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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Road Relay

For me, this event is not too bad~
Went for the stadium runnin 1.5km non stop in a Relay-Competing-Style, and mind you its an inclining slope ALLLLLLL the way up, but luckily we use the same way back so when we are heading back it was easier...

The moment when you are running, but you can't feel your leg, heart hammering against your chest, others passing you by with the seemingly-jeering faces they had with them, breathing [panting I guess] profusely, eyes seeing stars and brain calling you to stop, that's the moment when you feel like giving up the most! [Given the condition of my body weight, size, stamina etc. lol]

But then, you realized, the last 100m will be the last 100m for you to run, and after that you can lay down on the grass and sleep like a boss, that's what motivated me to push myself to the limit!! [And of course, the macho-ness in me to not show the overly-pamcit face in front of girls! haha]

And so, I manage to complete that 1.5km without pausing, and sprinted in the last 100m, proud to say that I surpassed a lot of other people which are thinner and some fitter than me! AWWWW YEAHHH~~ Passing them by like a boss!

Head back to college, cleaned the pond [HAD LOTSA FUN THERE TOO but its ok lets skip it lol] bathed, and ta-daaaa, here I am blogging now.. Wanna go out yumcha with frens talk about crap but too bad, most of us don't have cars, those having cars pulak not around, aisehhh sad case~

Anyway, remember Mr photoshop? Here's the improvised image!

Actually, the FESTIK that will be held in April has NOTHING to do with ghost story at all... This is a rather exaggerated version of it... Well... captivating I guess, but this is too scary they said. Just imagine this image being posted on notice board, every single time you want to go to toilet you just have to pass by this shit and give it a glance, who knows suddenly the eyes open and, TADAAA!! lol..... Ok too much crap, haha, till the next post then, bye! =D

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