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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Humans vs animals.

Have you ever think, what differs us from animal?
I find this particularly amusing. lol...

SO, back to my central point. What's the difference between humans, and animals?
No no no, not biologically/physiologically.. Morally, ethically!

Dogs pee around, humans don't! [Well, generally]

We can conceive, process, and react, the main advantage of being a human, the possession of a brain. Other living organism on this planet might have advance neural system but none as subtle as human's.

Ok that's biologically, I'm slapping my face with my own words, being contradictory here.haha~
So, we can response to stimuli, think ahead, and react well, right?

So why are there people, who has the shape of a human, but heart/attitude/actions like an animal?
Ok ok, maybe I'm being a bit too harsh here.. but then..

I think, besides brain, our soul is what constitutes the difference between humans and animals! Animals have instinct, not soul. They exist in the world, to survive, reproduce. Seems to me like its the end of it for the job of an animal?

So, why human are here, in this world-Earth, anyway?
We serve to survive, to reproduce, that's all too? So you saw that equation already? Inconceivable..

Ahh my fleeting ideas are all around randomly, there's no central idea to this post I guess?
Hmm.. ahh.. err.. OH!

I remembered, I would like to mention winyee's effort over here. [Seemingly small, but highly rare!]
She went to a night market, and because of the insufficiency [or rather, none] of dustbin over there, she brought the containers/plastics/remainder of her food ALL THE WAY back to her hostel to dispose it! Now, that's something we should really reflect upon ourselves, right?

Ask yourselves, how many of us could do what she did? although its something REALLY simple, well, simple yet seriously inconvenient. Choose, to bring back all the way back home to throw the rubbish, or to dispose it right away, there and then.
We might think, 'well, the bandaraya are paid for these anyway, why would I care?'
'Everybody is doing it la! You are plain dumb for not doing it too!'

To be frank, I'm seriously revolted with the 2nd thought.

These people, swayed by the norm like a rootless grass, can't think for themselves and make the correct decision!
Scenario 1:
'Heyyy, all my friends are having Iphone2, it would be a SHAME for me to not have one, although I seriously don't see the advantage of having one' *starts creating more and more reasons to acquire one*

Scenario 2:
'I think its bad to pay bribery'
'DUDE..!! *with imba expression*, don't be a saint! Just pay they rm50 and its all settled, nobody is as dumb as u la!'
'oh.. really? yeah i guess i shud pay bribery then..'

Things done by the norm is not necessarily good things, or right things to do.
We see a lot of people smoking, we see a lot of people being numb towards the evil around and stay quiet being oppressed, we see, a lot of evil deeds, plot carried out, but still, we are here being incredulous of the possible changes we can make.

THINK..! HUMANS!! You are the advance organism with wisdom veiled organ--- THE BRAIN!

This is not yours... Or is it?

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