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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fragmen Jiwa Merdeka

It has been a long and tiring week.. Me and few of my friends joined in a theater show named 'Fragmen Jiwa Merdeka' and guess what, no, I'm not a communist in there, no no, not those typical chinese orang kampung too, I'm........ THE JAPANESE ARMY GENERAL! lol man~
It feels awkward as first, talking something jibberish and acting it as a command, but then, thanks to google translate I'm able to make audience gap in awe with my fluency in Japanese! [Padahal there were some part that I simply cakap jer~ lol]

The preparation for this theater did take some toll on us, especially sacrificing our rest time, and notably the time for us to do revision as the performing week coincide with second test, but nevertheless, I think I did well in test [I THINK], in fact I just finished my microbiology test like half an hour ago! Too bad, lost 4% in it already, sigh.. Lack of revision do inflict some pain on me =/

Anyway, back to the theater story, for me, this is really a great exposure! Never in my wildest imagination that I would be involved in such activities, to express anger, cruel and brutality in a proper manner. Equipped with bayonet, boots and a list of vulgar Japanese words and rushed to the scene =D I think the character suits me though, cruel and merciless. haha..
Kharil as tali barut Jepun, me as general and soya as the rapist. lol man he really has the potential to do so! xD
The day of performance, changed my 'k-pop' hairstyle to 'hitler' style, 50-50 tengah eh! seriously imba haha.. Wait for more photos to come, as I'm waiting others to upload and tag me.. lol

Oh ya, one of the most excruciating pain in this theater is THE MAKE UP PART! Especially when the make up artist has to put eye-liner on me! My brain is calling my eyes to open while my reflex is closing the eyes.. lol... damn funny.. But, not bad, 1st time having eye-liner painted up in such pain, maybe its just that he's not pro enough. ha..
This is just one of the MANY MANY things happening in UPM right now, I find myself weird for not creating an album just for UPM life, because usually the old me would do so, but now the urge of it is lessened.. hmmm..

We have our own chinese society [I don't know but is this racist sounding? lol] within a college, and within the chinese society there are a few splits of family, and I'm in the family of pomelo! As the father of the family..Well practically its quite childish, haha for me.. But it feels good to be stupid once in a while you know.. And the aim for this family thingy is to encourage the feeling of belonging in my second college and to have a better relationship with each other =)
[I do feel that my face looks quite similar with the picture. haha]

And and and! Now I understand the excitement of having a penpal! We are doing a program in my college named 风与蒲公英 where there will be messages written in the form of letter and to be read to a partner unique to you, but both you and your partner do not know who they are writing to! So, its a mysterious, anonymous fun relationship going on in there... haha, I shall not disclose my identity here, who knows if my partner is reading my blog accidentally right? lol

Next up, I will try to post topics about my thoughts towards social tendency and thinking towards 'unnecessary' subjects, I hope I can do that, since I do have some opinions about it, but its very unorganized and well, incomplete. Will try to read more books and enhance my critical critique and thinking skill! 

Till then =)

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Recently I've been reading a light material, see below!

Its a book I bought from BBWS, just Rm8 and you can discard lots of myth revolving around the globe, from mothers to son, from families to families. lol
Stuff like:
'Using handphone in longer period leads to brain tumour?'
'Hair dyes causes cancer?' [lol vivian]
'Chicken soup really helps in curing colds?'
'Does alcohol kills brain cell?'
'Do tall people lives longer than shorter people' [IN THIS CASE, YES! MWAHAHA, but slightly. lol]

And lots and lots more urban myth and legend being explained scientifically and quantitatively..
Just a light material before moving on to more serious topics, with this handbook you can always counter your mom's advice if its not relevant anymore hahahahaha xD

Do you feel an ominous feel of loneliness creep within you sometimes, randomly,  especially if you've accomplished your hectic time tables and left with time of leisure [Holidays] For me, it is, and I find it hard to explain since I'm in constant communication with all other friends, well, virtually... But at least I won't talk to myself! Lol i saw a status update captured by others which has a saying like this:
Miss A :'Sometimes I will talk to myself if there is nobody to talk to.....'
*Under the comment's column*
Miss A :'Hey... that's not a really healthy habit you know..?'
Miss A:'No it isnt! Fuck u bitch!!'

lol shit man.. I was like... wthhh, ok quite funny but I duno whether if its created just for entertainment purposes or the other way round, if she really acts like dat... wa lao, seriously need medical attention d.. haha.

Anyway, heard of the Seksualiti Merdeka HOOHAA going on in Malaysia, what do you think about it? Its a rather 'controversial'[inverted coma as it applies only in Msia] in this country, yes? It needs toleration and understanding from both sides, history has shown that going the hard way results in stronger retaliation, and noob leaders usually will bring to the fall down of a civilization, in this context country... Feel free to comment about that issue, because I really wanna know what you guys think about it!