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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Utter randomness and spontaneity (Spore trip)

It all started with this....
And I was like, eh? What is this guy up to? Where is he heading?
(Dialogue is not exactly the same but accurate representative of it)

And so I went:

'Hey where are you going lar?'
'Which country la??'
'The land of Lion, Singapore!'
'Wait... abroad.... with a BIKE??'

I was like.... Dafuqqqq?!
And I kept asking him for more details as the conversation had my adrenaline pumping.

Initially I thought he is so hardcore, cycling from Serdang all the way to Spore! But then only I understand that we will be sitting bus to Spore and tour the island instead. Ahahaha

That, was Thursday night.
The trip, will be on Saturday morning.
Checked passport, it is still valid, alright good to go!
Get a bike on Friday, a fold-able ones!And good, I'm ready to go!

And so, the journey that is totally unplanned (by me actually, Christopher planned to have it all along~) begins! (Dramaticnyaaaa)

There were some mishap here and there due to my lack of preparation and inadequacy in travelling experience.

1st case: I didn't bring enough RM to be converted to SGD (and the rate is 2.6 now mind you! oh so pain!) And so we have to stop awhile at the customs area just to find an ATM machine and take more money out, and that is when the 2nd case happened.

2nd case:
*After disembarking from bus in custom*
Chris: 'Eh, how come you looked so relax ah? I remember you got another orange luggage with you wan wor?'
Me: *total silence*
Chris: 'Don't tell me.......'
Me:  'Shit.'
That was all that I could utter, panic strike! Luckily he was quite steady and calmed me down.
His action was worth learning, when we face a problem, instead of lamenting on how clumsy, or kept thinking 'OH I SHOULD HAVE CHECK IT' and stuff like that, we should be calm, and find for a solution immediately.

He took out his broadband, find the contact for the bus company, contacted the hotline, and managed to track down the schedule of the bus. See, ini macam baru pro ma~~ It was a true relieve that he is around to help me out!

Fortunately (in a way) that luggage only contained things like clothes and toothbrush, all the essential items like wallet, passport and HP is still with me~ So we have decided to take the luggage on the way back BTS instead! And so I travel to Singapore only with the set of cloths I'm wearing. haha.

As soon as we reached Woodlands.
Yeap thats my bike~ See the relative size of the bike frame, and wheels compared to my body. Hahaha, I personally prefer bigger bikes, more power, but then, in order to travel around city and fit into buses/MRT, this is the only choice~

*Ignore my noob face, lol*
The 3 of us, cycling around Spore~

Basically the cycling is fun and all, and previous leg training minimize my fatigue of cycling. But..... my BUTT.IS.SERIOUSLY.HURTTTT!!!

Seriously, I have no idea why it is in such pain, maybe cuz its the first time since many years that I cycled, and we started of with such 'extreme' (in my definition lol) journey. Imagine the pain when you cycled for a duration, and when you lift your ass from the bike seat, the whole body is paralyzed from the pain for like 2-3 seconds..
And everytime the bike pass by a dent/bump/irregular surface on the road, I would just winced in pain. That was the biggest drawback, but in a way invaluable experience for this journey!

Things that I notice in Spore:

1) There are a lot of personal business-supermarkets there, unlike here in Msia, most of it dominated by hypermarkets like Giant, Tesco etc.


3) They will look at you one kind when you carry those bags of bikes around (well mayb this happens in Msia too lol idk)

4) The availability of cycling lane makes a lot of Singaporean bikers! It is regular to see people travelling around using bicycle!

5) A lot of things in Singapore is concerned with Fine. There is an underground ramp (just like jejantas, but its underground) to cross over the road. Cycling there will be fined 1000 FREAKING SGD. (wattaf?!) And then I saw a road sign saying something about expressway, and I think it has to do with the smart tag thingy, and then it says something like 'Singaporean will be fined 500 SGD if x comply with that'. And do you know that if you do not install a head and tail light on ur bike, u will b fined for 20 SGD after 630pm? *random facts of the day lol*

6) There is Green curry Mcchicken in Spore MCD branches! Mcdeluxe burger with green curry sauce, bt i still prefer the original ones. And do you know there are no refills of soft drinks in MCD Spore? Ahhh so paisehhhhhhhhhh lol
Another pic of my cute little bike. lol

So we cycled all day long, and reached Changi Beach at night. It was really nice (but sadly no pic available) with the sea breeze and all, and it was quite a sight that there are actually a lot of ppl that BBQ and pitch their camps to overnight there! Where to see such sight in Msia!

And after about 15 minutes.. Thunderstorm occurred.

Rushed to a pondok, and a group of people just ended their bbq party and packing things to go home. We were drenching wet but they did not invite us to come inside, instead, we have to inch our way to the edge of the pondok, close enough just not to be soaked under the rain..

Suddenly, a wild cat appeared with its dripping wet body and appeared to be cold and hungry. And suddenly, somehow I empathize the cat, maybe because we are in a similar condition as well, cold, and just ate a few bread for dinner. *sad background music*

Then, christopher was like, hey, airport is just another 4.6 km away!! I was in quite a painful situation at that time, my ass was literally killing me! But then, weighing the risk of overnight in this unguarded beach with so many strangers, its better staying in the airport, at least there is less danger, and protected from rain. haha

So, we decided to cycle to the airport, cuz we THOUGHT it was 4.6km onli...


(the story shall continue in the next post cuz i'm leaving for lunch now, kbye! lol)