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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Unusually altered.

For the past 14 weeks, I think I had a lot of changes in terms of the way of how I think towards most matters.
The first thing that I wanted the most after entering university, was to have my 1st clubbing session. Entering University somehow resembles a sign of liberation, a freedom for me to do things I want to do, without the supervision of suspecting adults. Note the word, 'was'.

For now, I doubt my prioritized-before desire, and start to think whether if its a good thing to do, or not. Maybe, it might not be a good idea after all. Why I want to go there in the 1st place, to experience pleasure? To blend into the euphoric atmosphere? Get wasted and probably doing some crazy stuff? Yes, I wanted to try how does it feel to be in the club, how is it to be intoxicated with alcohol and break the leash while dancing madly on the dance floor, how is it to be having fun all night long with friends..

But, giving it a deeper thoughts, this culture is ominously likened to hedonistic practice, to obtain maximum pleasure, while minimizing pain. Is it good to do so? Is it morally positive to indulge myself in activities as such? How am I to spread positive values to others, while I'm not practicing it myself?

On the other hand, the other part of me is conflicting hard and persuading me to have it a try! Split mentality. haha.. For what I'm sure, I will be there, just to see how is it, and refraining myself from committing any immoral activities. Now, do I sound like some old, nagging person that is advising his son? haha.. Seriously, this is one of the question that I want to solve as soon as possible. To follow the culture of the norm while understanding the underlying negative values, and, well, have fun? Or to be strict and absolute in own stance whereby activities as such will not be given even a second thought?

Alcohol, Drug, Sex, its all in there, things that promises satiety to common mortals. Yes?
Somehow, I really can't relate images as above to anything near positive. But clearly, it is certainly tempting to join in the fun.

Do forgive me for my straightforwardness in my point of view regarding this matter. Its just a dilemma bugging me right now.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ha, its not as nice as I imagined. lol..

Well, Just finished my Dikir ria practice at 1.10am, and on my way back to my hostel, saw OCP and soya going out of hostel and keep pointing the sky and I was like, 'OI SO LATE DON SLEEP DO WAT OH??' And OCP told me that the WHOLE facebook is saying that meteor showers are observed in UPM, so, join la mereka... Did some of the unusual things in my life though, lying down on tar road, staring blankly into the starry sky... hahahaha

We saw 'constellations' but in my opinion, it looked more like a 'divide' symbol than what OCP said as 北斗七星.. Keep talking crap to make time pass faster but still staring intently and suddenly....

Amin and OCP almost simultaneously : 'WHOAH!! WEIH U SAW THAT?! WHAOH!'

*Up on my feet* Me :'WHAT?! WHERE HOW?! Shittttttttttttttttttt I missed ittttttttttttttttttt!!!!!'

And so the desire in me to see another 'blinking' meteor intensifies. lol Why blinking? Because the meteor lasts for less than 1 sec, and its not even 'meteor shower', its more to like, 'meteor drizzle' or something, I mean, everytime it is observed, it is alone! FOREVERALONEMETEOR. lol.

After a dreading nearly 1 hour of wait, the effort did not go futile and I saw a faint flash of tail light, AT LAST!!! Hahaha, and I thought that its really not worth the wait just to see such faint light to pass through the sky for less than 1 second... And I thought it would be something like :
You know, those perfect image being implanted in us, that meteor shower would be something niceee, bright, longgg, romantic, and you get to have the time to wish like 30 wishes before its
gone... but in reality.....
You saw it? That tiny little speck of faint light near bottom left corner? THAT'S WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO SEE YESTERDAY! Super observant eyes baru boleh nampak... lol..

But overall, its kinda fun la, seriously, you don't really have chances to lay down on tar road, staring to the firmament with 4 'ma lat lou' right? haha... And the part where we shouted 'FUWAAA!! METOER RAIN EHHH..!! WALAOWEHH!! WAAAA!!' Although what we saw is something like the 2nd pic hahaha =p

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Attitude, etiquette, and education

For my 2nd assignment for Philosophy of Science, I've made some research about the current education system in Malaysia and to try to find out if it is in anyway related to any metaphysical elements, or aligned along with National Education Philosophy [Falsafah Pendidikan Negara], and thus the spark of the idea to create this post.

Based on my findings, education system, as most has observed, is highly inclined towards intellectual shaping, and thus the term 'exam-oriented' education. According to FPN, there are 4 golden rules to be applied in education, which is Intellect, Emotion, Spiritual and Physical. Ask yourself, during the years of formal education you had in the school, including pre-school, primary, secondary and even tertiary education, is all 4 aspects being concentrated equally?

The concept being shown in FPN itself is actually a complete set of rules, if obeyed strictly, could be used to develop a balance individual in that 4 aspects. Unfortunately, it plays a minor role in implementing it in real life education. With my own experience, I can say that Intellect is, well, highly emphasized, Spiritual and Emotion is rather optional and subjective as it is not focused in curricular syllabus. Physical wise, when it is nearing major exams [UPSR PMR SPM etc], other secondary subjects regarded as useless[as it is not included in exams] will be exempted and being replaced by core subjects that will appear in exams. For Muslims, however, they have their Pendidikan Islam class, which, for me I think its good to let them know more about their own religion, while in schools where Christian is prevalent, Bible Studies or subjects as such are introduced. I think its relatively important to let every students to get exposed to different religion, and to study about the core value of that religion, because of the countless religion that exists in the world, the values are commonly the same, its just that the world-view, and epistemology of a religion highly differs between each other. Interfaith dialogues and teachings should be widely propagated and discussed with high sensitivity but zero prejudice! We should try to understand and respect one's religion view although it might be clashing with ours. Though religious subjects are being taught in schools, but it is merely a 'read and score' subject, the appreciation for it has long been gone. For me, to believe in the existence of metaphysics[The God] is really important, after all, 'Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan' is the 1st line in our Rukun Negara, right?

The mentality of the students, particularly in Malaysia, for education is that, 'We study to score, we study for exams!' How often could you see a student studying for the sake of increasing his knowledge and to satisfy his thirst of intellectual needs? And the common misconception and the general answer when being asked 'why we are supposed to study?' is : *Clears throat* 'To study is to get good results, enter good school, get a good degree that secures you a good job and ultimately a happy life.' Is that really the case?

So to simplify it, education = good money = pleasure = good life. Yes?

This is a thing that all of us should deeply ponder upon, good life is the goal of one's life, but is it in monetary terms? Or should it be in value creating terms? If we equate Pleasure as Happiness, and Happiness = Good life, then I'm pretty worried that our thinking has been intoxicated by the Hedonistic ideology..

IF we are to pursue pleasure in our life [Satisfy one's need to survive, commonly physical matters, sex, hunger desires etc], why don't we stab 2 electrode in our excitation brain centre that activates hormone that causes exhilaration? Now that would save us from a lot of problem right? haha.

Saying a lot from this post but I have not touch the main topic yet, sorry for my digress. haha, anyway, attitude, etiquette and education. Hmm.. do you agree that education is the core factor that causes the multitude of social problems in our societies nowadays?  With the argument that each and every of us received at least 6 years of formal education [in exception of a few that is in extreme poverty and has been neglected by government], and those who committed crime comes from those who received education before.

In my opinion, the most important things to do to curb crimes, is through education, not through enforcement. The principal of life, and the correct thought of why we should study should be instilled in early education! If we say, we study for the sake of a better future, in monetary terms. Yes I would not deny that, but that should not be the ultimate goal for education, don't you think so? If money is the final goal of life, why don't we rob, cheat and steal, neglecting rules and etiquette since that's what education is all about, to make money.

We study for the sake of increasing our knowledge, why? So that we can think wisely, and to help others while creating positive values, knowledge is power, that I can't agree more~ Social problems that includes harassing, gangsterism, bribery and so on, in my opinion is caused by education system, further driven by social culture/tendency.
A very simple analogy over here :
A cop stopped you and decided to fine you for overspeeding. You are in the dilemma whether to give bribery, or not, you decided to not as it is illegal, and morally unacceptable. You told your friend, expecting some positive feedback from them, and what you got is that he/she will post-mortem that matter, saying that IF we are to commit bribery, we save the hassle to go to police station, giving out Rm50 saving Rm250 instead and doing the police some good by giving him an extra Rm50 revenue for his low monthly salary! Sounds legit? And the next time you are being stopped, you won't hesitate to bribe them anymore, yes?


There are still a lot of issues and thoughts to come and I hope that you guys can think about it and do leave me some comments, thanks!

[Anyway, this is all my humble opinion, I do not mean to offend anyone or to act pro or whatsoever here. lol, Don't wanna sound too old lehh hahaha]

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fragmen Jiwa Merdeka

It has been a long and tiring week.. Me and few of my friends joined in a theater show named 'Fragmen Jiwa Merdeka' and guess what, no, I'm not a communist in there, no no, not those typical chinese orang kampung too, I'm........ THE JAPANESE ARMY GENERAL! lol man~
It feels awkward as first, talking something jibberish and acting it as a command, but then, thanks to google translate I'm able to make audience gap in awe with my fluency in Japanese! [Padahal there were some part that I simply cakap jer~ lol]

The preparation for this theater did take some toll on us, especially sacrificing our rest time, and notably the time for us to do revision as the performing week coincide with second test, but nevertheless, I think I did well in test [I THINK], in fact I just finished my microbiology test like half an hour ago! Too bad, lost 4% in it already, sigh.. Lack of revision do inflict some pain on me =/

Anyway, back to the theater story, for me, this is really a great exposure! Never in my wildest imagination that I would be involved in such activities, to express anger, cruel and brutality in a proper manner. Equipped with bayonet, boots and a list of vulgar Japanese words and rushed to the scene =D I think the character suits me though, cruel and merciless. haha..
Kharil as tali barut Jepun, me as general and soya as the rapist. lol man he really has the potential to do so! xD
The day of performance, changed my 'k-pop' hairstyle to 'hitler' style, 50-50 tengah eh! seriously imba haha.. Wait for more photos to come, as I'm waiting others to upload and tag me.. lol

Oh ya, one of the most excruciating pain in this theater is THE MAKE UP PART! Especially when the make up artist has to put eye-liner on me! My brain is calling my eyes to open while my reflex is closing the eyes.. lol... damn funny.. But, not bad, 1st time having eye-liner painted up in such pain, maybe its just that he's not pro enough. ha..
This is just one of the MANY MANY things happening in UPM right now, I find myself weird for not creating an album just for UPM life, because usually the old me would do so, but now the urge of it is lessened.. hmmm..

We have our own chinese society [I don't know but is this racist sounding? lol] within a college, and within the chinese society there are a few splits of family, and I'm in the family of pomelo! As the father of the family..Well practically its quite childish, haha for me.. But it feels good to be stupid once in a while you know.. And the aim for this family thingy is to encourage the feeling of belonging in my second college and to have a better relationship with each other =)
[I do feel that my face looks quite similar with the picture. haha]

And and and! Now I understand the excitement of having a penpal! We are doing a program in my college named 风与蒲公英 where there will be messages written in the form of letter and to be read to a partner unique to you, but both you and your partner do not know who they are writing to! So, its a mysterious, anonymous fun relationship going on in there... haha, I shall not disclose my identity here, who knows if my partner is reading my blog accidentally right? lol

Next up, I will try to post topics about my thoughts towards social tendency and thinking towards 'unnecessary' subjects, I hope I can do that, since I do have some opinions about it, but its very unorganized and well, incomplete. Will try to read more books and enhance my critical critique and thinking skill! 

Till then =)

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Recently I've been reading a light material, see below!

Its a book I bought from BBWS, just Rm8 and you can discard lots of myth revolving around the globe, from mothers to son, from families to families. lol
Stuff like:
'Using handphone in longer period leads to brain tumour?'
'Hair dyes causes cancer?' [lol vivian]
'Chicken soup really helps in curing colds?'
'Does alcohol kills brain cell?'
'Do tall people lives longer than shorter people' [IN THIS CASE, YES! MWAHAHA, but slightly. lol]

And lots and lots more urban myth and legend being explained scientifically and quantitatively..
Just a light material before moving on to more serious topics, with this handbook you can always counter your mom's advice if its not relevant anymore hahahahaha xD

Do you feel an ominous feel of loneliness creep within you sometimes, randomly,  especially if you've accomplished your hectic time tables and left with time of leisure [Holidays] For me, it is, and I find it hard to explain since I'm in constant communication with all other friends, well, virtually... But at least I won't talk to myself! Lol i saw a status update captured by others which has a saying like this:
Miss A :'Sometimes I will talk to myself if there is nobody to talk to.....'
*Under the comment's column*
Miss A :'Hey... that's not a really healthy habit you know..?'
Miss A:'No it isnt! Fuck u bitch!!'

lol shit man.. I was like... wthhh, ok quite funny but I duno whether if its created just for entertainment purposes or the other way round, if she really acts like dat... wa lao, seriously need medical attention d.. haha.

Anyway, heard of the Seksualiti Merdeka HOOHAA going on in Malaysia, what do you think about it? Its a rather 'controversial'[inverted coma as it applies only in Msia] in this country, yes? It needs toleration and understanding from both sides, history has shown that going the hard way results in stronger retaliation, and noob leaders usually will bring to the fall down of a civilization, in this context country... Feel free to comment about that issue, because I really wanna know what you guys think about it!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Food - 49.25%
Reloads - 7.1%
Stationary - 5%
Inevitable-s[Includes fees, shirt, grooming etc] 21.8%
Books - 14.5%
Transport- 2.3%

And all this sums up to Rm709.2 of my total expenditure for October. Is it a lot? Opinion in need whether if I overspent! But for this month memang its unavoidable since BBWS is around and I went there twice =l

Anyway, the title has no relevance or whatsoever with this post, its just a... figure, perhaps? Its easy to break it though =)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Over here

From the previous post, its some of my view about the assignment that I'm gonna do, and since then, I've been doing some research between Judaism, Christianity and Islam, still reading now though, and Theology is a subject, well, not as popular, but certainly not stale!

One week worth of holiday, mounting assignments, and the dread to go out with friends is soooo intenseeeeeeeeee!! sigh, but recently, something happened to my family that I wish not to disclose here.. but because of that, it would be wise of me to act prudent in spending my money.. Now Im having my own monthly chart of expenditure! Anyway, I seldom blog nowadays although I've got lots and LOTS to share, but I don't have  a camera with me =( phone's connection with PC is disabled, can't upload recent pics of mine up there... pics about bacteria, taken directly from microscope. lol

ahhh, talk about being prudent, over here in my college, there are SO MANY examples of those needy... In comparison, I'm so so so much more fortunate than them.. Imagine to curb one's hunger just by imbibing water and white bread, and eating a proper meal only once a day, just to save some money... sigh.. they are really really strong..

went Istac the day before, magnificent architectural design!

what else? oh, Gona be emcee for an event tomorrow, nothing new.
and urm... yea, 3 days of sleeping past 3 in the morning and having class at 9am will really take a toll on ur body, at least for me. =l

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Philosophy of science

There had been some time, since I am so absorbed in something.

The interest that drives me to keep reading and knowing more, not for the sake of exam, but for the sake of quenching the thirst, the dread, thirst of getting more, and MORE knowledge!

As the origin of the word suggest, philosophia, it means, love of wisdom.

For centuries, even millennia.. the quest of human all over the world, is the same, to find the ultimate truth.

Questions over questions, queries over queries has been raised. Questions that can be asked easily usually has a difficult or unknown answer.

  1. How universe began?
  2. Who is the creator of everything?
  3. Why human ever existed in this world?
These are a few examples of question that has been asked for so long, and till date, there's not a perfect answer for it.

Anyway, back to the topic, the course I took for this semester is, Falsafah Sains, and the assignment given was... wait for it.... its......
'Kosmologi Moden, Kristian, dan Islam : Satu kajian analisis Perbandingan'

Within a month, I have to complete this FIFTY PAGES HAND WRITTEN assignment with intense research about the Genesis chapter in Old Testament, and also for the Koran itself.

And about modern cosmology, lagi interesting, gonna do some reading about Stephen Hawking, Penrose. Theory of Everything, Dark matter, energy, cycle of a star, mystery of black hole.
The toughest part of it is to link it with the creation of the universe. Whether if the Big Bang, and Big Crunch theory is on par with either religion's version of creation of universe..

Besides that, the lecturer managed to dig my curiousness by exposing me to different major agenda happening in the world with a hidden intention behind it. The truth obscured to the norm, but crystal clear to those who are able to think. The concept of mantics. The ability to think out of the box, and to figure out the paradox behind a scene, to distinguish reality from illusion. Its really fascinating!

The alteration of history by the colonial forces, to prove that they are 1st grade human? That they are more superior than the other human race? We are being conquered, mentally by the Europeans, without knowing it. Symbols and traces of being colonized is everywhere, but we are just being oblivious, living life, just like another human being.

And lot and lots of it! Do you know that, the creation of jean symbolizes the equality between man and woman? And when a girl wearing it openly in a way suggest that she is publicly going against Christianity? In relevance of the story of Adam and Eve[Right?].

And he talked about the Golden Phi too, that's why Maths is the language of the universe huh? Fascinating... Truly amazing!

ahhhhhhh,its fun, but tiring. Good experience I guess =D gogogogo!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Short update

Tired would be what's best to address me now.
Finished 'family day ' training on Friday 1.30am. Had a meeting after that till 3am. To keep pace with others to get senior's signature and stuff like that, approached a senior in a group of 4 and tokkok till 530am.
Due to the deadly effect of extra thick nescafe we consumed during the tokkok session, don't have the mood to sleep just yet. Watched laughing gor with roommate till 630am and collapsed. Till 10am. Went to the Mines at 12pm, bla bla bla and reached uni at 730pm. Had dinner, rushed to another meeting for Ethnic Relation proposal planning meet till 930pm and continued with family day training, till 1am just now. Why am I not sleeping now? its 1.48am, and seniors at ground floor are shouting and calling us to eat nasi goreng yong chow with nasi impit.Now that I've finished eating it,  I'm responsible to wake other juniors to clean up the mess and....... I have no idea when will that be since there are still leftovers which means I cant sleep just yet and tomorrow there will be another activity at 8am so....

Tired would be what's best to address me now.

Friday, September 30, 2011


If you think you are, then you definitely are.

Well at least for me, I'm blessed, in so many ways, and this sense of gratitude intensifies once I stepped into my current residential college.

I have complete, functional, healthy hands and legs. The ability to walk around without the aid of others, the ability to walk up a stair without having people to carry me there. Having a cup of drink with one of my hand. I can clap loudly and stomp the floor whenever I feel like it. For him?
For him, its so hard to even scratch the back of his head. Its so difficult to even eat, a spoonful of rice. with his 2 disfigured arms and legs, everything is a challenge to him, even hanging the matrix card to his neck requires some effort of controlling his arms and neck together.
I can sit in balance in a car no matter how the car turn or brake, but for him? Easily toppled over every time..

I have a system of functional muscles.
Unlike her, she has degenerative muscle issues since young, can't even jog/walk long distance or any other activities that you think its normal for us. Not to mention the inability to participate in any slightly strenuous activities, like, bowling.

I don't have to support my whole body weight just by using both of my hand when I want to climb on my bed. I don't have to hang on to the railing in the toilet while answering nature's call. I don't have to accept the cruel fate, or the consequence of wrong diagnosis by doctor that contribute to this abnormality. Disability of both legs.

I can run, play, eat whatever however and whenever I feel like it! Not for someone.
I'm not worried of hyperglycemia after eating 2 bowls of rice and a can of soft drink[ok la, kena jaga sikit la lol]
I'm not afraid if I would be attacked by epilepsy suddenly if I'm fatigued or in contact with water sports.
I'm not allergic to chicken [THIS IS A BIG RELIEVE THOUGH]

Others with family problem, financial problem, health physical mental relationship stress YOU NAME IT!

The examples can go on and on and on, with the numerous individual I'm living with now having problem as such..

That's why, I am blessed, because I really am.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey, hey you, WADDYA SAY? cant HEAR YOU!

Talk about assignment, yeah I must admit that I'm not used to this kind of thing. 30 marks itself allocated for assignments, luckily in 3 parts la, if 1 part I memang GG.

i)To translate an English journal of minimum 6 pages into Malay, write a comment about it for not less than 3 pages. Easy?Lots of reading I would say.

ii) Choose a topic relating civilization/history and write an essay of about WTF20FUCHUKPAGES for it. Easy? Haven't scratch on it yet.

iii) Present either one of the assignment above in powerpoint form.This one still ok la..
And this 1 of the subject, TITAS.
For Hubungan Etnik, need to go about random places to observe about stereotypes between races, having interview and questionnaires to public. One of the seniors tried sitting at mamak store for FREAKING3HOURSWITH5-6CUPSOFTEHOAISLIMAU just to observe the racial and language polarity in a group. Fun? Mamak fun la, observe no fun.= =''

This is already in week 3, some exams will be in the 5th week, and with the increasing block activities and other activities, this is totally different from what I've experience before this.Which is last minute work. Its all about consistency here. And networking. And communication skill. zz KI gila... Kemahiran Insaniah. lol~

That's about it for now, I guess other mahasiswa-mahasiswi is just as busy as I am! but too bad, I'm the one loving to rant about.haha, ohh yaaa, the title, its just a defensive cheers for my 'lebah' group, just to captivate readers =p

alrite, till then!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fully utilize 24 hours a day?

Take a day as an example.. hmmm, alright, Thursday, the busiest day I guess.
Class at 9-11am, then 12-2pm. Short break, traveled to medical faculty for SOH exhibition, on duty there from 3-5pm. Completed that, and dismantle everything followed by setting it up at engineering faculty for the next day's exhibition. It was about 6.00pm. Short break for dinner, went to panggung percubaan for UPM peace forum, being a backstage crew cum supporter there, till 9.15pm. Rushed back to my own college for 'family day' activity on next week, in which I took part as cheerleader and dancing team. Practice ended at 1am, reached room at 130am, wash clothes till 2am plus with my cracking back. Sleep. Did I mention that this is how things are going on lately, almost EVERYDAY?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meetings meetings and MORE meetings!

Despite the fact that I'm only taking 14 credit hours for this Sem, I'm fully engaged in various activities that makes me feel sooooo... vigour! Never felt this good before. Tiring nevertheless, but I guess its worth it? I would rather use my time to do something that will bring me memories instead of doing nothing.
MTP [Malam Tunas Putra] is a real good example, Im responsible for a MINOR SMALL PART of keyboard playing, which last about..... 20 secs? but because of that part I have to stay back for about 3-4 nights till 2-3am, and most of the time I've been spending there is to watch the others rehearsing dance, sing and stuff like that, and I would just repeat my part of play, dully. = ='' Now that's something of less value..

In conjunction of UPM peace week, I supported them by watching 'Blood Diamond', that leaves me in great dilemma whether to get a diamond ring as an item of engagement or not in the future hahaha~

Anyway, directly after that,  went for K2's family day meeting, volunteered as cheerleader, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN GOGOGOOG LEBAH!!! lol, and joined dancing and dikiria, I guess its the fun and chances to know each other more that attracts me, rather me actively socializing around than to stay passive.
Oh did I mention that after 2 weeks staying here I didn't manage to get more than 5 contacts of chinese girls? A BIG SIGH! Same course punya girls berlambak la, since Im the wakil class, have to get their contact for easier communication, but, only 2 chinese girls in my course and 3 chinese including me. lol...


Oh, for those who are concerned with my course changing process.. Its.. On the way I guess, for now Im waiting for directions from a lecturer in the faculty of veterinary which coincidently is a member of Gakkai.. So... we shall see?

All the best for the others as well!AzaAza Fighting! lol~

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello, my name is Brian =D *ting!*

Now that's what I'm gonna say FOR ALL DAY LONG tomorrow~ lol
Don't forget that magic touch *ting!* too! Smile, is infectious =p

Ahhh I'm excited! Near ecstatic mood!! Goshhh! Tomorrow, the real deal~ Gets to blend into a society where the intelligence of the nation gathers. [lol like some superior genius society, MENSA meh!]

Yeeeeeap, tomorrow will be the registration for fellow UPM-ians, and I'm one of them. Mixed feeling actually, but anticipation rules 80% of it! =D
What I managed to cramp in.

Primarily clothes, foods, basic necessities.. I haven't even finish signing and filling in all the details =S

So... Good luck I guess? Not having the flare to blog. lol~ Till the next post! Chow~

Monday, September 5, 2011


I don't know if this is considered rash?
One comment in the public group can make up my mind?
Actually what I wanted all along has been dormant in my heart, I knew it, but nothing triggered it.

Advices from people before gets faded away. But now, this is it, never gonna change again
Not gonna be confused
Not gonna be diverted


Anyway, just for those who don't know what's happening, I've been offered a Bac of Sc major in Bio degree in UPM, and now that I've made my mind to change course, but still, I'm open to opinions if you really have experience on the pro and cons between this 2 courses. Thanks.

!!! Fight for Victory !!!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Time...... Goes by...... So slowly........... And time...... Can doooo... sooo much.....~~
Unchained melody. =D

anyway, guess everybody is getting geared up for the coming new life in Uni. Especially those getting into their respective Uni this sunday[Um Gia betul!], or those gonna go to a land... Far... Faraway... Never to be back again...[lol banished meh! wen ket]

Occasionally we can see updates like
'Start packing already <3'
'Milo? Checked. Toothbrush? Checked. Extra undergarments? Checked. Saliva infested pillows? SUPER CHECKED'
[Sounds exaggerated, bt yes, it is exaggerated lol]

me : '_'

You know what's that? its POKER FACE!


I prepared... 3 shoes, a bagful of clothes, sufficient undergarments, important documents... And..?
A heart of preparation? lol. seriously, other than that, what I'm bringing else?

Oh oh! I knoww, bought 2 pillows, 8 hangers, a blanket, 3-slot-powerpoint. yeap yeap, that's all, enough ah?

Went and see chinese physician just now because of irregular cramps at my stomach, he said its indigestion and poor circulation. lol, need to cut down on meat and fried items, zzz that's equivalent to like eating ice kacang without ice. WHAT ARE THERE LEFT IN LIFE TO SAVOUR?! lol, exaggerating again~

Approximately in another... 107 hours I will be engaged in a whole new surroundings, knowing new people from different walks of life, getting to know so many things and experiences and the best thing is, TO REV BACK MY LONG RUSTED BRAIN!!

Why said so? Because I taught my cousin sister yesterday about chem, and its f4 electrochemistry, and WAAALAOWEHHHHH, confused between anode and cathode. GG BETUL!  =S

Anyway, still having the same dilemma... To change, or to not change..

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Do you think your behaviour is pleasant to be entertained?

Why do you think people nowadays from all walks of life are having aggression towards trifling events?

And when I say ALL WALKS OF LIFE, I do really mean it, in contrast of the public's perception of youth nowadays having bad attitude, even small kids as young as 7-8 yrs old, or the precious 'warga emas' of current society is having BIG FIRE! [Literally aggressive in Chinese]

Do you think you are having a good attitude? Or otherwise?
Well I'm in no position to comment, just want to know what is your thoughts and opinions towards this trend in current society..

Start debating in my comment box? lol

Thursday, August 25, 2011


我跟你说了放手, 不要, 再, 听, 你的借口
我跟你说了放手, 不要, 再, 当, 你的玩偶
我跟你说了放手, 不要, 再, 加, 我的伤口
我跟你说了放手, 没人, 能, 再, 永远锁住我!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Rm10.50 to buy a lesson of life, worth it right?
Planned to have a badminton session today at 6pm, but missed it, why? Miscalculation.

I will let you to judge, the efficiency of our country's public transport.
Destination : Epromode company [Located 2-3km away from Midvalley]
From  : My house.
Left my house at 3.00pm, bus arrived at 3.35pm, paid rm1.30.
Reached ktm about 3.50pm, bought Midvalley to and fro ticket Rm5.20, missed the train by minutes, waited till 4.12pm till the next arrival.

Good news, no delay, and comfortable spaces available.
Reached Midv at about 4.45pm, walked pass a few individual that tapped on my shoulder insisting short and concise explanation which I brushed them of with 'NOT FREE THANKS'
Hopped on bus, payed Rm2 and reach epromode about 5.10pm, deal with Alice and here comes the ASTONISHING NEWS

[Its all in chinese though]
Me: 'So err.. Ferlynne asked me to collect a cheque for her?'
Alice :'Yeap, this is her RM20 CHEQUE'
Me : '.........'
Alice :'Oh and all these OMH[Oral health month] goody bags, its yours, dexter's and carmen's'
Me :'Ohh ok, oh ya, how about my cheque?'
A : 'ha? your cheque, not yet out la, out already I will tell you'
Me : '.........!!!' [Started to get disappointed, as my main motive there today is to collect cheque ASAP]
*Noticed there's still one more goody bag at the corner*
Me: 'oh, who's bag is that?'
A :'ohhh, that's khien khien, I'm passing to her this weekend'
me :'HA..?! WHAT?! You are meeting khien khien this weekend?!'
[FYI Khien2 stays at a place which is quite near my house]
A: 'yaaa, so you can just take your own goody bag la, others I will pass to her'
me :'...... seriously, today I came here for nothing?'
A :'aiyaa, no la, at least you got the goody bag ma ahahahaha'
me :'.........................'

And after that it was already around 5.20pm, took the rapidKL bus spent me another Rm2 and got back to midV station again at around 5.35pm
6pm came a train, packed with people and you can literally see people SQUEEZING out the way when the door opened, nearly triggered a fight, can't get it, because I was having my bulky bag and racket case with me.
2nd train came at 6.45pm, and so this answered your question of my MISCALCULATION?

Reached kajang 7.20pm.
So, I left my house at 3pm, reached my house [mom fetch from station] at about 7.50pm.

And so, what life lesson I mentioned about is my attitude. When I was waiting for those trains and buses to come on my way back, I was contemplating this whole event.
-This fuss and mess could all be avoided with a detailed conversation with her.
-I could have save myself from all the sweat and being drenched in the rain, IF I called up to her and ask more about what I'm taking
-I could have joined the badminton session IF I were not to go to epromode today


Time for some self reflection. And again, Rm10.50 bought me a life lesson.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nanyang artworks exhibition review.

To explain what is Nanyang style of artwork, it takes not only a few sentences, but a rather thorough understanding of the emergence of the word Nanyang and the history behind it.

All sorts of things happen, whether if the factor causing it is malignant or benign. It started off back in WW2, when there were lots of chinese artisan and merchants flocked to SEA[ particularly Singapore and Tanah Melayu] to avoid the brutality of Japanese militarism.

And so, one of the artist found that Singapore is a great place for cultural exchange because it is one of the main port centralizing east and west, and thus founded NAFA. Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.
Generally, you can say the style of Nanyang is the fusion of east and west style of paintings, while depicting daily 'mundane' events or occurrence in a manner which is very captivating.
Even this sentence explaining Nanyang style is a bit too dull.
Captured at the centre of a painting, themed 'rain befalling on mountains'
Of course, I took this just for the sake of my own entertainment, the real painting is really captivating! The details of it is just breath taking =D

Ohhhh, and we had some discussion session with SEANAFA institution leader and NAFA president in this international conference room!!
mannnnnnnnnnnnnn, the feeling of it, sitting in the same room with so many artist and VVIP, and to know the fact that a lot of highly prolific leaders had been here to discuss about various matter...
hahahahaha, suddenly feel powerful?
And I like the speaker thing in front of me, macam dalam kabinet pulak...


Friday, August 12, 2011


Its inseparable from our lives.
With no obstacles we know no achievement.
Its a matter of how elevated is your life state to view an obstacle, and how would you deal with it.

Some people easily get discouraged by events others think which is quite minor.
Some not.
Some magnify their own problems and usually think there are no other way out. Oblivious and just too obstinate to refer/listen to others.

Some being too preoccupied with the matters in front of them, neglecting things that should be taken into consideration.

As I've said before, its a matter of how elevated is your life state, to perceive, and to react towards it.

For example, you are standing in front of a big tree, ITS BIG.
And now, you are standing on the 20th floor of an apartment, staring at the same big tree, ITS NEGLIGIBLE.

Same goes to the obstacles around us. IF we start to focus on 'ohh this is bad, oh I can't go through this, ohhhh this is hell for me' instead, we are going nowhere.

Having a healthy mind and a correct way of thinking is really crucial in helping us to go through obstacles. That is why, a correct philosophy is essential to be the prime point of thinking..

Nowadays, societies are corrupted. Noble visions and missions are being tested and attacked by the norm of the societies.

Being righteous means acting stupid.
Being honest means inflicting loss on our own
Standing out pointing the erroneous act means being hypocrite and begrudge the norm
Helping others ending up being bullied by others.
In other words, being good will get envied/red-eyed/oppressed by the others.
And the word 'others' here are saying those with wicked, realistic, narrow-minded way of thinking, I believe they don't even understand what is the purpose of life.

Don't you see how twisted and ugly the heart of the societies are nowadays?

Sigh I'm digressing. That's why I emphasized on the importance of having a true and correct philosophy to based on, since most of the people nowadays based their thoughts and actions on the 'philosophy of money' rather than the 'philosophy of life'.

'If I do this, will it do me any good? Will it make me any richer?'
Instead of
'If I do this, he will lead a better life, and I will be helping a man to stand up quicker.'


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another dream.

This time... We were walking down a deserted street... Chuckling and talking, while you are in my embrace... Clutched and hugged..

But somehow, lots of the energy emits from me, you were smiling, forcefully rather. Its as if you are with me just because I'm good to you instead of genuine love.

Your blank eyes were extraordinarily chilling.

And that woke me up, feeling lost and lonely.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Life improvement program

Yes, that's what it is called, and that aim is channeled effectively to us, at least, to me =)

Had that camp in genting for 3D2N, just to answer a few of you that noticed I've gone missing for the past few days in FB. [IF YOU EVEN NOTICED ABOUT IT!]

We had a few talk within that 3 days which comprised nutrition, yoga skill, business entrepreneur experience sharing, gynaecologists sex education and life appreciation talk by a famous tv host!

Actually, to be exact, ALL of the speakers are of high status in society and they are really reputable! But a point to note down here is that, the humility they've shown to us was soooo good, even though they are rich, successful and being quite senior, they were still talking humbly and try to share whatever they can to benefit us!

There are several key points which are being reiterated even by different speakers, they are :
i) Think positively, according to the law of attraction
ii)Visualize your goal, do what you like, if not, like what you do!
This really helps to answer the question I had earlier! Which is, to be idealistic? Or to be realistic! And I guess you know which I will choose huh?
iii)You can, if you say you can. You can't, if you say you can't. Its that simple.[Simple to say, hard to execute huh?]

anyway, a pleasure to meet my accidental last minute add in roommate, william! He shared some of his life experience to me and its really nice to hear from him, opinions and the roads he ventured is really uncommon! But yet, he's making a fortune now and is currently employed to his dream job with a substantial income.. ahhhh, life is unpredictable, most importantly, BE HAPPY always!

Yeah, its not easy to be happy always you know? Its a state of life, a way to conceive and perceive, and a way to react towards various stimulus. To be truly, and absolutely happy.. For those who hangs a smile on his/her face all the time while having negative thoughts are not truly happy. Sometimes, wearing a mask for a time too long will mould your heart into one too.

3D2N in Genting with 3 stars hotel accommodation complete with 3 buffet meals each day and surplus of snacks in interval of the talk and chances to noe more people and having experience shared discovering yourselves more and value others and appreciate things more

and did i mention that its ALL FREE? =D

Friday, July 29, 2011


Went for X-ray few days back, it was a Thursday I guess. Awkward thing to have me undressed in front of a female nurse, and she keeps positioned my body by touching my waist. SOUNDS WRONG! Anyway, its really uncomfortable.. lol, dah laa lemak berlambak kat sana, all soft soft. lol

Normal medical check up, healthy, average nothing special in particular though..
Anyway, went to visit UPM for the 1st time today and I must say, I'm thrilled to begin my new life in uni soon!

It is less than 2 km, the faculty from my college I mean. [Note, college means hostel in Pub U's terminology. lol]
And so I was thinking.... 'Should I ride... A bike? As in, cycle around the campus?'
and Norman's reply was...
'Don't be dumb laaaaa' [or something like that]
lol, 1st year can't drive cars, even if we can, I don't have a car to drive, rely on the shuttle bus to travel around? hmm...

Anyway, there are really lots and lots and LOTSSSSS of news heard about the orientation week of various Pub U. Mostly, or rather, well, ALL sounds bad enough..
The ragging was aggressive, as what I've heard la, and its a tradition being passed down to treat the junior?
Concerns and worries are raising, since Miss T asked, and pointed out, she said 'I don't see any point in ragging, I don't see the point in humiliating people.'
Nothing wrong with that.

Now ask yourselves, I'm sure that most of you have gone through your secondary education phase, and for sure you've encountered various 'rituals' or 'traditions'
Just to name a few, free whack, aluba, flour smeared face + egg... etc etc etc..

well the intention is to, 'HEY I JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN, WHY SO SERIOUS?!'
but in a deeper depth, do you really want this to be done to yourselves? Do you feel happy when people aluba you? [OMG CRAZY AH?!]
'OH yeah!! keep banging me, I'm feeling so high!!! Keep aluba me c'mon!'   [crazy  =.=]

So, my point is, [digressed too much] why do it to others when you yourselves don't want to have it? What's the point of humiliating, causing distress, hurting, spreading animosity to others?


Don't take for granted, until something happen, baru nak menangis meleleh leleh and regret what you've done, but then, its too late.

Tell me if I'm wrong, I appreciate feedback, relevant ones of course.. especially those who did this to others.

And suddenly, I feel like saying. 'No, sarcasm is not the highest form of intelligence'. lol

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I close my eyes... but I can't seem to see a thing...
I close my eyes... and... darkness envelopes from surrounding...
I close my eyes... and.... sigh...

Working for passion does not promise you a great future [money wise] yes I'm fully aware of it but... is it that bad? Is the condition in here really that disallowing?

He said, passion is nothing, it can't feed your family. Vision is nothing but a thought, if you do not have money to support you. Ambitious is nothing but a dream, especially in this boleh-land where research expertise are limited and opportunities are somewhat biased.[No offense to friends I know, but sadly speaking, this is the truth.]

Be realistic, instead of idealistic. Can't a dream be the moving force pushing you forward? Is money the only necessary item needed in life? Money as the highest hierarchy in the pyramid? I hate to admit so, and I refuse to admit so. I shall not make money as my first priority in life, being enslaved by money, is sad.

But of course, I'm a human, living in Earth, money is like the air we breathe, but its not why we live. I still believe in the core value of, helping others as a way of living life in the most valuable way! And there are really lots of exemplary people that I encountered, chucking aside the opportunity of profit or gaining by materialistic means, instead, helping others and doing their own part as a contribution of world peace..

Anyway, I flying far. For now, I've set my mind, accept the course offered, and in the mean time, chant vigorously[I REALLY HOPE SO!], seek for more advices, and look for other options available!

Life is full of uncertainties huh? =)

Monday, July 18, 2011

The great cloud of distress

Guess most of you all knows that I got into UPM to pursue the course 'Bachelor in Science [Honors] Major in Biology', right?

FUWAAAA, gila ahhh!! congratz laa!!
Well, I was part of the furore, until i got what my biology tuition teacher had in her mind, the excitement was silenced.

Her advise knocked me back into senses. Keeping me aware that Major in Biology [pure science] is a course less favored, and generally catered to students who has average pointers.

She said, Biomedic/Biotech would be a course of higher competition, with a better and more diverse outcome in the future. But as I went to my school to collect my STPM cert today, some of my teachers said otherwise.

'Major in Bio is good! You get to be an educator in the future! Good money, stable lifestyle..'
'Biotech/Biomed is nevertheless a good course, but it is frequently underestimated in Msia, as most of them pursuing courses as such ended up being in sales line or in field that is completely different as this.'

Any suggestions?

Went through a few opinions from friends studying biotech, and I'm even lucky enough to get to dialogue with a senior in UPM which has just graduated in UPM studying the same course I'm gonna study!

He said that, well it is quite general being Major in Biology, and he's now working in a blood test lab. Sigh, for now I shall just enter UPM and see how things revolve around there lor..

One thing sure enough is that, I'm quite interested in genetics, and also technology involved in bio, interest can be traced back then in f6, where I read genetics and modern tech in bio BEFOREHAND! [The only 2 chaps that I read b4 teacher teaches. lol]

And my interest lies in knowing more about stem cell, so, yea, I guess biotech and biomedic would be a better path for me to pursue rather than Major in Biology, which is good, but not appropriate enough for my visualized future I guess?

One of the hardest question asked on me was.. 'How do you want to live your life? What kind of life that you want? Layback, comfortable? Or competitive and rewarding? Facing public? Or experimenting in a secluded working spot most of the time?'
Don't really have a definite answer but what I know is that I want to have a point of balance between all that, not too inclined to anything... Well its hard I guess.

GOTTA CHANT MORE VIGOROUSLY!! My daimoku is so weak. sigh

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

6 weeks of observation

For 6 weekends I've been working under BOSS brand in 2 variuos outlets, The mines-Giant and Bangi-Econsave.

What I would to share over here is the manners of the people around.
Now, I'm not being bias or what but this is base on my objective observation without any alteration of the results. [SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT MEH!]

lol, anyway, lets separate the group into Malaysian, and foreigners.
Foreigners are in a way WAYYYY more polite than malaysians. They pay you the reverence sometimes you think its too much.
Offer him a cup of coffee and he will thank you, further offer him 3 different variants of it without having him asking for it, he will say something like 'Oh wow well thanks you are being really nice, good luck in your sales!'
Offer him the 1st cup and before you even manage to promote the 1st variant he will be asking 'heyyy, what about that 2 other flavours? can try right??'
Alright, not ALL of em are like that, just generally.

That's one thing, another thing is that, parents, or should I say, a fully grown adult don't have the basic manners that they should possess. Ask for a sample, drink and throw, leaving without saying anything!
Dude, at least a smile?
Well I'm deeply aware that this is my job to give other people to try the sample of our products, but then, don't you think its something very basic to say thank you after accepting something from someone?

I won't blame the small kids for repeatedly taking samples for me, and I can't possibly abstain from giving them too, but, as parents, don't you think you should teach your son/daughters to be not that greedy?

I saw glint of gluttons in their eyes. = =''

And there's another shameful behavior of most shoppers, they throw the cups wherever they want, even though we supplied them with MULTITUDE OF RUBBISH BINS! [ok exaggerates here, I'm a typical malaysian lol]
Freaking stuff those sample cups at gaps between shelf, hiding it and throwing it around. sigh, that's truly sad.

One thing, change your mentality, and behaviour, positively please.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I think that they think that we are retards.

Now I'm starting to feel and understand what Uncle Pat has said in his book - Teohlogy.
Every time an announcement is made, it feels like being slapped in the face and being told : 'HEY YOU ARE A RETARD, JUST FREAKING ACCEPT IT ALTHOUGH THIS IS A MADE UP STORY!'

And how would we response?
'Owh... ok lor, as long as I can still live on, ok lor, no problem lor...'

There was this statement from our beloved You-Know-Who [not Voldemort. lol]
He said : 'There was NO PHYSICAL CONTACT between the police task force, and the demonstrators.'
or something like that.

Ohhhh, well, that's really enlightening, broken legs, bleeding head is all caused by? They tumble and fall themselves? Videos and images circulated, is all made up and false?

I can't help but to anticipate, the statement claimed by the Mr H, ex education minster allegedly says that the REAL footage of the whole incident for 709 will clarify all the clouds of doubts and various offensive comments done by international and local media.
That's really confident.
And he said something about, being NOT APOLOGETIC AT ALL for this is not his fault or what.

Can't help to anticipate..  While the trepidation is building up, what we can do?

Stay around, and look like RETARDS.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Big head prawn

What would you bring for a badminton session?
Bottle - To prevent dehydration
Extra shirt - To change after that sports, soaked like mad
Wallet - To pay for the rent
Watch - To keep in time
PsP - To kill boredom while waiting for bus/people

Now, WHERE IS MY RACKET?! wth, forgot to bring racket but brought all those unnecessary stuff = =''
Luckily cheng managed to get another spare racket in the nick of time, if not really watch them play for 2 hours only. lol.

Allow me to digress, concerning the rally for tomorrow.. hmm, I'm not really into it, just want to be a mere bystander and not to be influenced by both parties propaganda. Well, I'm not in any stance to comment about it but, I DO HOPE THAT, nobody gets hurt and no bloodshed will occur. Its worthless. And by having conflict as such and resulting in casualties actually reviews the stupidity on how they act and react. = =''

Owh, and another thing, this is totally random. I got to know from someone that being emo actually attracts people and make others actually CARE ABOUT YOU MORE?! So I reckon why are there so many people emo nowadays.. lol... Hidden agenda behind the scenes. lol, till then. Have fun.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


熊熊烈火, 微不足道
然而,又有几个你我会是那样呢? 感叹啊..!感叹!

论何事都应由心而发, 对吧?

now that I notice, people nowadays lacked the passion within, no matter what they do, they do it for the sake of materialistic benefits.Generally speaking.That's the perception I have towards people nowadays, especially youths.

How many of us would actually spend time to understand a cause, and to contribute even a little bit of us into it?
Even so, most of us would adopt the attitude of 三分钟热度.. What appears to be a really enthusiastic individual in the beginning would end up defeated by the grinding of time.

For instance, I shall take myself as an example, I promised myself to achieve certain things, and to discipline myself, but most of the time, desires triumphed over constrain. = =''

Still learning, still failing, but never to give up!
Have you ever been so madly engrossed to a matter that even after years you are still attached to it? For me, nahhh... None. Well, maybe yes, but its a thing of past and I shall mention no further..

You, and me, we all have a common responsibility, which is to make people around us happy! No matter what you are where you are and how you are, as long as you are a human, you are to make others happy, and, make this, a passion of yours!

ha, again a post with no central theme.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


 I woke up at 7.40am today [lol foong. hahaha]
anyway. this totally disrupts the flow of my post. lol


Is there a boundary to human's potential, possibilities? I wonder..
How you assert a situation, relies totally on how you perceive that matter.
You make it big, then it would be big
Sometimes, by treating a problem, as not a problem, would aid to the situation?
Of course, not by neglecting it and having it dug down undone
Instead, have a view outside of your own perspective, sighting a broader horizon, creating a new vista!

Being trapped in your own low life condition, magnifying an issue, creating problems out of trifling matters, that's pathetic.
Suffering is one of the norm of human life, with no suffering you know no happiness, but, should you stay and linger around in that state?
When all hopes seems to be dimmed, its time to listen to yourselves, or rather, open your hearts to others who really care about you. For me, as I'm a buddhist, I will start chanting and praying, for it will ease my trembling uneasiness.
For you? Who believes in no god, and to an extent that, maybe you don't even believe anyone you know, and that includes your relatives.
You see, you are confining yourself within your own small, tiny, miniscule little world..
Bearing a mask facing others

Creating a wall for those attempting to dwell in your heart, to defend yourself against probable random assault? Making those who actually care about you grope in darkness..

Yes your way might work, but what you give is what you got.

You are defending yourself, against?

Well I think, life is of limitless possibilities. To be defeated by such matters, how can you face others that received way greater suffering than you had?

Look at others who suffered, feel their pain and have empathy for them! And you will know, how fortunate you are to have a living like this. You might be tormented within, but you are the one that can only free yourself from the anguish felt.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Read Meg's blog and she said something about dream.. lol, i had a weird one too today.
and its seriously random where i have no idea where and how come that dream can come into my brain.

so it goes like this...
i was in a middle of the TKD tournament... [The idea of taekwondo comes in might be the effect of watching a knockout video in fb the day b4]
im not fighting, bt instead, im coaching, a fren of mine, DISTANT fren. And she's a small little gal, and she learns no martial art, lol.. in fact, im totally clueless on how she can even appear in my dream as i pay no slightest attention to her recently!
and i was like saying to her : 'hey when u face the opponent, u must do like this like this', and out of the sudden, i ran from the ring and jumped about 5-6 metres to the air, and do a freaking imba somersault[this must be a dream no doubt! bt it seems to be perfectly logical though. lol] and roll on the floor. and after that i woke up. haha?

so, ths is it, taddaaaaaa! lol

Friday, June 10, 2011



试试看, 觉得蛮准一下, 就在这边分享咯 [Typing in chinese memang dreadful, please forgive my finger's ineffectiveness lol] terbaca dari blog susan. hahaha, so, credits to her? =D
anyway, it goes like this.

一、 现在有两颗鸡蛋,一颗是生的,另一颗是熟的,而现在有四个地方让你放鸡蛋,那请问你会将蛋放在哪里???(可以放在同一个地方,也可以放不同地方,但必须 记住"生"和"熟"分别放在哪里喔!)
1.树上 2.水中 3.土中 4.口袋中
一、对爱情的看法及态度 生的蛋表示婚前、熟的蛋表示婚后





二、在奇幻的世界中,长了一棵恐怖的树,因 为它有一个血盆大口,可以把人给吞下.你认为这棵树是利用什么方法来让人接近,进而捕食呢??
5、什么都不做,只是静静等待好 奇的人走过来

1、用美妙的歌声 使人心醉
会为了讨人喜欢而撒谎,若以日行一善的精神来看, 很多事情你应该都会给予添油加醋,当然这并不算什么恶意的谎言,但如果谎言逐渐扩大的话,就容易在众人面前丢脸,即时你没有说谎,有很多事情也会因为过份 的夸大而让对方有所误解,所以,你对于任何事情都要谨言慎行。

2、模仿 对方恋人的声音
会 以认真的态度说谎,是个撒谎高手。当然,这谎言不管是善意与否,在还没被揭穿之前,是很少人会因此而受伤的,之所以如此说,是因为一旦这个谎言被识破 时,就会让人遭受很重的的打击,而这也是这类撒谎高手的特征,正因为你是这类型的人,所以大家对你的印象会有股深怕被出卖的感觉,而这种感觉会越来越强, 所以,为了自己,即时只有千分之一被识破的可能,也绝对不可以撒这个谎。

你不会利用谎言去伤人,可称得上是诚实的人,开门见山的说,你是个不善于说谎的人,只要你想说谎就会被别人看穿,也因此,你的名誉不会受损,反而会有很多 人认为你很这样很可爱。

有 撒谎时喜欢找代罪羔羊的倾向,为了使谎言变得有说明力,你是否常使用“因为某某人说。。。”或是“从某某人那里听来的。。。。”等语句呢?如此以来,当 谎言被识破时,那个人的信用也跟着完蛋了,所以当你在编造谎言时,这个责任应该由你一个人来承担,如果把别人也卷入你的谎言中,那就太令人难堪了。

属于绝不撒谎,忠厚老实的人。最痛恨的就是欺骗别人,也正因如此,即时对方不想听的事实,你也毫不隐瞒的全盘托出,结果通常是伤人很深,在必要时,你也要 机灵的学会撒谎。

2、从右端开始 切,一块一块的吃
4、从中央开始切,一块一块的 吃

三、测量你的性 格

1、从左 端开始切,一块一块的吃
最普遍的情况,这种人非常重视形式,喜欢一般认为合理及正常的事,有一种强加自己的生活方式或思想向别人推销的倾向。若是觉得自己想的说的正确无误,就很 难再去听取他人的意见。

性格比较温顺,也是较易为对方着想的那一类人。一般认为,此类的人较易和他人亲近而打成一片,即时心里有什么不愉悦之处,也不会表现于外,通常都能和谐相 处。

3、把全部切成小块后,再一块一 块的吃
自己想要的东西无法立刻得手时,就会急躁不安的类型。想要做的事情,不管遭受到多少反对也会一意孤行。另外,这一型人喜欢照顾、安慰别人,当他人有烦恼时 不会置之不理,而会伸出援手。对于人的喜恶会明显的表示出来不加掩饰。

属于才干型的人,常会因考虑其个人本位之种种而较自私自利。若有什么想做的事则会毫不犹豫地去做,是座而言不如起而行的那一型人。比较善于社交,广结人 缘。



四、现在伸出你的双手 选出你最喜欢的一只手指 不分左右 只能选一只喔!






五、如果你戴著一顶" 红"色帽子,你会搭配什么色系的饰品??


你很重视自己份内的工作,从来不会把工作推给别人, 无论多么的辛苦也希望自己完成,你的品位及做人做事原则与众不同,不过有时缺乏周详的考虑。

你是个典型的实行家,善于参与你喜爱的活动而且确实采取行动,执行能力强,但不善于发号施令,要小心因参加太多活动而忽略了生活品质,使自己所爱的人离 去。


你喜欢过富丽堂皇的生活,注重面子,讲究排场,由于你的努力上进,成功与胜利的祝贺经常萦绕耳边,你对人生充满期待,采取乐观进去的态度。做事有魄力,能 够独当一面,只是缺乏规划能力,应当多听听幕僚的意见





1.山 2.海 3.花 4.火车





七、想一想当你肚子有点饿,又不会太饿。而 你手边又有一堆录影带、港剧时,你会拿下列哪一样食物来活动唇齿??






Tuesday, June 7, 2011


A process of deterioration, decaying or decline.

Well seriously, I'm a person with low motivation to do things that I'm supposed to do. [Reading, house chores, piano, exercise etc etc]
And this seemingly endless holiday does NOTHING to fight against it!

I have to go somewhere else as long as I'm not in house to start gripping a book and actually start reading it.! Weird huh?
At times, I would travel all the way to town by bus, find a comfortable place [Well preferably oldtown/starbuck] and spend a few hours there just to have a meal and treat that place as a mini library, haha~

Guess the waiter there recognize my face already. lol. Anyway, that's one of the way to 'force' me, well to move me into action of reading! If not, I will be instead being sloppy around in house. Sticking to the bed.sofa/couch/anything sleep-able like a freaking bee towards honey. lol

Guess I have to bulk up and start doing things I should do! I want to have the school start now!! So that my life will get more interesting than its mundane routine repeating itself endlessly like what's happening right now = =''

Rotting like a pudge..

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Humans vs animals.

Have you ever think, what differs us from animal?
I find this particularly amusing. lol...

SO, back to my central point. What's the difference between humans, and animals?
No no no, not biologically/physiologically.. Morally, ethically!

Dogs pee around, humans don't! [Well, generally]

We can conceive, process, and react, the main advantage of being a human, the possession of a brain. Other living organism on this planet might have advance neural system but none as subtle as human's.

Ok that's biologically, I'm slapping my face with my own words, being contradictory here.haha~
So, we can response to stimuli, think ahead, and react well, right?

So why are there people, who has the shape of a human, but heart/attitude/actions like an animal?
Ok ok, maybe I'm being a bit too harsh here.. but then..

I think, besides brain, our soul is what constitutes the difference between humans and animals! Animals have instinct, not soul. They exist in the world, to survive, reproduce. Seems to me like its the end of it for the job of an animal?

So, why human are here, in this world-Earth, anyway?
We serve to survive, to reproduce, that's all too? So you saw that equation already? Inconceivable..

Ahh my fleeting ideas are all around randomly, there's no central idea to this post I guess?
Hmm.. ahh.. err.. OH!

I remembered, I would like to mention winyee's effort over here. [Seemingly small, but highly rare!]
She went to a night market, and because of the insufficiency [or rather, none] of dustbin over there, she brought the containers/plastics/remainder of her food ALL THE WAY back to her hostel to dispose it! Now, that's something we should really reflect upon ourselves, right?

Ask yourselves, how many of us could do what she did? although its something REALLY simple, well, simple yet seriously inconvenient. Choose, to bring back all the way back home to throw the rubbish, or to dispose it right away, there and then.
We might think, 'well, the bandaraya are paid for these anyway, why would I care?'
'Everybody is doing it la! You are plain dumb for not doing it too!'

To be frank, I'm seriously revolted with the 2nd thought.

These people, swayed by the norm like a rootless grass, can't think for themselves and make the correct decision!
Scenario 1:
'Heyyy, all my friends are having Iphone2, it would be a SHAME for me to not have one, although I seriously don't see the advantage of having one' *starts creating more and more reasons to acquire one*

Scenario 2:
'I think its bad to pay bribery'
'DUDE..!! *with imba expression*, don't be a saint! Just pay they rm50 and its all settled, nobody is as dumb as u la!'
'oh.. really? yeah i guess i shud pay bribery then..'

Things done by the norm is not necessarily good things, or right things to do.
We see a lot of people smoking, we see a lot of people being numb towards the evil around and stay quiet being oppressed, we see, a lot of evil deeds, plot carried out, but still, we are here being incredulous of the possible changes we can make.

THINK..! HUMANS!! You are the advance organism with wisdom veiled organ--- THE BRAIN!

This is not yours... Or is it?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arts and culture.

What is the importance of arts, and culture? Like, seriously.

There was this phrase from a dancer, I forgot her name. 'What constitutes you, as a Malaysian, if its not by culture?'
So, what makes a Malaysian, a Malaysian? Skin colour? Place of birth? Races?

Consider this scenario. A boy born in Malaysia, moved to US and came back after 20 years, he's nothing more but a Malaysia-born-American right?
Even if someone is not aboriginal, if he masters the language and knows the culture and histories of Malaysia extensively, he's a Malaysian then, right?

Anyway, why arts and culture are important?
Especially art pieces, its the crystalisation of thoughts, efforts, time, desire and hope from an artist.
Some appreciates it but most do not.
They see it as mere items, profitable items intended for business.
Some see arts as accompaniment, or ornaments. Just a collection for satisfactory purposes.

Society nowadays are more inclined into the advancement of science and technology [generally], who would ever spend time to appreciate, or even to hold back just a minute to ponder upon the real meaning behind the gradually fading arts and culture we are having now?

I'm in no way expert in arts and culture, but I'm learning on how to appreciate it, because arts and culture are the essence of the human, the root of the society we are living in!

Art and culture, it serves as an international language, transcending national barriers, knows no limit. It doesn't cater for specific ethnic, skin colour, nation, races etc etc.. Its for EVERYONE.

The power of arts and culture might not be as prevailing as issues like politics, or economics, but it certainly changes the heart of humans and it acts as the basic force to trigger a wave of change. An era of peacefulness relies heavily on the propagation, toleration and comprehension of arts and cultures of different parts of the world.

What do you think? I used some thoughts in here from the book  by Daisaku Ikeda. I find it useful, because it really causes me to ask myself, why is arts and culture is so important, anyway?

Monday, May 23, 2011


ehhh please enjoy my latest updates on the Ipod! hahaha, i mean the one at the RHS of this page =D

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Droplets of liquid.

What a liberation!
It has been some time, since I last running around under the downpour, to be drenched and soaked.

Heart pounding harder and harder each moment.
The soul yearning to yell, stronger, and stronger...

The warmer you get inside, the colder you felt, as the gripping chill freezes you.

And till a point that you no longer has the breath to run anymore. You stayed, and you savour the icy drops flowing down your face..

Obscured specs, rumpled hair, dripping shirt and heavy jeans.

It feels great alright! =D

Saturday, May 14, 2011


There are times where the sense of being secluded settles in, causing me to be perturbed.
In some very small actions where you might think it is no big deal, where you think nothing's wrong with it, I might take it seriously.
Maybe, but this sensitive side of mine can be categorized as a negative face of it.

There are times, where I feel really tired to be the one initiating..
Sometimes, I want to be initiated, you know?
Now I know how YOU[That someone] feel when similar things happens to you, seems like all effort poured in sees no effect, futile, disintegrate into nothingness, null, void.

There are times, where, my cheeks are too tired to be crooked into a smile.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Ten World.

This is one of the teachings that I find it quite interesting, and maybe some of you could find yourselves in some of the categories sometimes =D
Anyway, its gonna be slightly long, hope you guys are patient enough to go through it =)

Ten states of life inherent in each individual, and through which one passes from moment to moment. The ten states of life are :

Hell : A state in which one feels totally trapped by one's circumstances, sometimes dominated by frustrated rage and the impulse to destroy oneself and everything else. In this state, one is devoid of freedom, has very little life force and undergoes extreme and indescribable suffering.

Hunger : A state characterised by an insatiable desire for food, sex, power, wealth, fame, pleasure and so on. One in this state is tormented by relentless craving and the inability to relieve it, even when one's desire is achieved.

Animality : A state governed by instinct, in which one has no sense of reason or morality, and lives only the present. One in this state fears the strong, despises and dominates the weak.

Asuras[Anger] : A state dominated by the selfish ego, competitiveness, arrogance, and the need to be superior in all things. Hell, Hunger, Animality and Anger are called collectively the four evil paths.

Humanity : In this calm state, one can pass fair judgment , control instinctive desires with reason, and act in harmony with the environment. However, it is a sensitive state and one can easily find oneself in Hell if it is disrupted.

Heavenly beings [Heaven] : The pleasure one feels when one's desires are fulfilled. Unlike the true happiness of Buddhahood, however, this state is temporary and disappears with the passage of time, or even the slightest change of circumstances.

The majority of people spend most of their time moving back and forth amongst these six lower worlds, governed totally by their reactions to external influences and therefore extremely vulnerable to changing circumstances. The four higher worlds, or 'noble paths' are characterised by the fact that one needs to make effort to manifest them.

Voice-hearers[Learning] : A state in which one seeks some skills, lasting truth or self reformation through the teachings of others.

Caused-awakened[Realisation] : A state in which one discovers a partial truth through one's own observation and effort. The worlds of Learning and Realisation are closely related, but have the defect that in these states people can easily become self centred and arrogant, thinking they have nothing else to learn.

Bodhisattvas : In this state, one not only aspires for enlightenment oneself, but also devotes oneslf to relieving the suffering of others through compassionate, altruistic actions.

Buddha [Buddhahood] : The state of true, indestructible happiness, a condition of perfect and absolute freedom, characterised by boundless wisdom, courage, compassion and life-force. Since each state mutually possesses the other ten, in this state even the four evil paths reveal their positive and fundamentally enlightened aspects. Thus, our understanding of Hell becomes the basis for compassion, Hunger is transformed into the desire to help others reveal their own Buddhahood, Animality reveals instinctive wisdom, and Anger fuels the passion for peace and freedom in society.

What do you guys think? Do you feel that you are in some realm / state of life constantly? or is it changing?

Saturday, May 7, 2011


1st time in my life my face is caressed by a beauty for almost 2 hours!! *Excited*
lol hahahah
Mom was going to sg chua, she asked if I wan2 have a facial treatment or not, I said, cincai laa aiyaa, no harm done trying oso.
Plus today got 50% off, initial price was rm168, after discount rm84, not bad lorrrr..
Seriously LOTSSSS of procedures!
I remembered a few was..
-Keep wiping with some cool gel
-Pressing those blocked pores [OUCH!! INI PROCESS SAKIT DEY! When she reaches my nose, cant really breathe normally, have to control my breath haha]

For 2 hours laying down there and have my face owned my other people haha..
Rather awkward actually, I felt my ears turned hot and red when she first touch my face lol wth., nvm, shall get use to this feeling =D

Facial is fun!! lol

Friday, May 6, 2011

Desertification of Human Spirit.

I came across this phrase during the SOH exhibition..
'In a broader sense, desertification of the planet in the deepest level shows the desertification of human spirit.'
Able to digest it?
It means that, the deterioration of the planet, the emerging and expansion of desert all around the world, can be rooted down to the insensitivity, or the lack of empathy in human spirit, right?

I watched a video, sourced from FB. A young girl being 'raped' in front of a hotel, it was morning, and there were A LOT OF PASSER BY. That man was so desperate that he go and ripped the girl's clothes off and start licking her BxxBs, that girl was unconscious, mayb drunk, or possibly drugged
-no one even stopped and looked at them
-no one even stopped and asked if everything's alright
-no one even stopped and question if this is socially right to do this
In their eyes, they are invisible. Nothing happened, at all.

There was this another video I came across where there is this man and woman fighting on a street.
Well, not much of a fight because the guy was practically pummeling the woman and kicking like she's some lifeless sandbag
If you ask me, no matter how wrong could it be, it MUST NOT BE SETTLED with such violence, as it will bring more violence as aftermaths! Yea probably the girl cheat on him on something, or there was some complicated house affairs, but still..
And again, there were like 20-30 people watching that brawl, NONE helped. NONE.
Through that vid, I can sense the grayness in their eyes.. The coldness, and the none-of-my-business-better-not-drag-shit-on-me attitude...
This is quite sad right?
I believe to help someone, 1st of all, of course, you must consider the safety factor 1st, and if you initiate a movement, there will be people following you as well, just like domino!

Sigh, quite disappointed.. Although I'm talking a lot here, I seriously hope that I can spring into action IF I'm to encounter any conflict.

A heart to help is all it needs.

Monday, May 2, 2011


I shall summarize my experience for the past few weeks into one short simple post, if not, you guys would have start mouthing bubbles while trying to finish it. lol

1st stop, PENANG!
Ahhhh, what could best describe penang other than the word F.O.O.D? We stayed in a hotel which is nearby a few restaurants, so, supper is a daily routine for us there.. Hmmmm, nothing much happened there actually. But since it was the first marquee event, I became the ARMPIT RAISER and lost my voice for the 1st day! [Only a selected few understand what armpit raiser means though]

For more details about this armpit raiser thingy:!/photo.php?fbid=10150149027727338&set=t.736009100&type=1&theater

Hmm.. What else? owh, we played DARE OR DARE in the hotel for the last day before going back to KL. It was INSANE! lol, can't reveal much here though. lol but there are a few things I've never done in my life, done. lol

When everybody is having their own sweet time having some rest, I proceeded to Klang as my 2nd stop to attend the mini marquee event, which is only held responsible by me and Jia wern.. It means that, I'm away from home for nearly 2 weeks! wow~ hahaha, and just to emphasize the fact that I'm all alone =D

Anyway, there's one seriously interesting event took place there.
There was this uncle, which is.. err.. I duno, inquisitive? he asked about EVERYTHING IN THIS EARTH.
He asked that, do you think the cows 1000 years ago is the same as now?
Then since he's crappy, HE MET THE RIGHT PERSON! [lol?]
I said stuff like evolution la, urbanization laa and talked about how come now got burger then last time no burger? Because human is getting smarter and wants to improvise [!!]
then he asked me, 'so, last time don have car? don have shopping complex all these?'
I was like WTH?! U CAME FROM MARS OR SUMTHING? but of course, maintaining my calm-professional-detailer-poker-face I replied him 'yeahh, its all about the brain~' lol...
Seriously, very bizarre. lol, like, seriously lol!! [!!!] [just to express my astonishment, and get this style from nancy haha]
And you know what? our conversation lasted for almost AN HOUR!! Dude! It would be better if its a she! lol!/photo.php?fbid=10150149028542338&set=t.736009100&type=1&theater
They forcing me to take pic with that uncle lol..

And the last station would be in K.terengganu, just came back and reached home today =)
Nothing much in KT, except the thing that there's no night activity in KT!
Their CC has to operate secretly after 12, imagine that? We have to go to CC to print out something, it was 1 in the morning and we have to like, roll up the rollershutter quietly just to like, somehow sneak in the CC, wa lao eh, freaking worried suddenly got some police come in a raid us or sumthing lol.
Lekor rebus... sucks, BIG TIME! [Style daripada norman]
And the best thing about this KT trip is that we played 'the murderer' for the whole night before flying back to KL.. crazy, all x mau tido.. omg that game seriously manage to make my stomach cramp.. haha
so that's all i guess for the few trips i've been through throughout April!
May is coming and there are already plans ahead, stay tuned! =D

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


There is this story recurring in email LONNGGG TIME AGOOO, saying a short story between a father and his angry son.

So, Jack[cliche name lol] is a very angry boy, and he constantly gets frustrated/annoyed/anguished/enraged by small petty things. His father tells him that, everytime you get angry, hammer a nail on a board of plank.

The number of nails hammered were numerous at first, but as days gone by, the child managed to control the devil within and decrease the frequency of hammering..

So one day when he ceased the act of hammering and become a good boy, his dad asked him to remove all the nails he once knocked.
Holes are left.

The guilt felt was immense.
What this story is trying to tell is that, what we've done in the past will certainly cause some consequences and in some cases, its irreversible..