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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Woke up early[9am] today although I slept at 4am the morning before. Before I slept sengaja go and kacau Amy by sending her msg, x sangka, not even a reply after 12 hrs lol.
Wake up d terus do all the house chores, sweep, mop, laundry and those trifling stuff.
Had a NUTRITIOUS breakfast [well, at least, partially nutritious] which comprised of freshly blended tropical fruit mixed juice [guava, apple, pineapple and pear] and some fried nuggets. lol, just want to clear of my fridge before heading off Spore maa! xD

Had a sing K session with Mr C and L, miss L and L. lol Initially we promised to be there at 1pm but MR C said it was too early, ended up having us waited for him for almost half an hour ++! = =''
Seriously, had a great time singing with them and I think I'm in my real-high-pitch-soprano form today. hahahahaha, go and challenge all those imba high pitch song, feels so nice to sing loudly just to reach those notes although my voice is shaky hahaha.
Mr L just knows how to heat up the atmosphere =D although its FREAKING cold in there, sub-zero temperature, lol, and the AC's system is centralized, can't be tuned.
Anyway, I'm talking about the Musicbox in MP, aside from its sucky mic and fragile-looking cabinet, the price and atmosphere seems to be ok to me haha. Its cheap! Rm10 for almost 4 hours!! Because they let us sing extra one hour and don't ask me why, mayb it has something to do with my face? *Raise and drop both eyebrows*

Lepas tu, went back, after awhile pulak headed to Sir D's house for TKD instructor meeting. It was SERIOUSLY invigorating and inspiring! I can't deny the fact that he's charismatic and knowledgeable in his field though. If everything goes well, it will be perfect!

And oh, did I mention about Kingdom Hearts and Monster Backyard... Damn.. both of this game is just so addictive = ='' Yesterday after YC session in Hailam kopitiam, come back sudah mau tumbang punya, but that PSP with KH in it somehow managed to revitalized me and keep my senses up to 4AM. lol.. And, RATIONALLY/LOGICALLY, someone who sleeps at 4 usually would have crave for more slumber but instead, I woke at 8 to check out of Monster Backyard upgrade process.. lol, lifeless..

Anyway, mistaken the date to go to Spore, its 31st, not 30th. lol, Sudah mau pack all my clothes just now until my mom asked me if I'm ok or not hahaha

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I can summarize today into 2 words. Drive, and eat. lol

Went to A.Sally's house in PJ, I drove! woohoo~ Not alone of course, not the right moment to do so, still kena nag like there's no tomorrow from my mom *sigh*
Then from there, rest awhile then terus go Klang and go A.Chin's house pulak. Drove there again, and I must say, KL's road sign is SO SO misleading!! = =''

The haul I got today was:
-Rojak with potato and its kuah that contains curry leaves, dahl, and traces of tomyam taste??
-Red wine Mee Suah

Seriously, 1st time in my 19 years of experience of eating rojak... Solanum?! Oh I mean, Potato?! It taste good though, with the unique of the kuah provided..
The kuah, I mean, Dee Kuah, oooh~ spicy, aromatic, attractive, addictive, seductive[lol?] it taste so good that you can practically eat it with ANYTHING!

For that Red wine Mee Suah.. Don't get deceived by that seemingly subtle yet logical food. [That's what I've been through, got con lol] Its just normal noodle in normal clear soup with a hint of wine and some fried ginger. Taste different though, although the side ingredients are almost the same as what you can find in normal hawker stall.

No pictures available since I'm just too lazy to capture and post it here xD

Xmas! It was a day earlier.. Oh what a normal day to have, since I'm not celebrating it, and I'm not invited to any gathering or whatsoever [oh so saddening..] Played Monster backyard and Dota for the whole freaking day! lol

Anyway, I got my birthday present that was delayed for almost 9 MONTHS the day before Xmas! So, that's considered something surprising huh? Thanks Miss A, Devil to Kill Somebody =)

And oh, I just signed up for Adsense, any good souls that are helpful enough to tell me the difference between Nuffnang and Adsense? Thanks=D

Saturday, December 25, 2010

MV outing

Tron and The Social Network is..
worth a watch?
But certainly not in cinema.. lol
Nothing exciting that day actually.. except for the graceful morning~

One day, Brian was waiting for his fellow friends to go to MV by KTM together as he was the EARLIEST to reach there.
So, he sat on the bench after slotting the ticket into that aged machine, reading a book to rekindle the past memories of STPM [lol?]
Then there's this Indian man of age around mid fifties came to the corner, poking his pole at the floor.
And I noticed there's no one accompanying him, so I asked what is he up to. He said he has to travel to Seremban which is at the opposite site of the train station, and so I offered him a 'ride' lol.
Ahh.. The feeling is just so nice.. And he's so very strong and determined!!
To travel around with public transport ALONE, [he's a massage therapist] and to be a strong survivor..
He reminds me of those beggar, young people who gives up, people who suicides, those that blame everyone for everything that happens on him/her.
Their courage and determination is nothing but a speck of dust if its to compared with his!

So, live your life courageously and roar like a victorious and fearless lion!

Alright, coming back to that MV story. lol.. It was boring I think partially of it is caused by the inability of me to shop that day which is caused by two limiting factors
-Insufficient fund
-Lack of intriguing items at there

And so I'm able to retain the thickness of my wallet by a bit. lol..
Oh yea, even around 4 o'clock the KTM 's traffic is so FUCHOKE-LY crazy. The 1st ride, gaycent and meg the sexy beast [why? she wore bare back dat day. lol] managed to somehow squeeze in, so they all chow 1st, leaving the rest behind.. traitor!! lol
Then 2nd train came pulak, no matter how oso must 'diffuse' in rite? [Actually it should be categorized as active pump since the concentration of human in train is higher than that of the station] and so we just try our best to go in, hahaha managed!
but all of us went static at one point because there is no space to even scratch your TOOOOT!
Miss F and Mr T was practically hugging each other, well I have totally no idea whether if that's intentional or accidental though =p
luckily i'm tall enough to be able to grasp some fresh air from the air vent rather than to sniff other's arm pit HAHA! lol, kk jz kidding lol~

BTW, changed the BGM since they are so many complaints bout it lol

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Yeah baby~
I got the job as GAB promoter!
Never heard of this GAB before? think again.
1, 2, 3
its Guiness Anchor Berhad. lol

At least I got an opportunity to get extra allowance before CNY so that I can spend on things I love by my own without wanting money from mom =)

Well, of course, thanks to Alex who gave me the chance for the interview, and every each of you that I called owe me one! xD

Overall, had quite a day with Yap, Liew, Khor, Kok Wai, Meg, Jia Wern and Ah Lui. To go and interview and stuff.
Initially it worries me because they need only 6 people but due to some miscommunication but we end up there with 8 fella. And I was afraid that the effort we paid to go all the way there to PJ is futile! But everything went well eventually =D

Time to celebrate with dotA!!
More outings to come! Thurs gonna go swim [too bad, only a few joining]
Friday go the mines!
Saturday go BKB and YC for Christmas! weeehoo! Paintball!! Bila! Just gotta plan for it! hahaha
I want to do so many things, its just that I got limited financial support and time lol

anyway, try to wave your hand like an orchestra's conductor while listening to the BGM, seriously you can feel the flow of it, hahaha [this is so totally random yes i know! haha]

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I disappointed them

I skipped my EG exam today. Sigh...
After sessions of trainings and reading.. I came to a point of realization whereby, I'm actually not really into arts, huh? Well, I like to look, and for some paintings, at least I will appreciate.. But to go in details and scrutinize every single subtle, intricate feature of it, I'm afraid I'm not the one to do so.. Maybe I shall put myself in a field that I'm keen of, and to contribute to kosen-rufu through there..

Time really waits for no one.. Everything is changing!
For example:
When I was 6.

Current state of Brian.
After 13 years~
I got a weird feeling, hard to express through words after seeing the difference of this.. I dunno why..

Lately, I was scavenging through some of the old pictures.. And I noticed, our parent, was once like us too.. having funny pictures, smiling and laughing crazily.. ahh... Just like us.. And time makes them into someone like them, now.
Hmmm, not really sure what I'm trying to bring out anyway.. lol

Ah oh yea! this pic is for the passport renewal purpose, gonna go s'pore for countdown this year.. =D
But not really anticipating it actually, dah la the currency there is about 2x our Rm, and the culture and food there is of less difference compared to Malaysia.. But nvm laa, jz gonna have fun taking pictures there I guess, especially in the universal studio, here I come~!

Oh yeah.. The pain on my back is getting apparent as days pass by.. Especially rainy days! Sigh, I hope that muscle strengthening exercise could ease the ache there, because its making me really slozzy[sloppy and lazy]!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Unleash the beast within!

8.00am - chanted Nam-Myo-Ho-Ren-Ge-Kyo 3 times, lifting my pencil and gave it all out.
8.30am - Dripping sweat with endless sighing.
9.45am - Stuffed my IC back into my wallet.. and.... I'M FREEEEEEEEEEE!!! *Jumps up breaking ceiling*

The red-horned, glinted eyes, furious and trembling being in me is tearing the Brian into someone else!

10.15am - Reached sg.chua badminton court, blow water wif vincent the gay, william the wushu master, wye kit the wen ket, kok wai the ham sap cock and Liew the boss of blacks while waiting for the court to open..
anyway, at dat time, norman is SUPPOSED to be with us, but he fetched a girl with him and both of them is staying in the car till 11+. Menurut pandangan kok wai, norman is releasing his stress! sounds wrong huh? lol

11.00am - 1.30pm : Excreting excess nitrogenous waste, water, and mineral salt via skin through the action of maneuvering and balancing the coordination between the torso and appendages with the aid of a racquet and a coc.. i mean shuttlecock. lol
In other words, Im playing badminton. lol.. anyway, got pawned by others in badminton, not in form, AT ALL!
[sorry wye kit, for the 2 smashes at the neck lol.]

2.00pm-5.00pm : Straight after badminton we went to a renowned[kononnya] CC in Semenyih. Played for 3 hrs of dotA and CS... GOT PAWNED AGAIN!! sigh really x song laaa, must train harder to own them back! =p

5.00pm-6.00pm : Went kok wai the hamsap's house to have a rejuvenating bath b4 heading to the class party! His house is not bad =)

And so we eventually reached the climax of the day, the class party!! yeeehaayy~! Karamjit came 1st, followed by Puan Sabariah =D Pn Asiah FFK me cuz she has to go PJ.. lol, not blaming u teacher, don worry haha... Mr Soh reached later on and start to talk about what we gonna do during holidays! No idea, gonna see how it goes but for now I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do nothing beneficial lol.. play game 1st! hehe!
Pn Chew became the spark light when she came the latest cuz she forgot the time! lol.. And Michelle got attracted to her like a bee to a rose[oh such a wonderful comparison here~] since she missed her so much =) and they keep talking about Chem stuff, which slightly annoyed Meg which has not even the slightest bit mood discuss bout it, I shrugged, she smiled. lol

And so that day ended like that.. Oh not to forget that i slept at 2 cuz playing dota lol..
Oh yea, gonna start packing and clean my disposal site[my study room] tomoro. [the 18th]
Can't relax 100% cuz i'm still having an exam this Sunday WHICH I DID NOT PREPARED AT ALL because STPM was b4 this.. sigh..
But today's sing k's session gave me a gud laugh and a great excuse for me to scream to the top of my lungs =p

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Moments before breaking free of the shackles of examination =)

2 more papers left!
And I'm gonna be someone I've never been!! [lol?]

Overall.. I'm not really satisfied with my own performance for my exam.. I could have done better.. But what could I say? I did not persevere as others did.
Most of my friends studied like there's no tomorrow and tying a white cloth on their forehead with 'KAMIKAZE' printed in red.
I'm having fun with my seductive and deadly dotA, which it draws me into an abyss of darkness, leaving me deafened by consciousness later on = ='' sigh.

But who knows? If there are SO MANY people out there taking STPM, it might, it MIGHT just happened that MOST of them has the same problem as mine, pulling down the graph, and voila! I got some good results?? [Blind hope.]

Anyway, I got approached by my ex-primary school friend of mine lately, suggesting to me that selling water machine is one of the most lucrative job available..
Dude, 6-8k per month with 0% investment, how could that be not tempting?
But its not as easy as you think though, to sell off 18 units of it that worth about rm2k each.. Its like approaching 18 household in a month with all of them agreeing to install the water machine!
But still, i'm not losing hope yet though, maybe if we work it out, something good might just happen, the company is not established for nothing you know? haha.

There's nothing much to be said... I guess I'm losing my flare in blogging.. ugh this is bad. = =''

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Culture can really unite people huh?
Today I spoke to a few person that is of other nationality
-And others are Arab
Sadly enough none of them are XX! sigh.. lol

Anyway, although I didn't really know them before this but I was able to communicate with them smoothly with minor language barrier via the exchange of experience about culture [In my case, FOOD of course! haha]
What you expect? You think I'm gonna talk about some super ancient civilization or history about their and our country intensely? lol, of course not!
Talked about food in Taiwan, in Libya and stuff like that... Now that I know, although Malaysia's size is about ~10% of the size of Libya and having the population of about ~25mil, guess what's their population?

~F.I.V.E.M.I.L.L.I.O.N. only!!
wow damnnn, so sikit orang, haha.. ok, its some new stuff for me, and i showed the 0.o face to him haha..

A conclusion they made is that the food here is the better compared to their country's and they say that civilian here in Malaysia are comparatively more naive than that of their country's? I highly doubt that though. lol

And oh! The way Arab speaks, iss sooo interesting!!
They always have a lot of pronunciation starts with 'schn' or 'th' and it started of in some super soprano high voice [Just like the starting of the song in my blog] for their sentence haha..


Step up 3 is a truly must watch movie for those who loves hands-waving-booty-shaking body-trembling-soul-soaring moves! lol
I would rate his story line as WEAK, because there aren't any serious conflicts or what not, and the flow is quite predictable actually..
What makes the whole show, a show, is the abundance in dancing and battle scene which made me goes AHHHH~! [ok that sounds gay though]
haha, SERIOUSLY! Their moves are so cool that at one point I felt like standing up and follow the music! Let me see you pop~

Hmmm what more... oh, the curry in Ichiban Ramen, don't try it dude, I can cook like 23x better than that == '' and that set of meal robbed me Rm 20 literally ugh... Imagine how I can spent that money in pasar malam instead...

Glynn!! heh heh......

Friday, August 20, 2010

My turn to crap

Guess what, I won myself an 'award' being one of the best actor for the sketch, haha, vids are on FB, lazy to upload, and results in getting myself a thesaurus, which I think it comes in quite handy, to make your sentence having subtle meaning haha.

And there are some 'BLOOD FEUD' going on in school.. If you ask me, its NOTHING big actually, its just that pride and ego takes over one's consciousness and worsens a matter, ugh, ego, what a bad quality to have it on. To actually think that you are of higher superiority than other, shallow. Although at times we tend to be like this too, consciously or unconsciously, we must eradicate this, at once! Learn to be humble, and yes, I'm learning =)

There's one chinese proverb saying something like 'the longer you spent with someone then only you will get to know one's real attitude'
Can't agree more.
Sometimes we get to be deceived by that individual's seemingly kind-nice-benign nature but deep down inside...... We never know. But I still believe that if you treat others sincerely, MOST OF THE TIME, most of the time la, not everytime, lol.. they will treat you back sincerely too =D

Oh and one more thing, recently I found out some natural, affordable, abundant revitalizing and neutralizing recipe [lol], for more info, please refer to the note attached in my fb profile, haha, its this short then, till the next time, bye~

Thursday, August 5, 2010


How often can we say out loud, in a determined manner, or rather, defiantly to our own lazy nature, that, 'I WANT TO DO THIS!' ? Not always huh? *self reflecting*
EVEN IF, we did set up a goal, a target, a mission or anything synonymic with it, how long can this spirit perpetuate?

Had a rather motivating and fruitful meeting just now. What Angela [our SD leader] said was truly realistic rather than ideological, to be moved at the point when you are moved, and that's not enough! And to set a goal for self, there and then, and as you promised yourself to achieve something, you are somehow FORCED to fulfill the promise you self promised.

A light that shines in the dark, the darker the surrounding, the brighter the source illuminates. To be changed and altered and influenced and somehow distracted by the surrounding is just a weak reason showing you are not disciplined enough to do what is supposed to be done. And THAT, is the current most likely major and greatest threat facing us, the youth and teens. Being an adolescent should be the golden era of a man's life, the vigor, valor, aggressive qualities that should be in us to create a memorable, reputable and invaluable history in this span of time. Instead, most of us [well, sadly enough, including me] are swayed by the waves of reluctance, of sedentary, of comfort and of no value. Again, this must be changed!


Work hard to achieve it! Let's work on it together! =D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


There are things bugging me nowadays
I know I have to scrap it off before it incorporates in me
Being helpful is great, but know our own limit is of greater importance.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Not too bad for a quiz that asks absurd questions lol

Your view on yourself:

Other people find you very interesting, but you are really hiding your true self. Your friends love you because you are a good listener. They'll probably still love you if you learn to be yourself with them.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.

The seriousness of your love:

Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive, so you will find yourself with plenty of dates.

Your views on education

Education is less important than the real world out there, away from the classroom. Deep inside you want to start working, earning money and living on your own.

The right job for you:

You have plenty of dream jobs but have little chance of doing any of them if you don't focus on something in particular. You need to choose something and go for it to be happy and achieve success.

How do you view success:

You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:

You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear.

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seed of Hope

It is in every single individual that existed, existing and going to be exist-tified.
Had an exhibition on27th July, dated few days back, I would say its a success! Not a big one for sure, but certainly its a great kick start for all =D

The last panel giving chance to every visitor to leave their impression notes.. Of course, there are some that's quite dumb lol, I shall save my breath [or finger's energy?] from describing all their notes lol...

A total of 2 panels, one for BM and one for BI

Overall, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to ALL my friends and exhibition guides, facilitators, teacher advisers, SGM EG group, mom etc and etc [winning nobel prize meh! crazyyyy] without them, it is virtually impossible to have this to be done.

The flow for that day was rather smooth, everything was under control until the clock strikes at 2, and the flooding of afternoon session's student! omg, the CHAOS they bring in!!
'bang bang, pompuan tu cun ah, ada bf tak?'
'why do we have to eat A VEGETABLE, instead of VEGETABLES?'[its one of the phrase in the panels]
some even go to the extent that they kacau those exhibition guides, and they were just 14 yrs old max! ahhh crazy.. and i had to be the one that resolves the conflict, charging in taking the spotlight when the EG [esp gals, FYI, my current skool is a BOY skool, all teramat sgt despo] got HARASSED by those visitors. *backswing*

Anyway, just a very brief 'what-is-this-exhi-all-about' intro here:
This is an exhibition that is created and propagated by the collaborative efforts of SGI[Soka gakkai international and Earth Charter International]
Generally, it tells us what threats are mankind currently facing now, such as
i) Nature's degradation
ii) Extreme inequalities between human
iii) Weather shifting patterns and climatic abnormalities

For example, 1464 BILLION USD was spent in 2008 for military expenditure, while onli 1.86 billion USD is sufficient to help ppl all around the world to have a basic shelter, clean water and safe food to eat.
The funding used in military is TEN TIMES higher than the money allocated for the welfare of human being that is supposed to be prioritized.. Can you make sense out of this seemingly absurd but real statistic?

And the core message that this exhibition wants to bring out to the visitors is that everybody has the power to change everything, even if it starts with only ONE.
The element for this is to be empowered, in this exhibition, there are a few examples where individuals taking actions at a local level which eventually inspires a lot of people and make their action a globally moved effort later on.
You can be a housewife, a student, a clerk, or anyone! But nothing can stop you from dominating your own path of life =D

Remember my previous post about my possession? ta-daaaa! =D
I love the quality of the sound, texture wise, I still cant really feel the difference haha

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


When obstacles avalanches, things tearing apart, you mend it back, instead of disposing it, you try hard to save it from the fate to be nothing but nothing. Although it creates less value than what it is supposed to be, but something is better than nothing.[Related to something that's happening right now.]

It's so weird that when you are doing nothing, and midnight strikes, all the emotions surge your heart, that is why I have the sudden impulse of typing something, even if it bring no sense to most reader, lol..

Oh by the way, something seriously random! My mom woke up just now [1.24am] and shouted 'abi abi, fai dit hei sen lor! qi jor!'
I was at the computer room and heard faint shout from my mom and I tot some cockroach fly on her or sumthing, then listen properly haha...
then I responded with = ='' [ok she cant see it oso] 'mii ahhh.. yi ga yat dim gei jek la... wa laoo.. hoi fen laaa' lol

Back to my main line.. Hmm, what I was saying.. ahhh, yea, the lonesome in me when darkness and coldness strikes! Dunno why.. really feel like having someone to talk to or even to text.. but how come when other ppl is texting me I don't even give any effort to reply them? [subject is a girl.]
Suddenly thought of mic's quote, 'I WAN2 PAK TOR!' [you said this rite? lol]
then thought of yee's status in fb : 'love is nothing but the tricks hormone are playing on us, it is 99% imaginary and 1% true, and that 1% is pain that love inflicts on us.'
waaa hou sem ah~
that statement is very very pessimistic yes i noe, but somehow it carries some truth behind it.
Love is like a fire? It feels warm to be around with, but when it goes out of control it engulfs us and we are reduced into nothing but ashes. The feeling of despair for those who had been disappointed by, is not much better than a pile of reduced ashes. ahh~

When someone is around for you, it wont stay forever in that way for you, treasure, cherish, and be gratitude.

Monday, July 5, 2010

New possession

Its gonna be mine... soon enough! and when that happens, I'm gonna be posting up her picture in every pages available! she's a beauty~ ahhhh~*sigh admiringly*

Anyway, I got my mid-term result, which is rather VERY non-satisfying. 4 B+, a pointer of 3.33. And how on Earth could that kind of result bring me to Nanyang U? My dream is drifting away from me.. away, and never to be back...

Exhibition is going to be a reality if nothing obstructs the progress. Now I'm cracking my head to distribute shifts, languages and panel's selection to all my Exhibition Guide member, but still, I'm really do appreciate what they did for me, especially the AJKs..
-Yuen Jing (managing the whole lower 6!)
Just to name a few, and of course, everybody's effort is highly appreciated and I thank you guys whole heartedly here =)

YMD and HSD meet gonna come soon too! ahhh plan Plan and more PLANS!!
Too bad I can only go for such meetings and events.. I'm not joining this year's P-53..[It is merdeka day celebration for the 53rd time FYI] Due to time constrain, and well, my susceptibility to procrastinate.. oh, cant resist virtual temptations, how weak I am... =(

and oh! ok, im working in Metro Point every Sunday now in conjunction with the flea market there started last 2 weeks, promoting Wendy Dance Centre.. so, for those who are interested in dancing or even workouts, why not give us a try then? =D

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fellow inhabitants

We bear the responsibility to protect and ensure the sustainability of future generations. You might ask : 'Why do I even care? The Earth is deteriorating, so?' And THAT'S, actually the MAIN problem that humans are facing now
- lack of awareness,
-do things which only convenient them the most
-does not care what's happening in the surrounding with that ever growing 'TAK APA' behavior.
or better yet if I put it in this way, nihilism. The total rejection of religious and moral beliefs, very thought of life as a meaningless ordeal and it has nothing to be proud of. If they don't cherish their own life, would they care about their surroundings, or even to take the challenge to make the world a better place?

That is a rotten and unhealthy ideology that should be vanquished at all cost!

Ok, coming back to the central idea of my post today.
In recent decades there are frequent drastic and extreme climatic changes. Yes, I'm well addressed that there are climatic changes and global warming even in Ice Age! but the frequency of recent storms and unpredicted weather behaviour is exceeding the normal data as recorded ages ago.

Picture showing snow at the four peaks of Mazatzal, which is a DESERT!
this is a blog showing the hailstorm in MALAYSIA! yes you see it right, in Malaysia, which is a highly unusual sight to be seen, although hailstorm in other countries is has bigger impact than it has on here, because of the size of the ice.

Well, most of us would just shrug it off saying its just one of the common cycle in mother nature's calender, why? Because it would be the most convenient and logical solution to these inexplicable phenomena!

That is why we should stand up, do something out of the norm that leads to contribution not only to ourselves, but to others, societies, and in a larger scale, the world! And the precise term for this action is to have our own human revolution..

My quiet little human revolution [Which i hope it can somehow spark some thoughts and give some little inspiration to readers!!] :

i) My hope for now, is to have my skool to ban the usage of plastic cutlery in canteen!
Seriously it is a sore to my eyes to have to see the rubbish bin full of non-recyclable, non-reusable items such as plastics and plastics spoons where all this could have been avoided if we care to use metal spoons and cups instead of all those non-reusable items.
What I did towards this realization is to start with my own, that is to use metal spoons whenever im having meal there and try to tell others to follow my way, so to reduce the garbage formed.

ii)To use tupperwares, tiffin carriers instead of plastics and polysterene.
For this, i have to express my deepest salutation to a middle age woman in malaysia. [sry i don really noe the biography of this lady as i heard her achievement through my friend.]
She boycotted products that are packaged in plastics and try to minimize the usage of plastic in every single aspect of her life. As she quoted :'We live through the years without plastic, so, why not?'
its just a matter of convenience.

ok, to list down what i've done and what i hope to be done will make this post to have words of avogrado constant [lol?]. So, to sum up everything, I hope that everyone of us will take up the challenge and step out the 1st step.

You might be thinking 'oh, what contribution can I made, im so small, powerless, and im just alone, what possible effect could i bring towards the world'.
IT IS tempting to feel powerless when we face such gigantic issue, but we are the one responsible to do something towards it, so, instead of backing out, we should uphold the challenge with great enthusiasm and courage!

Yes, I'm well accustomed that its not easy to step out of our comfort zone and do something that is totally new and might even be criticized by the norms, but, our miniature efforts if accumulated and widespread, the power of unity would be unimaginable.

Let's not be disempowered and overwhelmed by the complexity or the seemingly hopeless crises that arouses, instead, let's think ahead, make appropriate and correct ways to help contribute towards the world!

As what President Ikeda[A poet, philosopher, author, founder of SGI and a world reputable and renowned man] quoted : 'A great human revolution in just a SINGLE INDIVIDUAL will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of all humankind.'

So, start doing something today!!
-Switching off lights when its unnecessary, avoid the usage of electrical appliances that consumes a lot of energy [air cond, you can always take of ur shirt if u feel hot! lol]
- support local products instead of imported products as they are shipped through a long journey[which consumes A LOT OF energy] before reaching our hands.
-support vegetable, reduce the consumption of meat [especially cows! because it takes a lot of energy to rear a cow than to plant a carrot!]
-try to recycle, do everything appropriate towards the restoration of this world's optimum health =D

Here are a few quotes that i find quite encouraging and meaningful :
Wangari Maathai [Earth Charter commissioner and nobel peace prize laureate] :'It's very, very important for us to take action AT THE LOCAL LEVEL. Because someimtes when we think of global problems, we get disempowered. But when we take actions and local level, we are empowered.'

Eleanor Roosevelt :'You must do the thing you think you cannot do.'

yeah.. and so, there's one more from Maathai which i partially remember, its sumthing like this :'Imagine there are thousands, or millions of people out there doing the same thing, the power is unimaginable..'
And im referring this quote to both destruction and restoration, please ponder, and spread the words!! thanks.

Fellow inhabitants

We bear the responsibility to protect and ensure the sustainability of future generations. You might ask : 'Why do I even care? The Earth is deteriorating, so?' And THAT'S, actually the MAIN problem that humans are facing now
- lack of awareness,
-do things which only convenient them the most
-does not care what's happening in the surrounding with that ever growing 'TAK APA' behavior.
or better yet if I put it in this way, nihilism. The total rejection of religious and moral beliefs, very thought of life as a meaningless ordeal and it has nothing to be proud of. If they don't cherish their own life, would they care about their surroundings, or even to take the challenge to make the world a better place?

That is a rotten and unhealthy ideology that should be vanquished at all cost!

Ok, coming back to the central idea of my post today.
In recent decades there are frequent drastic and extreme climatic changes. Yes, I'm well addressed that there are climatic changes and global warming even in Ice Age! but the frequency of recent storms and unpredicted weather behaviour is exceeding the normal data as recorded ages ago.

Picture showing the presence of snow in the Mazatzal Mountains. Which is a DESERT.

this is a link showing the severe hailstorm in Oklahama, yes hailstorm is nothing new for us, but hailstorm THIS size?
anyway, there was a hailstorm in malaysia[WHICH IS HIGHLY UNUSUAL] but too bad I cant find the footage of it.. =(

While all these climatic events are taking place, most of us just shrug it off and say its just another normal day in mother nature's cycle. Because this would be the most convenient and APPARENTLY most logical answer to those weird phenomena.

That is why we should not do things that are convenient to us, instead, do things that contributes to not only yourself, but to others, and of course in a larger scale, the world!

Do not feel disempowered or overwhelmed when global crisis and seemingly immense and complicated trouble occurs, we, as human always has the unlimited potential raging in us to surmount against the obstacle!

My own quiet little human revolution.. [which i hope it can somehow spark some thoughts and be somewhat inspiring or motivational!]

-One of my greatest hope in school, is to ban the usage of plastic spoons!
the 1st step im taking is to use metal spoon every time i'm having my meal there, and try to tell the others to do the same too. Seriously its a sore to the eyes to see the rubbish bin full with plastics, plastic spoons and all others non-recycleable, non-reusable items when it can all be avoided.

-To use reusable containers or tiffin carriers instead of plastics or polysterene.
For this case, I have to give my highest salutation to a middle age woman from which i heard from my friend. [sry, don really noe the biography bout this woman.] she minimize the usage of plastic in her life by boycotting anything that has a lot of plastic for its packaging. A quote from her, 'we are able to live through out the years without plastic, so, why not?'
this non-degradeable item is consuming a lot of spaces for garbage disposal purposes, plus, the weak mentality of malaysians that do less to segregate recycleable items and pile up everything in only one rubbish bin.

ok if i am to list down all the things that im doing and i wish to do, this will be a post of words having avogrado constant...
wat im trying to tell u guys is that, PLEASE, start from your own, one, can DEFINITELY make a BIG difference.
A human revolution can ultimately change the destiny of the WHOLE MANKIND. Starting from self, to family, community, nation, worldwide, and finally, to the whole mankind..
This is what President Ikeda, a scholar, philosopher, educator, author and worldwide renowned great man quoted.

Start today! switch off light when its unnecessary! Try to avoid the usage of any electrical appliances that consumes high energy! [high energy demands more energy input and more heat is contributed] remember, you are not alone.. you might be pondering what all this is about? What can I contribute to the world if I'm the only one doing all these things? You might even wonder upon the thoughts that you will be labelled as 'mr green freak' for being conservative and aware.

You see? You see how the world is going on now? The rightful, justice and good hearted person will always be outcast and labelled as weird, while those following the norm, doing things that may not be right will be acceptable and mutually believed to be correct.

We are human, we are different from animals in the sense that we have thoughts while they have brain, we have soul while they have only instinct. THINK, before you act! Do not follow the norm blindly, be righteous and stand up when you think you are right! Do not be defeated by evil forces[sounds cartoon-ish. lol], or influence from friends!

If we as youth do not have the capability to analyze and contribute to the society, who would?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunway lagoon

1st of all, sry, im not posting this for the sake of promoting (which, they STRONGLY encourage us to do haha) bt jz to tell my experience in sunway lagoon yesterday, that differs TOTALLY from what i've been experiencing all along the previous years.. (twice only to be exact haha)..

anyway, jz a brief intro on wats revolving there yesterday.. sunway lagoon(SL, make it short) acquired the award of being the best water park or sumthing in the past 3 yrs, 2007,2008 and 2009, and they are determined and zeal to make the 4th a reality this year.. and so, they invited bloggers and non-bloggers (i jz join, without stating im one haha, and i don qualify to be one oso, wif my poor language and inactive participation in this blogger's world) to let us help them promote SL to the world.. and make the public vote them.. or sumthing like dat..

so, in reward, they gave us...
1)FREE admission to ALL parks for that day.
2)FREE flow of nasi lemak + teh tarik + coffee in the "Lighthouse" (Not to forget the sotongS and rendangS!) before the race.
3)FREE buffet
4)2 FREE tickets for every participant for ALL parks which has its validity till Nov..
*practically flinging a towel and jumping all around now* lol

and the event we had that day was something like the Amazing Race. we had a few stations and we have to figure which station to go from the clues... and some of it is REALLY wen ket..
like this :
1)Unity is the key of LONGetivity... yes u get it right, its the hanging bridge! cuz its LONG! lol..
2) Find the native weapon! (wif an axe as the picture beside it) and its in the wild wild west place.. swt

yea, pretty much, quite ez and stuff..
the onli hard thing in those task is that u have to be decisive, act fast, and delegate and segregate ur team member to make thing works faster and more efficiently!
we can even 'borrow' public members to join us if the task needs more ppl than wat we had that time...
and to beg around to CUT queue (thumbs up for michelle.L) thats jz so cool haha..

few things that i've never attempt in my life was attempted yesterday:
1)Kissing a snake on its head. (Those big yellow snake u can expect in malacca)
2) Run around SL finding for clues, asking ppl like some mad woman losing her child. (lol?)
3)Shoot up to the sky higher than 5 storey building(or more) and have to keep looking down to read the clues hidden
4)Flying fox! (ok this is so not special for u guys, bt that's the 1st time in my life!)
5) Tried jumping on a trampoline!! pe-doink, pe-doink (ok don worry, it is still there intact, no holes)
6)Archery!! inches from bullseye!!!(again, cant deny the fact that mic.L and winky get 1 bullseye each, and 1 more from outsider due to her 'cute'-ness? LOL)
7)Lastly... this is rather embarrassing...*holding up a silk handkerchief with thumb and index finger of both hand near the mouth while smiling sheepishly *I... Bathed there... and..... ok, wear back my jeans without my undergarment and sit ktm back home... WOW! lol.. cuz i din expect that we will get wet! i tot its jz some amazing race stuff and so i bought a set of attire WITHOUT the undergarment... lol damn... feels quite AIRY down there... hahahaha

Yeah.. so thats about it i guess..
For wat i can see from Sunway lagoon, its actually quite good, and there's a lot of improvement and development going on.. the onli thing i hate about SL is the LONGGGGGG queue we have to endure jz to have a few seconds of ride...
bt overall, its rily fun! =D

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Interesting breakthrough

Honestly, I was amazed by my own calmness. haha..
We had Biology practical practice on Friday, mice dissecting event! woohoo~ but, that was not the compulsory experiment, that's why we used preserved(super dry, shrunken, kinda waxy) lil white mice.
And now to explore the private part of flowers, I was like, 'ugh wth? flower pun tgk ke...' lol
For next week, we are gonna create dichotomous key for snails...
and i remembered how strong the shell of the snail is attached to its body! crazy!
try to imagine this:
i) A snail attached on an inverted rubbish bin (conventional black,large, empty plastic rubbish bin)
ii) tried to lift the snail off
iii) the whole bin was lifted
lol crazy

-countdown, 12 more days to have mid term exam. one of the major factor that's making my hair falling down everyday? lol
-countdown, 10 more days before reaching the due date for exhibition guide member recruiting. Seriously, i hope my fren can fight alongside with me in this challenge, to work together hand in hand creating something awesome from scratch =)
-countdown, 3 more days for the INFLUX of lower six. kok wai is gonna have a big head then! same goes to me

and.. *sigh* why cant i be more motivated and hardworking! im just too dependent on something sometimes. no frens-cant study, no library-cant study, hot-cant study, pencil not sharp-cant study(lol wth?)
damn.. damn!! michelle, don be so hardworking can o not!! u r freaking me out arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

and recently.. im addicted to gossips.. like, wth?? b4 this im jz INTERESTED in it but now, its a whole new level lol..

and to relate back to my title of the day, actually, there's no direct correlation oso.. this post was supposed to be brought out weeks ago, jz dat im too lazy to complete it haha..

owh, ya 1 more thing, im satisfied with my performance in muet speaking exam? (guess so)
at least i didn't stutter with words and performed badly..

and wow, seriously, there's A LOT of ppl that's interested in photography, as in, the art of photography, not jz plain, simply taken photos. not bad..

till then, it will be long, savour =D (although this is not juicy at all)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Recent me.

There has been a lot of happenings in just a week. Sports day, my birthday, piano fiesta and elephant sanctuary.. and it all lead to the flooding in my facebook profile haha..

This is one of the performer that i LOVED the most (in the piano fiesta event)
seriously, her music touches my heart
I remembered once when i was down(cuz of hw stress or stuff like dat) and got no mood to do anything, then this enchanting melody of her was played, elegantly, beautifully~ wow..
It brings me back to life!
she's my classmate =D
*sigh admiringly*

anyway, actually, most of the pictures are uploaded in facebook, so, its kinda like fb substituted the role of blog?(just creating a bullcrap to cover up my lazy act) lol..

for my vid, i didn't record my own vid for dat day itself, haha, no confidence lol. had my play recorded back in home.. and had it uploaded in fb yesterday =D (please do comment! haha)

Actually, the thing that is haunting me now is.. the ever nearing exam that is marching relentlessly.. Especially the science subject and maths! *sigh* or actually u can just say im worried about EVERY subject.. even MUET, have no confidence in writing and speaking.. my teacher commented me that im having A LOT of grammatical errors during writing an essay... erghhhh, I really gotta improve my writing skills! read more? anyway, please do correct me if im having any grammar mistakes during conversation or stuff like that, its ok i wont be TOO defensive, don worry~ hahaha

For the other subjects, its not easy too, there's SO MANY things to cover.. including wat we'd learned in lower 6 (which, i had kicked it all outta my mind) ergh... i still remember the scene when our chem teacher called us to set the target for our mid term test
teacher : so, wats ur aim for mid term test? must not be lower than 75 ah! cuz u get 75 for march exam!
me : ....... *wrote the figure 7 and 5 forcefully*
see, the pain to even write out my hope... ergh.. i rily hope i can cope up with all the activities im having and still manage to excel in my academics..

anyway, my face's condition is worsening, any1 can recommend me any gud docs? no, i don wan2 go for facial treatment, docs would be the best.. and if u r recommending specialist, please laa don recommend those too expensive punya! mom don let.. lol..

its already april, its so soon, its so unexpected, its so uninvited.. *murmurs murmurs*

Thursday, March 25, 2010

pooooofff.... (kepamcitan yang teramat sangat)

seriously, this is an EXHAUSTING week..
mentally, physically, and emotionally...
not to mention, the ongoing events in KHS for sports days is wearing me off, there are several few more factors that leads me to the title above..

and, i notice how sly a person can turn into when its about winning and losing(don worry, its not u guys lol)
its a f5 fella, participated in the lontar peluru event (same as me) who signaled the person who is supposed to give the measurement(his fren, f5 too) to have the point further back.. its SO obvious cuz i was responsible to pick up the metal ball and saw all their gestures..
the greed in him, and the desire to win the competition SO MUCH misdirect him into cheating.. hyena is the word for him? (ok mayb its a lil' bit too heavy) lol.. pls take note that this is jz a VERY small, minor, unimportant event in skool lvl, and he did such stuff.. shame on him huh?
bt, too bad, he lost to me =D

and, guess wat? im appointed as the commander for kindersley?! (my sport's house's name)
fuhhh, imagine, x pernah kawat b4 in my life, and jz practiced for like, 2-3 times in BSMM and now i give command?? lol, kinda funny if u ask me...

this saturday.. haih...
this sunday... haihh.. pun x tau got o not, so rush...
next monday.. YEAH!! yeahh baby yeahh!!!
next tuesday.. i hope there will be something... yea... something..
next wednesday, la la la la la la~~ standing, we are standing~~

there will be not many 'NEXTs' left from may..
where the nightmare begins to unfold itself..
my trembling lips and heaving chest of speaking, when pointing out ideas.. IS KILLING ME!!! ok at least its killing my grades lol..
the ability to speak fluently, grammar-error-free sentence is certainly a major obstacle for me, and for that, im trying my very best to rectify it starting like, ages ago lol.. no la, starting in lower 6.. trying to improve my conversing skill, cut down usages on 'la', 'lo', 'meh', 'ah?' etc etc...

for other subjects, i hope my discipline wont fail me! mid year exam is lurking menacingly fast.. and all those subjects i USED to master WAAAAAY back in lower 6.. here i come~~~ NEC here i come for u every thurs and fri!! and, MEWAH CLUB!! here i come for u every thurs!!! too bad gay, if there's no gals u have to face me for 3 hrs? lol...

tomoro there will be tug of war competition, im gonna get screamo-activated by myself =D gotta get get~ gotta get get~
anyway, sunday, fiesta concerto~ a state of peace in mind is wat i nid the most, luck wont do anything good in it, skills matters

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ok, seems like the previous post has no effect on me AT ALL. lol.. I shall rekindle the passion of writing!! Oh C'mon... I need more stimulation...!! (This sounds weird anyway)

My life, as in now, hmmm well, how should I phrase it? err well, there's no drastic changes, YET! (As I expected I would), and that's rather, well, pathetic.. = =''

Still busy with school's work load and stuff.. And now that I decided to go to library twice every week for revision/completion of homework, hope that it can ease the difficulties of me understanding what's trying to be conveyed by teachers in school. haha.

Ahhh.... I wanna be emo.. (already am, slightly) Cuz that is the main element that triggers me into writing, and post posted would be in higher quality and captivates more reader, rather than some random craps created jz to make this blog 'SEEMINGLY' alive.. lols.. (wen ket?)

Is something superficial deserves to be envied? I should have clear my thoughts on this like, AGES ago.. like, DUDE! its jz soooo SUPERFICIAL, why do I have to care so much anyway?! *bangs head*

I should have entrust her with more faith? Or its just simply that the other part of me wanted to let go, already sick with this feeling of self hatred inflicted by her..

I personally LOVE someone's pm in msn, 'sosickwituandyourlies, feltsostupidtobeloyaltoyoufor569days.'
hahaha, nice one, somehow i jz get wat he means, i jz get it..

Over and over again~ this is the sad song that keeps playing with my heart, keeps fooling with my soul, over and over again~

I noe im imperfect, nobody is!
bt i demand more attention, yes u can say that im selfish
sometimes i wish i could be loved MORE, cared MORE, and appreciated MORE, by u..

yes i noe im insensitive, or dull u might say
bt well im trying hard, to cut this spiky edge of me..

bt mayb sumtimes, im just thinking too much.
being realistic is not my key characteristic, too bad
I tend to imagine, and when im running wild in it, cold wave of reality hit me hard back into senses. *sigh*

ur name will be clicked AUTOMATICALLY, when it popped out at the left bottom corner of my screen, and here goes, the ever-silence of dree, its killing me..

I might be having a +ax^2 graph as my exterior, bt who noes, its jz a mere exterior, a pathetic epidermis that masked that -ax^2 soul of mine. who would imagine, a fragile soul concealed in a seemingly strong physique? (god knows wat im talking here)

Its BAD to be jealous, DUMB to be envious, STUPID to be selfish and FOOLISH to be angered by trivialities, bt, im not strong enuf to not to be gripped by this devilish grasp of devil, obscuring my vision, lowering my soul... =/

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reviving the dead.

The blog, I meant up there.
Still, as usual, there are LISTS of tasks on hand now.
F6, memang laa..
I can choose either to grumble about it and do nothing over it
I can brag it out as challenges I am to overcome and be proud of it! =D

Hmmm, let me be random.

Oh, I shall talk about the resolution I made for myself for this year! haha, since I made no resolution before this, I find it, erm, how to word this... urmm... special! yeah, that's the word, I find it special for me to have such AIM in this particular year.. hmmmm, why?
I have no idea? Maybe I'm just trying to be more organized, being sluggish and aimless, is, well, pitiful in some sense... (No offense meant, I'm referring to myself.)

-To be brave and outspoken, speak up against the norm when there's mistakes in it.
-To be able to take up challenges and complete each task and adversities taken successfully
-To be more motivated in an activity, being proactive and creative.
-To improve my linguistic skills (esp English, now that I notice that I'm actually just average in it..)
-To help and treat others well(appropriately) and also to develop strong friendship!

It's going to be tough and fun! Are we ready? I hope we are =D

Anyway, do you guys know that eg actually stands for exempli gratia? (This is so totally random haha)