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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Humans vs animals.

Have you ever think, what differs us from animal?
I find this particularly amusing. lol...

SO, back to my central point. What's the difference between humans, and animals?
No no no, not biologically/physiologically.. Morally, ethically!

Dogs pee around, humans don't! [Well, generally]

We can conceive, process, and react, the main advantage of being a human, the possession of a brain. Other living organism on this planet might have advance neural system but none as subtle as human's.

Ok that's biologically, I'm slapping my face with my own words, being contradictory here.haha~
So, we can response to stimuli, think ahead, and react well, right?

So why are there people, who has the shape of a human, but heart/attitude/actions like an animal?
Ok ok, maybe I'm being a bit too harsh here.. but then..

I think, besides brain, our soul is what constitutes the difference between humans and animals! Animals have instinct, not soul. They exist in the world, to survive, reproduce. Seems to me like its the end of it for the job of an animal?

So, why human are here, in this world-Earth, anyway?
We serve to survive, to reproduce, that's all too? So you saw that equation already? Inconceivable..

Ahh my fleeting ideas are all around randomly, there's no central idea to this post I guess?
Hmm.. ahh.. err.. OH!

I remembered, I would like to mention winyee's effort over here. [Seemingly small, but highly rare!]
She went to a night market, and because of the insufficiency [or rather, none] of dustbin over there, she brought the containers/plastics/remainder of her food ALL THE WAY back to her hostel to dispose it! Now, that's something we should really reflect upon ourselves, right?

Ask yourselves, how many of us could do what she did? although its something REALLY simple, well, simple yet seriously inconvenient. Choose, to bring back all the way back home to throw the rubbish, or to dispose it right away, there and then.
We might think, 'well, the bandaraya are paid for these anyway, why would I care?'
'Everybody is doing it la! You are plain dumb for not doing it too!'

To be frank, I'm seriously revolted with the 2nd thought.

These people, swayed by the norm like a rootless grass, can't think for themselves and make the correct decision!
Scenario 1:
'Heyyy, all my friends are having Iphone2, it would be a SHAME for me to not have one, although I seriously don't see the advantage of having one' *starts creating more and more reasons to acquire one*

Scenario 2:
'I think its bad to pay bribery'
'DUDE..!! *with imba expression*, don't be a saint! Just pay they rm50 and its all settled, nobody is as dumb as u la!'
'oh.. really? yeah i guess i shud pay bribery then..'

Things done by the norm is not necessarily good things, or right things to do.
We see a lot of people smoking, we see a lot of people being numb towards the evil around and stay quiet being oppressed, we see, a lot of evil deeds, plot carried out, but still, we are here being incredulous of the possible changes we can make.

THINK..! HUMANS!! You are the advance organism with wisdom veiled organ--- THE BRAIN!

This is not yours... Or is it?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arts and culture.

What is the importance of arts, and culture? Like, seriously.

There was this phrase from a dancer, I forgot her name. 'What constitutes you, as a Malaysian, if its not by culture?'
So, what makes a Malaysian, a Malaysian? Skin colour? Place of birth? Races?

Consider this scenario. A boy born in Malaysia, moved to US and came back after 20 years, he's nothing more but a Malaysia-born-American right?
Even if someone is not aboriginal, if he masters the language and knows the culture and histories of Malaysia extensively, he's a Malaysian then, right?

Anyway, why arts and culture are important?
Especially art pieces, its the crystalisation of thoughts, efforts, time, desire and hope from an artist.
Some appreciates it but most do not.
They see it as mere items, profitable items intended for business.
Some see arts as accompaniment, or ornaments. Just a collection for satisfactory purposes.

Society nowadays are more inclined into the advancement of science and technology [generally], who would ever spend time to appreciate, or even to hold back just a minute to ponder upon the real meaning behind the gradually fading arts and culture we are having now?

I'm in no way expert in arts and culture, but I'm learning on how to appreciate it, because arts and culture are the essence of the human, the root of the society we are living in!

Art and culture, it serves as an international language, transcending national barriers, knows no limit. It doesn't cater for specific ethnic, skin colour, nation, races etc etc.. Its for EVERYONE.

The power of arts and culture might not be as prevailing as issues like politics, or economics, but it certainly changes the heart of humans and it acts as the basic force to trigger a wave of change. An era of peacefulness relies heavily on the propagation, toleration and comprehension of arts and cultures of different parts of the world.

What do you think? I used some thoughts in here from the book  by Daisaku Ikeda. I find it useful, because it really causes me to ask myself, why is arts and culture is so important, anyway?

Monday, May 23, 2011


ehhh please enjoy my latest updates on the Ipod! hahaha, i mean the one at the RHS of this page =D

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Droplets of liquid.

What a liberation!
It has been some time, since I last running around under the downpour, to be drenched and soaked.

Heart pounding harder and harder each moment.
The soul yearning to yell, stronger, and stronger...

The warmer you get inside, the colder you felt, as the gripping chill freezes you.

And till a point that you no longer has the breath to run anymore. You stayed, and you savour the icy drops flowing down your face..

Obscured specs, rumpled hair, dripping shirt and heavy jeans.

It feels great alright! =D

Saturday, May 14, 2011


There are times where the sense of being secluded settles in, causing me to be perturbed.
In some very small actions where you might think it is no big deal, where you think nothing's wrong with it, I might take it seriously.
Maybe, but this sensitive side of mine can be categorized as a negative face of it.

There are times, where I feel really tired to be the one initiating..
Sometimes, I want to be initiated, you know?
Now I know how YOU[That someone] feel when similar things happens to you, seems like all effort poured in sees no effect, futile, disintegrate into nothingness, null, void.

There are times, where, my cheeks are too tired to be crooked into a smile.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Ten World.

This is one of the teachings that I find it quite interesting, and maybe some of you could find yourselves in some of the categories sometimes =D
Anyway, its gonna be slightly long, hope you guys are patient enough to go through it =)

Ten states of life inherent in each individual, and through which one passes from moment to moment. The ten states of life are :

Hell : A state in which one feels totally trapped by one's circumstances, sometimes dominated by frustrated rage and the impulse to destroy oneself and everything else. In this state, one is devoid of freedom, has very little life force and undergoes extreme and indescribable suffering.

Hunger : A state characterised by an insatiable desire for food, sex, power, wealth, fame, pleasure and so on. One in this state is tormented by relentless craving and the inability to relieve it, even when one's desire is achieved.

Animality : A state governed by instinct, in which one has no sense of reason or morality, and lives only the present. One in this state fears the strong, despises and dominates the weak.

Asuras[Anger] : A state dominated by the selfish ego, competitiveness, arrogance, and the need to be superior in all things. Hell, Hunger, Animality and Anger are called collectively the four evil paths.

Humanity : In this calm state, one can pass fair judgment , control instinctive desires with reason, and act in harmony with the environment. However, it is a sensitive state and one can easily find oneself in Hell if it is disrupted.

Heavenly beings [Heaven] : The pleasure one feels when one's desires are fulfilled. Unlike the true happiness of Buddhahood, however, this state is temporary and disappears with the passage of time, or even the slightest change of circumstances.

The majority of people spend most of their time moving back and forth amongst these six lower worlds, governed totally by their reactions to external influences and therefore extremely vulnerable to changing circumstances. The four higher worlds, or 'noble paths' are characterised by the fact that one needs to make effort to manifest them.

Voice-hearers[Learning] : A state in which one seeks some skills, lasting truth or self reformation through the teachings of others.

Caused-awakened[Realisation] : A state in which one discovers a partial truth through one's own observation and effort. The worlds of Learning and Realisation are closely related, but have the defect that in these states people can easily become self centred and arrogant, thinking they have nothing else to learn.

Bodhisattvas : In this state, one not only aspires for enlightenment oneself, but also devotes oneslf to relieving the suffering of others through compassionate, altruistic actions.

Buddha [Buddhahood] : The state of true, indestructible happiness, a condition of perfect and absolute freedom, characterised by boundless wisdom, courage, compassion and life-force. Since each state mutually possesses the other ten, in this state even the four evil paths reveal their positive and fundamentally enlightened aspects. Thus, our understanding of Hell becomes the basis for compassion, Hunger is transformed into the desire to help others reveal their own Buddhahood, Animality reveals instinctive wisdom, and Anger fuels the passion for peace and freedom in society.

What do you guys think? Do you feel that you are in some realm / state of life constantly? or is it changing?

Saturday, May 7, 2011


1st time in my life my face is caressed by a beauty for almost 2 hours!! *Excited*
lol hahahah
Mom was going to sg chua, she asked if I wan2 have a facial treatment or not, I said, cincai laa aiyaa, no harm done trying oso.
Plus today got 50% off, initial price was rm168, after discount rm84, not bad lorrrr..
Seriously LOTSSSS of procedures!
I remembered a few was..
-Keep wiping with some cool gel
-Pressing those blocked pores [OUCH!! INI PROCESS SAKIT DEY! When she reaches my nose, cant really breathe normally, have to control my breath haha]

For 2 hours laying down there and have my face owned my other people haha..
Rather awkward actually, I felt my ears turned hot and red when she first touch my face lol wth., nvm, shall get use to this feeling =D

Facial is fun!! lol

Friday, May 6, 2011

Desertification of Human Spirit.

I came across this phrase during the SOH exhibition..
'In a broader sense, desertification of the planet in the deepest level shows the desertification of human spirit.'
Able to digest it?
It means that, the deterioration of the planet, the emerging and expansion of desert all around the world, can be rooted down to the insensitivity, or the lack of empathy in human spirit, right?

I watched a video, sourced from FB. A young girl being 'raped' in front of a hotel, it was morning, and there were A LOT OF PASSER BY. That man was so desperate that he go and ripped the girl's clothes off and start licking her BxxBs, that girl was unconscious, mayb drunk, or possibly drugged
-no one even stopped and looked at them
-no one even stopped and asked if everything's alright
-no one even stopped and question if this is socially right to do this
In their eyes, they are invisible. Nothing happened, at all.

There was this another video I came across where there is this man and woman fighting on a street.
Well, not much of a fight because the guy was practically pummeling the woman and kicking like she's some lifeless sandbag
If you ask me, no matter how wrong could it be, it MUST NOT BE SETTLED with such violence, as it will bring more violence as aftermaths! Yea probably the girl cheat on him on something, or there was some complicated house affairs, but still..
And again, there were like 20-30 people watching that brawl, NONE helped. NONE.
Through that vid, I can sense the grayness in their eyes.. The coldness, and the none-of-my-business-better-not-drag-shit-on-me attitude...
This is quite sad right?
I believe to help someone, 1st of all, of course, you must consider the safety factor 1st, and if you initiate a movement, there will be people following you as well, just like domino!

Sigh, quite disappointed.. Although I'm talking a lot here, I seriously hope that I can spring into action IF I'm to encounter any conflict.

A heart to help is all it needs.

Monday, May 2, 2011


I shall summarize my experience for the past few weeks into one short simple post, if not, you guys would have start mouthing bubbles while trying to finish it. lol

1st stop, PENANG!
Ahhhh, what could best describe penang other than the word F.O.O.D? We stayed in a hotel which is nearby a few restaurants, so, supper is a daily routine for us there.. Hmmmm, nothing much happened there actually. But since it was the first marquee event, I became the ARMPIT RAISER and lost my voice for the 1st day! [Only a selected few understand what armpit raiser means though]

For more details about this armpit raiser thingy:!/photo.php?fbid=10150149027727338&set=t.736009100&type=1&theater

Hmm.. What else? owh, we played DARE OR DARE in the hotel for the last day before going back to KL. It was INSANE! lol, can't reveal much here though. lol but there are a few things I've never done in my life, done. lol

When everybody is having their own sweet time having some rest, I proceeded to Klang as my 2nd stop to attend the mini marquee event, which is only held responsible by me and Jia wern.. It means that, I'm away from home for nearly 2 weeks! wow~ hahaha, and just to emphasize the fact that I'm all alone =D

Anyway, there's one seriously interesting event took place there.
There was this uncle, which is.. err.. I duno, inquisitive? he asked about EVERYTHING IN THIS EARTH.
He asked that, do you think the cows 1000 years ago is the same as now?
Then since he's crappy, HE MET THE RIGHT PERSON! [lol?]
I said stuff like evolution la, urbanization laa and talked about how come now got burger then last time no burger? Because human is getting smarter and wants to improvise [!!]
then he asked me, 'so, last time don have car? don have shopping complex all these?'
I was like WTH?! U CAME FROM MARS OR SUMTHING? but of course, maintaining my calm-professional-detailer-poker-face I replied him 'yeahh, its all about the brain~' lol...
Seriously, very bizarre. lol, like, seriously lol!! [!!!] [just to express my astonishment, and get this style from nancy haha]
And you know what? our conversation lasted for almost AN HOUR!! Dude! It would be better if its a she! lol!/photo.php?fbid=10150149028542338&set=t.736009100&type=1&theater
They forcing me to take pic with that uncle lol..

And the last station would be in K.terengganu, just came back and reached home today =)
Nothing much in KT, except the thing that there's no night activity in KT!
Their CC has to operate secretly after 12, imagine that? We have to go to CC to print out something, it was 1 in the morning and we have to like, roll up the rollershutter quietly just to like, somehow sneak in the CC, wa lao eh, freaking worried suddenly got some police come in a raid us or sumthing lol.
Lekor rebus... sucks, BIG TIME! [Style daripada norman]
And the best thing about this KT trip is that we played 'the murderer' for the whole night before flying back to KL.. crazy, all x mau tido.. omg that game seriously manage to make my stomach cramp.. haha
so that's all i guess for the few trips i've been through throughout April!
May is coming and there are already plans ahead, stay tuned! =D