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Monday, March 3, 2014


Dubious, uneasiness, anxious, ambivalence, you name it. These are all emotions that we will come across some days in our lives.
In fact, some of us are troubled by it, every single day, by every decisions to be made, big or small.

Nevertheless, it is our choice, our responsibility.

Choosing a school:
Am I stepping into the right school?

Getting into f4:
Science stream or art stream?

Finishing f5:
Public or private institution, or in some, to work?

Getting into an institution:
Which program guarantees my success?

Finishing basic tertiary education:
To further study or jump into work force?

And, the one to be discussed today:
Is she/he really the one for me?

This is, IMO,is a question that posed in front of everyone, before they decide to engage in a serious relationship. Why this sudden realization you might ask. Haha, it all stems out from the party last night, when everyone was excitedly drinking, gambling and stuff, a few of us decided to just sit in a corner and talked about random stuff about relationship, while, of course, not forgetting to gossip around lol.

Gathering around with friends activates my 8-gua gene all the time. lol

Aaaanyway, back to the topic. So this is the question.. Is he/she the one for me?

Most of the time, if not all, is when a guy likes a girl, and his 'good feelings' (I shall categorize a relationship into 3 levels, from good feeling --> like --> love) is well reciprocated by the girl as well. Both of them likes each other and felt good when being together, but somehow, the doubt arises.

Is this feeling true? Am I really loving him/her or is this just an expression of concern due to the lack of companion / social norm of being into a relationship / peer pressure?

How is his/her treatment to me different compared to other boy/girls?

Is it really possible to know how and where this relationship will be, if we do not give each other a chance to know each other more? The transition from 'feeling good' to 'like' requires a period of time where both of them know each others' longs and shorts, while from 'like' to 'love', in my opinion, requires maturation of the bonding that can be acquired only through hardships and resolved conflicts. Accepting him/her as who he/she is.

You know, there is a saying that goes, 'do not commit into a relationship if you are unsure of your feeling, it is not child's play you know!'
But, again, is it possible to be sure of your own feeling before committing into a relationship? This is not rhetoric, I do hope for some answers from the readers. haha.

But today, I'm truly lucky and blessed to have made the first move, well, after being brain-washed by her friends. hahahaha~

Even the scenario stated above occurred to me, uncertainties of my own feeling + afraid of being rejected halted me from doing the right thing - to pursue what I've been longing for. A companion.

That is why, I'm happy that I did something brave, courageous and dispelled my uncertainties 158 days back =)

The Sunshine that makes me smile all the time, you are, and always will be <3 br="">


假鱼 said... diabetes liao.. so u r in which period now? ><

Kwanqiao yen said...

yiyer~~~ so so so sweet ~~~ hhahaha

Fam said...

lol TJ wat u meant by im in which period now? haha kq, abit abit la =D

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