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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It all lies within the brain

And they say, life's too tough to go on.

Looking at their condition, considering their circumstances, while comparing it with other less fortunate ones, I think they have no idea how lucky they are, seriously.

I've heard of an analogy before, how big a problem is depends solely on one's wisdom and compassion.

Say, there's a drop of ink, dripped into a small cup of water, we see the ink smears and the colour of the solution changed.

 If the same drop of ink, dripped into the vast expanse of sea, what would happen?

I think this analogy is a really accurate, fathomable, and applicable for us, having a higher state of thinking and a greater compassion will make us face obstacles with greater strength and courage!

Every morning you might wake up and moan about the workload you are having, events and activities you have to join and all of it seems to be so meaningless and burdening. But, do spend sometimes think about those who are less fortunate ones, those who lost their parts of body, etc.

What's with this sudden realization of me? haha, not to say realization la, just a reflection back to my life..

One day, when I was walking alone back to college, a lot of things went through my mind, particularly about events I'm handling and the nearing exam.

At the midst of frustration, I saw this senior of mine (He's a disabled person losing both of his leg during standard4, currently final year), climbing up the special van that functions to fetch disabled person to class.

Although he was clearly having some difficulties climbing up into the van, but still, he did not frowned EVEN A BIT, instead, he smiled all the way and chit chat with the driver as he is doing so.

That image struck into my brain and it stays there like an imprinted image on a paper.

How strong could he be! Mentally and spiritually, the physical defect didn't even challenge him a bit.
Not only in academic, he's actively engaged in college activities and meetings as well..

See, a person that requires extra effort in doing things we do casually everyday, doesn't even complain. But us?? Look at ourselves, reflect back what we did, we do always complain when things are not as smooth as planned, we frowned when we are given difficult task, we are frustrated when we got bad teammate in group works, etc. The list can go mile long, but, the central solution and problem lies within ourselves...


It all lies within the brain.....                                                                      

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