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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The effort that matters.

It was just few hours ago (Wednesday morning) when I was bathing my Rover, and suddenly, a wild stranger appeared! A foreigner and a Chinese and the Ah Mo was like 'Heyyy Mister, do you speak English??'
Me :'Yeah.. But let me get my top on 1st' *was not wearing a shirt that time = =*

Then he started to ask whether if I have any belief or not, and I replied with Buddhism, and there goes, he started to spark up some question such as why are there injustice in the world, do God love, or listen to people as others claim, etc etc.

And I was like, o.O. I mean, well its really good to discuss all these and have a religion-exchange kind of thing but, this is just too sudden and random! Under hot sun with my constantly barking Rover beside me. But he's a nice man, and no doubt a really good speaker! Because he has all those intonation and expression and stuff, and keep constantly throwing me open questions, but well, I just nodded and encouraged him to talk more ahaha, lazy to go in depth discussion...

What I'm trying to say here is that, they are adults, having their proper job, and its under hot sun, going house by house to try to.. well I won't say they are preaching, but propagating their idea. If I'm not mistaken they said they are from Jehovah Witness, and their aim is to pursue knowledge within the Bible. It's quite interesting actually, but the atmosphere is just too weird and sudden lol..

The effort that matters, really, I can see that they are really earnest in doing this although they might (most probably) be ignored or so, but, yeah, good effort! =)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Continuation for the pieces~

This is the 3rd piece, King of a Day, a light jazz that is supposed to be  smooth and pleasant to listen too, but somehow I just banged the keyboard too hard or something. hahaha, do comment~

The 2nd piece is too big and cant be uploaded thru blogger, maybe I will upload it in youtube and share the link over here, till then~ haha

Piano examination (Vids)

In this post I will be uploading the 3 pieces that I played for my G8 piano practical examination that I had on last Tuesday (24th July)
Anywayyyy, hope you guys have the patience to listen to all of em, and comment if you feel like it! But I think its not that good though, and I did worse in exam, due to the overwhelming trembling nervousness.. sigh.. The lady examiner was very friendly, but the atmosphere and my own consciousness was just killing me inside!! Just cross my finger and hope that I can pass this exam once and for all =(

This is Prelude, the composer imitated the style of composition from 16th century and its nature is quite soft and slow.. So I don't reckon you guys might like it? Haha, watch and listen for yourself la~ =D

 The Fugue, a sequel for the previous Prelude, shows a fast and lively tempo and character, but obviously I've done several mistakes in here.. Its a really nice piece, but maybe I fail to bring our the essence of it haha.. Both of this Prelude and Fugue constitutes for my 1st piece~ =D enjoy~

Will upload my other 2 vids in different post! Yeahh~~

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thinking about the future

And it is in the monetary sense.
Recently I've got into quite some talks about selling insurance, MLM, Qnet, Nuskin etc etc, and in a way, it really makes me into thinking, 'hmmm, when will I own my personal car/house? 28?30?35?'

Because you see, for now, I aimed to be a lecturer, which of course, to be a lecturer with decent payment and easy to be recruited by institution it would be rather basic to have at least pH.D cert, and, which I assume it would take me about 3(remaining degree program)+2(master)+5(doctorate) years from now, which is.... 21 +10. 31 yrs old baru boleh come out and lecture and make stable income of about Rm6-7k with the ever hiking inflation rate and soaring high estate price?! Hmmm.. Looks like I really need some backup plan, don't you think so?

I don't aim for luxury life, seriously, a pretty decent, or above average life would be sufficient to me, not to the extent of buying bungalow, getting super nice sport cars etc etc, but at least having no difficulties in getting good life qualities with my FUTURE FAMILY (vacations, educations etc) so.. hmm...

Today I went for a talk, rather accidentally...  = ='' (felt like kena con. lol) and the girl who invited me, is younger than me, but her ambition is reallly sky high! She wants to have her own car by the end of next year, and wants to hit all the targets proposed by her company in order to bring her whole family to have vacations in countries like Gold Coast, Hawaii etc. Not bad, seriously, not bad at all! The motivation that is driving her is really getting it on her!

So, what do you think? Is it important to have some basic monetary management knowledge now, and to work while studying, or to focus solely only in studies in your life as a student. (Especially U students)