, if you feel dissatisfied with my service you can always lodge a report against me at the customer service center.
W: Do i get my Carlsberg 15' after I make the complain?
B : Er.. No?
W : Then what's the use of doing so? And why are you directing your customer into some futile attempt that brings no benefit for them?
B: But we can't really produce the carslberg 15' as you wish! *slightly frustrated now*, we are just promoter..!
K : Yea we are only responsible to replenish the stock, help customer to carry cartons of beers to their cart and check pricing, about the stocks and all we cant really do anything..
W : So low level only ah?
B : *Fire burning heart now, but still act cool* Yeah our job scope is just that small that's why I said you should head on to the customer service earlier on.
W: You are aware of the pricing of today's promotion right?
B: Yes i'm very clear of it.
W: Your company didn't train on how to handle a customer like me?
W :Alright you know what? I don't want to waste my time here anymore

There are some parts where I can't really remember so I just edit here and there, and this woman is SERIOUSLY bongkak! From her intonation and her gesture = ='' wa lao, fire attack heart lehh!!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Is an acronym for Defense of the Ancients. It is perhaps one the most famous games around Asian countries, from the hits of the log ins...

Anyway, I would like to talk about dotA PLAYER instead of the game itself.

-Generally.. Most of the dotA players can't TYPE good English.. As in, yea, seriously broken English
= =''
'This item buy, how o?'
'Waa he very geng lor, I killing him no die'

-Vulgarism is a must in the game, you are a freak if you don't curse in there.

-Racism is practiced widely and openly there, someone with some malay username will be having this consequence for 99% of the time.
'Kick him la, he malay babi la!'
So yeah, you got the point.

-If we do some slight mistakes causing mishap on your partner, well, you will most probably be cursed till your father's father's grandparent's ancestor's parent's......... generation

-Some dotA player are just plain dumb and full with seriously idiot speculations.
One of the most common accusation is maphack, which means we can spot another person where ever he is.. And this is seriously ANNOYING because they don't analyze and terus jump into conclusion.. swt

-Most of the players are so attached to dotA that they can abandon msn, sms, outings, trips, house chores, meals or even TOILETS! [well, this includes me to some extent. lol]

-Some players just LOVE to show off and brag to others about their skills in dotA, as if that's the only thing in his life that he is able to brag about. lol

But too bad, I'm just in it =l Pull me out from this quicksand!

Friday, January 14, 2011


It's so very tiring and burdening to work especially when you are controlled by disease..
For the whole day, sore throat, light headed and wobbly leg.. lol
With the addition of the cruel cold-air-blasting AC and the mind-wrecking repeating soundtracks, its all killing me!
Ergh.. Seriously hope that everything will be ok by tomorrow since there will be representatives from GAB to aid us in promoting our products, which means that i've to be in my optimum performance.
and quote from meg, no more cobra around.. lol..
Today will be the first day where I omit dotA as part of my night routine, gotta sleep earlier! lol, nights folks =)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


and finally... Extermination?

Is that all love is about?

Just read about the topic of 'love' in the 'Conversation between youth' from Daisaku Ikeda..
I really love a few quotes being shown there, I will just translate it into English, because that book is in Chinese..

'Treat love as a type of wine, nurture it within you, and develop yourself into someone that he/she would admire someday.'

'When you are in love, you don't look into each others' eyes, instead, both of you look at the same direction together.'

'If you treat marriage and love as two different things, then you are being very unfair to your partner.'
(I personally think that this is something that MOST of us don't even consider to ponder upon!)

'You don't mould yourself into someone else just to fit in into a relationship, that's plain pathetic!'

Anyway, just have the sudden impulse to post this, no its not an indication that I'm desperate for a partner. Its just that the youth nowadays don't really appreciate love as what it is. It is supposed to be something really bahagia[I forgot the English word for this] and should be appreciated greatly!
But youth nowadays just wanna have couple because it is the trend to do so. Otherwise, they are just plain curious and attempt to have a taste on the forbidden fruit.. Just to satisfy their earthly carnal desire, that's what I see and that's what degrading the value of love nowadays. Making the matter worse, girls don't really seem to mind it! Well, some la, those girls who don't cherish their own life and have no idea on how valuable it is to have a reputable name..

It is foolish to go couple, just because other people around you started to do so and you just wanna follow the trend!

So, yeah, I shall wait for my fate, and in the mean time, develop myself into a better man, for my future, and for my future partner =)

Saturday, January 8, 2011



Who has a long, slender leg
Brown hazel eyes with the stare of the untouchable
Plush, smooth long hair of flowery scent
Slight smile on face which kills you all the time.

Oh, who can it be?
The one for me
To sing 'Love the way you are'
With 100% sincerity?

She's a monster~~
Beautiful monster~
And I don't mind, in fact I like it.

Feeling the love already! haha.
This post is so jumpy and random that I don't really know what I'm writing!
Anything came across my mind is written here without any second thought!
Guess looking at too many couples make you wanna have one too. lol

Friday, January 7, 2011

Short update on the recent me.

Well as you guys know, I'm working [nothing unusual] as a promoter promoting liquor~
but of course, my job is NOT as fulfilling, meaningful, cultivating, and satisfying as FOO NANCY'S!
For more info, please log on to
Help her to promote her blog shun bian~

Anyway, my job is all about convincing HOW CHEAP is the beer now and all. Although I know its gonna get cheaper nearing CNY though. Of course, not all users are dumb, they know this fact too. And there are even some uncles, chinese obviously, who remember the price of EVERY SINGLE BRAND OF DIFFERENT SIZES beers for the last CNY!!
I must give them credit for the memory, lol. Can't argue with them after they stated the fact. lol

For the 1st day, it was SERIOUSLY EXCRUCIATING for me to bear! Specifically my leg! Feels like its detaching from my torso.. lol..
2nd sudah used to the ache and sore, so its ok laa..
Anyway, proud to get the highest sales amongst Jusco, Tesco Semenyih and Tesco Kajang~ woohooo~ although most of the strollers here in Kajang are mostly Malays, but our sales are still better =p
But yea, mayb its because the Chinese in Semenyih is just too calculative *A flash of kok wai came in* woops.

Yea, so, its a short update.. Gonna shop for CNY clothes soon during my holidays! Who wanna follow me and bear the pain of me choosing attires?? =D

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Final day of the odyssey!

Our final destination[sounds wrong~] before heading home!

Reached there at about 4pm, missed the chance to eat my chicken riceball!! ARGH!!
My main intention to go there is to have a grip at this saliva-inducing-delicacy.. But too bad, luck wasn't on my side = ='' The shop closed.
Bro said there are a lot more other shops which sell this chicken riceball, but those are ciplak punya, taste quite noob.

But then we managed to go to one of the famous attraction there, no not A Famosa.
Lao Qian Ice Cafe. lol, in chinese it is actually pronounced as conmen cafe! Well, there's some truth too since the item there are quite expensive. haha

There's a lot of things sold here! Cookies, coffee, honey lime, junk foods, anything you name it!!
And one of the most famous-must-try item here is their cendol durian!! Very strong aroma of durian combined with the unique taste of Gula Melaka, its nice! A great treat especially for durian lovers!
Ya you can't see the durian paste here, but it is all inside it! woohoo~

Had this instead, the coffee is really not bad! While the waffle is just plain normal.

And coincidently there was a pasar malam there that particular day, managed to snap a photo that really made me went LOL
Click to have a clearer view =D But credits must be given for their creativity though =)

Besides that, managed to try eating something I never even dream about it before!
Duck's tongue!! And its not cheap!! 6 for Rm8!! Taste like chicken leg. lol

Lepas tu, we went for an aerial view for the whole Malacca town via the Menara Taming Sari building. Its a tall tower with a revolving rounded seating for us to sit and to have a overall view over Malacca. Rm10 per ride, worth it i would say =D
Menara Taming Sari

After that, we had a NOOB satay celup as dinner. OMG their satay paste is WORSE than normal lok lok satay paste we can find ANYWHERE! For that reason I shall not post its pictures up. Really la, wasted my stomach space and added a few layers to my abdomen == ''

yea, this is a short post, overall, this is how I had my transition from 2010 till 2011. New year resolution? Have a few but its not solid and I have no dedication over it yet! Shall not reveal it here haha =p
How you had yours? =)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Universal Studio!

Again, as I had mention earlier, this is gonna be a LONGGGGGGGGGG post!
Reader's hazard, please read at your own risk! For those who has oh-this-is-freaking-long-im-gonna-faint-syndrome, sry =D
This will be the sequel for my previous post.

So, the 2nd day, we headed for Spore's Sentosa Island!!
In there there's this world renowned spot called Universal studio..
Never to my wildest imagination that this studio thingy is actually more like some theme park
The entrance fee is 70SD, after conversion which cost me about rm150, OUCH!
But I can ensure you its worth thinning your wallet for this =)
Setibanya di destinasi tersebut~

This is actually a place where all the movies produced by the producer 'Universal Studio' comes together.
Before going there, I thought its gonna be some lame day keep taking pictures with some noob cartoon character, well, this US[universal studio] managed to prove me wrong! haha

I shall tell you guys what impressed me the most, because if I'm to list down EVERYTHING that i experienced there, you guys are gonna move the mouse the right top corner and left click. lol

i) Stimulus driven presentation.
We entered a place which looks like a warehouse, in front of us there is a pool of water, with some ships floating and opposite us there's a big monitor screen in the form of 3 big glass mirror, showing the view of NY city outside which is having a heavy storm.
It goes like this, as we enter the warehouse, there are slight wind and stuff, then there's an old fashioned TV in front of us saying that we are in NY city now and its experiencing a 3rd degree storm rage.
Then the TV [its actually a news program or sumthing like that.] announced that, the storm intensifies and it reaches a national alert of 5th degree.
And this is where the show starts, gale setting in, blowing of the ships and triggered some mechanism that made the pool of water [its actually just a section of river] BURST INTO FLAME!! And here i meant REAL flame, because i can feel the heat blast to my face! then, the window i mentioned earlier flew off, exposing the realistic view of NY city under attack by the raging storm! It all feel so real, there's even rain water drenching in, with the lightning and sound and heat and flame and all.. Its just, WOW!

ii) 4-D show of Shrek.
We entered a rather big auditorium, had our 3D glasses and prepared for the adventure ahead!
Upon entering the auditorium.

4D its just another addition of physical stimulus plus the already existed 3D.
But this 4D show is just SO REAL and surprising at every corner!
For instance, there's a part where there are a lot of spider dangle around and fall down, at that moment there's water squirting at our feet and with the realistic 3D effect the whole crowd goes *GASP!* hahhaha!! That was a real nice moment.
There's also a part where 'The Donkey' in the Shrek movie, at some flower and spit it out, the moment he spat it out there's water squirted at our face! Yucks! It's really real and unexpected haha, even the whole row of chair goes moving in a riding motion as the movies has a scene where Shrek is riding a horse, not bad huh? I would say its way better than genting's haha.

iii)Aqua-dunno-what show.
Alright 1st of all, please don get me wrong and I have to hereby reiterate that we are in S'pore, not Thailand! lol~
Its some water show with a story line. I'm amused by the way they present it and their coordination of the fireworks.

The setting of the show.
It's something like this :
A pirate go and steal some pearl from the hero and heroin, both of them fight and tadaaa, the justice prevails~ lol, quite short huh?
This show involved aeroplane, minigun, shotgun, grenades, rocket launcher, jet ski and highly flammable liquid. lol
Its hard for me to describe it all using words but all I can say is, AWESOME!

1v) The revenge of the Mummy!
This is no doubt the BEST rides I've ever had in my life! Credits to Mic Y for promoting this strongly to me in my chatbox previously haha..
The rain didn't dampened my spirit to play even a bit! xD

This ride, it introduced us a storyline before starting the ride, I think this is the main difference they have compared to other rides in other places. In other rides, they just give the thrill, the 'ooohhhs' and the 'aaaahhhhs'. But for this, there is some story for it and I find it quite, well, creative. haha
It involves rotation, backward sliding, sudden jerk and stop and stuff like that haha..
There's a part where we traveled to a point facing 3 sides of wall, and suddenly all those mummy bugs appearing and the coaster suddenly slide backward!
There's also a part where there's flame at the top of the wall where we are having our ride and again, its REAL FLAME because I can feel the heat blasting to my face!
Nice laa~~
Oh there's more, you know, there will be coordinator controlling the controls for all rides right? At there, before we start a ride they will have their thumbs up and smile to us saying have fun, and after ending the ride they will smile at us and clap hand! Able to find this in Malaysia? =)

v) The knight show
Its actually an interactive show between the audience, a hostess and the visual ahead. There's a screen in front of us showing donkey in The Shrek keep talking and interacting with audience with the aid of the hostess..
And the hostess SERIOUSLY reminds me of YEE THONG! Why?
-She has the same tiny cute eyes =p
-When she's saying something and try to be 'serious', she goes kerut dahi and give that eyebrow expression, ahh, hard to describe in words. haha
-She's good in English!
She really knows how to bring up the liveliness in the hall!
There's a part where she said :'Alright everyone, *in a very cheery tone* to experience The Knight Show in 3D please retrieve your 3D glasses underneath your seats!'
[Crowd goes searching under their seats, well, including me. Everything is possible in there you know. lol]
The hostess :'I'M JUST KIDDING!! MWAHAHAHAAH' lol!! damn!! wakanabeb! lol

vi) The monster's musical
It's supposed to be fun. Because its a bunch of zombies dancing hip hop and singing hitz song in rock and roll style, but too bad. I yawned and nearly fall asleep. Sorry xD

This is about it laa, for the other rides and stuff, its quite common and its not THAT thrilling.
Oh, I went Geylang that night, guess what I did? lol~
For those who dunno what on earth Geylang is, its a red zone. Go google about it, I wish not to further describe it here. lol.
Alright alright, stop fantasizing already! I went there for dinner, and the dinner was nasi lemak, lol damn, go S'pore to eat nasi lemak hahaha.
An incident happened there. As you guys know, there are a lot of China's Chinese immigrants in that area, and THEY THOUGHT THAT THEIR ROAD IS THEIR GRANDPA'S. So they tend to walk very out, and being inconsiderate to other road users.
There's this scene where one Singaporean terus honked him and walked out of the car and pushed him, lol, ganas punya singaporean eehhh...

Alright, told ya its gonna be LOOONNNG!! The last post will be on tomorrow!! That will be for my 3rd day! Trip in Malacca!! Alright, till then! have fun!! =D

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I'm gonna divide my experience for the previous few days into 3 posts to correspond with the dates so as to not agonize my readers too much by my long winded depiction for the on and offs I had.

For the 1st day, which is 31/12/10.
We headed to my mom's friend's house located in Nilai, because we are going to be transported to S'pore via car. 5 of us, Aunty M, Uncle AS, mom, me and bro.
Had some normal breakfast at Nilai before heading off to Johor.

Reached Johor at about 1pm, went to a famous Bak kut teh shop.
They used charcoal to cook! fuhh~ And what amazed me was actually their service.
People were queuing up outside the shop, and the shop owner[as well as the main chef] keep entertaining them by talking and keep giving them smile despite the fact that he's cooking a few pots of bak kut teh simultaneously under the intense searing heat given out by the stove.

Its seriously hot just to stand near it.

The dishes arrived in less than 20 minutes. And I must say, its quite.. err.. special? The taste of the bak kut teh differs greatly with the normal BKT we get in kl or anywhere else, the soup here is quite clear and taste like.. herbs lacking the dong guai smell..

2 pots of BKT and a pot of yellow wine chicken, WHICH, has no taste of chicken at all, it tasted like ginger soy sauce chicken to me more lol. But its worth a try anyway~

Then we went to our hotel to check in before heading to S'pore.
The plan of the day was to countdown for the night, which I think its a great choice to make because the fireworks view displayed when the clock struck 12 in the midnight was just spectacular! I will leave that later on anyway =)

I'm just a bit too lazy to upload my pics up here in blogger [Sorry sam!! =p], so I shall just
describe what I think about the 1st day.
  • I see that a lot of singaporeans tend to walk a lot faster than us, even their escalators are faster! damn!
  • I can say that 90% of the girl I met there had make up.[Well maybe they are foreigners from Thailand or Indonesia?] But they look breath taking nevertheless! xD
  • Girls tend to overdress[they dress like its their prom night even if its a shopping complex! Ok la, dat shopping complex a big high class punya la, sumthing like pavillion.], while guys just dress dengan sangat fili feleh. lol
  • SHIT!! I SEE A LOT OF GIRLS SMOKING!! Saham jatuh menjunam mendadak dengan max gila!
  • The night view in S'pore in quite nice, their lighting is not bad.

Once more I MUST emphasize!! The girls there are pretty!! But I think most of them are from Thailand though.. cuz its like :
me: *whoah! leng lui!!* *smile at the coming girl thats gonna pass by me*
random gal : *smiles* *after passing by* *chatter wildly in some alien language with her friend.*
lol, and they SERIOUSLY look like chinese!

Oh yea there's one more, I wanna have a group pic that includes everyone of us, so I wanna have other ppl to hold the camera.
I spotted 2 security women standing there chatting, so I just braced myself to ask them a favor.
Is it true that policeman cant help others to take photo? Cuz i saw there's an arm at her waist.
So, I asked for their help, and one of them was eating and said 'I'm eating lah.'
Wow.. that really shocked me = = Was stunned for 1.23 seconds before asking the other policewoman to take. she just shook her head and waved me off.
damn, that was rather astonishing = =''

Oh there's this particular building which I love a lot! Because it is quite rare in sight, I mean in the sense of architectural view. Its like a plane without wing crashed into 3 buildings while joining them?? [lol?]

Quite nice huh?

And oh! The building that we went to wait for countdown, its a rather high class place, forgot what's its name, but its situated in the Marina Bay. All the shops and outlets there employs promoter which wears coat and they do have those professional looks lol.
There is a casino situated in the building, the funny thing is, Singaporeans have to pay 100SD to enter while foreigners can omit that levy fee. SHIT! Keep sucking our money!!
Talk about sucking.
There's this uncle keep saying its some feng shui pattern or some force field for the casino, thats why they build this water vortex. Literally in chinese it means that they are sucking our water [money] down! lol damn!!
The mentioned water vortex.

For the countdown event, I didn't record it down because I wasn't in a nice angle for recording and my camera is quite sucky. lol, if you are interested to have a look, go here!
Its worth a watch, believe me =)

So, that's about it for the 1st day of my trip!
Be prepared for my 2nd post, its gonna be a LOOOONGGGGGGGGGGGG ones cuz its about the UNIVERSAL STUDIO!! weeehoo!! *raises both hands*
Stay tuned readers =)