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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

As I promised.

This is.. well, actually supposed to be together with my previous birthday post, but urm, well, I urm... somehow DROPPED OUT the topic, so yeah, here goes!
My first ever hand made and customized birthday card received! The ribbon is kinda cute though. lol

Going in, having a few random white dots and lines up there, with some random bird singing and wishing me? [lol, imagination yang teramat sangat kaya.]
Ok la, at least she drew the cake and birds herself ok! which i think i cant do it. hahaha
That's not all, this birthday card comes with a 3D feature! flipping open the yellow page just now with the cake and birds, and you will get into this secret page of her wishing me to have my wish come true. which is to attain slim and slender body, LIKE HIM?! lol.. ohh, make me jealous jer!

Anyway, double surprise when this birthday card came in the form of letter, haahaha, dah la jarang receive letter, excited~ haha thanks Miss A, your effort is highly appreciated =)
Will keep this in my drawer with all other belongings of mine that I treasure =D

Something random :

Proud laa, hahaha.. after this exhibition, I'm gonna do some presentation about Salvador Dali's lead crystal sculpture. He's a world renowned 20th century artist! And, have to absorb lots of things to start guiding people through those artwork!
One of his famous paintings, although this time we are gonna exhibit his sculpture, not his painting. But as you can see, his work is, well.. kinda abstract. and this picture actually gives me some sense of uneasiness.. hmm...


Juice said...

Brian! SALVADOR DALI?! That is SO cool. Which sculpture? and where's this exhibition at?

Fam said...

we are going to exhibit 25 of his sculpture at wisma kebudayaan SGM, near bukit bintang there. im not sure if the admission is still available though, u noe about him? abstract artist of the sculpture is like a few eggs clump together wif an eye pop out on it, symbolizing dunno wat, hope and birth, quite weird lor! bt im trying to appreciate it haha.. u r interested? will get more info for u

➹t aimay said...

Likes likes, my fav post of all! Wah, the card is so pretty, this girl is so creative~ Whahaha~